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Is This TB Joshua's MOST ANOINTED Prayer EVER???

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Breathtaking. No words can do justice in describing the glorious anointing that descended in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 12th February 2017. As T.B. Joshua prayed, Heaven literally came down! We invite you to not just watch this video but join in the prayer by faith. Use your faith to put a demand upon the available anointing in this clip and receive your own healing, deliverance and breakthrough wherever you are watching all over the world! Distance is not a barrier; just believe!!! "Any area of your life that you find difficult to penetrate - be it your business, career, finances, marriage or health - begin to penetrate, right now! Make a way where is no way!" - TB Joshua
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Text Comments (2330)
Joyce Njoku (38 minutes ago)
Butty M (10 hours ago)
Lord Jesus thank you because am free from nightmares
Tamara Msiska (23 hours ago)
Aissmah Joe (1 day ago)
I need Jesus to do everything in my life
Rechael Muhawe (1 day ago)
Good morning, T.B Joshua is truly a servant of God. thank u Dad for accepting Him to use you as a channel of light where darkness was , a channel of love where it wasn't , a channel of unity where disunity was the order of the day especially in my family.
donatha mallya (2 days ago)
When I watche Emmanuel TV I'm blessed in Jesus name
Titus1221 (2 days ago)
Dear Saints, I ask that You pray that I am delivered from curses and that I may live in health and long life past 28 years old. Thank you, Daniel
nwaoyibo Stanley (2 days ago)
Amen I receive in Jesus Christ name amen
Judith Rapudi (2 days ago)
Man of God is able to sense my situation my spirit is so down. Thank you for uplifting my spirit
Amen i recevie
Meera Dhoomon (3 days ago)
Remove the difficulty in my life restore my finances relationship make my daughter succeed in her life !In the mighty name of jesus!
Sheila Rasoa (3 days ago)
Lord ipraise you for awonderful touch of breakthrough in my life.ineed all the time of my life so that imay be able to maintain my relationship with lord.father stay with me always in jesus name...Amen.
tozzy Madlala (3 days ago)
thank you Lord to be alive blessed are those who believe in the son of GOD Thank you father
Patrick Okuna (3 days ago)
Pooower!! Glooory!! One of the most powerful pray along I've ever seen of T-B Joshua
Abraham K, Samuka (4 days ago)
God is good to me.
Paulino Bila (4 days ago)
florence mwewa (4 days ago)
mike f (5 days ago)
people. the way of salvation is to do as Jesus Said. repent of your sin ,be baptized for the remission of your sin and recive the holy spirit. stop idolizing this man ,idolatry is sin .
Michael Ecosity (5 days ago)
I say thank u
Michael Ecosity (5 days ago)
Amen amen
lanie valdez (5 days ago)
Suave Semy (6 days ago)
Satan all around. Wake up christians Jesus already told about all this. That this will happen but Be cautions. Wake up Christians please
Yeamah Lansana (7 days ago)
sonia James (7 days ago)
Amen I received deliverance , breakthrough , all God blessing in jusus name Amen every area of my life is save bless in jusus name Amen. God bless you Sir. Emmanuel
Kimberly Peters (8 days ago)
Okullu Joe (8 days ago)
Am blessed already in Jesus name
peni koroi cavui (8 days ago)
Devil speaking here
Debbie manu (9 days ago)
asha saji (9 days ago)
Oh man of god; i wish we had a church like this.
Dorica Nyambaro (10 days ago)
Powerful man of god, Amen
Olinda Lopez (10 days ago)
Thanks all teatching im strong in prayer,amem
Olinda Lopez (10 days ago)
Arpy Rengsi (10 days ago)
I want to receive anointing from Holy Spirit. God help me🙇‍♀️
Ash Ts (10 days ago)
Спасибо за перевод !!!! Thank you Jesus !!!
Samuel Sanchez (10 days ago)
yeah I'm wondering how come if you are son of God and gas talking to you every Brilliant Things to you how come you guys are not talking about everything is going on in the world making it seem like gods return will be soon all these disasters and stop are you guys even point for that or is everybody just pretending they don't see it or no because it's happening thousands of people dying of Hunger everything else you guys don't want to go to tsunami earthquakes and so much more look Around You The Walls caving in
Tigist Ayele (10 days ago)
I received in Jesus name
Tigist Ayele (10 days ago)
Amen in just Jesus name this power of god for my life
Annastasia Kalonga (10 days ago)
Blessing Okoye (11 days ago)
in my career God make a way
Blessing Okoye (11 days ago)
God see me throughout
Rita Greyson (11 days ago)
God makes a way where their is no way god is our way maker with man it’s impossible with god nothing is impossible god knows your needs before you ask seek first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and god will bless you with all your needs ❤️🤗❤️🕊🇨🇭🕊❤️🕊❤️thankyou jesus❤️🕊❤️🇨🇭🕊❤️🤗❤️
Patrick Okuna (11 days ago)
nahom ghier (12 days ago)
George Byamukama (12 days ago)
Make me channel of healing and salvation in Jesus Christ name
George Byamukama (12 days ago)
Almighty Lord Jesus make me a channel of Light where there is darkness, power Glory
Emma Merritt (12 days ago)
Mildred Zaloumis (12 days ago)
I love prophet T. B Joshua's prayers and teachings,, he is a really man of God,so powerful thank you Jesus for giving us a timely prophet..
Jorge Sunda (12 days ago)
Sunday Jonathan (12 days ago)
God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob also God of Prophet TB.Joshua deliver me from the power of generation causes and disappointment in life in Jesus Christ name I pray Amen
Osamede Uyi (12 days ago)
Kwaku Owusu (13 days ago)
I make a way in my life and my family in the name of Jesus Christ
Alemnesh Gebisa (13 days ago)
Aminata Queen Kamara (13 days ago)
Oluwasegun Ezekiel (13 days ago)
Thank you Jesus Christ for my Salvation Amen Amen Amen Amen
Oluwasegun Ezekiel (13 days ago)
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Praise Praise Praise The Lord Amen am free am free am free am free am free am release am free am free am bless am bless am bless am bless am bless am bless am bless am bless am Anointed Am Anointed Am Anointed Am Anointed Amen Amen Amen Amen
Abraham Tekleab (13 days ago)
Amen amen amen in the Name of jesus
Annie Chembe (14 days ago)
Zuhura Ulimwemgu (14 days ago)
Obinna Ukpabia (14 days ago)
Thank you jesus
Chikengi Nshimbi (14 days ago)
Amen papa pray for me and my family and business
Kimberly Peters (14 days ago)
Kimberly Peters (14 days ago)
Kimberly Peters (14 days ago)
Kimberly Peters (14 days ago)
Enwereuzo Chigozie (15 days ago)
Queen Joseph (15 days ago)
Amen amen amen
Luse Kalinga (15 days ago)
Davyzee Davy (15 days ago)
man of God pray for me what ever I do in life doesn't work out please bless me
Biene Amen Uche (15 days ago)
My document will locate me am not leaving alone in Jesus name
Alemnesh Gebisa (15 days ago)
Emeka Bertrand (15 days ago)
Oh Jesus Christ.please give our lawyer wisdom and courage to win our case Amen Yoko sudou
Lỡi Ksor (15 days ago)
Xin người của chúa trời. Hãy cầu nguyện cho tôi được thắng satan trong mọi cám dỗ. Con có tội tà dâm, dâm dục và ô uế xin người của chúa trời cầu nguyện cho tôi được tự do. Con muốn Đức thánh linh điều hành trong con người của con. Amen
Nadege feh Nahbila (16 days ago)
I can face my interview bcus God live..thank you Jesus....its is well God bles Prophet TB Joshua.....
De-grace 233236130307 (17 days ago)
Sibongiseni Mashinini (17 days ago)
Thank you Jesus...prayer never dies.
Nancy Mburu (17 days ago)
Pray for me pastor. I really need prayers.
that's my apostle
Marytė Saudargienė (17 days ago)
Chantel Duffy (18 days ago)
Oh Tb Joshua please man of god A true man of god Jesus lovessssssyou💕I love you ❤️❤️❤️ heal me deliver me Jesus Christ heal me completely for your Holy Spirit In the name of Jesus Christ Amen💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Rumbie Trust (18 days ago)
A man of God in our generation
Claudette Softleigh (19 days ago)
I release myself in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
Figueroa wrestling (19 days ago)
I thanks God for TB Jashua, the masabe prayers save my son from Asma, help me to grow in Jesus Christ
Figueroa wrestling (19 days ago)
I thanks God for TB Jashua, the masabe prayers save my son from Asma, help me to grow in Jesus Christ
Figueroa wrestling (19 days ago)
I thanks God for TB Jashua, the masabe prayer save my son from Asma, help me to grow in Jesus Christ
Figueroa wrestling (19 days ago)
I thanks God for TB Jashua, the masabe prayer save my son from Asma, help me to grow in Jesus Christ
Vesu Vesu (19 days ago)
I realised in the mighty name of jesus christ amen
Emmanuel Malimu (19 days ago)
angetodac (20 days ago)
I am the Keeper of My neighbor!!! GOD IS MY KEEPER!!! the keeper of my soul,my health and my fortune! I will need nothing! I will want nothing!!! I will have life in the middle of the desert and my family name will still be found for many more generations! AMEN!!! because there are more for me than against me, there are strong those who put their trust in the King of Israel, the allmighty God, the only one!!! Amen,amen,amen!!!! WE LOVE YOU,LORD! THANK you!!!
angetodac (20 days ago)
thank you Jesus! I saw my flag! My flag is in the first line!!!! thank you thank you!!!no more corruption!!! no more poverty!!! No more greed!!!No more prostitution!!!No more abandoned elders!!! no more orfans!!!! no more single parents!!!No more widows!!!No more drugs!!!No more alcohol!!!but FREEDOM in Jesus name and LIFE IN ABUNDENCE for all its citizens!!! AMEN!!!!
Dominic Ombuna (20 days ago)
Georgina opati (20 days ago)
Because He live I will can face tomorrow
Alpha Eliachim Oning'o (20 days ago)
I thank Almighty GOD FOR T.B.Joshua,he is a wonderful man for the entire world
Matti thomas (20 days ago)
Tan john tanzil (21 days ago)
Fucking crazy action...why these people trust him....??this all satans did. FUCK U JOSHUA!!!
Glory Kamenya (21 days ago)
Amen man of God
kezia mathews (21 days ago)
Amen amen amen.......all praise n glory to god almighty.......how amazing is our God's work are.... can't even believe.....amen amen..... thank you god almighty......I experienced the power of God in ma room too when I was hearing n watching it.... thank you lord almighty..... thank you Pastor Uncle too......
Auston Daniel (22 days ago)
praise the lord
Auston Daniel (22 days ago)

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