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Far Cry 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 HOSTAGE NEGOTIATION (PS4)

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Far Cry 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5. This Far Cry 4 Walkthrough Part 1 includes commentary by Igor of Gaming Awesome with first impressions and a review of the game. Whether you're here for gameplay or commentary I welcome you to experience the Far Cry 4 campaign with me in this gameplay walkthrough as I explore the game for the first time. Thanks for choosing this channel to watch a Far Cry 4 gameplay walkthrough on and I hope you will stick with me until we reach the ending. Subscribe for more videos. It's free and elephant approved: https://www.youtube.com/GamingAwesomeYT Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GamingAwesomeYT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamingAwesome
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Text Comments (20)
AkaiGaming (1 year ago)
Once again I'm totally immersed in this game, the scenery is impressive and you are awesome as usual :)
BadAtGaming (3 years ago)
Condom worth 900 ok... And the slow motion haha
Zero 64 (3 years ago)
Where is tryhardninja
UpSideDownDinosaur (3 years ago)
back in ninjutsu vocal lesson training
caid hosley (3 years ago)
RazorMC32 (3 years ago)
Apparently you picked up a condom off of one of those guards you killed XD
TxpsV4 (3 years ago)
xBluDevilDragon3333 (3 years ago)
5:26 Protection
Sam Vansimpsen (3 years ago)
I remember having a sniper rifle with a silencer in far cry 3 and with that thing it was really easy to take those outposts
Spoopy Grim reaper (3 years ago)
omg that superman do xD
Dave DO (3 years ago)
I love it when pagan calls you for that small talk, he's an awesome character
CARBON V1B3R (3 years ago)
u should have gone and rode the elephant
Jake Oney (3 years ago)
U guys know he has another Channel TryHardNinja
He does? No way.
Jake Oney (3 years ago)
Pause at 5:26
Nanion N.N. (3 years ago)
Dont forget about the distracting emenies by throwing rocks mechanic ;)
craig hastings (3 years ago)
You found a condom on a guy's dead body
Quincy Jones (3 years ago)
its a setup why mommy why
Orig1N - CSGO Content (3 years ago)
keep up the awesome work Gaming Awesome! love your work igor i look forward to it every day :D
Casoura Gaming (3 years ago)
I just finish the fourth video. This one came just in time. Like those Far Cry videos. Continue your great work Igor. :)

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