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BEST Ninja Weapons and Equipment!

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The ninja is often thought to be one of the sneakiest, most effective and most skilled special forces unit and they didn’t even need to use firearms. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese culture is not important. There’s always a bit to learn from these silent warriors. From the history of the ninja to their fa rite weapons here are ninja weapons and equipment. Hi guys, this is wacky universe presenting to you right here on American eye. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for interesting videos just like this! 13. History of the Ninja The Ninja has been considered to be one of the most effectively, and trained special forces unit throughout history and their missions including anything from espionage, infiltration, assassination, and guerilla warfare. Despite being stealthy, they managed to uphold a strict code of honor and have existed since the 12 century. Although they’ve often been associated with legends and movies, the tale of the ninja is quite. When Japan is ruled by a feudal system, rival clans would begin to train what we know of today as true ninjas. The original ninjas first used the mountains of the Mie Prefecture to train in secret and to remain hidden from the public. The ninjas would raid castles or outposts of rival clans and destroy them in the middle of the night. Many innovative weapons and equipment were utilized with effectiveness to scale castle walls or to swiftly eliminate enemy targets. After a while various castles made improvements to combat the activities of ninjas such as 12.. Ninja Vs Samurai During feudal Japan, the Samurai were like the knights of Europe who would often own much land and would be the ones who would typically hire the ninjas to do their dirty work. The samurai lived by a special code of honor known as a bushido which would dictate how they would fight and conducting themselves on a daily basis. For example, it was much more honorable to die in battle than surrendering which was an idea live and well up until the 20th century in Japan. Samurai only took orders from the emperor and wore much more noticable armor as opposed to the tight black Ninjas may have been farmers or of a much lower class and would often transform farming tools into bonafide ninja weapons. Their code of honor was much less strict which allowed to using guerilla tactics. Both were extremely skilled in weaponry and feared by the masses for their ability to execute 11. Cane Swords Typically disguised to look like a cane or a piece of Bamboo, Ninjas would be able to pack some serious steel by using something like this and still rest incognito. Also known as the shikomizue a ninja could just pretend to be an old man hobbling down the street with a cane, which would allow them to get closer to their intended target. Being able to discreetly carry a weapon wold ensure that they arouse as little suspicious as possible Moving silently was key and then they would unsheathe the sword which will have a blade similar to a katana.
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Sonali Salvi (10 days ago)
Do best zombie apocalpse bug out bags
Sonali Salvi (12 days ago)
More zombie videos!!!!
Z- HUNTER (12 days ago)
best martial arts to defend yourself for the zombie apocalypse
The king of nerds (12 days ago)
You need to actually do some research for this
Moon Knight (12 days ago)
mean is the ninja star
Ninjabear Press (13 days ago)
You got most of this from movies, didn't you?    The ones you got right are #6, I spent one whole night making a bucketful of those pursuit deterrents for ...a friend; #4 is used for climbing and fighting; #3 (inhale before you put the thing to your lips); #2 is obvious but shudiken are spikes, not throwing stars --- you're correct in your belief that ninjas are like MacGyver when it comes to improvising tools and weapons.
Nosferata138 (14 days ago)
I was so close to thumbs up this video....then the unnecessary reference to a gun and lawmakers stumbled across the commentary...
Anders Bjorkman (14 days ago)
So many wrongs in this vid.
Sanic The Noscoper (14 days ago)
Ninjutsu Is My Favorite
qwyzl (14 days ago)
this video makes me want to go to ninja school.  : D
Wonder Woman (14 days ago)
❤️ It! Very fun to watch.
Nicholas Page (14 days ago)
my uncle is from china and he is a ninja well he was before he died it's hard to listen to your videos when your sister and dad be like Sister: But I don't get this. Dad: You already know multiplication! What? Do I have to go over it again with you over summer? Sister: NO! Me: Please be quiet. Dad: Nicholas! Don't interrupt your sister. She is trying to do math. just let me watch my YouTube in peace
Vuk Radocaj (14 days ago)
WOW NINJAS ARE FREDDY KRUEGER ...gets supplies and hides...
Vladimir Taylor (14 days ago)
Is that you Corvo Attano? Is that me?
You've got some very false statements like ninjas being dressed in black and having a rivalry with samurai or ninja weapons existing in the first place. Your video was still entertaining.
Urski Naattori (14 days ago)
Actally most of the ninja were samurai
Nicholas Page (14 days ago)
that's false a ninja was used mostly to assassinate a samurai was to defend the borders and force major laws
Bendik Nilsen (14 days ago)
You forgot katana.
Ninjabear Press (13 days ago)
I prefer my ninja-to, thanks.
CnJ Z (14 days ago)
is this a joke
David Prodigy (14 days ago)
...who thought of Freddy Krueger when they saw the thumbnail?
David Prodigy (14 days ago)
+Ray Leon most definitely
Ray Leon (14 days ago)
Thats the first thing i thought of
j money Butcher (14 days ago)
j money Butcher (14 days ago)
CJ JR (14 days ago)
Thank you been waiting and first

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