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Hitler on "Games for Windows - Live"

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Hitler expresses his views on "Games for Windows - LIVE". Hitler didn't even mention how much of a buggy mess patching games in LIVE is. Many people with Fallout 3 weren't able to play their game after the patches where released because GFWL would freeze when they tried to install etc. And they couldn't just play the game unpatched either, GFWL won't let you play a game if a patch has been released until you install the patch. (assuming that you can, otherwise you've just lost your 50 dollar game) Oh, and patching via GFWL can also delete your savefile. And I just found out about quite possibly the absolute worst flaw in GFWL, which says alot. I don't know what to say. Just look at this: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1052525 Jesus fucking christ. Oh, and changing your gamertag costs money. Yes. REAL. FUCKING. MONEY. The out-of-game GFWL client is a piece of shit, you can't chat with people or patch games from it. Basically you need to be running a GFWL game to use it's full functionality, which is retarded and doesn't make any sense. I couldn't mention all of these things in the video simply because it wouldn't fit. And there's EVEN MORE problems with GFWL that I haven't even mentioned in the video OR the video description. Info for people who don't know what this is about: Games for Windows Live is a program for PC games by microsoft which essentially tries to port XboX Live funtionality to the PC Games that use GFWL. (achievements, friend lists system, matchmaking etc) However it is not a very good port of these functionalities, and the things that work well on consoles don't necessarily work very well on the PC and/or don't live up to it's standards. 4 5
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Text Comments (268)
GFWL Killer (7 days ago)
Candy Suxx (1 month ago)
2018 still so true Cannot play on Gta 4 on windows 10 because of shitty LIVE don't work :(
Robin Nicht (6 months ago)
I can't concentrate on the subs because I speak German which makes it not as funny as it should be..
Damsen (6 months ago)
2018 and this is still accurate... I saw the day when Microsoft held further development of the Halo: Online mod by ElDewrito for the PC platform, still playable, but what's the point? Everyone loves playing games that are being supported with updates. I hope one day Microsoft gets their sh<3t together and start supporting the PC platform like they used to do, would be great for us if they get to revive GFWL by fixing it completely. I saw so much potential on that platform...
Venkatesan V (9 months ago)
games for Windows marketplace send your I'd please help me
Yukino Takamatsu (1 year ago)
cant save a fucking RE5 in Win10 coz that fucking GFWL PIECE OF SHIT!!!!
Hit-Jack64 (1 year ago)
1:35 Amazing save LMFAO
Alec Eisenbeis (2 years ago)
"After two years of updates "Games for Windows Live" is still a steaming piece of shit" The very first line already had me coughing from laughing, both because it's funny and because I couldn't agree more.
LEGO STAR BOI (3 months ago)
Try playing re5......
Nothing More (2 years ago)
XD ihave a GFWL generator no fake
Ausome (2 years ago)
Black Ryan (2 years ago)
This video like nailed all of my feelings. I really hope MS sees this one. And does something about this trend they have been following. Then I can stop buying their games for no reason because I only bought it to help in the event that I get caught using the cracked version of the game. Its illegal but at least I do own a copy. The cracked version makes it easy to just double click and......play. I don't even know how to use games for windows. All I know is that it is dramatically worst than the shit I gotta deal with using Steam. Like when you click on a game to start and Steam wont let it start cause its doing.......whatever the fuck its doing in the background there. Ever been somewhere and there are people talking in a different language and you think they are talking about you but you cant tell. Thats how I feel when Steam works to start my game. At least it starts (after i run task manager and kill steam then restart it). Windows Live or games for windows (whatever you call that....thing) a while back for some reason would not let me play Fable. I broke things that day. From experience I have learned to only break inexpensive things. And now i'm ranting. I guess the point I am getting at is I have used Games for Windows once..........just once. I never want to repeat it again.
elektritter (2 years ago)
Well, it's much less funny if you can actually understand what they're saying... xD
Bane Morris (2 years ago)
This was really funny, until the end. Then it made me sad. I hope PC gaming never dies.
+Ethan Lozada fair enough
Ethan Lozada (2 years ago)
1 more on consoles,you don't need to worry about buy parts to upgrade your computer
+Bane Morris let me put it like this consoles LITERALLY have nothing going for them other than -certain exclusives -controllers (which some pc games have) -the social aspect aka being able to play with multiple people on the same machine in the same room -not needing constant fucking upgrades (though updates that can take hours replace it) -cheaper (sometimes) so dont worry pc wont die for a good while, and if it does it will be because it deserved to die
Nix Nightbird (2 years ago)
GfWL has a lot of problems-- Slowing things down, popping up and being in the way, etc., but messing up voice chat is, in my book, a GOOD thing. I don't want to hear other people talking on a game. Fuck that. Anything that makes all the snotty 12-year-olds, stupid rednecks, and illiterate neckbeards become muted in a game is a GOOD thing.
Based Otter (2 years ago)
"Don't worry we can still use steam"
Njumkiy (1 year ago)
not at all
Mouse (2 years ago)
Lord Gaben has saved us
Santi B (2 years ago)
Logan sent me here.
MiREK (10 months ago)
Santi B THANK YOU! I thought you were talking about Logan Paul. Luckily, this Logan isn't a Paul. :-)
Santi B (2 years ago)
+MikeHaggarSSBM Logan from Tek Syndicate, he's just mentioned this video in his rant about Microsoft F. Cheers
MikeHaggarSSBM (2 years ago)
+Santi B who is that? anyway shoutouts to him lol
TheAeraeck (2 years ago)
Everytime i watch a "Hitler reacts to ..."-Video, I have to mute it bc I'm german T_T. And btw: FUCK YOU GFWL
TheToaMaster (1 year ago)
oh myyyyyyyyyyyy that profile picture
TheAeraeck (2 years ago)
+Spingebub Squerepents But then you can't save your fucking game T_T
TheAeraeck (2 years ago)
+Spingebub Squerepents it's just always buggy, wanting to update shit and fails updating said shit.. so fucking annoying :D
TheAeraeck (2 years ago)
+Spingebub Squerepents cuz its shit : D
Samo Gledam (3 years ago)
i cant even play game because some gamertag is not same as username and shits like that fuck this shit fuck this crap fuck worst microsoft program ever fuck gamertags fuck gfwl team fuck all halo 2 fuck bungie fuck everythinggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pro Gamer (3 years ago)
Dick Riddick (3 years ago)
Oh yeah.. The times when attempted to play Dead Rising 2 (or whatever the name is) and I couldnt play it because of this piece of crap. Absolutely useless and gets in the way everywhere it can.
Guillaume Péraut (3 years ago)
I'm reinstallating Bioshock 2 at the moment but it appears that I can't play w/o GWL crap, great.... Indeed it's gross but fuck you GWL ;D
Liam Hennessey (3 years ago)
i cant even download something off the internet without being reminded that windows needs sign in. BULLSHIT!!
Van Steel (3 years ago)
I'm here just to say my daily "FUCK YOU GFWL!" Seriously FUCK YOU! 
Slam Jamdersin (3 years ago)
Just put a few (very successful) hours into a new Dark Souls run, haven't played the game in a while.. Thought, "Whatever, I can run this in Offline mode." Quit game to menu only to see "NEW GAME" as the only option and realize that 5bosses and some lucky drops were all for naught. Probably be a while before I decide to pick the game up again now. Thanks a lot GFWL. FUCK YOU, what an undulating river of steaming dog shit. No respect for Microsoft or their decisions since Gates left the helm. They are tearing down everything the man's set up.
Mr.Shiny (4 years ago)
5 years later, the rage still persists.
Primalruin (4 years ago)
This video deserves so many more views, unfortunately it looks like only the few of us searching google in fustration of gfwl have found this.
Layarion (4 years ago)
i can't fucking play Dark Souls because god knows what.
Mr.Shiny (4 years ago)
That's exactly how i found this, trying to run Red Faction: Guerrilla that i bought on during steam sale. I still don't see why you need a login to save, that's just asinine logic.
BREBBERS (4 years ago)
Pc Gaming Master Race= Nazi Political Party.
Euclid IsMyBro (3 years ago)
RipandTear (4 years ago)
This is so true that I'm just a bit speechless right now.
TheOneAndOnlyRegnal (4 years ago)
Yeah, I was pissed when I found out you cannot save in GTA 4 until you created an account
mc2an2 (4 years ago)
This sums up my thoughts succinctly, how can you defend a system that destroys the gaming experience. The whole process is like 1985 Russia or the US Postal service. I feel like the women crying every time I get a game on Steam and then learn I have to log in to windows live (stab me with a fork). Now I have to once again go online to figure out how to bypass this ridiculous system that is being rightly satirized so 'brilliantly' in this video 5 years ago. A new achievement account needs to be created for those who care.  
petebeat8888 (4 years ago)
GFWL stands for Getting a**F***ed Without Lube...
maxim yakovlev (4 years ago)
I like gfwl i Always played halo 2 vista
TheRaveStyler (4 years ago)
FUCK GFWL biggest piece of shit in the gaming history.
Grunky Prunk (4 years ago)
Biboon (4 years ago)
"Flopstar" and "Microshit"? I LUV IT XD
Nagaras777 (4 years ago)
GFWL- "go f*ck windows live", guess im not the only one to think of that
Diar (4 years ago)
please sign up to this petition to keep it alive and don't lose your games http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/microsoft-keep-games-for-windows-live-active-2#share
Marcos Lins (4 years ago)
Fucking Brilliant!!
Matin Gilardi (5 years ago)
Lmao! Spot-on. This is brilliant.
Chick-A-Dee (5 years ago)
GFWL is shutting down next year, Praise the lord of this miracle!
Greek Gaming Universe (5 years ago)
ahahahaha great job guys! Greetings from greece!
GilgameshAurora (5 years ago)
Fuck GFWL. Bunch of greedy mother fuckers, I buy batman, play 5 yours and then it takes a fucking shit on me and decides to ass fuck my mouth. Now nobody is left happy.
zsakker (5 years ago)
I know that feeling. And its the best when it adds your cracked game into your owned games after you login in that game. it just ruined me 4 hours of gameplay by not letting me save my game.
zsakker (5 years ago)
I just lost 3-4 hours of playing on red faction querrila becose of this fucking piece of shit. didnt let me save anymore and I tried to relog BUT HOLY SHIT. It kicked me out of the game because I wasnt logged in. Thats some really bad bullshit.
Alex Shin (5 years ago)
Masterpiece, I'm in raptures :D
0SIPR (5 years ago)
it's closing in august 22 !! hip-hip horaaaay !‏
EinTraderino (5 years ago)
But it's still funny and i like it! :)
EinTraderino (5 years ago)
This isn't the correct Translation!
zacman587 (5 years ago)
Steam is a great program barley uses up any memory and is insanely easy to use. Origin on the other hand makes me want to never play BF3 ever again.... I ended up watching this because in my rage i asked google why GFWL is so fucking shit
Thomas Flandrin (5 years ago)
If dark souls 2 is under gfwl, I will hack it.
Thomas Flandrin (5 years ago)
I used to be able to play dark souls online. Then somehow my outlook account got hacked and gfwl wont let me play online anymore. WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT OF DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!! I payed for this fucking game IT'S MINE you get it winfuck? God I can't even believe this shit, go fuck yourself gfwl.
T D (5 years ago)
It seriously is though, I have had more the triple the problems with gta4 on steam than I did when I had a cracked version, it's just bullshit.
Germanybash (5 years ago)
David Konschin (5 years ago)
Du bist auch so'n vollidiot oder?
Rain Young (5 years ago)
I bought Dark Souls on steam. I paid for it. And it won't work ? WTF windows live. I PAID FOR IT, ON STEAM, AND IT WON'T WORK. I'M NEVER BUYING A WINDOWS LIVE GAME EVER AGAIN. IT'S BULLSH*T ! ! !
Kralicious (5 years ago)
Yeah. What's the goddamn point? I have to do all this shit while CLEARLY just using steam would make my GTA 4 experience a hell lot fun.
Leo Mäkinen (5 years ago)
Cool, Bioshock 2 still unplayble :)
Sheldon Cooper (5 years ago)
It is now 4 years later, and nobody gives a shit anymore.
leogz69 (5 years ago)
I can't even play batman arkham asylum, thats because i got it from steam .-. GFWL MUST DIE!!!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
Williamz (5 years ago)
HOLY CRAP THIS IS HORRIBLE I just bought gta 4 and i can't even play it
Sina Madani (5 years ago)
Not everyone likes achievements I guess. They give you something to go for, and add extra value to a game imo.
AlbinoSquidman (5 years ago)
Fuck you GFWL...
KRKATANAKID (5 years ago)
Zoey (5 years ago)
Zoey (5 years ago)
HarunDanyal (5 years ago)
This is honestly amazing, and encompasses most the points in the rants my friends and I have made about GFWL! Loved it!
Ghastly (5 years ago)
His opinion is totally right, they're not all that useless. I use achievements as a means to challenge myself. Besides me and my pals are kinda achie whores so it's a competition between us all.
Hermit (5 years ago)
I can't sign in... It requires an update that crashes my game. I download the latest windows live client from their website, and it still requires an update.
Haavard H (5 years ago)
It is easier to crack a game than to buy it legit and play, way to go microsoft!
Pijani Hobit (5 years ago)
I dont give a fuck about push to speak. Why I think GFWL is the worst piece of shit is the machine limit activation DRM. GFWL can go fuck itself, i buy games all the time, the only games that I pirate are EA and GFWL games... Support the devs, and fuck greedy managers !
Sina Madani (5 years ago)
I must be one of the only people who have never experienced these issues with GFWL.
surg23 (5 years ago)
GFWL is such a retarded horseshit DRM, No it's more than DRM it's a fucking Trojan, but far worse. Any game from here on in that relies on GFWL i will PIRATE and play on fucking private servers. Microsoft has made so that PIRATING games is actually more beneficial than legitimate ownership. I don't want to Pirate games, but i cannot use the products i pay for with this GROTESQUELY dysfunctional piece of utter fail software. Go die MS fucktards!
Sina Madani (5 years ago)
it could be good it just needs to have some attention paid to it. Windows 8 has full integration. The OS boots up and signs into your gamertag/LIVE ID just like on 360. Hopefully this means they'll actually remember that GFWL exists and do some work on it
MrSumbody69 (5 years ago)
Its not in needs of a major update, its in need of being burned to the fucking ground. To this day i have not been able to finish one of my favorite games bioshock 2. It would be my all time favorite if i could actually play it. Yet years later they havent fixed anything and its still unplayable *as in at all*.
Sina Madani (5 years ago)
I have to say GFWL is in need of a major update but for some games, like Super Street Fighter IV: Aracde Edition it's great because of the friends and messaging service.
MrSumbody69 (5 years ago)
That comment is useless. This guy raged about acheiments being useless. I disagree as do alot of people . BUT that is not the real problem. There are several MAJOR problems such as rendering your games completely unplayable, Deleting saved games regularly, not letting you play multiplayer due to "not being patched" even though the game is patched, Patches not actually working after downloaded, OS crashing after playing the games for a few minutes. I could go on and on but those are the worst.
MrSumbody69 (5 years ago)
those are just some of the none essential things that are wrong with it. The biggest problems are as follows. 1. simply not being able to play most or any of your GFWL products at all. 2. deleted saved games. 3. Consistent OS crashes due to shit coding. 4. Computer freezing 5. Not letting you play multiplayer without updating *try to update and it never happens or crashes 3/4's of the way through. These are just SOME of the problems with GFWL, this is one of the worst programs EVER.
Fromond (5 years ago)
Honestly, I can't even sign in with my account. It never downloads my profile correctly. It is always asking to do a fucking update, yet it never updates at all. It's tedious to make a new profile, and the fact that I can't save my game unless I do this tedious fucking system, is stupid.
Lucas Lim (5 years ago)
"Don't worry, we still have steam." xD what if your steam account dont have the game? TROLL!!!
TheeMisterPatrick (5 years ago)
After several years of using GFWL with GTA IV I found out the hard way why it sucked. Did a clean install of Windows 8, thought I had backed up the savegames, now all of it is useless.
Game Ragers (6 years ago)
I own a 360 since launch. One benefit it that you gamerscore. I know that, achievement you earn over GFWL are transferred to your 360, increasing your gamescore.
Sina Madani (6 years ago)
I render steam achievements useless because they don't go towards anything on your profile. Only those who have ever been achievement whores on Xbox LIVE can ever understand why GFWL is awesome and more games should be on it. If you've never cared about achievements and never owned a 360, then you have no right to comment on whether GFWL achievements are useless or not
Game Ragers (6 years ago)
You can get achievements on steam anyway... Therefore making Games for windows live useless!!!.
João Nunes (6 years ago)
I srly rage quited trying to get through the update thingy on games for windows live srly, it sucks donkey dick.
AProbablyPostman (6 years ago)
Tried to play Gotham City Impostors through Steam. "Shit, forgot password to GFWL, oh well. I'll make a new account" *This cd key is already boopity bopped with another shitty fuckin account FAG!* "Oh Microsoft... go fuck yourself."
MultiCessnaPilot (6 years ago)
Damn i got so much shit from the stupid thing. It is really an absolute piece of crap.
MultiCessnaPilot (6 years ago)
Pirate it dude. simple.
Alex Phaneuf (6 years ago)
theo porutiu (6 years ago)
That's the fucked up part! you have to be goddamn connected to GAYS FOR FUCKED UP WINDOWS LI_FUCKING_VE in order to save your game... you can't play offline and if there is an update you have to wait about 2 hours WITHOUT PLAYING...(that of course, if you want to FUCKING SAVE YOUR FUCKING GAME) for example, I bought Batman Arkham City and after 1 hour I managed to install it... now, of course, I wanted to play te fucked up game but noooo... I have to install the frickin' upgrade... in 2 hours!!
geekforlifevandc (6 years ago)
for me it was ok i bought some games from retailers that were cheaper that there online counterparts
High Rising (6 years ago)
i really want to give rockstar my money for making my favorite games of all time but gwfl just makes it unplayable....
MikeHaggarSSBM (6 years ago)
That is the right choice. With a few exceptions (Dark Souls is the only one so far) GFWL games should be boycotted and pirated by those who want to play it.
High Rising (6 years ago)
if gta v has gwfl i will go to thepiratebay instead
StevieGG08 (6 years ago)
GFWL doesn't even care about the region in which I live! It's fucking outrageous!
Spidd124 (6 years ago)
So that Microshit can exploit money form you each year and then say that they fixed the Red ring of death.
Spidd124 (6 years ago)
Why, Steam is much better in every way!
Bruno Rodriguez (6 years ago)
I bought a pack with Bioshock I and II in steam. Never had a problem before... Until I had to install this Shitty something whatever live. I started playing IN STORY MODE and after 2 hours, when I want to save my game, I can't. Could somebody tell WTF is this ? Also I'm pretty sure that my saved games will be stored in my C unit... Which is almost full because I like to let it just for the OS. Microsoft way.
ApexPred4tor (6 years ago)
holy crap im sick of it...doing a dirt marathon, just completed the first dirt, which seems to be the best since it didnt has gfwl. now trying to play dirt 2, changing my email, and password and it still refuses my account datas even tho i can log in into the official site that brought my right from dirt 2 to my chrome. xbox live is okay but this is true fuck, only pro are the achievements ... but i didnt buy the game for those achievements ...
MikeHaggarSSBM (6 years ago)
ROFL SAVE STICK compare the price of that to a fucking hdd for a pc congrats on paying 5x as much for the same space
Sharp Dressed Man (6 years ago)
GFWL needs to **** off! It's totally useless and no one needs it for anything.

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