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Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ULTRA HARD (Horizon Zero Dawn Tips And Tricks)

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Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus Tips And Tricks On Horizon Zero Dawn Ultra Hard! Horizon Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks! Like the video? Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/1S7oa8K More Horizon Zero Dawn Content: Horizon Zero Dawn - NEW LEVEL SYSTEM GOES BEYOND MAX LEVEL, But Why? (Horizon Zero Dawn Ghost Levels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJRggQ-R_YQ Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus - Everything You Need to Know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6yLao4opFo Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus - NEW WEAPONS & ARMOR (Horizon Zero Dawn Tips And Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S2jCdXd-GQ Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30 - ALL FACE PAINT & FOCUS COLORS (Horizon Zero Dawn Update): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwnKs92M0s0 Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus Gameplay on ULTRA HARD (stream): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_pWtuIZTFs Horizon Zero Dawn Tips And Tricks BEFORE YOU START NEW GAME PLUS (Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDEJtk4m8oU Horizon Zero Dawn - HOW TO ACCESS NEW GAME PLUS (Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A--P_6FlcxE Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30 DETAILS - NEW GAME PLUS & WAY MORE (Horizon Zero Dawn 1.30): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCfLJPyfi0w Horizon Zero Dawn New Game Plus OUT NOW + NEW GEAR + NEW WEAPONS & WAY MORE (Horizon Zero Dawn 1.30): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNJNJP8UmLM YOU WILL LOVE THIS AMAZING Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Funko Pop!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VSBHpYA-iQ Crash Bandicoot MORE POPULAR THAN Horizon Zero Dawn (Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfLKeDOPHRg Horizon Zero Dawn DLC TRAILER FULL ANALYSES - RETURNING CHARACTER, NEW MACHINE & More! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbUJXGBLWIY Horizon Zero Dawn - MOST AMAZING PICTURES Picked by GUERRILLA GAMES (Photo Mode Competition Week 7): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPN-7lfj158 Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Release Date Update! WHEN WILL THE FROZEN WILDS RELEASE? (Horizon DLC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKkd9zjv9Og Horizon Zero Dawn DLC - FIRST PICTURE OF NEW MACHINE?! OR SOMETHING ELSE? (Horizon DLC Frozen Wilds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7ehlqHAuYY Horizon Zero Dawn DLC - NEW BEAR MACHINE SHOWN & More Potential New Machines in The Frozen Wilds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB99473i4GI Horizon Zero Dawn - MOST AMAZING PICTURES Picked by GUERRILLA (Photo Mode Competition Week 6): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKkqJhC5USM Horizon Zero Dawn DLC - Sony CONFIRMS MORE HORIZON CONTENT FOR YEARS TO COME! (Horizon Zero Dawn 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QN5S0xblaQ Horizon Zero Dawn DLC - GUERRILLA CONFIRMS STORY DETAILS, NEW WEAPONS & MORE! (The Frozen Wilds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vw_FFr6tdI Horizon Zero Dawn DLC PRICE CONFIRMED + DISCOUNT & NEW MACHINES (Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZbbAQQ-iDU Horizon Zero Dawn DLC TRAILER SHOWN - NEW MACHINE & WAY MORE (Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjQXTv-Da7Q Horizon Zero Dawn BEST PLAYER?! - 3 MILLION SHARDS + BEST MODS & ARMOR (Horizon Zero Dawn Tips): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbpo-gIRXXA Horizon Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks - BEST NEW MODS AFTER PATCH 1.20 (Horizon Zero Dawn Mods): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEQi3IFH4Kc Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor - GUERRILLA GAMES COMMENTS ON SHIELD WEAVER NERF & Why It's Great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnEWQ7ohBdQ Horizon Zero Dawn 2 - FIRST LOOK AT HUGE MACHINE That We Will Be FIGHTING?! (Horizon Zero Dawn DLC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBRup0kV6o8 Horizon Zero Dawn BEST ARMOR WILL BE NERFED In New Horizon Zero Dawn Patch (Horizon Zero Dawn Armor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmuU99vVf2w Horizon Zero Dawn New Patch BRINGS A TON OF AWESOME NEW FEATURES! (Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.20): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbVQAbMlCUk Horizon Zero Dawn Machines EVOLVE - DID YOU KNOW?! (Horizon Zero Dawn all machines): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmgYvIJ67jo Horizon Zero Dawn - Guerrilla Games SHOWS BIGGER MAP (Horizon Zero Dawn 2 - Horizon Zero Dawn DLC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BurrlZL05EQ Horizon Zero Dawn DLC IN FULL PRODUCTION?! Motion Capture Actresses SPOTTED (Horizon Zero Dawn 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKhmNs3_7Wo Horizon Zero Dawn DLC - SECRET ROUTE TO DLC AREA FOUND?! Ban-Ur Analysis (Horizon Zero Dawn 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzpvJ8y_z3c Horizon Zero Dawn DLC - TOP 5 THINGS I WANT: NEW AREA, NEW MACHINES & more (Horizon Zero Dawn 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXqzjvQ4sfU Horizon Zero Dawn tips and tricks for GETTING The PLATINUM TROPHY - FAST XP & All Alies Joined Quest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWJ6wzAOXiU To discuss the latest gaming news and see what JorRaptor is up to, check him out on social media: https://twitter.com/jorraptor https://instagram.com/jorraptor/ http://www.twitch.tv/jorraptor
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Text Comments (202)
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Would be really appreciated if you could re like the video even if you already watched it. Youtube screwed it up, but now it's in 1080p luckily!
Joehanson McChicken (1 year ago)
Love the channel! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Horizon videos! keep the good stuff rolling my friend!
Joshua Sandoval (1 year ago)
JorRaptor Well, I watched the video twice, the original and the re-upload. I think you may have actually benefited. :D
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
In that case it kinda sucks that I had to reupload it again, but yeah learned from it.
Joshua Sandoval (1 year ago)
JorRaptor Likes are meaningless. Watch time is what really counts to the YouTube algorithm. ;)
Saad Ansari (3 days ago)
Since I played Frozen Wilds the spear became a more useful option than before. Since that in the wilds you get the ability to put modifications on it just like the other weapons. I put on it 2 purple damage slots and the thing will knock down a ravager dizzy with one hit, and then I finish it with a critical one.
Dandre Lewis (26 days ago)
Which Are Stronger The Adept Weapon's or Banuk Weapon's.
Baelan070 (1 month ago)
Your voice is so fk annoying
khurshid khan (1 month ago)
You have to play new game + to get the 2 part going? Plz answer i speny my years earning on this 😄😄😄😅😅😅😆😂
khurshid khan (1 month ago)
Thumbnail tho!
SaneNoMore (2 months ago)
Melee is pronounced may-lay....just an fyi
А Американцы лошары
Zerus Zephuros (2 months ago)
Can you play NG+ in story mode just to buy the adept weapons, then load that save files into NG++ to finish ultra hard??
smurph1994 (2 months ago)
I totally understand what you mean about using the hunter bow so you dont chew through wire, and will likely take that advice, but with the blast sling chewing through blaze, i dont see that as being such an issue, if you run out of blaze you can just take an hour out of your time to go hunt grazers with the harvest arrow, easy blaze.
italkcrab (2 months ago)
Use maxed out freeze grenade + Adept Rattler to take down any massive machine in under 2 mins. Thunderjaw, Frostclaw... Stormbird you'll need ropecaster also.
Alex M (4 months ago)
the best armor is the one with shield ;)
Benjamin Lloyd (4 months ago)
I know this is an old video but is the adept lodge bows better than the banuk bows?
Benjamin Lloyd (4 months ago)
Okay thank you. Was just confused since I see some loadout videos that don't use them. Maybe they were just pre-DLC
JorRaptor (4 months ago)
Nope they are not
Ironic mena (4 months ago)
Hey bro im doing good in ultra hard halfway in it and I didnt start off like you said too but I Wana finish it do you think I could still get the good armor and weaopons somehow
Ben Mooney (6 months ago)
When you go to buy items can't you just drop the difficulty in the options menu and then buy the shit then raise it again to ultra hard. Yeah it's the cheese but for anyone struggling boom there you go
Arcord10 (5 months ago)
In NG+, you can't change game difficulty once you start it
Phong Nguyen Thanh (6 months ago)
I start my first game in Ultra Hard mode (except for buying from merchants, cause I don't like farming). It's not too difficult, as Rost always said, "Patience"
chaff5 (6 months ago)
For anyone wondering, you can start a NG+ game in *any* difficulty and get adept weapons and armor. So you can go through the game in NG+ normal again, get all the adept gear, finish the story, then start another NG+ with that and do UH for the achievements and extras (face paint and focus colors) without having to spend the crazy prices.
ShadowLeagues (7 months ago)
God dam fire claws are crazy on ultra hard mode, not to mention the scorchers, the tip is “stay out of range of there melee” then they launch at you like a nuke missile! *Heavy breathing* I finished it though was quite fun having shit launching at you every second :D
Mohsin Zia Shamsi (7 months ago)
How to use 3 arrow in shadow hunter bow
xzenitramx666 (7 months ago)
I use mainly bitch tactics to play
Greendragon 4343 (7 months ago)
Wished I saw this before I went and beat ultra hard it would have been way easier
Project Mayhem (7 months ago)
Call me crazy... but so far I’ve had an easier time and more fun in ultra hard versus all the other modes
Nick Chadwick (8 months ago)
Just beat normal and ready to start new game + UH. Thanks for the tips!
Karam Ali (8 months ago)
If you beat new game plus on hard can you do it again on ultra hard with the all the gear you got from doing NG+ on hard ?
Ominous Entity (8 months ago)
3:46 Fail.
Darens Wakefield (8 months ago)
What’s ur quickest time killing a Thunderjaw on ng+ on ultra hard. Mines on my channel 13 min
MrSteeleFtw (8 months ago)
Just use sticky bombs. Lots and lots of sticky bombs
Murilo Franco (9 months ago)
how to find this weapons with 4 mods?
pokemonix 10 (9 months ago)
Nice helpful vid
Alex Bors (9 months ago)
New Game+ Ultra Hard. Just manging the resources. Like not fighting more often when I'm short of resources big machines, but corrupting or overriding them to fight each other. Then I can collect the resources, unless it is a Thunderjaw or Stormbird, which I pick the right times to engage in a fight. The thing is I'm really short on money, always between 4-10k at most.
DeadGuyInTheGround (9 months ago)
Alex Bors that’s way I was prepared before I started it. I beat it on ng+ hard and got all the gear and shards I needed, (I already 100% the game on ng so I had plenty of resources) and because of that I never ran out on ng+ UH.
Bloddyeye G (10 months ago)
About the blaze... did anybody else notice the extra loot arrows can be used post mortum? Kill a grazer, then start shooting the cannisters gives you 6 blaze per cannister. Using this on the hunter lodge trial for killing grazers with wood logs left me able to get 200 blaze in mere minutes
Know10 (11 months ago)
Do the weapons & armors carried over new game or you have to start at the beginning?
Boudreaux from Thibodaux (11 months ago)
It's not pronounced "me-lee", its pronounced "may-lay"
Billr (11 months ago)
I've got the platinum and I played NG+ Ultra Hard. I'm finding it impossible to get all blazing suns at the hunting grounds this time around on Ultra Hard. That would make for a good video if someone can do it. The machines are highly alert and way more aggressive. I died multiple times with shield weaver just trying to do the tie down trial where you try to rope down glint hawks while tramplers are tearing you up, LOL.
Muhammad Akmal (11 months ago)
Im playing fresh start new game on ultra hard. Any tips? Please advice
Billr (11 months ago)
Run a lot. LOL
Lutsurugi (1 year ago)
not useful... at all :(
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
why not?
UkrainianGaming (1 year ago)
I'm up to where you need to climb up GAIA Prime and that shit hard with all the machines chillin
Billr (11 months ago)
Here is a tip the way I did it on NG+ Ultra Hard. Before getting and going on the bitter climb (Gaia) quest. Go there and fight your way up early to establish the campfire at the top where the glint hawks, watchers and ravangers are. Then later in the game when the Gaia mission comes up you can fast travel, with full health to the foward campfire you posted near the top and stealth your way up from there until the Storm Bird. Before going the last leg up to keep the glint hawks and watchers busy, I hid in the grass and overode the last ravanger near the back. Then it was up the climb to tweety. From there you can either run your ass off or just kill tweety like I did, but I had full health. You might have to look at the map to follow my suggestion.
Kristina Taber (11 months ago)
UkrainianGaming yeah stealth past them. That's what I did. I killed a few of them and stayed in the grass and then booked it.
UkrainianGaming (1 year ago)
JorRaptor ino but Ultra Hard is a pain in the arse to get through, I'm on the Watcher's side going through the grass and all of a sudden Stalkers start running towards me looking for me :(((
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+UkrainianGaming you can stealth your way past that :)
TheOmegaEquinox (1 year ago)
All the weapons do less damage for some reason for me am I the only one?
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
On harder difficulty they do and they fixed some bugs in the recent patch
eric mefford (1 year ago)
how do I deal with storm birds on ultra hard there fricken brutal
Billr (11 months ago)
Yea, ropecaster, freeze bombs, regular bombs, sticky bombs, tear blaster and sharpshot bow. When you are knocking stuff off him and he's starting to get free, rope him down quickly again. Lots of ammo, but it gets the job done.
Kristina Taber (11 months ago)
eric mefford ropecaster.
Daniel K (1 year ago)
can i still switch to my non new game + mode ? or have i now only my + game on ultrahard ?
Daniel K (1 year ago)
ok thanks buddy ! I watched the video u made on it, but would u be so kind tho and tell me how ? idk how to load the manual save, when i try i only get to the autosave data ( load game from in game or go to continue when i start the game)
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Yep you can, make a manual save of your previous save tho.
Stratton Bek (1 year ago)
When low on space for armor weave mods, the Carja Trader Adept is a great storage solution - especially as you can have one trader adept armor for each type or weave to keep things organised!
Stratton Bek (1 year ago)
Problem with Stalwart adept is if you start NG+ again at any point, you lose every Stalwart Adept armor you had. I'd rather use armor I know I won't be losing! PS hope you're enjoying Prague!
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+Stratton Bek oeh use it as a storage, I think. Isn't the stalwart adept a better choice tho? Cost less shards right?
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+Stratton Bek oeh use it as a storage, I think. Isn't the stalwart adept a better choice tho? Cost less shards right?
Bird (1 year ago)
Do you keep your machine parts when you move onto NG+?
Ridders1984 (1 year ago)
Ya Boi Kenroid (1 year ago)
What armor does he have at the beginning (The white armor)
Joehanson McChicken (1 year ago)
Do you get access to the ghost levels if you do the New Game+ on Ultra Hard?
Rumel .Lopez (1 year ago)
for some reason when I use my tearblaster arrows, or tearblaster on the larger enemies on ultra hard, it doesn't remove their components. and my freeze arrows don't freeze any of larger enemies even when I added freeze mods to it. i just saw a vid of someone taking down a stormbird with freeze arrows and it froze in a few shots and he killed him in under 2 minutes. took me like 10 minutes to try and remove the chest component on that bastard 😢. am I doing something wrong? i need help since im trying to get stormbird hearts.
Rumel .Lopez (11 months ago)
Billr thanks, bro! 😀
Billr (11 months ago)
Rope him, then freeze bomb him then use the tear blaster to take off components, not the tearblast arrows. If you use the tear blast arrows make it triple arrows. Same with TJ.
Yo nice content, I subbed for all the great Horizon videos and I have 1 question. Do resources carry over into NG+, like the luminous braiding and or lenses and hearts and also animal skins? I watched the vid but was still kinda confused on this one. Because I want to farm for the mats for adept weapons in my normal save then start NG+
Billr (11 months ago)
TilfeldigFyr (1 year ago)
Also, you cannot one-hit stealth kill Lancehorns or Chargers. It will stun them, and a single follow-up heavy swing with the spear will finish them off, but yeah, it was a learning experience trying to kill of a heard silently only to get wrecked by 5-6 Lancehorns because I thought I could sneak in to the middle of the heard unseen. Then the stunned machines got up again (I thought them falling over was a kill not a stun). I don't find ultra hard that difficult yet, but I do miss the health bar over enemies from my normal playthrough.
br1ghtley _ (1 year ago)
btw if you have any tips for the hunting grounds could you do a video for that? i suck soooo hard at this part of the game :D especialy at the UH difficulty
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+br1ghtley _ hehe might do it
br1ghtley _ (1 year ago)
my tip would be to forget the trader outfit witch the 4 slots to fight the mashines. it is much weaker then the specific armour like the one for melee protection (i dont play this game in english so i dont know the name :D) one example: the trader outfit with 4 melee protection moda had a 53 melee protection. my armour from the first playtrough with melee protection had with two mods 64 melee protection. (same witch range attacks) so if you want to fight a specific type of mashine you should chose the armour wich is made for that type of damage. P.S. in the ultrahard difficulty it wont be so easy to get all the armours. but everyone from the normal game is better than the trade armour if you chose the right mods. hope i could help you a little bit. sorry for my medium good english. i am from germany :D
Stratton Bek (1 year ago)
So, you can certainly own multiple of the same adept lodge weapons. I decided to get an adept lodge warbow for each ammo type so I don't have to bother mod switching. Got 2 so far (for freeze & corruption). Not in such a rush to get one for shock but will do when/if I start my next playthrough.
Xxmath3rfuck3rxX (1 year ago)
#JorRaptor how do you get so much wire to use mainly the sharpshot bow i know its a common resource but I always find myself with 60 of them and use all of them in 10-15 mins crafting the precision arrows ( in ultra hard are too expensive to buy)
Billr (11 months ago)
Have a lot of shards to buy wire if you don't want to collect them from machines. I had over 200k shards when I started NG+ ultra hard. I use the sharpshot a lot too. I like it the best.
Tausif Kaiser (1 year ago)
What I do is kill all the machines and get all the wires. Also boxes usually have a lot of them.
Net Phant (1 year ago)
I have a question does it basically restart the game but does not restart the armor and level
YakuZa (1 year ago)
goddamn this game is gorgeous
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+YakuZa totally!
Leihcbone Yt (1 year ago)
I'm playing new game plus in ultra hard difficulty, but I still don't think it's more challenging than normal mode....
Billr (11 months ago)
I do. The machines, even striders and grazers are more aggressive. Watchers spot you easier and they are more plentiful.
Random R.H (1 year ago)
FUCK I bought the adept blastsling, I would have done all of the hunting trials if I had known
Vugar Novruzov (1 year ago)
pretty helpful tips and hints. I have completed the game before the update, however lost all saves from the game when I started ultra-hard difficulty. So I am very much struggling with shards with my primitive weapon and armor. Can you please give several tips where effectively I can farm shards to get a better weapon and armor? thanks! and keep the videos coming!
Lord Raiden (1 year ago)
it's really fun to play in Ultra hard though
just2raw4yall (1 year ago)
If you're running short on blaze find a heard of grazers and shoot off their blaze canisters with the harvest arrow. Instead of getting 1 you will receive 6. Since there a 4 canisters you end up getting 24 blaze per grazer
Billr (11 months ago)
Tearblaster and tearblast arrows take them off quicker. Where the Nora hunting ground is there are a lot of grazers. There is a merchant and a campfire across the stream with a big rock in the middle of the stream. You can jump across on the rock, hide in the grass with a flamng arrow. Shoot one to the left of the big rock and maybe two on the right. The explosions will take out almost the entire herd and watchers. collect the loot then jump back across the stream, do a save and a save from start, rinse and repeat. Don't have to search for grazers or use a lot of harvest arrows.
_ Scifro (1 year ago)
Would be cool if we could customize our outfits. Guerilla Games should update the cutscenes involving the end game fight with Hades so we can see the outfits we wear like the Shield Weaver for example. They don't have to change the one where Aloy visits her Mother's place though. Just a suggestion.
cxcarmic (10 months ago)
My guess is that those cutscenes are pre-rendered.
Resident Evil 2 (1 year ago)
Gourilla games should create a new outfit for aloy. Perhaps called "Seeker Brave" with a black cape in memory of rost which he had on his outfit.
txavi el humano (1 year ago)
Perhaps it can be called "Death Seeker"
Ryan Jackman (1 year ago)
Maybe they could make the armour Rost had when he died..................I'm sad now...
Stratton Bek (1 year ago)
Got around to beating NG+ Ultra earlier this evening. Only left it as late as I did 'cause I wanted to get lodge weapons , do a few side quests for allies, and a few cauldrons to make hunting grounds easier. I'm glad we have the option to keep playing thru on the same character now, although I still wish there was more repeatable content in the game-world without starting over entirely, like cauldrons, corrupt zones, etc.
Jambomus (1 year ago)
Hey! Really cool to see your channel grow so quickly over the last few months, very much deserved. You've earned a sub from me. Some insightful tips here and when the time is right I will for sure give you a mention in my Horizon videos. Perhaps we could make it a two way street!
Rex The Kid (1 year ago)
You should make a video on what mods you suggest using on weapons and armor.
Mohsin Zia Shamsi (7 months ago)
How to use 3 arrow in shadow hunter bow
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
I will :)!
Rex The Kid (1 year ago)
Its actually hard farming bigger robots now
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Mario G (1 year ago)
Why can't I go to sun fall with my shadow stalwart adept armor? Anyone come across this issue? I need to finish a side quest but it won't allow me to enter the village even if I'm wearing the armor.
Mario G (1 year ago)
Thanks for replying. He already gave it to me. The one he gives you is the shadow stalwart light armor. But you can also buy the better version of the armor...the stalwart adept. I sold the one sylens gave me because I thought it would be the same...but it's not....now I can't get in lol.
Ismael Rojas (1 year ago)
Mario G Im not sure if this is correct but I have heard that you have to wait until Sylens or someone gives it later to you in the game
Infiniteduty78 (1 year ago)
Hey but I did see when I was playing you get the ultra hard shield weaver so it probly is a lot better then the first one of course
Infiniteduty78 (1 year ago)
Brady McClaskey oh wow that sucks man
Brady McClaskey (1 year ago)
Matthew Whalen It's not.
wasim sultani (1 year ago)
Wait..... Didn't I watch this yesterday??
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Yes had to reupload it because it was stuck at 360p.
Dagmar Gameplays (1 year ago)
question: iam almost finishing the game on UH after can i switch dificulty back to very hard or its on UH forever ?
Dagmar Gameplays (1 year ago)
whiteninjadeity fuck it then i will play frozen wilds on UH, no match for my +50% dmg mods sharpshooter bow, aleeady got 100% on UH with all weapons and outfits
whiteninjadeity (1 year ago)
You probably figured it out by now but nope, your playthrough will stay locked to ultra hard. You'd have to create another NG+ loadout on that save, if you want to change the difficulty.
Arnas Puidokas (1 year ago)
I finally beat all of the Hunting Trials on NG+ Ultra hard and got my Adept Lodge weapons! The last one I did took me over an hour to complete (Thunderjaw VS Ravager)
Billr (11 months ago)
Did you get all blazing suns on Ultra Hard or you just completed the trials? I got all blazing suns and the platnum before NG+ ulta hard.
Arnas Puidokas (11 months ago)
Bilr, I don't know how to make a video and i don't have an Elgato. All I can say is keep trying or look up more videos on the Trials
Billr (11 months ago)
I would like to see a video of that if you got all blazing suns and not just completing them. I'm trying to get blazing suns on all trials while on NG+ Ultra Hard and I'm finding it impossible because the machines are more alert and aggressive.
br1ghtley _ (11 months ago)
Arnas Puidokas no problem... i got it after a few hours 😅
Arnas Puidokas (11 months ago)
br1ghtley_ Refer to the comment i wrote to another person that replied to me (The Mighty Gamer T_dawg). Also, sorry I didn't reply to you erlier, didn't notice your comment. :)
Raven X (1 year ago)
Ill point out the easiest and the cheapest way to get all the new weapons..... 1 - Start new game plus in Ultra hard difficulty and beat the game by focusing only on the main missions... 2 - after finishing the game Manuel save it and then quit to main menu and restart a New game plus with normal or easy settings (don't worry about your weapons, mods and stuff you collected in Ultra Hard difficulty gameplay, it will be available to any difficulty setting you start your new game plus mode after you beat the Ultra Hard Mode).... 3 - continue doing all main missions till you reach to the Miridian city and the go to a Merchant and then you will see that every new weapon and outfits costs very few items and very less Shards... Thank me later!!!
Derek Newberry (4 months ago)
Raven X Question, Could I beat the game on ultra hard on new game plus, Unlock all of the face paints and focus effects, Then start another new game plus based on my ultra hard play through, On normal, And still have my face paints and focus effects?
Ridders1984 (1 year ago)
Raven X glad to be of service lol
Raven X (1 year ago)
That's what i was trying to say mate! Cheers to you!!!
Ridders1984 (1 year ago)
No this is a better way on my 1st playthrough i bought the armor that gives protection against elements ( burn shock fire corruption ) melee attacks and ranged attacks this helped me til i got the shield weaver i also bought the shadow versions of the weapons i wanted By the end of the game i had 15000 shards without farming all i did was finish all the errands, sidequests, cauldrons, camps and corruption zones and odviously the main story Now, start the game on new game + focus only on story missions until you reach meridian the gear is alot cheaper in normal mode i bought adept versions of ropecastor, blast sling, tripcastor, hunter bow, sharpsooter bow but its upto you what you buy Now all you do is is nothing but the main quests and the hunting grounds quest, create another new game + file and start ultra hard and there you go, you now have the adept weapons at a much lower price
GOLDEN_BEAST (1 year ago)
That would lead me to having to replay the game for a 3rd time in order to take advantage of the items. I wouldn't buy adept items to use them on the easiest difficulty. I love the game, but that would be too much of a good thing.
Toz_ (1 year ago)
Adept equipment is not needed at all for NG+ ultra hard. I played through the game with stuff I got from the standard game and it wasn't difficult at all
Kev. Mill (15 days ago)
You dudes are some real nerds, talking about "normal is too easy" and "Ultra hard wasn't hard"... Go outside will ya?!!
Kristijan Marinkovik (6 months ago)
I also just speed run the ultra hard mode with the weapons i got when I finished the previous game i did it just to get the achievements
Zack Deathreaper (8 months ago)
GOLDEN_BEAST nono what he's saying is that once he finishes new game + on ultra hard he's going to start another new game + on normal mode so it's easier and for fun
Billr (11 months ago)
If you've earned the resources why not spend them and buy them? I had no problem building my weapon arsenal. I even started NG+ Ultra Hard with well over 200k shards. You may not need them, but I felt like getting them was just another accomplishment like getting all the collectibles and lighting all the campfires. Those are games within a game to me. You fight machines and get resources along the way too.
Smash_Senpai (1 year ago)
Tbh might aswell play ultra hard mode. Killing that Thunder Jaw in ultra hard felt good, hit him with all shots from his cannon while frozen, and it was still standing. plus the no health bar thing makes it more interesting, except when u get your kill stolen rip
Smash_Senpai (1 year ago)
Back to get those damn Blazing Suns again, #Ultrahardbois
DeadGuyInTheGround (9 months ago)
Smash_Senpai ha screw that, getting them the first time was hard enough!
Billr (11 months ago)
Yea, good luck with that LOL. I've been getting my butt kicked trying it.
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Haha good luck
DaSlayer 42069 (1 year ago)
i was hoping for ultra hard to be a challange where you make use out of everything but i could just walk through it instead of running through it.. hopefully they release a super ultra hard were you are restricted on what you can use making it a real challange
DaSlayer 42069 (1 year ago)
whiteninjadeity id love it lol
whiteninjadeity (1 year ago)
Jordan Tinkley guys like you need a hardcore mode. One hit from anything kills you and if you die 5 times, your save is deleted and you have to start over. 😉
DaSlayer 42069 (1 year ago)
always have more than one arrow on your bow ready to shoot. ive completed it on ultra hard
Shaol (1 year ago)
Do you think it wrong for Guerrilla Games to have us the player unlock all facepaint and Focus Colors in the hardest difficulty settings or this is something you have to do to earn it?
BluntMaster J (1 year ago)
They better add a 5th slot when dlc comes out
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Haha, I prefer new outfits
David Peploe (1 year ago)
Just started getting back into it today not played it for about 3 months. Getting ready for the dlc😊
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Ryan Hoffman (1 year ago)
THANK YOU for this video. I was wondering how many hearts, shards, etc would be needed for all the adept weapons/outfits and now I know! :)
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+Ryan Hoffman awesome to hear, good luck!
Ethan Santiago (1 year ago)
If anyone wants tips on how to get lots of blaze, just ask
just2raw4yall (1 year ago)
GOLDEN_BEAST If you shoot the canisters off with the harvest arrows you get 6 for each 1 you shoot off. 4 canisters on their back x 6 = 24
GOLDEN_BEAST (1 year ago)
You don't get anywhere near 24 for killing a grazer, you get like 8 at the most. Bellowbacks give more blaze, and they usually give like 14-18 blaze.
Ismael Rojas (1 year ago)
Ethan Santiago Kill a lot of grazers and when they are dead, don't loot them just shoot at their blaze in the back with Harvest Arrows? You'll get 24 blaze for each grazer hehehe
BHoll76 (1 year ago)
I'll take my Shield weaver Armor via patch 1.13 over other armor with extra mod slots anyday.
ThexCrazyxShadow (1 year ago)
Already got both trophies so I'm fine really..going back to photomode on my normal save.
ThexCrazyxShadow (1 year ago)
JorRaptor thanks
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+ThexCrazyxShadow grats
SnowXy (1 year ago)
when is the next live stream ? <3
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
+SnowXy haha maybe tomorrow
m.anuel (1 year ago)
Listened to the radio show!!😂
The Batch (1 year ago)
This will be helpful.
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Thanks :)!
eivom (1 year ago)
RIP Youtube
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Uploaded the video and was stuck at 360p
ThatOneGuy1568 (1 year ago)
eivom what happened
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
yep :(
Remmy 1406 (1 year ago)
more stream footage
UltiMatrix 72k (1 year ago)
it's funny because I thought I was going to be bored playing Horizon Zero Dawn again but I am happy to and enjoying the game again.
HellBringer (9 months ago)
JorRaptor what tell me I got plat 100 percent there is nothing of substance. Waste a lame when you can play new games then have same items with a extra slot
HellBringer (9 months ago)
UltiMatrix 72k I was then they say beat again not new game to play on hard or ultra. Game is garbage after I got plat so boring nothing new
JorRaptor (1 year ago)
Yes the update is amazing!
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Dot Dot (1 year ago)
Already got the 2 trophy's after 6 hours of doing only the main quest. Still don't have that mail with the code for the platinum theme do...
Abdi (1 year ago)

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