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Bioshock 2: Retro Rapture Ep.1

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Playing Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Batman Arkham Origins, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas Thank You for watching, look around my channel for a good variety of games. Enjoy! Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 Crazy fun Co-Op Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin
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Text Comments (185)
killer goes (3 months ago)
I love your youtube videos
Paul Davidson (10 months ago)
Did you know that when you are under water for you're first time there is the plane tail
The last guy used a power from the first game Wich would hypnotise big Daddy's
Nurhussin Tuttuh (1 year ago)
KILLER lowe64 (1 year ago)
Wait a minute what I always thought the Big Daddy's were robots guess I was wrong
عبدالله الو (4 months ago)
KILLER lowe64 Did you play any of the bioshock games? If the answer is yes, and you played the first or the second one, then you really have no excuse to not know that big daddies are people who are heavily spliced up to be stronger, and have their organs grafted into the suit. Anyway, did you play the first or the second game?
p!nk Bonnie (1 year ago)
should of had music on 1 at least....
andrew zoratti (1 year ago)
Minecraft Smash Bros (1 year ago)
Guys don't hate me but in my opinion I think bioshock 2 is better than bioshock
Keefer Hill (1 year ago)
I like it👌👌👌👌👌
God Himself (1 year ago)
archie graham (1 year ago)
i haf ol ofthegams
Super Fruity30000 (1 year ago)
I now this game
devin pandi (1 year ago)
ive never ben into bioshock but now i enjoy it
andrew zoratti (1 year ago)
me too
madz mack (1 year ago)
I think I played this once
JuiceAKAjayrrr (1 year ago)
I call your drill the drill of death and your gun minigun 2.0
Rylan David (1 year ago)
Little Buddy Gonzo (1 year ago)
jennifer Haas (1 year ago)
I love bioshock
Scorpz 26 (1 year ago)
meatys real name is Chris.gunns real name is niall.they are the best forever better than two coconuts
Micha Campa (2 years ago)
gets burned from sister chick two mins later am i still chasing that sister chick still
PUBGvidios weekly (2 years ago)
good series meatty!
Manta (2 years ago)
Well, that was the hypnotize big Daddy plasmid from Bioshock 1
crazytuna /joe (2 years ago)
this guy can't shut up
zombie Tube (2 years ago)
you dead
Melon Bro53 (2 years ago)
This was posted on my bday 3 years ago
portal lab (2 years ago)
Блять!Ты мог бы заткнуться на пару мгновений когда проходил игру!!!
normalsilvealan 44710 (2 years ago)
youalwaswin voice
Billy Thomas (2 years ago)
metwagon22 is you alwas win
the diamend gamer (2 years ago)
also the true owner and creator of rupture is Andrew Ryan you were forced to kill him in bioshock 1
the diamend gamer (2 years ago)
the mind crontrol is the hypnotize big daddy plasmid
I'm An awkward mess (2 years ago)
this my first time seeing him on youtube
Tumble Weed (2 years ago)
I consider my self a "beef" head
Ken CloneTrooper (2 years ago)
Im not going to tell you what bio shock 1 is about
Barton Advanced (2 years ago)
you are the best youtuber ever
Deb Duran (3 years ago)
little sister took her
Loyd Christmas (3 years ago)
Love how you did so good meatwagon
Connor Campbell (3 years ago)
it 2 year before number 1
zanrath12345 (3 years ago)
hahaah I AM DEAD lmaoooo -3 minutes into game- *Shoots himself in the head* "OKAY! Thanks for watching the Playthrough!" LMAO thatd be hilarious
Slinth (3 years ago)
hay this is kinda of old but the plasmid they use is ment to make bigdaddys calm down if they go bezerk but the plasmid takes lots of eve the main charector gets it from tenanbom only if u go down good path
Adam Skead (3 years ago)
I meant shut up stupid auto correct
Adam Skead (3 years ago)
What up please I can't hear the game
TWD DeadHeads (3 years ago)
why didint do the play throw
IronMalus Gaming (3 years ago)
I don't mean to be rude but I kinda wish he woulda let the audio play rather then talk over it..... And yes I know I'm late.
Heather Barone (3 years ago)
TRY the smoks
Baryonyx (3 years ago)
Who else wants BioShock 4 other than me?
carmelita de vera (10 months ago)
Volkstrum Soldier (10 months ago)
Me and I wanna play as a big daddy again
Ken CloneTrooper (2 years ago)
+Caleb Bernard me
Sir Fijoe (3 years ago)
Juan Gonzales (3 years ago)
also the same thing happens in Fallout new vegas you get shot in the head and don't die
LudicFallacies (3 years ago)
The first Bioshock was a horrible port to PC.
Katy Beale (3 years ago)
+LudicFallacies Lol.
Sam Som (3 years ago)
I love the game
Babylot Idian (3 years ago)
Thats first part I was hahahahahahaha gameover but its cool
CYBR Chemz (3 years ago)
11:19 the gents sign looks like the pip boy
Keyser94 (4 years ago)
Bioshock 2 is the antithesis of Bioshock, throw the original message out of the window.
Dylan Sette (4 years ago)
in the biggining they way she makes u shoot ur self is with a plasmid it is the green thing that guy trew at u when u where saving the little sister
jean vaughan (4 years ago)
That is so cool that you get to be a big daddy!
TheKingKoen (4 years ago)
i love this game dude it is cool meaty
B. Smith (4 years ago)
It was a big sister
McHarry Manalata (4 years ago)
No it's 1968
Alex Carmell (4 years ago)
Alright i'm gonna be real with you guys. I go scuba diving and when you stand up with all the gear on it it HEAVY!! Basically, the big daddy's walk around in huge, clunky, metal dive suits. Just imagine how heavy it must be.
Archie Peirson (4 years ago)
So cool indeed
Jose Rojas (4 years ago)
keep it going bro
Jose Rojas (4 years ago)
Jose Rojas (4 years ago)
nice gameing bro
pnychik (4 years ago)
GamerzGotTheGamesHD (4 years ago)
im probally gonna get this game but im wathcing this to see how it is cause first off hes my fav youtuber and he does beast playthroughs so if anyone can tell me how is the game
darkness6110 (4 years ago)
the music is the best in the intro
R Rapisarda (4 years ago)
You are a master iam a Meathead for shoe and for dayzzz i like gold
Andy Nguyen (4 years ago)
Shoot yourself in the head 10 years well im still alive lets fuck some babes
Skinnywaif39763 (4 years ago)
this is funny i beat the game six thousand times by just struggling with my drill yet good on health and eve like this commet if you did the same or simalier
Skinnywaif39763 (4 years ago)
no spoilers but you where resurrected
Shawn Kieren Ravindran (4 years ago)
plasmids happen its hypmotize big daddy
Danilo Stanojevic (4 years ago)
Merry Christmas Meaty!
King Cantona (4 years ago)
love bioshock 1 i mean i love them all but i still think 1 was the best 
Gabriel Clark (4 years ago)
That red machine looks like juggernog from black ops
Mason Morancey (4 years ago)
You rock meaty nice vid
Pubic Lice (4 years ago)
Meaty are you still bucker
Rudy Lopez (4 years ago)
that looks like jug
BB GAMES (4 years ago)
é claro ele joga in pc
Sarah Gaugg (4 years ago)
So cool can u do more stuff like this
Shawn Malone (4 years ago)
The overlook of the city is very similar to the Columbia overlook when you first bust through the clouds beautiful and an incredible feat of technology and ingenuity even to think up as a video game
Darkrai438 (4 years ago)
eee err
The Curtis Show (4 years ago)
i actually just finished this game last night, your gonna love the ending :)
gracie sloan (4 years ago)
Minecraft mod
smok3buds420 (4 years ago)
I didn't enjoy infinite, didn't feel like bioshock one and two were the best IMO
Matthew needham (4 years ago)
I remember the suicide part haha i was shouting at lamb "F yourself woman ill be back"
SSJFutureGohan62093 (4 years ago)
so excited to see this. Infinite is one of my all time favorite games and I only picked that up after watching the wagon play it. #truemeathead
Kevin Thabest (4 years ago)
TombstoneChris (4 years ago)
Hell yea. Great choice. JUST because a game is old, doesnt mean that you cant play it. Just because a game is newer doesnt make it better.  There are alot of classic games out there that Meaty hasnt played. PLUS Meaty makes the games better because he is awesome.  Keep up the good work.
Rene Aceituno (4 years ago)
Always stick thought your play throughs
MrJunglewhite101 (4 years ago)
try t sound...
MrJunglewhite101 (4 years ago)
bio 1 is t deal
gary barton (4 years ago)
More please meaty
Nicholas Carire (4 years ago)
The pistol meaty shot himself with was the one from black ops 2 the zombies map origins
Ben Lunaris (4 years ago)
I loved this game...Also, a lot of the audiotapes make reference to stuff in the first games
Santino delsing (4 years ago)
This is the best game ever
ScrumpyBuzzard (4 years ago)
This is one of the best series I have ever played.  I've completed both games several times on all difficulties and I can say that I still love to hop back in.  It's fascinating to watch someone who's coming fresh to this game.  Keep it going I'm loving it!
Kevin Lam (4 years ago)
Well any Sister
Kevin Lam (4 years ago)
I think a lot of people should agree with me or I'm just weird, IF YOU FIND LITTLE SISTERS PLEASE SPARE THEM
bbjham546 (4 years ago)
Oh my god meaty :D You are playing my favorite game! A couple of tips: If you reach a dead end hallway, watch out for surprise splicers, Always have max hypos on you, and there are 14 upgrade stations "power to the people" and when there you can only upgrade one weapon once. Choose wisely
Sam B (4 years ago)
Great playthrough! Keep doing it!
SteveShivik (4 years ago)
Please keep this going Meaty!!!

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