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THE WALKING DEAD Game All Story Cinematic Trailers (Overkill's Walking Dead) PS4/Xbox One/PC

6006 ratings | 331291 views
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Text Comments (505)
Steve Block (1 hour ago)
In reality the game looks like left for dead in 2018.......The hate is real
Ceramic Quill (5 hours ago)
The nurse is my favorite, amongst these guys.
Paranoia Station (20 hours ago)
How is the water still working in the sink in a zombie apocalypse
Jango (1 day ago)
The graphics look amazing
Jango (1 day ago)
The only character I like is the old man and the nurse
Jango (1 day ago)
Skip telltale I like the look of this
chug 245 (2 days ago)
I would love to live like this no more school time for some mayhem
REDROBLOX Gaming (2 days ago)
It’s cool if the gameplay is 3rd person
Jonathan Ceja (3 days ago)
Hope they add a PvP mode and n this game like you can make a base and defend it against enemy players and add like pets in this game like dogs
Dennis Moreno (3 days ago)
It’s funny all this characters are doing the worst decision ever in a zombies apocalypse
I’m agree with others, some trailers are amazing but the game lets down. Even if that’s the case, the characters seem compelling.
Ccooke37 Cooke37 (2 days ago)
bro check out the game play they just released of the game... it sucks
Bambi Noel (4 days ago)
Yo this is actually low key really cool
F.C.O F.C.O (5 days ago)
Lee is back baby yeesss!
Как же недешево стоят технические свойства
MadLipz cz/sk (7 days ago)
Winterhail 4485 (7 days ago)
4 characters.... Overkill don't you fucking dare make this a Walking Dead Payday
RedstoneGamer_MC (7 days ago)
5:05 Watterson's car the yellow one from amazing world of gumball :) 5:21 and Anais daisy the doll
IcannotSpell (7 days ago)
I’m definitely going to love Grants character lmao.
Joleea Mcdermott (7 days ago)
Wait what about tell tales version with kenny lee clem aj
Anna marie Kartushyn (7 days ago)
At 1:16 when the redhead pushes the other girl into the glass... anybody remember that scene from the last of us? When Joel and Ellie are in Pittsburgh
i am legend ps4 (8 days ago)
Why does he look like mike from season 2 walking dead taletal games
Herpy Berpy (9 days ago)
This game might be l4d
Br AM (7 days ago)
Considering you have to work in a team.. Might be like it :/
Alex García Gallardo (9 days ago)
Last man should be Lee.
DOOM NINJA (9 days ago)
I pray this will live up to the hipe like spider-man and hopefully red dead 2
LACHIE D (10 days ago)
Black Negan
Alex Play (10 days ago)
ну-ка не чё этак
Torch Fire (10 days ago)
I don't speak English but is this a game?
pero chupame la pisha (8 days ago)
Adrian Turpo (10 days ago)
name music 11:23 ?
rootynot (10 days ago)
My Summary of the characters: A Baseball Player 2 Badasses (Redhead and Old Man) and an Asian. Seems like a good team to me!
Davohn Moss (11 days ago)
This would be a nice movie
Shieda Kayn (11 days ago)
Shieda Kayn (11 days ago)
This reminds me left for dead 2
hamemeton owo (11 days ago)
Br AM (7 days ago)
Love....is a burning flame
Cora Curtis (11 days ago)
Did anyone else notice a Left4Dead vibe? Like not the game itself but the characters a bit? Aiden = Louis, Grant = Bill, Maya = Zoey, Heather = Francis? The game looks really brutal and awesome either way lol.
oh worm? (12 days ago)
I know this is old buuuuut the scene where Heather (?) Redhead girl is doing her combat and shoves that lady into the glass, reminded of the scene with Hunters in TLOU, when Joel throws the attacker into the same kinda fridge thing and gores the neck aha, just a nice detail I noticed
Tjtjandej (12 days ago)
Who knows? The graphics might be like Detroit:Become Human. We can only hope!! (Oh god please let it be good like DBH)
Tjtjandej (12 days ago)
+Officer Downy Dan Well, there was hope
Officer Downy Dan (12 days ago)
They already showed gameplay, and it looks like shit.
kenneth rodriguez (12 days ago)
So the entire city was overrun with walkers immediately after the outbreak of dead and bitten patients at the hospital?
King Burrito (12 days ago)
Whoever made these trailers -this sucks- IT DOESNT
King Burrito (12 days ago)
One of the players might be the grandfathers daughter
King Burrito (12 days ago)
When there is a girl in a game they are always my fav character so I’m guessing Maya then Heather than Grant then Aiden
King Burrito (12 days ago)
Is this a story game?
Dragut Özben (12 days ago)
trailers are awesome but gameplay is trash
theVile Mace (13 days ago)
Grant is officially my favorite of the bunch
Nicole The Author (13 days ago)
Ughhhh... Now I really wanna play this!
PedromixGG (13 days ago)
Lee :0
Miguel Bautista (13 days ago)
Rated E for Everyone
Luhana Ayala Cairo (13 days ago)
Vi el Bate y pensé en NEGAN 😂😂
BALKAN (14 days ago)
açılın oyun dünyasının anasını sikmeye ortalığı birbirine katmaya geliyor o geliyor işte karşınızda THE WALKING DEAD ( beyler sözümü geri alıyorum trailer çok güzel olmasına rağmen oyun co-op muş hikayeli değilmiş böyle oyunun ben ta ...
Tema Uzhakov (14 days ago)
Когда все средства ушли на графу
Turtle Bite (14 days ago)
Aye bois its almost fall
CASTER AE (15 days ago)
i think twd overkill like mobile game XD
LtLampshade (15 days ago)
they all look great but so far i'm thinking it's just gonna be some Left for Dead ripoff.Please don't disapoint. I want this to be great.
Officer Downy Dan (12 days ago)
You've been disappointed
Yossef Mohamed (15 days ago)
Aiden reminded me of Lee Everett 😢😢 9:20
raafi ilyas (16 days ago)
9:20 kanye west
Arthuria Pendragon (16 days ago)
Somehow the old man kinda reminds me of Bill from L4D
Stanky X Leg (17 days ago)
The guy that is the doctor that got bit kinda looks like dr lupo
DreemurrKid118 (17 days ago)
Walking Dead in the Last of Us style. I think the Grandpa is great.
Anonym (17 days ago)
Excited 👍🏻
Mitschcrafter (18 days ago)
Officer Downy Dan (12 days ago)
Mitschcrafter lol it's a shame
Mitschcrafter (12 days ago)
+Officer Downy Dan I know thats part of the joke!.
Officer Downy Dan (12 days ago)
No it's just a cinematic trailer. The actual game looks nothing like this sadly.
ItsBackPacker (18 days ago)
WTF did I see Lee in 9:19
ItsBackPacker (18 days ago)
This is the game which maybe break rockstars record
ItsBackPacker (18 days ago)
Telltells still the best twf series
Alexandra Tomlinson (18 days ago)
Leigharrel Divino (18 days ago)
Reminds me of l4d3
Jay Dweller (18 days ago)
So many dumb thots in games ... 😒
Aidan is Kanye that survives the apocalypse.
Fortnite massages (18 days ago)
Fortnite massages (18 days ago)
Can’t wait for game
A Dark void (18 days ago)
Why does the last guy bag look like lions from rainbow six
Elisabeth Richardson (19 days ago)
I actually can't tell if these are real people or video game characters
TheBrickEnthusiast (19 days ago)
Grants granddaughter: Grandpa, I'm gonna be a pirate Zombie nibbas: :)
Makuta Depresserix (19 days ago)
The old man is a a badass, he just sits in a car with a walker, then just sits there, while walkers surround the car
Gülcan's Life (21 days ago)
Like the old man most :D
Otep Deveza (21 days ago)
Is this game for free?
-HonoR- LN (21 days ago)
Its the worst game ever... bruh
Eyeless jack (22 days ago)
Grant looks like a badass
XainArchives (24 days ago)
Grant makes my heart hurt...
ChilledTea (25 days ago)
all these trailers are lame except the second one
LessGoon (25 days ago)
5:05 its the car from the first telltale walking dead game
ce jeu est incroyable
Gae. (26 days ago)
I don’t like the fact that Aidan looks like a revamped version of Lee... :(
Pastor of Muppets (26 days ago)
Aiden is literally all of us
Yalçın Hassan (26 days ago)
Yes, ok! But...!!!! When will be the release????? Wanna play it and not looking trailer !! 2018?? Im shure they will not get it to bring it out before end of 2019!!! So long I will not hear or see more obout that game! Because still isnt any game there??!!! Where?! Nothing! So pls. Hurry up, stop talking and start release and sale !!!! Maaaann!!
SaintVlogs XJuice (26 days ago)
Is Maya Asian???
Samiyah Mull (27 days ago)
Y’all gonna think I’m tripping but that last dude kinda looks like Lee😖
Elmer Bares (27 days ago)
The black dude is lee and the old man is Kenny look-a-likes
Ahmet Mete (27 days ago)
9:50 he is lee ?
I AM CANNONBALL (29 days ago)
I just preordered the game today
Rowan Price (30 days ago)
Is this another tell tale game?
D C (30 days ago)
This game looks horrible
chris reilly (1 month ago)
So now that I've seen the gameplay i decided to watch the trailers ppl kept talking about, i can see why ppl are disappointed... but hey i'm all for the left 4 dead style game
Cole Lutz (1 month ago)
I don’t think any of those were the correct key
bicudo11 (1 month ago)
Cinematic + Cinematic + Cinematic=no man skay
lachlan keller (1 month ago)
Why the hell do they not show people killing walkers?!
Billy James (1 month ago)
to play the full game has to be online this game sucks
Grimmrok (1 month ago)
Here's how they all die: Redhead woman: If she gave the real keys at the end, instead of giving a fake one, the guy will just tackle her to the ground as soon as he opens the gate, since she doesn't really seems to be in a rush to flee the scene. Old man: His just sitting in the car with a rotting corpse, waiting to for a horde to surround him and leave him no escape. Either he tries desperately to escape once he's surrounded, futile as it may be, or he waits for them to break the windows and get him inside, or he just puts a bullet into his own head. Asian woman: Her hands are covered in, what I would assume, walker blood. She punches the mirror, breaking it and most definitely getting some cuts from it. What happens when walker blood gets into your open wounds? Black man: There's no way blood spatter hasn't gotten into his eyes. Also, attracting a horde of walkers just to go in and duke it out is the easy way to get yourself killed. Even if he miraculously makes it out alive from that brawl, he's wasting too much energy in an post-apocalyptic world, where food is very scarce. Game ended before it even started. GG.
rriiff (1 month ago)
Hope there's no witch in this game...
Gohan Reichardt (1 month ago)
The last 4 ppl show how you can be anyone or anything living a normal life until humanity goes to hell and the need to fight for survival is all that is left of them and their past
Bearable Table (1 month ago)
Trash gameplay... so disappointed... :C

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