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THE WALKING DEAD Game All Story Cinematic Trailers (Overkill's Walking Dead) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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Text Comments (203)
Asian Beats (1 day ago)
10:35 i just love this character, he looks totally like an badass guy 😂
Jumel23 (1 day ago)
This game looks great!... *sees gameplay* FUCK
RaN KiLLeR (1 day ago)
Were is claim??
Вот это графон
adalis gonzales (1 day ago)
Any one else notice that the begenning scene is very similar to the last of us scene where joel and ellie crash the car in the store
Purrinxess St0ry (2 days ago)
I hope its kinda like Detroit become human where your choices matter and you actual have actual story to follow and stuff and not just endless killing and sideline missions where it just tells you to do some non-important things to the plot.
Tanya Martino (2 days ago)
The last time I was this enthusiastic about a game, I got burned. Here I go again.
Joshua Wazny (2 days ago)
I have to know if there's an offline mode
What if the girl with the red her is the old man's granddaughter ?
Gabixu Valakya (3 days ago)
El juego es una mierda nada q ver con el trailer ni siquera es en tercera persona se ve en primera😣😩😪valla desepcion solamente por el nombre q lleva ya deboeria ser un juego bastante bueno pero es una mierdaaaA. Solamente por tener el nombre de THE WALKING DEAD berian averl echo bien como en la serie por lo menos y no una porqueria
Zubayer Islam (3 days ago)
Is that a fps game?😃😃😃😃😃😃
Almero Sepwanzaky (3 days ago)
9:16 He reminded me of Lee....😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
Purple Mommy (3 days ago)
Man if this is a non telltale 3D open world game I’d be happy and how is he not scared he’s in a car with a zombie and millions of zombies are coming to his car
II2DII (3 days ago)
Ali Aksakal (3 days ago)
One black guy, one old guy, one woman + one more women, reminds me of left 4 dead and dead island, The trouht cut in store reminds me of last of us. Basiclly this is just a mashup of all zombie games.
lad (3 days ago)
so it's like a storyline game like the last of us?
Dawn Guard (3 days ago)
I feel like Overkill could make a walking dead movie with these character.
BoyN Bard (4 days ago)
In the last guy...I hate people lol
MrLegend Yacine (4 days ago)
Lance Gerald Mallo (5 days ago)
nic evideo amazing video im going to buy this video game
Ellen Karlsson (5 days ago)
holy shiiit this game looks sooooo good
Foxboy06 (5 days ago)
I like the girl in the first part of this video, she went from innocent to a badass
Adithia Purapratama (6 days ago)
Open world? i hope this game more better than State of Decay.
Novico Gaming (6 days ago)
Grant is like bill L4D1
Pure Blood (6 days ago)
EveryoneHasMyNames (7 days ago)
4:20 That is the most accurate representation of an old person in the apocalypse.
Jéssica Nayara (7 days ago)
Quero ver o Luba jogando esse jogo (provavelmente ele vai jogar como Aidan, por que parece com o Lee da Telltale)
Michael Garcia (7 days ago)
The cinematic animations looked so good for this game, then I saw the actual gameplay😔
DEMON SHAWTY (8 days ago)
Is this a free roam game like you can travel anywhere?
Puri Tech (6 days ago)
Nope. It will be "mission" based, I think like Left 4 Dead/Payday 2
Bee Sauce (8 days ago)
Dont make a game. Just make a movie
Linetax Vynegr (8 days ago)
Neeros 343 (8 days ago)
lee ;-;? pls lee ;-;
ShAdOwMaN (7 days ago)
T B (8 days ago)
Looks like all of their budget went into trailers because the actual gameplay looks shit
Elements 206411 (8 days ago)
Great lighting, movements, voice acting, this will be absolutely beautiful.... zombie movies always teach you how to survive..
Flightcore ? (8 days ago)
Too bad it turned out to be a downgrade :)
Gregory Bates (8 days ago)
Flightcore ? Downgrade is an understatement. It's like the gameplay is a cheap rip off of the trailer. It's embarrassing how games do that.
Kerry Waddell (8 days ago)
Purchased The Walking Dead Survival Instinct game when it came out wasn't really impressed. But this game looks Amazing! Will be purchasing it when it comes out for sure..
shadow flame (8 days ago)
Ang Tamo (9 days ago)
Noi ge cm da thareba me sing sa jugotchaba amta youda
Dritki _ (9 days ago)
i saw gamplay end is not for me .Resident Evil 2 i can‘t wait
madbro26dog (9 days ago)
11:01 Is he about to turn into Javier Garcia?!?!
ShAdOwMaN (7 days ago)
Dat botty (9 days ago)
This could be like 500 days again
Fire_Tiger 84 (9 days ago)
I'm not being sexiest. But here's my badass list #1 Aiden #2 grandpa #3 KeyGirl #4 nurse
Think is noob SuBin (9 days ago)
ROYALT (9 days ago)
The grandpas was the best one lol
Andrew Meak (9 days ago)
Black guy looks like Kanye and Kyrie had a child.
Michael Meyer (9 days ago)
I didn't even know there was going to be another walking dead game! Looks AWESOME!
Firdaus Marthadinata (10 days ago)
where is clementine ?
Yull Lenka (10 days ago)
Uhhhhggg i love the gramps story
Anut Art_Channel (10 days ago)
Блин, графон рил офигенный, однако вот что это за персонажи?
edible lean (10 days ago)
why the fuck do so many people assume that Aiden is Lee or somehow connected to him just because he’s black
Raph It Up! (10 days ago)
Anyone realized the 2nd cinematic . The car looks like the watersons car lol and the stuff animal is daisy anais favorite stuff animal lol (This is a The Amazing World Of Gumball Reference )
Paper Guy (10 days ago)
can't wait for Payday 2 TWD dlc
Celi Bareli (10 days ago)
Wow I’ve seen Aiden’s trailer before but I didn’t know it was this game COOOOLLL
AwesomeLlama (10 days ago)
Well this is gonna be my new left 4 dead
Kylo Tv (10 days ago)
The Zombies in this Game are so realistic 👌 #thewalkingdeadzombiesarethebestzombies ❤
Kylo Tv (10 days ago)
I think that this old man in the second Trailer is very badass I like him he has a cool voice 👍😄
Napstablook Dj (10 days ago)
If the graphics isn't the same as the game, I'm gonna be pissed.
jacob Fish (10 days ago)
Another L4D type game???
Oliver5078 (10 days ago)
Hooly shit, awesome graphics, hope there will be more games with that graphics than Detroit: become human and OverKill's The Walking Dead. I can't believe how fast time going forward. I remember when i was play Half-Life in 2002 when i was only 8 years old. Sorry for my English :)
Chapister (10 days ago)
Probably the best screen graphics...ever?
I.like.your.account (10 days ago)
Honestly, I’m probably wrong but what if that was Clem’s grandpa and he’s trying to find her? I’m probably wrong but it would be cool if it was that way.
Maxime Lechasseur (10 days ago)
I'm still searching for the trailer of this character called gameplay
The TriRacial Goddess (10 days ago)
Maxime Lechasseur clever
Caleb (10 days ago)
That old man looks like bill from left 4 dead
Lazer Luche (10 days ago)
So in short... Heather is a redhead with a troubled past with a gang just doing her best to survive. Grant is an old man with veterinary skills hoping to find his lost granddaughter. Maya is a nurse dismayed but furious due to the loss of her husband. Aiden is a businessman taking joy from his new found freedom from his responsibilities.
Brainy McKiddo (2 days ago)
We dont know if that was Maya's husband maybe it was just her ring, and she didn't want to get it bloody or wet while she was washing her hands
John Crutchfield (5 days ago)
I believe Heather was a kindergarten teacher before this. Some of the the trailers have a character background in the description.
Teeheetk (6 days ago)
Reminds me of Left 4 Dead
Elements 206411 (8 days ago)
Lazer Luche yea makes more sense that way..
XKersonX (11 days ago)
Is this game like the telltales' game?
Redemption .A (9 days ago)
I don't think so, the art is different, might be a Dead Island kind of game.
aziz ramdhani (11 days ago)
I hope this could be better than left4dead..
Kaden Cooper (11 days ago)
If we get to choose what person we play as it's the grandpa or the red head
Odd Audrey (11 days ago)
The cinematics are very good and interesting and it makes the game look promising, but here’s the thing...Actual gameplay hasn’t been shown yet, so no one has any idea how it plays :/
Quoc Anh Nguyen (11 days ago)
We play game not play trailer
Daddy Dallas (11 days ago)
1.Grant 2.Heather 3.Aiden 4.Maya
DEATH came (11 days ago)
Éste juego será un éxito, ya no esperó cuando salga 😼😺
MultiSteel Gamer (11 days ago)
wait is that B...B..B.B..Bill? He has glasses,wait a minute thats not Bill! This is another game. Overkills The Walking Dead.
Twenty Juan Pilots (11 days ago)
The 3rd one is so much like the Lee and Clementine scene...
Walter Jones (11 days ago)
Dont worry it will probably be a let down with all this cinematic hype ...and no gameplay
army is shooketh (11 days ago)
The graphics are soooo freaking good
WillFanofMany (11 days ago)
It's a cinematic, far from what the game will look like.
bastiisalive (12 days ago)
I love ur thumbnail..what layout do you call that?
Qwerty Nich (12 days ago)
I think this game is like the 400 days from telltale games.Like each 4 (currently)characters each have a story.
Pure Blood (6 days ago)
pikachu 3000 (12 days ago)
9:32 hey thats my name
Abhay Gorakhwar (12 days ago)
10:55 ready for baseball match practice 😂
Archangel Michael (12 days ago)
Facial expressions are better then the ones actual actors can do
THE- Extioner (12 days ago)
I think this had something with clémentin
Emer Gencyexitonly (12 days ago)
Bill's...uh I mean Grant's trailer is the best out of all four.
Alan Pitts (12 days ago)
Hopefully it plays like the last of us
XchallengerXl 65 (12 days ago)
10:38 he has gotta have a death wish
Taniya Johnson (12 days ago)
I hope this is more like TWD tell tale like a story mode when you make choices more then just a game when you kill alot then just get one story of what happens.. Sorry if my English is bad
Taniya Johnson (2 days ago)
Lord Desul welp🤦🏽‍♀️ they just fucked up a game that had a high chance of being better the twd telltale
Lord Desul (2 days ago)
Taniya Johnson sorry to burst your hype bubble but a YouTube group known as Outside Xbox has played this game and uhhhhh, yeah it's kind of a let down tbh, it's essentially a slower left 4 dead. These trailers are complete lies, making you think it's going to have a legit story when its just mindless mini quests to get to objectives. 4 player coop running through different areas, just less gunning
Comrade Zota (12 days ago)
I like the first girl
waiting for game play.
Mr. Hiram (12 days ago)
Dead Island + Left 4 Dead
Ntsako Phofu (5 days ago)
Mr. Hiram plus dying light
Redemption .A (9 days ago)
damn cool combo
EvoJoe (12 days ago)
400 subs from 1 million.....
Strider YT (12 days ago)
You know, with the four trailers cinematics make remember me Left 4 Dead
Roland John Pilar (12 days ago)
is this gonna be like GTA V + The Last of us? Well shit I'm in !
LucIsz Moore (12 days ago)
teno_drew (12 days ago)
Thank you heart face ... I didn't want to struggle looking for all of them 😂
Schwua (12 days ago)
My favorite is old man
Grundig (12 days ago)
Yo yoyo 900 subs away to 1Million!!! KEEP IT UP!! CONGRATULATIONS
hathak awal (12 days ago)
Last character is an old walking dead stop lying you piece of shit
Darth Sidious (12 days ago)
Hey Joe! you wanna play another mfkin zombie game?
Marlfox70 (10 days ago)
Fuck yeah!
Ghost Life (12 days ago)
Might just be some shit trailer like cod they’re maybe just showing campaign cinematic could be who expected to be playing a game and talking to a zombie at the same time🤣
Brown Bear (12 days ago)
4:14 Zombie: Give me that
Lucio Carabajal (12 days ago)
9:14 It's Lee Everett?😱😨
XKersonX (9 days ago)
Lol no
madbro26dog (9 days ago)
Lucio Carabajal RIP Lee... I miss him :(
Lax Joray (12 days ago)
Lucio Carabajal You and I wish mate.. As you see in the Trailer, people call him "Aiden" so nope. It's no Lee sadly :(.
LikeABawss (12 days ago)
Lucio Carabajal too soon 😭

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