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Money Heist - La Casa de Papel - Season 3 (2019)

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While Season 2 of Money Heist - La Casa de Papel - just startet to air on Netflix, we met the cast of the show and asked what they expect for Season 3. Álvaro Morte (The Professor) and Úrsula Corberó (Tokio) speculate, what the third season of the show might bring. Interview: Vanessa Christin Poehlmann https://www.hollywoodreporterin.de/ Season 2 is now on Netflix! The biggest money heist in history is in jeopardy: hostages and thieves are growing increasingly tired and nervous, forensic scientists are tracking the house where the heist was planned, and the police are closer to finding out the identity of The Professor. Will they be able to fulfill their plan? All episodes since April 6. ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ Get More Awesome Trailers - Subscribe ➜ https://goo.gl/khjSQm Watch the Newest Trailer Now! ➜ https://goo.gl/JuBeKo
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Text Comments (497)
Expedito Calixto (9 hours ago)
BR aqui! Dá joinha. Os caras picharam a cara dela na parede, mano!
420BOY EGO69 (1 day ago)
Berlin could be alive for season 3 because maybe after the crew left it made all the inspectors and police angry and maybe they help Berlin with the gunshots so when he wakes up he could tell where the crew went and stuff like that, but I hope the producer actually does this, that would be cool :)
cj bihasa (1 day ago)
NOOOOOOOOOOit was already so perfect arghhhh this is agonizing but im so excited im so torn
AdamBKD GT (1 day ago)
It’s not the same without Berlin. He was my favorite guy in the movie );
khalid ahmed (2 days ago)
Always the best season it’s 1 I watched so much .. so yeah
Krystian Goczal (2 days ago)
I think part 3 would her just all of the crews background stories in detail or maybe something fucked up and the professor has to save someone from a big fucking jail
Zilfi (2 days ago)
dat ass tho
Hamiana Music (2 days ago)
I feel like the 3rd seasons will somewhat be like oceans and how they rob the casino but then have to get the money back or something like that.
Jose Maldonado (3 days ago)
A good approach for season 3 if somebody gets arrested and they break them out.
Chris TMT (3 days ago)
Best thing ever after prison break in film industry
R.I.P x (5 days ago)
I hope in season 3 Raquel will be in the heist too
gaby loor (7 days ago)
en q momennto aprendieron ingles
Agnes Karigirwa (7 days ago)
This movie saved my life fr...thank netflix tho..i was bored..like very..then i was scrollin down..then i saw it..btw..who watchin france vs croatia? Final....gg france..2:1 rn..bruh why am i even sayin all this.. Edit:i finished this film in 3 days...
Imagine 1st (8 days ago)
her ass 11/10
Milan Kantai (8 days ago)
Yeaaaaassssss can't wait!!
Kotcha1412 (8 days ago)
Md. Dipu (10 days ago)
waiting,,,,, um really thursty
Gerasimos Rico (11 days ago)
I really believe no other show has got me hooked as this one 😂
Adriana Ramos (12 days ago)
Best fucken show
BadJay Tea (14 days ago)
One of the best shows I've ever watched. Blew me away. But please don't ruin what was a perfect end. Leave everything up to speculation
YT Skilz (17 days ago)
Is it confirmed that there will be a season 3 or not.
Dennoh myner (17 days ago)
Salute to professor...am waiting for s3
Alexs' OddStuff (18 days ago)
AWESOME! I Love this series!
Lavanaya Sharma (19 days ago)
I have never loved watching something with subtitles more than this .. just the first episode made me fall in love.. and I really love Alvaro Morte!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Milton Pelletier (21 days ago)
Wow I watched this show with an English voiceover... hearing there real voices is really weird
Luna Lovegood (21 days ago)
They sounds adorable speaking English aha
Monaliza Gonçalves (21 days ago)
UOOL BRAZIL !! <3 I'm so excited ! <3
GioxGaming (23 days ago)
Oh boy i cant wait for the third season SO DAMN HYPED LIKE HOLY SHIT (ok calm down)
Pal5100 (23 days ago)
Love you so much professor ❤️❤️❤️ can't wait for season 3.. my favourite after GOT
Sofoklis Solachan (23 days ago)
He just knows people.Dont be fooled.He did the same with raquel
ewela (23 days ago)
kocham cb profesor pozdro z pl
Renée Lucero (24 days ago)
Holly crap they got a british accent...sweet xD
MR MEMER (24 days ago)
who else hyped for season 3 2019
Bram (25 days ago)
Release date 29 september 2018
Xx Luis the gamer xX (25 days ago)
1:49 wow wish I was famous and her age to able to hit that tbh 😞😍
Mohammed Al Hamed (25 days ago)
I just finished the series
sd 110 (25 days ago)
Professor - i love you
Tremor Drake (26 days ago)
Aidan Lam (26 days ago)
I love the series so much but I'm kinda dreading the new season. Hope they don't ruin it and they stay true to the style that made it so popular. I feel like there's not a huge way to go given that a 3rd part was never actually conceived until after the conclusion of filming. Its had its ending and I don't think there should be much more.
Sara Wild (26 days ago)
I think the third season will be of how they escaped the country??
Shrimpi Squadz (27 days ago)
If it took 2 season to finish the first heist I wouldn't doupt it if it took 2 more season
Turkish Mapper (27 days ago)
el Holia Shito!
Testu Jeen (27 days ago)
Kirti Grewal (28 days ago)
I'll miss Berlin... The character I can relate to most... The actor playing it was a perfect fit
Golden Nena (1 month ago)
Wyclife Joseph (1 month ago)
1:42 I am Mr Action. and where is Nairobi?
Tsolwane Katlego (1 month ago)
guys do you know where i can get subtitles of season 2?
sam thompson (1 month ago)
ok but what i wanna know is what ended up happening to adriana???
Rafsan Tahir (1 month ago)
the best series ever!!!!
Jem Walker (1 month ago)
1) it's so odd hearing them speak English 2) THERE IS *NO WAY* HE IS 43
Mercy Totaro (1 month ago)
Excellent series, addictive as Breaking Bad, cuz the characters do break bad. Denver reminds me of a young John Travolta. Not sure if want to see S3.
Diego Gonzalez (1 month ago)
No me gusta como actua Ursula, me saca de la serie, sobreactua mucho!
AQUINILLO CS (1 month ago)
va a estar bomba segurooooo
Mao Law (1 month ago)
Prof let Tokyo speak bruh
Good (1 month ago)
Professor looks so good in real life! Wow 😮 Can’t wait for 3rd season!
MM OO (1 month ago)
strawberry milk (1 month ago)
Omg yessssssss
The Twins Abroad (1 month ago)
hearing them speaking English looks quite weird lol
XxziekxX gaming (1 month ago)
What will they rob next the mono Lisa ?
Gamer Caption (1 month ago)
Why deos the professor reminds me of John wick😞
Noah Beier (1 month ago)
Did I miss something? They say Season 2 only got released but isn't it already out for a while now? Or does this one month feel longer than it actually was?
Dhuha Waheed (1 month ago)
I’m so excited for the third part ❤️❤️
SilentFan #1 (1 month ago)
They definitely was like 10 steps ahead of the police. I finish this show in 2 days. Like it was so freaking good. Now I'm sad because I have nothing to watch. Although I feel like their shouldn't be a season 3 because it just ended so perfectly. But hey why not dive in for more. I kept having to pause the show bc I was afraid of what would of happen next. Professor is very nice looking and very smart. Talk about brains. 🧠
Jay Trel Breaking Bad was a rly good show
Jay Trel (1 month ago)
Next to stranger things.. this was the Best show I’ve ever seen hands down!!!! ..damn damn damn damn ..fuck it I’put it as my #1 of all time!!!!! The professor man that guy blew my mind..talk about being lucky literally when ALL ODDS were against him he still managed to find a way out..so speechless!!!!!!!!!!! and the ending was just perfect loved how they ended it !!! ..I’m in the same boat as you I don’t know what to watch next but I wanna give Narcos and Breaking bad a chance
Jay Trel (1 month ago)
SilentFan #1 after all he’s a very lucky man..
Malik (1 month ago)
They use other American actors for the voice over but why can’t they use them
dubai 2016 (1 month ago)
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Fantasy world (1 month ago)
احد يترجم يعني الحين راح يكون فيه جزء 3؟😭😭💖
Ida Klinger (1 month ago)
I just finished watching season 1 and 2 and was so caught up in this series. The acting was awesome. The story line had me wanting them all to live and all to be happy after the heist was completed. I loved seeing the ones that did make it leave out and make it free. Would love for season 3 to let us find out what happened to them all. Loved every character.
eemils X (1 month ago)
berlin:((((( nooooooooooooo :( ):
MyPandoraMoments (1 month ago)
Such an amazing Netflix series! We can't wait to see season 3! We love "DENVER ❤️ MONICA"
teh hangat (1 month ago)
Theres gonna be s03?!?! But berlin is dead 😭
carlos Flores (1 month ago)
Watched the dub. Now I'm gun a watch it all over again in its original. 💯🔥
EndPower (1 month ago)
Can’t wait. I just finished the whole series and a new season would be amazing. Who else can’t wait??
NikyRipy (1 month ago)
Apparte che chiamarla season 3 è completamente sbagliato. Le stagioni della casa di carta sono 1 e basta. E' soltanto netflix che le ha divise in due parti. Quindi semmai si parlerebbe di una season 2. Ad ogni modo secondo me non ci sarebbe bisogno di una nuova stagione, è finita bene com'è finita.
hello bye (1 month ago)
This better drops on January 1st 2019 on 00:01 am..
Potato guy10 (1 month ago)
Wait what if in season 3 they reveal that Berlin faked his death and that he was wearing a bullet proof vest and the blood we saw was fr just Kool aid...I'd love that
Potato guy10 (1 month ago)
Rip Berlin ✌
BokiXI (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, Berlin is dead. No Berlin, no party! Fuegooooo!
Paul Denet (1 month ago)
BokiXI You just might be surprised to see him again. Perhaps he had an identical twin...or maybe he just didn't die...or maybe...
MrBenji (1 month ago)
Trees & Mountains (1 month ago)
I can give you the best escape plan for season three
MadaMada _ (1 month ago)
Cris R (1 month ago)
Man i never thought a heist could be so long
Connor Jones (1 month ago)
Rip Oslo, Moskau, and Berlin
SurfergirlKH (1 month ago)
All the good shows will be back in 2019! So exited for this, stranger things and Gracie and Frankie!
Nikodem Parchem (1 month ago)
The most unnecessary 3rd season of all Time I mean the show is awesome but i think this story is over
hamad bm (1 month ago)
برلين 💔
David Schwimmer (1 month ago)
Fuck I’m so hyped
Sanjay Kumar (1 month ago)
Must do in Singapore!
Noelia Jones (1 month ago)
What?! Really?? Yaaaaay!! 🎉
LYCO ONE (1 month ago)
I have so much respect for them. Talking english while being spanish is actually nerve racking and it’s just so much more difficult than you can even imagine.
Epic Reactions (1 month ago)
Their English is whack Af
Rawan Saleh (1 month ago)
Your fans from Saudi Arabia 😍😍🇸🇦 amazing actress
Prabhjot Ahluwalia (1 month ago)
please reintroduce berlin somehow in 2019
Dylan Knowles (1 month ago)
Best ending everrrrddd🤣🤣🤣🤣
ahmad osama (1 month ago)
Hell yeah❤️❤️❤️
Bald Eagle (1 month ago)
Vibha Gandhi (1 month ago)
Liked the series v much, love from India!
-Chairs- (1 month ago)
Ooo. They also speak english too. This show makes my want to start my own heist.
Sharjeel Kanwal (1 month ago)
dont ruin this. 2 seasons are enough man
The Real MVP (1 month ago)
What a beautiful TV show, when they pulled off the heist, I was tearing with joy. But the way the professor turned Raquel from his hunter to his lover is even better. The way he planned everything meticulously was genius. He's up there with Scofield and Neal Caffrey as the biggest finessers in TV show history
Hinana (1 month ago)
They speak English?

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