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Infestation SS guide - How to get good loot fast! And by that i mean FAST! 1080P

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WATCH FROM THE START! This shit is HILARIOUS! and made my day to be honest.. :P Allso! I got the stuff to the safezone! :) REMEMBER 1080P! It takes 5GB every 2 minute just because i want good quality! so don let it be good for nothing, eeh? :D Song1: Overwerk - House recording: Fraps Editor: Vegas pro 11.0 64-bit
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Text Comments (38)
MystoBro (4 years ago)
People that say this is fake. just gtfo why should you fucking fake this ...................................
lollian1 (4 years ago)
hehe, this is old, but its in the post office in Clearview, put on 1080P and you see much more ;)
Haram be (4 years ago)
where is the place? where is the post office?
Listen here dick (4 years ago)
So you are server hopping. I didn't know it was so rewarding!
Typhoon 3 (5 years ago)
lollian1 (5 years ago)
this is a old video :P
8sianDude (5 years ago)
OperationDEEZ (5 years ago)
Youtubers make it look so easy.
Gerrit VanVranken (5 years ago)
Was this patched?
Lorenzo Paredes (5 years ago)
This guy nailed it on the 2nd respawn
Kyle H (5 years ago)
yeah you can
Juggale (5 years ago)
its because of the new server hopper. you have to wait 10 mins before server hopping to stay in the same spot
Adrian Villarreal (5 years ago)
this doesnt work with me, i always spawn outside the city. and what city are you in by the way?
Peer1997 (5 years ago)
Are you from Denmark?
#01 Nicholas Ho (5 years ago)
Worst Tutorial 2013
Beesox (5 years ago)
UPDATE: I think it still works, when my my mouse dissapeared and went into game I was prone. Thanks for the advice!
lollian1 (5 years ago)
i dont think its possible sorry :(
Beesox (5 years ago)
Can you still prone while on the loading screen? It would help a lot if it still did. Please reply :D
Verts (5 years ago)
@xWDGxCrippled only if you change servers.
RudyTheCahir (5 years ago)
this u cant do anymore - u have to wait an hr to log back in where u logged off =/
lollian1 (5 years ago)
i uploaded it ASAP! haha
BETTO (5 years ago)
i was baned for server jumping 2 times:(
lollian1 (5 years ago)
I guess a hacker killed someone in there and just left it behind or somthing, relly pretty wierd that i didnt see or hear anyone..!
Elliott Westman (5 years ago)
How do the stuff get there?
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Fuck yeah! great song :)
drymilk123 (5 years ago)
my house
Chris (5 years ago)
well i like i said it will be not the problem to fake it but i think we get it done man
lollian1 (5 years ago)
allso notice i press Quick join, and not joining any specific server
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Nah man! this have never happend again, now i PvP and Hop for loot :) got 4 snipers so far and some other sweet stuff ^^
Chris (5 years ago)
ok but i dont have to call u the lucky one from right now ok? xD
lollian1 (5 years ago)
I understand mate! thank you for the compliment tho, and i understand it can be looking fake, i really do. Allso it is NOT fake, i did it on the run because i hadn't released any video for a little, so i just wanted to make a little guide :p
Chris (5 years ago)
if u fake something most time u dont want that ppl see the fake or not? i dont know dude there is no way to proof if its a fake or not but i saw other ppl faking stuff like that. anyway i liked your other vids so keep on and excuse my bad english i hope u know what i am talking bout
lollian1 (5 years ago)
telling me this is fake? If i knew there were stuff there i would NOT take the mossberg with me, i'd leave it
Chris (5 years ago)
bad fake dude
Marcelious (5 years ago)
that was me dying -.-
Thomas Lam (5 years ago)
I was in the same server as you in the beginning LOL
Mistabigplaya (5 years ago)
Orlando Hernandez (5 years ago)
LOL soooo lucky dude

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