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Can You Identify this Game? - Game Scope 8

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Let's see how quickly we can identify a game when we zoom way in on a screenshot.
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Text Comments (34)
Nophoria (8 months ago)
I didn't know you guys did these, keep 'em coming!
Game Tangent (11 months ago)
I still love this game so much! The 20 pt rule almost always makes for some crazy reversals!
DaRk7911 (11 months ago)
The game music is VERY familiar to me. Anyone know where it's from??? It's driving me crazy
iPerryL (11 months ago)
Ruthless Savage Hatred (11 months ago)
"thanks guys I just really knew that pacman was yellow" lol
Ruthless Savage Hatred (11 months ago)
I love this! please make them longer! :D
holygeez03 (11 months ago)
Glad the scoring system is fixed... also, Brian will be the next to leave IGN... where will he go?
Mike Nelson (11 months ago)
Brian is awesome! Then again so is the rest of the cast. Great guess! Keep these coming Daemon!
Nat Patterson (11 months ago)
I guessed LA Noire at 10 points!
Erick Orduno (11 months ago)
It's about damn time guys!
ProjectFreelancer64 (11 months ago)
*spoilers* for one of the answers* I don't think that L.A. Noire question was a bullshot, I'm pretty sure it's just a piece of key art painted in the vein of noire movie posters.
Game Scoop! (11 months ago)
You're probably right.
Nick Leon (11 months ago)
Have kind of a crush of that mr D
Steven Faust (11 months ago)
Got LA Noire at the same time as Justin and guessed Hitman with Brian lol.
Arun Krishnamurthy (11 months ago)
Why no Game Scope every week?
Game Scoop! (11 months ago)
If you can get more people to watch, I'd love to :]
Ian Everitt (11 months ago)
Nice Ready Player One quote Justine :)
Stuart O (11 months ago)
The moment Brian got the last one I instantly thought of his Karnov clutch xD
Thwartedjunk (11 months ago)
Being that I don't think I've seen any content with Brian in it for about 2 months, it really looks like he lost some weight
yogibbear (11 months ago)
He looks sexy!
Josh Blackman (11 months ago)
Brian is just great
MyMomSays I'mCool (11 months ago)
Do scopes on consoles. Get really in the weeds with it.
Naqi Haider (11 months ago)
thunderwood (11 months ago)
Game Scope... YES!
IcyFang (11 months ago)
more of this challenge please!
rustyshackleferd22 (11 months ago)
lolol "that's good gras"s. my thoughts exactly right now cough cough haha
martin figueroa (11 months ago)
its about time we got a new scope! too long in between.
AwesomeNick94 (11 months ago)
Got Final Fantasy XV at 8 and LA Noire at 4 and thought I could win until Brian stole it away! I guessed the last one was Mario Maker.
Mike (11 months ago)
I appreciate the effort to make YouTube exclusive content, thank you!
Psyq Watts (11 months ago)
I cheered at the end.
The Fourth Edge (11 months ago)
Man I really thought that L.A. Noire one was gonna be Transistor. Just been playing that a lot I guess.
Kate Ground (11 months ago)
Cool I was thinking this was no more when it had not been on in a while
MMD (11 months ago)
Nice! Game Scope is back!!!

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