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Far Cry 3 - All "Alice in Wonderland" quotes

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is all the "Alice in Wonderland" quotes in the game. The text under the quotes are in swedish.
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Open 24 Hours (2 months ago)
Does the last second the quote say fuck it
Listen Nobody Likes you (4 months ago)
Arvind srivatsav (5 months ago)
What is the name of BGM it's freaking osm
Snazzy12341 (5 months ago)
Hey, could i use this at one of my video?
Foxtrod (5 months ago)
Sure thang 😀
the lone wanderer (8 months ago)
I think everyone's missing the point every quote is not represented by the characters the quotes represent Jason's road to insanity like the walrus and the carpenter aka Dennis and vass(the carpenter) only kill to get out of situations like keeping people safe for Dennis and getting rid of the unworthy like vass but Jason (the walrus) goes and consumes all in his path hence the game he gets madder and madder and he doesn't know why he loses his way for a propose to save his friend which is driving him insane, Alice in wonderland was not just an ordinary fairytale it was a tale of insanity.
Nogard (5 months ago)
Actually I feel like Vaas is the Valrus and Hoyt is the Carpener. Since Vaas is locked between two manipulators - Citra and Hoyt, he is desperate, yet mad so he kills lots of people (more than Hoyt) but feels bad for doing it unlike Hoyt. From the very begining of the game Vaas have some sympathy for Jason. Some people thinks that Vaas is some alter ego of Jason, they are both the same but on the different sides - Vaas is Hoyt's puppet, Jason is Citra's puppet. This makes sense in more aspects: Defininition of insanity where Vaas is mad at Jason for his will to live and Vaas is failing to kill Jason maybe on purpose (He let him get out of burning house, tied him loose so he can escape from the water and then shot him the way he knew he will survive - No way he wouldn't notice that he is alive). All that done only for one reason: To make Jason kill Vaas so Jason now can become Vaas but with Citra pulling the strings instead of Hoyt. This might point on idea that there is no way how madness is defeated. You can only change it for different madness. Far Cry 2 ending is kinda similar to this idea. The whole game you are trying to find guy named Jackal who sells weapons to two factions who fights each other. The whole game Jackal is doing all he can to keep conflict burning. And then in the very end of the game he contacts you to make you help him to take all civilians out of the country leaving only armed factions in there. Also Jackal and you both have to commit suicide to 1. don't let enemies to capture civilians again 2. Jackal's citation: "All cells of this cancer has to be destroyed. That includes you AND me. If we don't finish this, then this whole mission has been a waste. It'll start up again, just like it always does." Which can actualy point on the same think: If you kill a man, you became mad. Only suicide will destroy this cancer cell because if you get killed, you will give the "cancer to your murderer.
Sam Payne (2 years ago)
*spoilers* "Find it, fuck it, kill it" (in that order) represents Citra's actions upon finding Jason, from the beginning to the very end of the game
Jensi (2 years ago)
Since FB hates Gifs , this will have to do!. Thank you Foxtrod!
Gizzly (3 years ago)
If you pause the video right when the "Walrus" quote disappears the words change intro "I like the walrus KILL FUCK WALRUS" Wtf.
jack74m (3 years ago)
In the end,find it turns FUCK IT
CZ Productions (2 years ago)
+jack74m "Everything's got a moral if you fuck it."
Felik Makuprathowo (4 years ago)
Jason got a sky diving accident when in Thailand. And he get comatosed, that's when he went down to the rabbit hole. Chasing white rabbit, Lisa who is also the one who ask him to sky dive. His struggle in rook island with the rakyat is his struggle to wake up from coma. In the end should he chooses his friend he will awake and gets cured (and return to his friends). If not and he chooses Citra, means he gave up on life. Probably dying or stay coma.
Thanasishim (1 year ago)
Nope it's just not true
HerpDerp1909 (2 years ago)
I gotta say, that theses is very unsatisfying, which is why I personally dislike dream theories... They make it all too easy. If something does not make sense on the first look you can just say "Doesn't ave to make sense since it was a dream." So while it's entirely possible that it was just a dream, I do not agree and I hope there is some bigger picture...
Felik Makuprathowo (3 years ago)
+New California Ranger Wow really? I haven't played FC4 but if that's the case, Jason prolly wake up from coma and then write a book about his crazy dream and it become a best seller. Hahaha.
Felik Makuprathowo (3 years ago)
+New California Ranger indeed my brother, indeed.
mayu tomita (4 years ago)
Wah hemu tinni he who you a tech a mutin ta a tech a mutin ta!
dark phantom (4 years ago)
each of the characters in this game are actually the caraters mentioned in the quotes although not direct it but it makes sence when you look at the evidence.  Jason= Alice, Vaas= Mad Hatter,Dennis= Tweedledee, Citra= The Cat, and Liza= The Caterpiller
Aaron Valla (25 days ago)
What about The Duchess?
Anthony Titone (1 year ago)
dark phantom who is the walrus
dark phantom (2 years ago)
+John lathrop Yes i know this these quotes are representing the characters your playing as. If not that then its just something to build tension which is basically  pointless in games
John lathrop (2 years ago)
+dark phantom you are the same guy
pheonix31121 (3 years ago)
the red queen be like: off with his head!
Carba (4 years ago)
This is fucking creepy
Diesel blue (4 years ago)
Vaas is actually trying to save Jason from Citra, multiple quotes say "you are me and I am you" This means that Vass is saying I was like you once with Citra making me a warrior but she tricked me and Jason is becoming Vass as Jason is literally becoming more and more insane and is listening to Citra to become a warrior. I also think Hoyte is the Carpenter, countless times you see him laughing at people being tortured and killed (being burnt, blowing them up, not giving chances).
파이로 (2 months ago)
Diesel blue no. His name is Hoyt.
Anthony Titone (2 months ago)
Diesel blue they are parallel companions Jason used to be vaas stuck in a corporate capitalistic world which he decided was bullshit so he went out adventuring to find himself and ended up in the complete opposite which was primitive society Vaas started primitively which is why he saw the errors in its ways however he was blind to the errors of capitalism through corruption Hoyt played him the same way Citra played Jason the moral of the story is no society is perfect but you have to find what is right for you along with not being a sheep and following orders you must carve your own path
paulman34340 (5 years ago)
If so then Hoyt can be BOTH the Red Queen (Psycopath) and the Caterpiller, but the Cheshire Cat for Vaas does fit him
saumil (5 years ago)
whats the music?i want it badly,i googled it still cant find it
zack tallman (5 years ago)
What's the music!!???
TheVLK2 (5 years ago)
well , I think Citra was a queen :D
Stephen Milroy (5 years ago)
I love how one millisecond before the end it just says 'fuck it' kind of ominous.
Anarchy Energy (5 years ago)
Shit. You're right..
iBeFloe (5 years ago)
The other people didn't go mad though Just really desperate to get out
cream bun (5 years ago)
"find it fuck it kill it". In that possible order after "find".
Paul P (5 years ago)
Funnny, when "... if only you can FIND it" word find mixes with words fuck and kill
joao guilherme (5 years ago)
no alice is yourself, and you are trying to understand yourself this is aline
Anarchy Energy (5 years ago)
If Alice came to the island.. Everbody is Alice right? They are all mad all of them came to the island who said Alice is only one person?
DanRickardo (5 years ago)
The quotes from Alice in Wonderland made the Far Cry 3 story more dramatic in my point of view
Scotchlover (5 years ago)
I want the whole book in this format, this is fucking badass.
paulman34340 (5 years ago)
You the player, Spec Ops: the Line and Final Fantasy XIII-2 endings pretty much tell you that if you were expecting a happy ending you should have just stopped playing the game because their i none, So in Far Cry 3 case you are Alice the game is Wonderland and the Objective markers are the white rabbit, Plus note the cheshire cat told Alice that everyone including her were mad and explained she has to be if she's here. That's my guess anyway, Plus you have to be mad to think anything makes sense
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
Then. Who is Alice?
Emir Yerlikaya (1 year ago)
Foxtrod Jason.
paulman34340 (5 years ago)
If I were to guess who Alice is I would have to say Oliver (Even though he's pretty much a minor character) from the few things you see him do (Doesn't seem to have any real idea what he's doing and the drugs he indulges himself with which brings up memories of the "Eat Me" Night Club Flashback drugs in the cave you can use. But I might be overthinking on that Vaas is the Red Queen, Hoyt is more of the caterpiller to me sense unlike Vaas who is insane like the queen, Hoyt is just a psycopath
paulman34340 (5 years ago)
It's got to be Dennis, The Walrus and Carpenter were partners if I remember straight and Dennis also killed pirates (The oysters) alongside Jason, He's also not a native either, Plus after helping you once he never seems to kill any more pirates as far as seeing him do it is concern (Hence the "Walrus ate more oysters then the carpenter" Quote matching him) also he worked as a mechanic for a while before coming to Rook Island which is similiar to a carpenter and tried to kill you in one ending
hatersgonnahate54 (5 years ago)
When I first played fc3 and kept on playing it I saw these weird quotes about a girl named"Alice" and a strange cat but then it hit me " Alice in Wonderland"
TheHateHarbinger (5 years ago)
Or kill it.
451web (5 years ago)
at the end of the video you can complete the quote "Everything has a moral if only you can find it fuck it"
Hoyt Volker (5 years ago)
what about me?
12stefy (5 years ago)
Jason is not Alice. Every quote has a different meaning. At least in the second quote it's clear that Jason is the Walrus. Because you see, he was a LITTLE sorry for the poor pirates. You remember Jason's first kill. He was all shaking and feeling sorry for what he did. "He ate more than the Carpenter though". I don't know who the Carpenter is here. It could be Vaas, Hoyt or even Dennis if you think about it. But the Walrus is clearly Jason. Not all the quotes have the same character meaning.
Workowaty Wilczek (7 months ago)
12stefy Buck can be carpener
Arinchai Prommes (5 years ago)
From what i understand, Jason = Alice Rook island = Rabbit hole Jason got captured and cant get out
Just a guy (5 years ago)
My favorite is about Walrus and the Carpenter. Kinda makes you think about Jason and Vaas.
Gamefreak0414 (5 years ago)
Well I thought it was kind of fitting, but then again, I never really tried to connect ALL characters in the game with Alice characters.
i know who you're talking about and it was just his opinion doesn't seem to fit thought so whatever I think buck is cuz he just appears and disappears frequently
Gamefreak0414 (5 years ago)
Actually the writer guy for Far Cry 3 said that Vaas is Cheshire Cat
Naughty Snape (5 years ago)
I want all these quotes in poster form, with the exact same layout and design
Alice: Jason Hatter: dr. Earnhardt (protects friends and helps you fight). Jabber wacky: vaas ( instrument of destruction for Hoyt. Caterpillar: Citra (guides Jason as to what he should do though questionable. Bunny: Dennis (starts the journey. Queen of Hearts: Hoyt. White queen: CIA guy (helps get Jason to the red queen. Cheshire Cat: buck. Sam represents the white queens warriors who try and sneak in but fail (aka beheaded) and wonderland is rook
dragoda (5 years ago)
thx Kinser. pure genius
Becca's Saint (5 years ago)
Am i mad ?
Kinser199 (5 years ago)
IMO, Vaas is the Rabbit, he leads Jason to madness and the first quote relates to when Vaas tries to drown Jason. Hoty is the Queen, Earnhart is the Hatter, and Buck is the Cheshire Cat; appearing and disappearing when the missions start and always smiling/laughing/good-mood, but has the atmosphere of trickery.
DADDY ROSS (5 years ago)
this is going to be a mean tat
TheLololol124 (5 years ago)
"Have you guessed the riddle yet?" the hatter said, turning to Alice again. "No, i give it up," Alice replied: What's the answer? "I haven't the slightest idea," said the hatter. "What do you mean by that?" said the Caterpillar sternly. "Explain yourself!" "I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir," said Alice, "because I'm not myself, you see." "I don't see," said the caterpillar. "Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it."
TheLololol124 (5 years ago)
In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again. I like the Walrus best," said, Alice: "Because you see he was a little sorry for the poor oysters." "He ate more than the Carpenter, though," sad Tweedledee. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
MrPrisius (5 years ago)
tuuk' inatukuare tuu'reeeh reeh ooh tuuk' inatukuare tuu'reeeh reeh ooh atimito tekamokaita AH HI TE KAMOKAITA !
Ryo Asuka (5 years ago)
also Hoyt: queen of hearts.
Ryo Asuka (5 years ago)
Who do u think Vaas is? I don't think he's the queen of hearts because the queen of hearts im pretty sure is Hoyt, seeing how he has his own private army and she does too also, she chases Alice off just like Hoyt's mercinaries chase u off the south Island.
Delicoms (5 years ago)
I love how the end says "fuck it"
Vetgo21 (5 years ago)
I suppose the one with Caterpillar is just as good, maybe better. Jason slowly starts to change, but his friends remain the same, protected from the madness from the island, whereas Jason is fully exposed. When he tells everyone he's staying, they think he's gone crazy. Just like the with Alice and the Caterpillar, Jason is no longer himself. He loves the violence and insanity, but his friend don't understand. He can't explain himself, because he's not who he used to be.
RedstoneSoup (5 years ago)
I think Buck is the Cheshire Cat because he will disappear and reappear and he guided Jason to find something, like how the Cheshire Cat directed Alice to go to the Duchesses house.
hefhef54321 (5 years ago)
well i still don't know what Hoyt is (maybe the queen of hearts) But i think Jason's friends are like Alice's family and friends in the real world
Xavierusis (5 years ago)
What is the song during quotes? I want it as SMS ringtone... Thanks for help
ECDeadly (5 years ago)
I'd switch Citra and Dennis, but your placement of Hatter is good, because he was the one who had a major impact of Jason's psychology.
hefhef54321 (5 years ago)
i disagree on some parts i think Vaas: Hatter Dennis: Cat Citra: Caterpillar (if not, then she has to be the queen of hearts) i agree with the rest
hefhef54321 (5 years ago)
and i'm glad that i didn't kill them hehe!!!
Cristian Sanchez (5 years ago)
Ikr, the real change on Jason is when he meet citra, so i think hte bunny must be Dennis, idk just saying.
AssasinsWhite (5 years ago)
***Spoiler*** Hum..no. The bunny is (maybe) a guy called Doug, He is the one who told Jason to go to the Rook Islands. If you dont know who Doug is, replay the game. When Daisy finds the cave under the Docs house, there will be some mushrooms inside a bowl, eat them and then Jason will start dreaming about his past, there are 3 dreams, but they only get able to play randomly. (sorry for my english xP)
Cheshire Cat : Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way.Alice : Who did?Cheshire Cat : The White Rabbit.Alice : He did?Cheshire Cat : He did what?Alice : Went that way.Cheshire Cat : Who did?Alice : The White Rabbit.Cheshire Cat : What rabbit?Alice : But didn't you just say - I mean - Oh, dear.Cheshire Cat : Can you stand on your head?Alice : Oh!Share this quote
Cristian Sanchez (5 years ago)
Anyway im just really mad, I killed my friends for nothing. That bitch....
Cristian Sanchez (5 years ago)
I think dennis must be the bunny, bcs he was who introduce Jason to citra. Citra must be the caterpillar, vaas the mad hatter or maybe hoyt and jason is alice.!!!
hefhef54321 (5 years ago)
and i'm guessing that Citra is the caterpillar, and Dennis is the cat... but that's just me
hefhef54321 (5 years ago)
my favorite quote is "What do you mean by that? Explain yourself" said the caterpillar-"I can't explain myself, i'm afraid, sir" said Alice "Because i'm not myself, you see"-"I don't see" said the caterpillar
Cristian Sanchez (5 years ago)
Vaas its obviously the mad hatter!
Deathbytrolling (5 years ago)
You're supposed to relate them to what's happening with the game. Take the context clues, and replace the literal subjects with in-game objects, as well as the characters listed as the quotes. It's supposed to add to the "Insanity" factor of the game. ;-)
Satarion100 (5 years ago)
1:54 FUCK IT :D
Rainy (5 years ago)
KingdorismHD (5 years ago)
it does, when you finish the flash backs by taking the pills.
lebano1 (5 years ago)
1:50 it says fuck it before find it haha
Isaac Garro (5 years ago)
Makes no sense because the "I cant explain myself anymore because I am not myself" is also super obvious.
Isaac Garro (5 years ago)
Its some sort of variation of "the end justify the means" and "2 wrongs dont make a right". It's supposed to be about Jason changing to save his friends, he has a noble goal, but he is becoming a monster to fullfill it, he is the walrus, his noble goal is the pity that the walrus felt for the oysters, but in the end, he makes far more damage than the original "bad guy" (the carpenter)
playten (5 years ago)
can someone explain the second quotes relation please
Rainy (5 years ago)
Far Cry 3 is so surprisingly deep, and devious with it's meanings. I very much see this game as an allegory, but a soft one at that. It's just so beautiful how some games are just that, games, but other games...they can be experiences. I fucking love it.
Rainy (5 years ago)
thats why, it just makes too much sense.
kianakeino (5 years ago)
koolkoori (5 years ago)
Your pic makes Will Smith look badass.
koolkoori (5 years ago)
Do these quotes have meanings or is this just insanity?
camlind12 (5 years ago)
I have to say, Far Cry 3 is a worthy competitor for my most favorite game after Heavy Rain.
ECDeadly (5 years ago)
Jason: Alice Vaas: Chesire Cat Catepillar: Liza/Friends(?) Hatter: Jason's psychology Wonderland: Rook Island That's just what I think, of course.
TheCritisizingMelon (5 years ago)
dont forget "Lick" its quite common out there
TheCritisizingMelon (5 years ago)
what is that tribal song that plays in the background
iWillzyx (5 years ago)
Deepest. videogame. ever.
Elias110194 (5 years ago)
yeah, but " we're all mad here" fits perfeclty ass well.
BAFILMS17 (5 years ago)
Guys in the beginning of ac3 they say a quote from Alice in wonderland
RKO4Lifex3x (5 years ago)
(sorry for my bad english) i think you all dont understand alice in wonderland ! The author of alice in wonderland have laid hands on little girls. and through this trauma , you get a split personality. (look in google for Borderline personality disorder) in most cases it is their own father and i think alice in wonderland treats this problem. madness
Raydude88 (5 years ago)
I wonder why they don't have the quote. "I can't go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." It fits Far Cry 3 perfectly
Nick Bashful (5 years ago)
what does this mean tho?
kurtis mcneese (5 years ago)
theres somthing else to, wen ur in the cave under the docs house were u keep ur freinds there is a bowl of berries or somthing proped on a cynderblock with a sign infront of it that says "Eat Me" do it and Jason will black out/trip balls, and you will play like a prequal story of how they ended up at the island
Xaab Xaa (5 years ago)
Assassin's Creed 3 has it also, for the first time in the series.
tim sutherland (5 years ago)
every far cry has an alice in wonderland quote or something from that world
LongTimeAgo (5 years ago)
"Everything has a moral... If you can Kill/Fuck/Find it." Far Cry 3 is insane! But brilliantly INSANE :D

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