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Bad Neighbors 2 | official trailer #1 (2016) Selena Gomez

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official trailer for Bad Neighbors 2
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Ajae Lumanglas (3 months ago)
This is much better than the first i think is for selena
Nancy Melendez (10 months ago)
“You think the titty is silent" 😂😂😂
Rockers From Hell (1 year ago)
im watching it and all i can think is democrat weirdo childish protesting,this must be who this shit is made for,its quite clear now Hollywood is dead,now we have childish douchebags masquerading as movie makers,how the fuck they get funding for this nonsense is a clear indicator why America is in the mess it is...
NeoNero990 (1 year ago)
R.I.P Seth Rogen Died for being raped by women xDDDDD
Master Chef (1 year ago)
Who is selens glomez
Romanas - (1 year ago)
eefvankaathoven (1 year ago)
I was actually here because there is a part two of a great movie and in wanted to see it.
Megan Gomes (1 year ago)
Chloë is so pretty! I'm really happy she's in this movie! *-* like if you agree
RZAJW (1 year ago)
The first one was really cringy and bad, a bit funny sometimes but too over the top, dont expect this one to be better lol
IndexChaos (1 year ago)
When they bait you with Selena Gomez to shove the feminist propaganda down your throat...
Elie Rizk (1 year ago)
Feminazi filth = shit movie
Master Chef (1 year ago)
Elie Rizk who da fuck likes feminists or nazis
Jon Samuels (1 year ago)
Roisin Dubh (1 year ago)
are teens in america actually like this
KiLLzone (1 year ago)
Bloody legend237 (1 year ago)
I saw the first one i like it when she runs with the phone and says it is called a cord dumbass
ilysmdonnellys (1 year ago)
omg i came for zac efron and the first movie was deadly
Youtube Account (1 year ago)
babyyzai (1 year ago)
Selena gomez is barely even in the movie though urrghhh!
Moby Dick (1 year ago)
Arvid Duekilde (2 years ago)
"You think the titty is silent?" I don't care that cracked me up!!
roastpotato (2 years ago)
Feminazi bollocks written all over it.
Dark soul (2 years ago)
am i really the only one who thought this whole movie was just a big steaming pile of shit? honest to god this movie was so fucking bad. it's just a complete rehash of the first one plus a ton of feminist propaganda and minus all the laughs. fuckn sucked. the plot is just exactly the same as the first exept now its girls living next door and they send off messages about sexism and gender equality, and all the funny parts from the first one are gone and no new funny parts are added. the actors in this were all terrible and corny asf, not a single thing happened that was even close to funny, the slapstick is all overly cgi'ed and fake, and the whole time there just trying to send messages about gender equality and talking about sexism. absolute garbage movie
SupeR ClassY (2 years ago)
OMG chloe XD
Hl A (2 years ago)
Another feminazi pile of crap. Call it Ghostbusters two and don't watch it.
Mike Nike (2 years ago)
Damn, it's like the female Ghostbusters. Way to fuck up a good thing Hollyshit.
slopcrusher (2 years ago)
I know some one I high school who is 100% like teddy sanders
slopcrusher (2 years ago)
*in high school
Ghost Domination (2 years ago)
Why the baby keep the dildo all over the movie??!!!! This is not right!!
NIxJammy - (2 years ago)
whats the song at 1:50
Paul Drogba (2 years ago)
black skinhead
Megan Moz (2 years ago)
Selena is sooooo cute
EggSimulator (2 years ago)
song name?
Jenny Jessup (2 years ago)
1:28-over and over and over again 😂
mrFalloutFan95 (2 years ago)
"Were all of you smoking weed?" "Yh" "GODDAMNIT, I FUCKING KNEW IT!, you dont do drugs do you." Best part lol
Ryan O'Hagan (2 years ago)
Looks super sexy brahhhhhhhhhhhh.. little fart
The Alpinist (2 years ago)
I guess this trailer was much better... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzJxAeS60uQ
Vincent R (2 years ago)
send them back with bullets and napalm. it worked for me... *_sending this from prison ;c_* #UKHASNODEATHPENALTY
Karen Mora (2 years ago)
does anyone know how to watch bad neighbors for free with no card number.. plz I need it
Hl A (2 years ago)
Piratebay. ;)
Do The Roar (2 years ago)
I swear a lot of the scenes in the trailer didn't appear in the film
Love the beginning 😏😍
Anuhea S (2 years ago)
I want to see this so bad
CRAB JAB (2 years ago)
Movie is so shit and seen this a million times before. I can't believe I gonna say this but Zac smashed this movie. He was the only funny thing in the movie! "Bag of dicks" hahaha
Jobie jubjub (2 years ago)
This movie is just feminist liberal bullshit stupes! next!
The Mad Mick (2 years ago)
Why put Selena Gomez's name in the title? She's basically in 2 scenes that last for a total of about 2 minutes in the whole movie!
ayy lmao (2 years ago)
besrt movie ever seertioously
The last centurion (2 years ago)
stupid. kappa nu are selling their shit outside and vandalised the inside saying they stole from them. but they won't call the police because they stole their weed. as if kappa nu are going to mention they had weed. I know it's a stupid movie but come on da fuck.
awerty it (2 years ago)
I'm definitely watching this movie
Elias Pereyra (2 years ago)
Oscar Hasan (2 years ago)
how do u acc spell soroytity
Leonardo Batista (2 years ago)
Achei q seria melhor
Greta Sirutaviciute (2 years ago)
What are the songs/music at 0:22 and 1:20?????? Please tell me!!!
Judai Yugo (2 years ago)
Zac Effron's career has been revived. Good on the lad.
Tintin Sharma (2 years ago)
WHY do some of the scenes were not in the movie ?
Aaron (2 years ago)
This film is feminazi 2016
Kyle Dickinson (2 years ago)
+Lol lol nothing until they try and force it down your throat
Lol lol (2 years ago)
+Kyle Dickinson what's wrong with feminism ?
Kyle Dickinson (2 years ago)
yeah i liked the film until they started forcing shit like feminism and hillary in there
Matowix (2 years ago)
the movie is pathetic
scimg (2 years ago)
Worst film I've seen in a while. Dicks in a bag jokes are good for 13 year olds.
Oscar Whippy (2 years ago)
almost as smart as that sentence
Matowix (2 years ago)
agree it was for dumb kids. only watched 20 minutes so pathetic
Lily Tina (2 years ago)
but guys... Chloe at 1:45 I can't handle it
pollocks jones (2 years ago)
didn't get half way through this peice of shit movie, enjoyed the first film but this girl power shit blows.
mack daddy (2 years ago)
Yeah it was way too preachy
Drakensson (2 years ago)
should satisfy me, i hate my peers
Benjamin O'Connor (2 years ago)
I can appreciate the comedic side to this movie, but having seen it now. I was not expecting it to have a feminist undertone running throughout it, it was really fucking annoying to have that bullshit shoved down my throat
Ismeretlen 00 (2 years ago)
0:16 music?
Seyfi Gül (2 years ago)
If you still search for that song I can help you '' party in my pants ''is the song' s name, this song played at the final part of movie
daniel mcdermott (2 years ago)
I would love a Bad Neighbours 3 where the neighbours are an old couple
jewseph (2 years ago)
Great....another movie no one asked for.
Green Jedi (2 years ago)
+Ulrich Leland yeaaa :/
Virgil Sollozzo (2 years ago)
+Green Jedi and this one wasn't apparently.
Green Jedi (2 years ago)
Lol fuck u the first one was funny af
TheMarionick (2 years ago)
They've had boys, they've had girls, so what's gonna move in next to them next? Gremlins?
Seyfi Gül (2 years ago)
What's the name of the last song that plays in movie? That song played even in final part I thought it was Chris Brown but if you know and help me I'd be glad of it
ja au (2 years ago)
Kanye west - black skinhead
Soph Floyd (2 years ago)
Pedro Vasques (2 years ago)
what is the music of 1:18 ?
samar hassan (2 years ago)
am i the only one who got here because of caspar's video with Chloe?
samar hassan (2 years ago)
okay it's only me lol
DaisyChains (2 years ago)
Can't fucking wait
RoseCcy (2 years ago)
Selena has like 3 lines in the whole film and is only in it for about 2 mins
Tarık Sağdıç (2 years ago)
what is the name of the second song
Jordan Green (2 years ago)
+Tarık Sağdıç It's Black Skinhead by Kanye West
Kalsie Govender (2 years ago)
shocking tosee Zac changing sides
Kalsie Govender (2 years ago)
+Jiya Swift True
Jiya Swift (2 years ago)
Because of the first movie, of course
SHAE (2 years ago)
https://youtu.be/h__hja6t0zQ Check out the movie reveiw
Razor Conor (2 years ago)
Just watched this movie and it was fucking awesome. DELTA PSI BITCH!
Donald Trump (2 years ago)
Stop it stop it :)
darkmark1999 (2 years ago)
XxJade SempaixX (2 years ago)
what if Markipler was the neighbor next to kappa new XD
Lady_Krissy (2 years ago)
guys i need your help, what's the song that has "single ladies... party in my pants lyrics in it? anybody knows
Nadia Khorshidi (2 years ago)
I need to know it, too!
Matthew miller (2 years ago)
Emmanuel Molen (2 years ago)
Razor Conor (2 years ago)
Multifandom fan (2 years ago)
Love: Chloe Grace Moretz Selena Gomez Zac Efron Anyone Agree.
billy44551 (2 years ago)
im probably the only person that dosent find seth rogen funny
billy44551 (2 years ago)
+hugo da costa and Ricky Gervais man does he suck
Ngun1 (2 years ago)
+william twaddle yeah probably
Razor Conor (2 years ago)
Yeah probably.
syed hassan (2 years ago)
The movie was quite shit, the jokes were so lame and the pranks were so unrealistic, I don't wanna say anything else without ruining it
Razor Conor (2 years ago)
I just watched it and it was fucking great
Jordan Norton (2 years ago)
disappointed with this trailer after seeing the final film. so many scenes not included. such as the airbag part where they put in chairs, the part where the cop is in the vehicle screaming. ll cool j as the father and finding the daughters dildos. and selena gomez chilling on the bed in a bikini studying!
Lubris (2 years ago)
they were probably just cut in the theater version the scenes are probably available in other versions
Rafael Vitoria (2 years ago)
What is the name of that background song?
Razor Conor (2 years ago)
"Black Skinhead" by Kim Kardashian's ugly ass husband.
Jamie Moore (2 years ago)
This movie was a let down, also a few of the scenes in the trailer weren't even in the movie
Jordan Norton (2 years ago)
+Jamie Moore yeah.. i like how the black guy is now called garf. from what happened in the first film. made me forget his proper name!
Jamie Moore (2 years ago)
+Jordan Norton The cop in the riot car was Hannibal burres, the guy is so funny and it's such a missed opportunity for more comedy
Jordan Norton (2 years ago)
i know right..i was most disappointed with ll cool j as the father scene being replaced with shelbys dad instead. also the cop in the riot vehicle screaming.
lol titty
Vagif Mamedov (2 years ago)
I need 2 know what drum music dat is
MC CocaCola (2 years ago)
Kanye West - Black Skinhead
Here is an example of a plastic American culture
jamie angel (2 years ago)
I just see this and its a great film
TheSpyingShibe xd (2 years ago)
Better than infinite warfare xD
Maç Özetleri HD-4K (1 year ago)
This mоviе is nоoow аvаilаble tо wаtсh here => https://twitter.com/3a1deb0b3f2bd738a/status/791862010631696384 Bаd Neighbоrs 2 оffiсial trаilеr 1 2016 Sееeеlеnа Gоmеz
Hugo H (2 years ago)
Insomnia (2 years ago)
Emiel3673 (2 years ago)
Movie ended 1 minute ago. Unless you're a 12 year old girl, don't go. Worst movie I've seen in a cinema.
Master Chef (1 year ago)
Razor Conor but your the one saying uugh your probably 12....
Razor Conor (2 years ago)
Lol you're probably twelve. Go back to Pretty Little Liars
Mike P (2 years ago)
but muh boobz
Marko Rankovic (2 years ago)
OOooo, the blonde one on the car! I hope she won't be uncredited!
JJ (2 years ago)
this movie looks great even better than first one
GamingSmug (2 years ago)
Can confirm, this is a good film. I prefer the first one tho :P
Sarah Costello (2 years ago)
smartyplants (2 years ago)
is it an 18?
RTarGuy (2 years ago)
Kappa Keepo DansGame
Lee_is_queer (2 years ago)

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