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Improve your smart tv box performance by 100%. Reduce buffering, freezing, etc BEST LIVE TV SERVICE►http://www.shacktvlive.com
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londonguy73 (1 month ago)
so your grand plan to increase speed is to factory reset..........briliiant!
kiam Pepper (1 month ago)
I did that watched one movie and it lagged again
John Parpuet (2 months ago)
mine wo"t let me reset i had a virus got rid of virus
LesW (2 months ago)
The only way to play without buffering is a pay service for $18 for 6 month get more HD links with 5.1 surround ( real-Debrid ) look it up easy to install works great!
Sir Anthony (1 month ago)
Fucking idiot no one is wanting to pay for that garbage bitch
Richie#56 Cray Ass (2 months ago)
Not true, Real Debrid will still buffer and freeze up 1080p 4k links and will always have non supported sound issues.
Keith Douglas (2 months ago)
Wow factory reset... Knowledge that even a 2 year old knows
Na tix (1 month ago)
+Keith Douglas the fuck is wrong with you? Too much weed mate?
Keith Douglas (1 month ago)
+DaRico Whetstone lol you're just as bad as fuck face
DaRico Whetstone (1 month ago)
Keith Douglas lmaoooo
giovanni gio (3 months ago)
My mxq box hardly used
Joanna Thodos (3 months ago)
I didn't that twice to my grandfather's box and it still lags for him
SurreallTV (2 months ago)
Joanna ....1 day maybe we can do that "food i want to cook/ food ideas" together hehe :-) lol...
Joe Humpherys (3 months ago)
Love all your videos Thank you for all your help! I have a question I’m sure you can answer. I have a android box that has 3 gig of ram. I love the box, it’s very fast. My friend has a android box that only has 2 gig of ram. Is there a way to increase the ram without buying another box? Will it help to insert a SD card?
Wayman Andrews (3 months ago)
How do you get the program to download
Peter Richards (3 months ago)
If you do that everything will be lost including kodi which means if I can’t remember all your steps I will have to back to the company that sold me the box to reinstall apps.
Leo B (3 months ago)
If you don't know how to install apps then you don't mess with the box, but honestly it's super easy to do that.
Sinan Ghareb (3 months ago)
I respect your opinion, Solo Man, and appreciate you bringing the method of resetting it back to factory default to the attention of many users who don't know it exists. But this should be used as a last resort. This is the equivalent of a "Nuke it". Back in the old days of Windows 95 and 98, many "computer shops" used to say "just format the whole system". If you have a bit of an issue, format it. A game didn't work or install properly? format it. There are steps anyone can take and see the results. If those steps didn't work, then sure, go ahead and "format it".
Sinan Ghareb (3 months ago)
peter parker, oh I agree completely that it works. I have done it personally to my Minix. But it's a last resort solution. You can also install fstrim for example and have that running. Try a different ROM maybe! There are many things to do before reaching this point.
peter parker (3 months ago)
Sinan Ghareb at the end of day weather or not this is an old school fix, it worked for me. And pc's they I've owned are still the same as well. Eventually they start running horrible and when you, "nuke it" it returns back to its well operating state. If a solution works it works.
Maria Valadez (3 months ago)
Solo. Man Im very dissapointed 😞 i just bouhgt x96 tvbox. New . nothing work no kody no mobdro Just bofering. . you are the only may help me on this. I was 1.1/2 wasting time traing to wach a tv show or movie and nothing it has kody 18 and mobdro installed . my box is 7.1.2. x96. My internet speed 2.6 Is this enough. To make it work? You video is very help full reseting the box completely. But olis mot my case my box is. New . not over load it . so what can I do? Trash it is my last option. After you. I hope you can tell me what to do. Thanks solo man
GFormica1 (1 month ago)
2.6 mbs speed is too slow...way to slow. Especially if your trying to stream higher resolution content. You also should be aware of the fact that internet speed is not rock solid and will often dip lower if at particular times of day. Get a faster connecting.
Edy Zapien (4 months ago)
Porque mi caja android necesita wi-fi si la tengo conectada al cable. C5 neswcito el IP adress in ordweto make it work plz help aceres y grasias
susalinet salazar (4 months ago)
No puedo ver mi puntero o cursor del mouse cono hago para hacer que vuela a aparecer es un adroind box tx5 pro
Stephen Bosward (4 months ago)
Piss off
John Jeson (4 months ago)
John Waring (4 months ago)
Solo man I reset my box two times but web browser is still moving slow with a lot of lagging!!!! Any suggestions???
Nicholas Karam (5 months ago)
want to set up a ticbox any advice ?
Nas Ney (5 months ago)
Im facing lag and buffers..any advice ?
Ruben Romero (5 months ago)
Doing great job Soleman
Solo Man (5 months ago)
Thanks Ruben, i appreciate your kind words.
Draken X (6 months ago)
This is a good tip same goes with desktop pc. However, there is a hardware limitation with Android boxes they are good for medium and small displays but when you use 4k devices things begin to struggle heavily. This method won't save you from the lag and delay response of the device because of the hardware not able to drive that many pixels. You can probably get away with an nvidia or Amazon fire TV. They are build for it.
liza naude (6 months ago)
I tried these steps yesterday, but my box is still using max bandwidth. in beginning it had no problem was using like 1.5M, now its on 3M by just watching a movie. I dont have any extra Apps on that what the box come with. How do I reduce the bandwidth as it slows everything else around too
Sam Biccen (6 months ago)
Tis all bit of difficult Things for me REALLY
Solo Man (6 months ago)
I hear you, cutting the cord is not for everyone, watch this video ► https://youtu.be/e69ABdsQs4M
Anthony Henry (6 months ago)
im going to try this
Mark1119saved byGrace (6 months ago)
Excellent tip, Mr. Solo. This is one I hadn't thought of.🖒
Kate Mainville (7 months ago)
Okay so I did what you said but now I don't know how to watch movies or download a streamer or anything
murder block (7 months ago)
Im having a problem with the fire stick this little green robot pops up it says test and the screen turns blank and my movie starts all over from the menu it happens every 5 minutes idk what to do this is my second firestick already i can't seem to figuer out why it comes out any idea how i can fix this...
Donald Orlopp (7 months ago)
Hi is it possible to back up your kodi and its repositories and then restore them?
Renee M (7 months ago)
We're to find it on android box
Ramla Athman (6 months ago)
I bought for 100$ 1 month ago am going another state so i sell for 60$ if anyone want
Ramla Athman (6 months ago)
I bought for 100$ 1 month a go now am going another state so i want to sell for 60$ of u want
Renee M (7 months ago)
Hello how do I clear the catch in my Mobdro app on my android box
gertrude eshkawkogan (7 months ago)
Thankyou  sole man ...
Butcher Bee (7 months ago)
AMAZING! thank you solo man. finally I have a faster system.
Warren (7 months ago)
Ridiculous suggestion, cheap boxes require this the others like shield no problem at all.
masih khan (6 months ago)
Warren then why did you came here...?? Lol
Daniel Ray (7 months ago)
Will you use the Wi-Fi
jane kramer (8 months ago)
my box keeps kicking me out of the kodi app ever since i got my iptv
karl himmel (6 months ago)
jane leaner
Georgios kof (7 months ago)
unistall the kodi app and install it again from playstore after that download kodi configurator to install addon package easy probably the stock kodi app has some problems try this version from playstore krypron 17. something the latest version for me this work flawless
N17 Lee Tezza (8 months ago)
Thanks box was well slow now like new again
Yvon Fournier (8 months ago)
I use Buzz TV box using IPTV Express. I reset my box but still get lot of freeze ups on IPTV. Any idea's?
Lixckz Scorpius (8 months ago)
Will ot delete the STB app if do the factory reset?
Victor Cannon (8 months ago)
# scoobyrogers I would like to know more of what your talking about.
Justin Battrick (9 months ago)
i have been having the same issue. I put an SD Card in the box, formatted it as internal and moved data onto the card. Now I'm not having that issue anymore. So just check your storage Im assuming it was just that the box was loaded up with to much data.
Ceabhairbunnáin (7 months ago)
Irfan Azeez how did you do this?
Irfan Azeez (8 months ago)
Thanks for the info
Justin Battrick (8 months ago)
Irfan Azeez yes
Irfan Azeez (8 months ago)
So,all u did are just insert an SD CARD and transfer all the apps from the internal storage of the android box to the SD CARD?am I right?
Justin Battrick (8 months ago)
Irfan Azeez no not for me
Ricardo Spears (9 months ago)
after doing that and then upgrading Kodi to the latest version, that's when I started having the problems I have now, the boxes I have barely even read my external hard drives anymore and when they do they freeze up or play for a bout 2 minutes then tell me the files are unreadable, and these were things that have been working without fault for over a year now, I'm going crazy over this now
Marcus Sills (9 months ago)
Did this and my box became slower than before
Marcus Sills (9 months ago)
Chris Cornelius on your device, download microsoft launcher from play store. Then download booster in play store. Itll speed it up. It kills unneeded background apps
Chris Cornelius (9 months ago)
Guys, any help would be helpful to help speed mine up. It buffers frequently.
Chris Cornelius (9 months ago)
Marcus Sills I'm sure you are right. I have the box, but my nephew and brother have Firesticks. They said mine is a little faster, but theirs doesn't crash as much. I do have wifi at 54 mbps, but my router is older and runs at 2.4 ghz. The have brand new routers from the cable company but they aren't running at 54 where they live. I'm not savvy, but I thought a new router could make the difference
Marcus Sills (9 months ago)
Chris Cornelius ive had my box for 4 years and it just started going slow. But it is an android 5.1 OS
Marcus Sills (9 months ago)
Chris Cornelius idk about all that. The firestick gets slow also
Rod Emm (10 months ago)
Solo man can you please make a video on how we can get Downloader onto Android Boxes. Thank you !!
Christopher Jones (10 months ago)
I've got an older NexBox-A1device with the Android 6.0.1 version. The firmware update will download, but won't install. I have tried many times. It just keeps spinning. Even the latest possible version update is from late 2016. Meanwhile, my Kodi 17.6 experience (with a Pulse build) has been lousy. Very few streams actually work. Constant errors of all kinds, especially "PVR clients." I want the latest Kodi (or the best steaming) product available to where I don't need to constantly replace add-ons that won't work. Right now, only Covenant works about 1/3 the time. Bennu and others are "removed." Should I get a new box? Or are there ways to get working content with this one? Which makes more sense? Thank you kindly in advance.
Tony zazza (10 months ago)
After you've reset the TV box, will you still have the android menu as before???
Kevin Fischer (7 months ago)
Tony za
scoobyrogers (10 months ago)
Solo man. Love the videos. You have directed and misdirected...lol... love to see you trying out apks before I do so I know which is good or bad. Can you please tell people they can save their Kodi setup themselves Ann's not use a build. Do a video explaining how to use BACKUP add-on. How to install it, how to choose the save destination, (I use a thumb drive, and reload after reset) and then how to restore after reset. Thanks, keep the videos coming. !!!
John Costantino (10 months ago)
My tx2 is not running at the speed that my internet is running my internet speed is 70 mps but box is running a 5mps I’m in the process of doing the factory reset will this fix my problem
Tom E. Longname (10 months ago)
I should be running about 50bps download but am at 5mps.  Using a TP-Link for Ethernet and have checked it with laptop and all fine.  have rebooted etc.  Wondering if the hard reset would be the answer, or if that is more for buffering etc.  Thanks I enjoy your videos, have a great day
Thanh Tran (10 months ago)
Hi why my TV box each time I use TV box I have to sign in WIFI I icon wifi still show up on the box , can you help me
Thanh Tran (10 months ago)
HI so how many time we allow to restore each TV box ?
AP AMVs (10 months ago)
Any ways to change the launcher of the box? My box is the x96 btw
Jaime Alemán (10 months ago)
Oye broo. Algo para el buffering ya estoy cansado de batallar con eso. Por favor alguna app q lo controle.. plissssss
David Price (11 months ago)
100 % yea sure, pull the other one.
cris neacsu (11 months ago)
Thanks for the vid but, i don't bother with a reset. I use, fastimizer by wise care and ccleaner downloaded from playstore! I use them a handful of times a day. These apps keep my tv box and phone in great condition and helps to maintain performance.
Marisa G. (11 months ago)
My tv is saying machine error and when it reboots the box isn't operating
emmams5 (11 months ago)
I appreciate you giving your time to upload this video but six and half minutes just to tell us to do a factory reset, was that really necessary? It drives me mad when YouTubers make a documentary to explain how to do one simple action, it just confuses people who may not be up to speed on techie stuff and just want a simple, short tutorial.
John Hammoud (11 months ago)
I think it's a terrible idea to be honest. That means every 6 mths or so you have do it all over again, seems a bit of a pain in the ass, don't you think?
Lupe Alvarado (10 months ago)
John Hammoud no
John Hammoud (10 months ago)
Ralph Prospero no I don’t
Ralph Prospero (10 months ago)
Is there a better way that you know of or have done?
joshua leach (1 year ago)
How do you save kodi and all the bideo add ons for the free streaming and still do a factory reset ??
BluntBoy420 (11 months ago)
thres a kodi add on called BACKUP u make sure u select only video addons to make the file smaller ans select zip
Jc Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I️ always feel like you click baited me
Tyron Morgan (1 year ago)
Tried this and mines still glitching,any ideas?
gary power (1 year ago)
same with mine, Got A Fix for It (Garbage)
paul goodaire (1 year ago)
perfect works perfectly
Hatem Sabrey (1 year ago)
SoloMan... may thanks for your videos it is really informative, thus may i ask you for a favor? it is good idea for the the builds thus can you show me how to make my own android build which includes all apps i want. for me i'm responsible for IPTV system and need to upgrade and take care of the boxes in order to keep the service in good conditions thus i thought if i can make my build including Kodi and some addons then use to upgrade the boxes and flush them too... many thanks in advance
Niecy Is here. (1 year ago)
Good idea, but why not just install a junk file cleaner? I use the free version of Advanced systme care. Sometimes the culprit can be your VPN, yes, we should use it with KODI, but the box speed unfortunately takes quit a hit. The faster the internet, the bigger the hit, because most VPNs have a data limit and bring your speed down for the detour to another country. Espcially, the free ones. I recommend installing a speed tester, then use it with and without the VPN to see the difference. A factory reset is a surefire way to clean things up, and would appear to be the only option if you've tried everything else.
Alyssa Brenton (1 year ago)
Did the factory reset and mine still lags just as bad :(
CEM CYBORG (1 year ago)
Just buy android tv & install kodi 😂
little nicky (1 year ago)
Still lags like crazy after I did the reset
etch250 (1 year ago)
May want to add that in most cases this will wipe absolutely everything including the OS that supports the Play Store. You will need to know how to re flash your box with the OS image...you're really starting from scratch once wiped...for real. . .
Unique Premji (1 year ago)
My Brand New T95Z Plus freezes when watching anything on YouTube. Please advise what to do? Thanks, Sam
J&D Show (1 year ago)
Hi can u guys plz help I did a factory reset my mxq box but now its not letting me sign into my Google account the screen get stuck at signing in this can take a few minutes
JAVIER TORRES (1 year ago)
Tengo una mqx pro 4k le di un factory reset y ahora se quedo en kodi 16.0 y no se como arreglarla
StolenLobster (1 year ago)
Well... I Had some problems and did the reset as your suggestion, but Now i have Nothing and Solo Man forgot to tell us what to do to set it up again . That's the most important
StolenLobster (1 year ago)
Well...I found how to solve it... using ES files Explorer i made a copy of all my Kodi system, and now i can install it on all devices , as i want ;)
etch250 (1 year ago)
StolenLobster yeah I'm watching this thinking wtf...I've done this by mistake and turned my box into a paperweight and had to buy a new one
Robert Crocker (1 year ago)
I reset my box now it won't do anything... . Wth 😠
Emanuel Washington (1 year ago)
allow me to clear things up... Simply keep up with what you are doing. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOOO REASON,.. AT ALL!... TO FACTORY RESET YOUR BOX. Peep game.. These android tv boxes are exactly what they are.. ANDROIDS. They require care, alot of people forget or don't even notice that they are dealing with an computer. clean your entire system cache, close all background apps you are not using (just as you would an android phone) if your buffering seems slow not only reset the modem/router but also your network settings. Be advised if you reset your network settings you WILL have to re-enter the wifi password(s) and re-link all Bluetooth devices as well. Also when clearing the entire system catch, note that all temporary files WILL be deleted.. If you use apps that send files via Bluetooth or remotely BE SURE to move important received files to an permanent location or they will get cleared. Last bit of advice. don't be too quick to listen to just anyone.. do more research reguarding your concerns because sometimes others may give you the wrong advice. I salute those who give tutorials. especially you Solo because you stay trying to help someone and thats cool.. but DUDE... why on earth would you advise noobs to factory reset their droids.. lol.. you should know... most of the people viewing this are people who are new to this type of stuff.. half of them don't know how to even put kodi back on, or program it for that matter.. at this rate I SHOULD START DOING TUTORIALS.. You gone have me awakening from my slumber dude.... It's not time... lol..
Mike Nurse (1 year ago)
He does say that you'll lose everything though. It's not like he straight up tells you do the factory reset and all your problems will go away, he also says its a huge undertaking. People just hear certain parts of things though
Tony Antoniou (1 year ago)
Emanuel Washington. Well done, that's very good advice for noobs. This tutorial is bad advice to tell them to do a factory reset as it would be a headache to put everything back to the way it was. Also, it doesn't always add apps the way you buy it. This is ONLY a solution if you want to lose all your precious data and then left walking around like a headless chicken. And what's the short clip of him opening up the android box. Surely he is confusing people, although he did say that it's not about opening it, but what's the point of showing the clip in the first place anyway. Strange. Is this video monetized, I wonder.
Guided Hand (1 year ago)
Emanuel Washington Yes and use a VPN always. Ipvanish
Emanuel Washington (1 year ago)
and for you enthusiast here's a short vid i put together showing you an example of some things that can be done on an android tv box. some pretty cool accessories as well.. https://youtu.be/MTzR9lNmAPU
Ashik Jk (1 year ago)
hi, did you make a video for custom blinds or custom rom?
Bob Dorm (1 year ago)
this dosent tell me how to fix the proplem on my box u are just saying how to backup and reset
Leo Rivera (1 year ago)
Darren Connelly (1 year ago)
I have Factory reset mine multiple times. Still slow, and hangs constantly :(. I think it's related to the RAM usage. It seems really high on Idle (85%) That's even after a reboot
Darren Connelly can u say the name of the box u using and specs?
Darren Connelly (1 year ago)
Giuseppe Benvenuto a cheap ass £25 one. BUT it worked perfect when new, so I'm confused? Remember, I have factory reset it multiple times, so it can't be a software problem, even though the ram usage is extremely high on idle which might suggest it is, but it can't be
Giuseppe Benvenuto (1 year ago)
Which box are you using?
Giuseppe Benvenuto (1 year ago)
With all these apps, they don't make a crap cleaning app like CCleaner? That is ridiculous. I guess that would be 21 century like. I am just about to cut my cable. I dropped AT&T and ordered Xfinity 75 Mbps internet same price I was paying AT&T for 24 Mbps. I am going to purchase the SkyStream One box. What if you have a paying IPTV service? Then you have to reinstall that as well and sometimes they give you a temporary download link via purchase. What do you think SoloMan?
joe pish (1 year ago)
thats what i do with my laptop. U have to after a while.
John Smith (1 year ago)
I agree 100% wipe it clean. Why couldn't you copy your APK's to a usb and then when your system is clean reinstall from the usb?? I'm not an Android techie YET! Just seems to make sense and why have a bunch of junk on a TV Box?? Just curious.
Unkle Quester (1 year ago)
This deserves a "why didn't I think of that" AND a self-V8 bitch slap! The most profound stuff is also, most often the simplest fix....we all tryna be so damn deep when a lil common sense can make life so much easier! Hahaha....good lookin John
jerry prince (1 year ago)
I just done it I let u know what's going on with it solo
earl coyle (1 year ago)
Just add a cleaner of play store. Job done
jase12354 (1 year ago)
y constantly ur fce remove that lump in ur throught
Connor Westfallen (1 year ago)
Hi ya i did factory restart on my X 96 android and it did no good at all it took all the apps including megabox and left me with show box and even when I click on that all it seems to do is just load and nothing else, it does that on all apps I click on . I am contact to the Internet that hasn't gone off could you please tell me what to do.
Kenny Maldonado (1 year ago)
All that is probably because you need to update the OS on the box... if you had it for a long time and you do a factory reset it will go back to the state it was when you bought it and some apps won't work on out dated versions of the Operating System
Montresa Holden (1 year ago)
So how do I st up the Ott Tv box??? And is it suppose to be on the HDMI input
Thomas Hynes (1 year ago)
OK so lets just clear a few things up. 1. Buffering is because your internet sucks, it's not the box. 2. 8-10 what kind of weird ass time scale is this?
Solo Man (1 year ago)
No you were NOT being nice, i didn't appreciate you using a course word on my channel, i don't course myself so neither should you, at least not here "weird ass" is not proper and that is why i replied the way i did. Future comments from you will be automatically deleted.
Thomas Hynes (1 year ago)
Solo Man I was being nice. no need to get your knickers in a twist. Buffering is your device waiting for content to load / provide from the server. So faster Internet does mean faster loading, while I'll agree with you it also depends on the websites server and their bandwidth too. FYI I've been an IT technician for the last 10 years. If you can't take criticism you shouldn't be on YouTube it was your mistake mixing up basic terminologies.
Solo Man (1 year ago)
To clear things up you must have "at least" basic knowledge. Buffering is caused MAINLY due to the websites and/or servers you're streaming from being "overloaded" with so much traffic, especially during peak hours. You can have 200 mbp/s internet speeds and still experience heavy buffering.
Thanks! But i use Nova Launcher i think its a little bit faster :)
velli'e e (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this video..
Raquel Borges (1 year ago)
Hi Solo Man, I'm trying to find the URL to set up my box but can't find it on the comments below...Please help... btw awesome video!
Shawdell Jones (1 year ago)
Soloman, you have always a great tips for all of our Kodi users. Great post!!
bluetuezz1960 (1 year ago)
SOLO MAN,i want to thank you and and all of the other people for making it possible for me and and so many other people to watch so many other people to watch movies we couldnever afford to watch.I know you have to spend so many hours trying to keep us entertained with the movies and other things we would never be able to afford.to watch.The movies they have out today are hardly worth worth watching,but you have given us a chance to see them.Thank you so much!!! You are a GREAT GUY...........THANKS YOU ARE ARE GREAT MAN MY BROTHER!!!
MegaNonkie (1 year ago)
6 minutes I want back lol
Malcolm Bird (1 year ago)
Hi, please can you tell me the best Android tv box to get for my smart TVs in Portugal to get bbc1 & itv Kind regards Malcolm
Abdus Choudhury (1 year ago)
my tv box had a update and everything is changed. the problem is my apps is not working properly it keeps buffering a lot and gone slow.. I try to reset it but It won't go but to normal settings..what do I do to speed up the buffering etc ?
bill lowry (1 year ago)
I got you now
Angad Singh (1 year ago)
disable apps or use greenify
EchoUKProductions (1 year ago)
Better to explain how to GHOST a performance tweaked andriod box so that when you do a reset you don't go back to an old stock build. now that would be good
bill lowry (1 year ago)
I just brought this tv box . My phone on 5g is high . But on tv box is slow I don't understand
Masroor Ahmed (1 year ago)
Fuck sake he doesn't reply anyone lol and these fuckers ask people to subscribe them
Isabel Guggenheimer (1 year ago)
Mr Solo man how do I stop my shows to stop freezing on my box. Also when I pair openload on my cell to the box I get a pop up that tells me I have a virus so how does one pair
Amber Gustus (1 year ago)
if your movies freeze maybe is due to your internet speed is better if you wired your box
Zhou Yuting (1 year ago)
if you guys wanna do the factory reset, make sure you have all the apk back up,after all you only have the empty box with the initial factory installed apps.
Cristofer (1 year ago)
I'm so glad the Android TV Box I bought here https://sites.google.com/site/TVBoxInternational worked well on my TV

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