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FUNNIEST WRONG NUMBER TEXTS! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more wrong number texting or omegle videos! KIDS WHO GOT SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDDV1v4aMGE Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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Text Comments (8355)
SSSniperWolf (4 months ago)
Have you ever accidentally sent a text to someone???
FaZe DuB (2 days ago)
Chaz TECH (11 days ago)
SSSniperWolf yep too many times
Sparkle Panda (25 days ago)
david is da bomb (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf yes
Ricky Animates (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf one more reply for 500
Elvis Yeboah (4 hours ago)
Just a question where did the big bang come from if there was no universe.
Mrossy_ (7 hours ago)
Where do you find these post?
Vee loves 5sos b (9 hours ago)
Lol I freaked when you said "5sos"
Majestic Mittens (10 hours ago)
Lol the one with the song I listened to that today
The Orange (15 hours ago)
That happen to me
Alphawolf Tate (15 hours ago)
Amina Life (22 hours ago)
I have as loran gray
Syed Sufiyan (23 hours ago)
SSniperwolf u r so beautiful n all n honestly dat's d reason why I subscribed to ur channel. Lol 😂 but d only thing I don't like about u is ur accent n ur expressions. Sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way, but I'm just telling how I feel about u
Denice Mae (23 hours ago)
“No one needs 7 dogs” The first thing I thought was Name it: Jin Suga Jhope RM Jimin Taehyung Jungkook I’m the A.R.M.Y I am Edit:someone texting me once ???:Hey Baby you home Me:Wrong Numero ???:Are you haylie Me:No Then I blocked him
Jayden._. Wilken (23 hours ago)
Yes i have... They said "hi"
Kyela (1 day ago)
Bethany Argueta (1 day ago)
Yasss sniperwolf🐺
XxJason_DrawsxX (1 day ago)
Dustin Snider (1 day ago)
How does nobody ever realize the one guy is Jameis Winston?😱😱😱
melanie granados (1 day ago)
Video Rang (1 day ago)
i got texted by a stranger and on the name (which i did not do) said maybe shannon! like what the heck!
RoboBear 913 (2 days ago)
Wronq really
Mary Adams (2 days ago)
I.P. G (2 days ago)
My sister got a message saying to open the screen door and then my sister texted saying *I'm on my phone can't right now sorry!* And they texted back saying *Well hurry I'm about to pee my pants out here* and my sister says *Just pee outside im on my phone still* and no response from that person after.
Asap Matt (2 days ago)
Or are they natural
XxGavinPlaysxX (2 days ago)
*M O O B S*
Kittens Game (2 days ago)
My bday is August 23rd lol don’t worry I’m not Melanie ..
There was a stupid guy who texted me he said Stranger: hi is this Dani, can we smoke killer trees? Me: sorry, wrong number Stranger: *sends pics of food me: I said sorry wrong number Stranger: I'm sorry I was not looking for Dani I just showed you my food because I'm a chef. Me: oh OK its OK * send a music video of me when I was was 4-5* Stranger: how old are you by the way😊 Me: you can guess Stranger: I think 18? Me: if I'm 18 means that video was taken in the 90s but in the 90s there was no Viber or texting or phones...... Stranger: how old are you if your teen maybe we can date Me: I'm 8..... Stranger: nvm bye
Infinite gamer (3 days ago)
Vivi RBLX (3 days ago)
U know 5 sos 😮
Benfield Is the king (3 days ago)
I have
Hoang DaKillar (3 days ago)
There was a number that called me and said is this James I said ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is Jeff they said this used to be James number and said goodbye little Jeff
Emma E (3 days ago)
I'm seeing maroon 5 on thursday
fortnite da best (4 days ago)
This is america
Sammie G Music (4 days ago)
Yes. Some man who only spoke Spanish had was my sister’s old number.
LPs tuber (4 days ago)
Kayd (4 days ago)
So my brother got a new phone I texted him then he said who this i thought he forgot my number and yelled at him the realized i might of just yelled at some one for nothing but it was him still mad he didnt have my number
Ashley Gachy Studios (4 days ago)
Hey ssniperwolf someone got a pic of her and i am 10 :(
Paul Comstock (4 days ago)
Did you say ANIME
mewtwo gaming (4 days ago)
Feb the 3rd is my bday as well
Cyko 2002 (4 days ago)
Yes I did turns out it was a striper texting me an 11year old plus this makes it weird because I'm a girl and this woman send me a picture of her in her bra the nerves of some people right man 😡😡😡😡😡 also I love your vids thx for letting me share my weird text story even though your not going to read it 😖😖
Emily Vlogs (4 days ago)
Someone texted me before saying there dad was in the hospital with cancer
Kawaiix Bri (4 days ago)
Yes a wrong number has text me and the person said ‘’Hey did you get the ointment for my butt rash” and i just played along 😂
Joshua Kimotho (4 days ago)
I like my own comments cause no one liked them
Joshua Kimotho (4 days ago)
Someone should meme her
Shock TO THE 3ed (4 days ago)
A number texted me and was like I just had sex with corn and I was like RAPPPPPPE
Carrie Annabelle (5 days ago)
Sierra Burgess vibes with the travis and Ashley thing
Nyambugi Njenga (5 days ago)
I’m a grill
Adam James (5 days ago)
Here’s my joke *That Guy*no I have not catfished but only on roblox dab
Millie Blakesley (5 days ago)
Someone texts me about a job and I’m to young to have a job 😂😂😂
Savatron (5 days ago)
The "Your Father Just Died" was sent on my birthday ;-;
Sean Michael Almeland (5 days ago)
I wouldent try to look cute in s pic i'd rather just do a normal pic like i think it should be.
Carol Gunderson (5 days ago)
I'ma. Boy. Fk me. Harder. Ssniperwolf. Pls NY
Pinky Pig (5 days ago)
I catfished at a boy and my ex still think its true. ;)
SubToMe WithNoVids (5 days ago)
My bday is 3rd of February to
Nick Armstrong (5 days ago)
When I was 14-17, I catfished several guys and played a female character in games. Morality aside, It was good actually because when I started out playing a male character, no one gave a shit about me and I didn't have that many friends and I was poor as hell. Then I made a female character and friends started coming left to right and I got so much help. I stopped doing it cuz i felt bad after some guys there got a little bit attached and I felt uncomfortable.
Pringle (6 days ago)
Wait srsly? Let's make it qucci
Riley Willyard (6 days ago)
Yes I have and ppl texted me before too
Jeremy Heinrichs (6 days ago)
Yeah I did my friend gave me this random number and dared me to act like a girl😂
Wissam Kalash (6 days ago)
I want to see the BEIBER consert
Serina dat1kid (6 days ago)
I catfish all the time
Aric Geske (6 days ago)
Bro I love your videos when im sad i watch these, these crack me up keep up the goodwork!!
Mixed Frogz (6 days ago)
Does going on kik and acting like a 15 yr old count?
X*Liv*X (6 days ago)
Moobs PFT try MITS !!
Josie Gaming (7 days ago)
One of my wrong number stories 1. Group chat 6 strangers talking about their big bowling 🎳 parry. I told them they had the wrong number. Then one when stranger danger then another oh yeah this number said Gorge doesn't own this number. Then I said it would be fun though.... bye strangers would you mind taking me off. Then I was taken off the group chat. Thanks for wasting your time reading this. 👋
At 4:50 they probably DONT want to sent money unlike mine they got BTW stuff for my sister and merge and a comstiz T-shirt and that musical of the waitress did I spell that right?
jensmusic98 (8 days ago)
I once had a wrong number text me to get out of work by saying I hurt my butt. I was in fourth grade at the time. Wtf
Sel Rblx Gaming (8 days ago)
A Girl Texted Me Saying Is This Jason..? I Said No But My Name Is Mason The Girl Blocked Me.
Sel Rblx Gaming (8 days ago)
Roses Are Red. Violets Are Blue A Face Like Yours Belongs In The Zoo. For:Haters & H*oes Signed Me:-}
Me being relax then (ding) Man: hey up for a drink Me: I would if I was 21 Man: isn't this derek Me: nope Man:oh then have a nice day
Kaylan Shull (8 days ago)
The one that said are you a girl or a guy that happened to me but they said are you a guy or a grill and I said I am not one of them… I am an alienAnd then we turned out to be friends happily ever after ha ha
When you *forget to add that emoji in the phone picture*
Unofficial SnowQueen (9 days ago)
So one time i thought i was texting my friend alex because he had gitten a new phone and i got a text saying "hey its me whats up." so im texting this person for a good hour when i say so what are you up to now and they say just getting my nails done before the party tomorrow. Now my friend alex is a guy and deffinantly doesnt get his nails done. So i have been texting some random person for like an hour. So i say "getting your nails done? Thats awesome but i thibm this is a wrong number i thought you were my buddy alex. So sorry but who is this?" and the chick says "this is rebecca who is this?" so i tell her who i am and we actually end up adding eachother on facebook and being friends for a little while. It was wierd but turned out pretty good.
Nelo Rayon (9 days ago)
Nelo Rayon (9 days ago)
Ohhhhhh shots fire
james fournier (9 days ago)
On my last phone the person who had it before me texted me. I got in trouble by my dad 😐
Lauren Gear (9 days ago)
That’s my birthday 😳😀😇😘🙂
CubikMaster (9 days ago)
That was kratos from god of war 4
Side Line (9 days ago)
Stop at 3:25 its so funny 😆😭😂🤣
Ashley princess (9 days ago)
3:17 I'M DONE
Island Animations (9 days ago)
nathanial gibson (10 days ago)
Madison Dow (10 days ago)
Lmao I catfished my bully it was funny!
Socko the Beardie (10 days ago)
I make and sell paintings to people and one time I accidentally put two customers numbers together and texted the wrong person to send me a pic of their dog so I could paint it. They sent me a pic but I knew that wasn't the dog because I had seen him before. Then the person told me that I had the wrong number but said that they wouldn't complain if I painted their dog so I got another customer. Win win
kenny (10 days ago)
Someone texted me before It was gross....
Olivia Dzierzek (10 days ago)
biggest shit of 2018 lol!!!!!!!
Derpy Hooves (10 days ago)
I had a random person text me, they said "Hi Roxy", and I couldn't help myself I just started to send song lyrics from the musical Chicago
Aidan Baughan (10 days ago)
Rachel Coletto (10 days ago)
My name is Rachel. Not rachyl
Unicorn rainbow 2508 (10 days ago)
Nea Dalsegg (10 days ago)
0:42 I wanna watch the world buuuurn, I got the gazaline.
Melanie Apolinar (10 days ago)
Uhh My name is Melanie :/
Edwin Hugh (10 days ago)
Mine is Feb 5th yasss
TWISTED Foxy (10 days ago)
Frick u
I catfish my fraind
Shy Galaxy (11 days ago)
What is everyone's name
Dead memes (11 days ago)
Shit I’m living the dream cat fishing
Carla Jocoreña (11 days ago)
Me: hello ?: some one was calling here Me: ?: * rude voice* well this is OVEUSLY the wrong number ( hangs up) Me: ?????😂😂😂
Dunja Velebit (5 days ago)
Is this an oddoneout reference
Tigerblood Apocalypse (11 days ago)
Me i am
Lola (11 days ago)
My bffs dad gave me Shelby’s grandmas phone # and I was texting mark from England the whole f****in time
Nijole Vilavičienė (12 days ago)
My crazy big bro always was calling stranders but on purppes but it was funny tho
J HOONTZ (12 days ago)
Someone texted me saying " New number bro, it's Earl" lmao
Smithsonian smith (12 days ago)
Some o e once called me and said dis "Hey can I have two small pizza's and a coke?"😂

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