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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PC, PS4, Xbox One) was announced at E3 2018 and we've more details about it than you'd expect. Buckle up for an info dump! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Amy pinetree (4 hours ago)
I don't play Assassin's Creed but I like Greek mythology so if my brother gets this game I'll probably finally give it a try
Amy pinetree (4 hours ago)
Speaking of which, why is this called Odyssey if it's about Athens vs. Sparta? If it's called Odyssey we better see Odyssius
Albatrax FTW (6 hours ago)
My honest opinion is this one looks amazing as soon as i seen the sea battles and the world i was like yup definitely getting this assassins creed lol I'm so hyped but i am also annoyed because most games are coming out around the same month
Dave R. (10 hours ago)
I'm totally fine with them building on top of the previous system, engine and mechanics to bring us in a new setting. Origins was fun enough that this one doesn't need to go so different to feel fresh in my opinion. I never cared enough about the present day stuff to even wonder how it will link with previous titles tbh.
ssjb haris (11 hours ago)
You say most of game is water.Most of ac origins is desert
ITz Colm (17 hours ago)
As far as historical accuracy goes it's more closer to Greek mythology than actual history from what I can see, does anyone agree?
Devin S. (18 hours ago)
at first i thought it was gonna be to much like origins but after seeing this im not worried anymore
Chelsell 27 (19 hours ago)
I think not being a asssasin in this game well there going to take a hit but it does look really good. But I’m unsure
Mohamad Abdl Ghani (1 day ago)
Well they are working on it from assassins creed syndicate..... so it must be good
Jimbob (1 day ago)
Never watched a single cutscene for origins
BiasedGrunt1998 (1 day ago)
I really wanna get this game, but I'm afraid I've missed to much expositional shit from older games lol
Siclian Savage (1 day ago)
looks like a really good game...but it's not assassin's creed they should've named it something else.
Wilder Ripley (1 day ago)
Even though it's really similar to Origins, I kind of like that you have a bird again in this game because I thought it was cool how you could scout out enemy camps and spot enemies before attacking.
VaniCrid (1 day ago)
Well it's 400 years before origins and in origins the assassin order was created apparently. So if there are no assassins in odyssey then maybe the game will be the creation of the Templar order of something. That would be interesting.
BloodyCripDogg (1 day ago)
8:33 Odyssey* Not Origins
Reiner Miller (1 day ago)
I don't mind if Odyssey looks and plays like Origins. If there will be mechanics of Origins and its continuation with new setting I'm down for that.)
cody42693 _ (1 day ago)
This game looks amazing. But not Assassin's Creed at all. Seems like it should have been a stand alone, new game. Could be wrong, though. It could still tie into the AC universe enough. Just doesn't seem like it...
Anton Kravets (1 day ago)
AC should have ended on Unity (it is my opinion). You can't do AC game fresh without making it a NOT AC game. A big part of 'old school' AC fans are just fed up with games' assasins concept without even undestanding it. So ubisoft doing half-ass Witcher to satisfy someone i guess.
Daniel Alexander (1 day ago)
Ok you got me, I'M HYPED!
bigboss 6549 (1 day ago)
Keep.in mind. Remember that altairs tomb thing in ac 2. With the statues of previous assassin's. Some assassin's date back to before origins. Assassin's creed isn't just about the brother hood it's about how you fight against the order for liberty
AmirYalan Torkzadeh (2 days ago)
They should add prince of Persia DLC, choose between Persians or Greeks
Withered WolfTV (2 days ago)
Will there be online tho?
Samothewolf (2 days ago)
They better not be adding another fucking unicorn in this game
Jacob Gibbons (2 days ago)
I fucking loved origins and after watching this i am going to love odyssey!
Juraxu (2 days ago)
Iwan Egerström (2 days ago)
Looks cool...but when are they gonna add co-op mode?! 😡
Anarkisti (2 days ago)
on the end of the video: "so there are the things we think you should know from e3 2018 about assassins creed origins" excuse me what :D
veresta312 (2 days ago)
We just gonna ignore the fact they just flung a 50 lb metal shield 100 ft into the air like a paper plate..?
RedHoodGaming (2 days ago)
I think the rpg elements are a refreshing element to the ac franchise the point I keep hearing over and over is that this dosent look like an ac game which is a good thing the franchise was going stale and dying ac is a history game first as it always has been
TheNoob (2 days ago)
Probably better than Origins.In My Opinion
UfcFan Creed (2 days ago)
And Man character is from Russsia ?? this akcent terrible .
UfcFan Creed (2 days ago)
they need to change grafik engine unity is old
A PAC1FIST (3 days ago)
I think this ties into the assassins because that spear is what I would assume, is one of the first weapons of Eden ever used, and has been missing for generations. The modern tie in is looking for it wherever your Greek character hid it.
I wont lie i do miss older gen AC games but i also love the new direction
Connor (3 days ago)
Mathew Clarke (3 days ago)
I feel like recently assassin creed games come in two's, they try something new for two games then mix it up again! black flag & rogue, unity & syndicate, origins & odyssey. I kind of like it, makes the series not get too stale and means if you like say, origins, then you're guaranteed another good game!
Alip Azham (3 days ago)
this series just need to die and be reborn with a new ip and name..like drakengard and nier
Native BeastMode (3 days ago)
Origins was like playing The Witcher without the epic story or characters. What made AC games great was the story and livelihood of the settings. Origins was an empty world with an average story that got locked away by boring side missions.
Joan Linus (3 days ago)
I loved Origins so having an even more RPG based game from AC is like a dream come true
doomermeeko (3 days ago)
so basically Assassins Creed is now like Tom Clancy, an umbrella of similar games.. I am okay with that!
Jeremy Prinzen (3 days ago)
Is any one else getting the vibe that this Spear of Leonidas is a broken-off piece of a Staff of Eden? It looks similar to the end of the Papal Staff Rodrigo used against Ezio
Sukhan Sandhu (3 days ago)
8:33 odyssey**
Jknight 02 (3 days ago)
So do we get a hidden blade or is it just the spear?
Dillan Rankin (3 days ago)
I didn't play origins and this looks like an upgrade from it so it works for me
Eventfulbloom 41 (3 days ago)
Ubisoft rocks
soldier 1: what year it is? soldier 2: 200 B.C soldier 1: what does B.C means? soldier 2: before Christ soldier 1: who's Christ? soldier 2: no f*cking clue mate
Fs Dicker (3 days ago)
Number 11 It is a reskin of Origins
Charlie Wang (3 days ago)
Odyssey’s world layout and naval combat is the ultimate Black Flag “remake” that I wanted
Daimian Dalton (3 days ago)
Huh Jake I don't think you said Odyssey at the end there I think you said Origins. Just wanted to point that out. Love you all on gameranx keep the videos coming tho
DARTHDAFFYD (3 days ago)
Ahistorical bs
Atlas (3 days ago)
Noice comes out on my 20th...I might treat myself on a special edition.
Reginald Bailey (3 days ago)
romance both?! twincest=wincest?
Manna Singh (3 days ago)
pls bring the ezio back.. do something b/w brotherhood and revelations.. ubisoft.. bring those characters back which we already love..
Aziz_ Alrumayyan (3 days ago)
He said Origins lol
Logic Matrix (3 days ago)
You said origins by accident towards the end
Autistic Burrito (3 days ago)
i hope u can fight mythical creatures
callmepsycho (3 days ago)
Shame the Spartans look nothing like they did in history. https://weaponsandwarfare.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/1-3a-spartan-warriors-mantinea.jpg
jamie Mackie (3 days ago)
First AC that I've been excited for in years.
Joe Bernardo (3 days ago)
This game makes me wanna come back to the series (though, unlike most people, the naval stuff just isn't my thing). Interesting game-wise and adds a lot of color to the game. Haven't played since AC 3 so I might have to catch up on a lot, do you happen to have walkthroughs for the other games with DLC? I'm really keen for the direction that Ubisoft is going for, Idk if this would be amazing, my all time favorite AC game was brotherhood and a lot has changed since then. Aesthetically the game is super visually pleasing. The color and attention to detail are awesome. The mechanics seem interesting enough, very keen to see more mythological stuff (though that's just me and my tastes). I also like how they are detaching from the typical cliche lore, but expanding on the whole universe of AC, for the most part, I disagree that it feels less Assassin's Creed and More like Mercenary's Creed. The background plot feels the same, I think they're just heading more into explaining why some things are the way they are in the series rather than focusing on the Templar VS Assassin meta. PLUS they only showed teasers so who knows for now. The RPG aspect (is bomb yo, I love it) is interesting and changes the whole feeling of the game and the recruiting of people on the ship feels very brotherhood and syndicate for me which is a plus. Yes, shiny things in AC universe feels mythic and related to Minerva and such. Overall this feels very fleshed out.
Cory Thompson (3 days ago)
They could leave out the modern parts of AC from now on in my opinion, the modern sections got dramatically more boring after AC3 and AC4
MDP GAMlNG (3 days ago)
I'm so in love with this already
VelocityImpact (3 days ago)
Not to be that guy but 8:34 he refers to Oddessy as Origins by accident lol
Yoyo Zhou (3 days ago)
This is AC? Wat...
Azenite (3 days ago)
no japan assassins creed. leave it to gof to do well.
Moose Musson (3 days ago)
it'll be the poor mans origings/black flag. Like ac roughe. at worst of course.
killerbsting16 (4 days ago)
Can't wait for the dialogue options.....looks fun
Jack *Will* Kill You (4 days ago)
I’m curious if you’ll get a hood like all the other assassin creed game
james d (4 days ago)
Is it really a negative that its like origins? Before people were saying origins was like The Witcher 3 but as a positive. Ubisoft is continuing in this direction. I honestly don't know how the they could have made it much different besides changing some UI.
The Joker (4 days ago)
Why isn't it there any shields?
IceBreaker87 (4 days ago)
I’m hyped af
Johnny Emezie (4 days ago)
Seriously, what is this anymore?
Melvin van Galen (4 days ago)
Didn't one of those assassins in the trophy room of the villa in monteriggioni in AC 2 assassinate Xerxes? Same as the one who assassinated Cleopatra was in that room, which we saw in Origins. Perhaps we see that assassin in this game, and Ubisoft's goal is to give us a small part of backstory of those assassins and the brotherhood inside the upcoming games. Showing us how the brotherhood changed over the years, the roots etc. While working on the modern day story too and eventually lead it all up to a all out modern day battle between the assassins and the templars. While this may not feel like a AC game, perhaps thats the goal since weaponry was so different in those times compared to most other timelines(hidden blade etc) of the AC series. Pretty sure we get to see the old Assassin way we love make it's comeback soon.
Joshua McKoy (4 days ago)
I fee like Ancient Greece isn't really a good setting for the stealth and fighting styles but idk who knows Also: Why are ppl acting like a male/female character option is a first? They did that in Syndicate
lasserchris (4 days ago)
New to AC and am playing Origins on a whim and love it. This game looks stunning.
F (4 days ago)
This game looks fun but fuck off Ubisoft come up with a name that fits the game
Keven Monteiro (4 days ago)
This is not Assassins Creed... It looks good tho
WingCMDR_Goose (4 days ago)
So do you have special editions of your special edition version of the game?
Assasin creed video (4 days ago)
To does who are saying that the assassin creed Odyssey is not an assassin creed anymore.....shh!!....shh!! Just let them enjoy the game okay
TheCosplayhouse (4 days ago)
I swear the crybabies that say it makes no sense to be called assassins creed and it being to "magical" DO THEY NOT REALISE THAT THE ISU STUF IS PRETTY MUCH GREEK MYTHOLOGY SO A LOOOOOOOT OF THE MAIN STORY IS CONECTED TO THIS GAME.
SIMPLY LIFE DONNA (4 days ago)
Shadow lord (4 days ago)
Assasins creed is not assasins creed anymore
Shawn Kucinski (4 days ago)
My only issue is since you're a mercenary I wish you could choose which side you would want to fight for so if you want to fight for the Athenians you have the option to do so.
Smegmis Khan (4 days ago)
Its so funny to know how many people write this off just cause hidden blades, hoods and Templars aren't being shoved in their face right away. God forbid the connections are, *GASP* Buried within the story??? Mayhaps, and bear with me here...the marketing team decided to let people dig into the game to find lore tie ins and answers, Y'know like self educating, matured minds do, seek answers. Instead all these cave dwellers shriek because the answers they want arent obvious. THEY DONT EVEN TELL ME HOW THE GAME ENDS, I WONT SPEND A CENT TILL I AM PERSONALLY EMAILED THE ENTIRE STORY ARC AND GIVEN ACCESS TO ALL CONTENT FOR FREE REEEEE
Happy Freak Friends (4 days ago)
I am Greek and words cannot even explain how EXCITED I am about this game!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
Camalonious (4 days ago)
Made me feel better about my pre order. :)
Jaeger V (4 days ago)
This ac explains where the apple of Eden comes from and how the mercenaries protect so I think that how it related.
Azren Adli (4 days ago)
For the 1st time, I'm interested with AC since the Altair one.
Mentor Arash (4 days ago)
I wasnt the biggest fan of origins but this right here looks fucking awesome!! Lovin the added rpg elements.
Aluc4rdGam3r ! (4 days ago)
This is not much of an assassins creed game
Tutu Vpr (4 days ago)
The combat system are not good.... We want old Gen assassin Creed combat system
ckamo10 (4 days ago)
Tbh if I cant wear a hood and use hidden blades I’m fighting Ubisoft
Sepand Ardehali (4 days ago)
If you don’t choose Sparta you’re doing it wrong.
Veteran Soul (4 days ago)
they better mention kratos
Umair Amir (4 days ago)
I get the Odyssey Part BUT Where is the assassins creed part of it
Arima's chin (4 days ago)
the game looks like half-assed ac origins reskin. Good choice of music from Ubisoft at the opening scene since it lets you know Ezio was the best thing to happen in ac & the franchise died with him.
Wait. Assasins creed odyssey takes place at greece. THEY ARE SO DEAD THEY GON BE KILLED BY KRATOS
Sheep ;-; (4 days ago)
the only real prob i have is the combat system but its not that bad tbh
Ciana Quiñones (4 days ago)
I am buying this game Yeah it's a bit rash, but this is the kind of game I've been looking forward to, for a long time.
Risat Alam (4 days ago)
this is not assassin's creed because they had a hood and a hidden blade
Shea Newby (4 days ago)
In my opinion ubisoft should let assassins creed die. Instead of completly changing the ac series just keep it how it was and start a new series about rpg with a different style and different gameplay. Dont get me wrong, i love the ac series but id rather they let is die and finish it with a nice ending than juicing everything they can out of it.
CARNEL STUDIOS (4 days ago)
You mean Assassins Creed Of War ....

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