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Minecraft Daily! Part 125; ft. Sly, Aleks, and Steven! - A Friendly Neighborhood Duel

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Text Comments (87)
PiggyProtecter (4 years ago)
xTeChNiQuEz1 (4 years ago)
@yfqppmh for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there ALSO! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >> bit.ly/146JQIv?=ebyen
deadbeat dollars (4 years ago)
Sly needs to buy a new Mic has like a Walmart one
manning 23 (4 years ago)
Corgies are cool
victor S (4 years ago)
Kevin is that you're dog??
Asiantentacles Lin (4 years ago)
Kevin throws first hit and lets sly finish xD best crime scene in existence.
alex nob (4 years ago)
fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6:32
Eddy D (4 years ago)
Kevin you gotta see if you can spawn the I game items disc so that porygon can evolve through trade twice to porygon 2 then Z unless it hasn't been added yet
Eddy D (4 years ago)
Sly is the only one who uses rare candies instead of accrual king barreling
Joseph Paul Fuller (4 years ago)
belac192 (4 years ago)
go out the back I will distract them
IX Productions (4 years ago)
Corgi's are cool
TheDarkDalhia (4 years ago)
Its Faithful
Zizie1st (4 years ago)
Corgis are cool n cute
Zizie1st (4 years ago)
Kevin's thumbnails are always corgis. Fuzzy corgis. CORGI CORGI CORGI CORGI
kruxtpm (4 years ago)
Kevin I hope you become a Pokemon master
Rhysbailey52 (4 years ago)
IX Productions (4 years ago)
Spoiler... Eevee is secretly a corgi
IX Productions (4 years ago)
Cat J. (4 years ago)
I always wanted a corgi they are cool dogs. may be my future dog. ooo corgis how I love them
K Tony (4 years ago)
dude how many times did you fucking heal your Pokemon what the fuck dude?!?!?!?!?
Elise Ferguson (4 years ago)
My neighbors have two corgi they are so cute
NyanChris GB (4 years ago)
Where's gunpoint
HemlockMaculatum (4 years ago)
HemlockMaculatum (4 years ago)
HemlockMaculatum (4 years ago)
HemlockMaculatum (4 years ago)
The Avian (4 years ago)
If I had a Corgi, I'd name is Corgi... or Corgi....
The Avian (4 years ago)
If I had a Corgi, I'd name is Corgi... or Corgi....
The Avian (4 years ago)
Everyone says porygon was only showed once, which was in a japanese episode which gave over 700+ children seizures, But I saw him in the pokemon movie, with Latias and Latios.
The Avian (4 years ago)
More like 4rd....
The Avian (4 years ago)
More like 4rd....
king tut (4 years ago)
LOL of course you would disagree with me! your his fan so obviously you would think he is the hottest shit in town!
JaesChickenNugg (4 years ago)
If I had a Corgi, I'd name it Duke... or Kobe....
JaesChickenNugg (4 years ago)
If I had a Corgi, I'd name it Duke... or Kobe....
Smerly Face (4 years ago)
Kevin your really far behind from the episoide.
Amy Nguyen (4 years ago)
Use a pokemon texture pack
Chance Frederickson (4 years ago)
as do i
Cynical Goblin (4 years ago)
oMittyTheKittyo (4 years ago)
They don't *actually* hate him, it's all just fun :p
XblackopsX100 (4 years ago)
awwwwwwwe the corgi has a box on its head
Amber.NA (4 years ago)
Oh my gosh wtf was that noise ..my ears!!
leave me alone (4 years ago)
Bernard Kuma (4 years ago)
Dude I can not belive he took out conversation2 he could of used it
steakproductions95 (4 years ago)
Also, corgis are awesome
Sam Topilko (4 years ago)
corgis are the cutest
steakproductions95 (4 years ago)
Well fuck you, as a a subscriber to all of the, mainly a homie, I totally disagree as would any other reasonable person
creaky cargo (4 years ago)
cheating to the top? using rare candies is fine they said that and if that's not what your talking about then what are you talking about because sly hasn't cheated!
E Leon (4 years ago)
lol the stream was XD funny
Infertiles (4 years ago)
becuase his giggle is gay
Tezy10 Bite (4 years ago)
/pokespawn mew boss3 /pokespawn articuno boss3 /pokespawn zapdo boss3 /pokespawn moltres boss3 /pokespawn mewtwo boss3 (do this one in 1,6,2) You're all welcome! :)
SirFredrin (4 years ago)
so you own a corgi?
Odd (4 years ago)
6:52 I lost my shit. I'm never using headphones on full volume on YouTube again.
king tut (4 years ago)
well him being a total douche and cheating his way to the top was funny at first but after doing the same shit over and over it got a little annoying, and now it just pisses me off
Doud (4 years ago)
adebleswordfish (4 years ago)
corgis are sooo cool OMG
Resident Weeb (4 years ago)
That Kevin x Aleks shipping.
king tut (4 years ago)
*endstone it looks like a dump!
Ap0c4lypseP0ny (4 years ago)
So if the Groudon statue is an enderstone, what does the End look like?
fuck tiana (4 years ago)
I want the next part! :-D
Chelsey White (4 years ago)
I love slys vids. But I injoy team TFU better. Call it the fanwar.
Alex Morales (4 years ago)
Steven pls
KillaBeastMG (4 years ago)
I like Corgis.
James Dennis (4 years ago)
Why did you get rid of conversion2, it can take on the type (s) that the opponent atributes and you can counter it.
jair703tenna (4 years ago)
why you guys hate sly,at first you loved sly now ya hate him
jair703tenna (4 years ago)
why you guys hateing on sly
avataraang 27 (4 years ago)
BBF=Big Bread Factory
Alejandro The Taco (4 years ago)
BBF Team Sucks except Immortal
ThatGamingAsian (4 years ago)
#KevinLovesTopLane #StevenBestBottomBitchNA
SurroundMe (4 years ago)
BBF=Best Boyfriends :3
Phoburus (4 years ago)
When sly said show penises you should have renamed your Pokemon penis
William T. Henopp (4 years ago)
William T. Henopp (4 years ago)
Miniel (4 years ago)
Kevin kinda brought that moment on the livestream on himself now that I think about it. He fueled the fires of the fangirls XD
Meow (4 years ago)
6:56 scared the shit out of me
Meow (4 years ago)
6:56 scared the shit out of me
Logan Jones (4 years ago)
fuck off
Vincent PizzaPasta (4 years ago)
#Kevins Top
Vincent PizzaPasta (4 years ago)
#Kevins Top
Kat Gaddie (4 years ago)
Kevin do you have a corgi?
Kat Gaddie (4 years ago)
Kevin do you have a corgi?
William T. Henopp (4 years ago)
Noxy (4 years ago)
BuckGamingAndVlogs (4 years ago)
Mrs. Maya (4 years ago)
Love you

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