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Why can't we fly a plane into space ?

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Why can’t we fly a plane into space, what stops it from just flying higher and higher until we are in space?, sounds like a daft question but it has interesting implications that mean we might not be that far from a plane that can fly into space. Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/curiousdroid Paypal.me : https://www.paypal.me/curiousdroid You can now translate this and other curious droid videos, see my video about it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLPVgIytKyg Well, there several issues but assuming we are in something like a normal jet airliner, then one of the main problems is the air, or lack of it as we get closer to space. A plane flies because as it is propelled forward, the wings, which are shaped to make the air flow faster over the top of them than the bottom, generate lift. As the plane goes faster the wings create more lift and when the lift is greater than the weight of the plane, it will climb up into the air. For our plane to continue to climb it needs more speed to increase the lift. If you throttle back on the speed a bit, the plane will settle in to level flight and if you decrease the speed the plane will start to fall as lift from the wings is not enough to overcome the weight of the plane. Title: TimeTrain Author: P C III Source: www.pipechoir.com License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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Text Comments (6753)
james davis (5 hours ago)
Exellent explanation, but he should be calling the play by play for the English premier league! !
Troy Lynn (11 hours ago)
The same reason Rockets have a tendency to turn and always come back down. There’s nothing for the thrust to push against.
Tyler Keller (12 hours ago)
Lift generated on the wings is totally irrelevant. I took a city college principles of physics course which is enough to explain that the lack of air needed to create thrust from the jet engines is the primary reason. This is a dumbass question.
Dinesh Ojha (17 hours ago)
Pilots can't get that pay to take us to the moon
7BJDX (21 hours ago)
that shirt makes me want to fly into a black hole
kimtat lee (23 hours ago)
you will still get air in the death zone but it is half as less as the air on land
Floridaboi 904 (23 hours ago)
Why can't we fly into the depths of the ocean?
IThinkWithMy Dick (1 day ago)
Because then we'd have to stop calling it an "airplane" and call it a "vacuum plane".
ShillBullshit007 (1 day ago)
Yeh coa.space isnt real.....you read to.much bulshit science mate
Tess Tickles (1 day ago)
But I mean..... Has anyone every actually tried???
El Duce (1 day ago)
Because the Earth is flat.
FAKE RAYBAN's (1 day ago)
Next up why cant we put a man on the Moon ?
kimtat lee (22 hours ago)
answer: because you are stupid and you had never seen or heard people going to space before
Jack (2 days ago)
He dragged this vid out to 10 mins so badly
TrueEarth News (2 days ago)
Let me guess there’s no frigging atmosphere.🌧
James Tucker (2 days ago)
is this topic actually a 10 minute long video? we got the answer in the first 20 seconds, and it's a very simple answer that requires like .01% of your brain to answer it yourself
charlie charlie (2 days ago)
Why not build an elevator cable that can be lowered to 100,000 feet connected to an orbiter in space. A balloon then travels to connect with the cable and the payload is lifted to the space orbiter. Balloon travels back to earth to do the same routine. This can help build a bigger space station needed for future travel.
Aaron Waldon (2 days ago)
i turn table abductees over techno fyi ppl.
Liam (2 days ago)
Up next: What happens if you use a dildo, in space!
George Alexandru (2 days ago)
This guy is from game of thrones?
Vesper (2 days ago)
Curious Droid -Thanks a lot .keep up good work. You are always providing a wide spectrum of information while answering the question.I like Your attitude. ( No pun intended...perhaps ;_))).Cheerio!
Preston Bryant (3 days ago)
The higher up the less dense the air the reason airliners fly so high (usually at 38 thousand feet) because they can go two times faster. But they could stall if they go too high because the engines don’t have enough oxygen to breath the engines need oxygen to mix up with fuel molecules to burn and generate thrust.
Broccoli Beefed (3 days ago)
Which makes me wonder how anyone survives hiking Mt. Everest.
Miguel Vieira (3 days ago)
ask Jordin Sparks
jeppe larsen (3 days ago)
This is just f****** stupid!!! havn't even watch the film yet, but every one know there is no air in space, therefore you are not able to make a lift from den change i pressure from under and over en wings..... f****** stupid
andrew lawrence (3 days ago)
I remember when I was a kid I recall a lot of talk about ballistic arc transport. I would love to know why this idea was abandoned, I am aware of the limitations of humans a high G the way understood it 3Gs for around 40 seconds and 20 minutes to glide to a genteel landing
Aviation enthusiast (3 days ago)
Because its space
Frank P. (4 days ago)
Up Next : 'Why can't we skydive under water ?'
CRISIS ACTORS (4 days ago)
Let's just be realistic and not so much science fiction.....nothing can fly into space because there is no such thing as space.....the only people that believe the idea of space are those who don't have "they live" sunglasses.
vic twenty (4 days ago)
Niz Hhh (4 days ago)
Meat king from Hitman: blood money
Jack Alpha (5 days ago)
we tried, pre-1960. Around 7 miles up, anything with wings loses purchase, turns sideways, tears in half. Obviously.
tintman831 (5 days ago)
Cause you cant fly into space at all
Chad Judd (5 days ago)
Better question is what’s the difference between a rocket and a jet airplane? Rockets have liquid oxygen added to the fuel to make combustion possible. Airplanes do not. Also airplanes are NOT pushed forward. They are like massive vacuum cleaners, they suck the air in front of the engines, thus pulling them forward, not being pushed from behind.
KRAZEEIZATION (5 days ago)
Escape velocity!
hari_kishore (5 days ago)
the title itself keep me away clicking this video for more then a year, it's obvious answer..but lt has more information then i thought.
Carlos Cruz (6 days ago)
Mitchell Cooper (6 days ago)
Seriously u got a crap 10 min video out of this. So many plebs out there
Barry Bignut (6 days ago)
And next episode we ask ...... Why can't we make tea using a chocolate teapot?
mark little (6 days ago)
Same reason nothing can fly in space. Everything that can fly needs air. Yet you all believe we can fly to the moon.
MaFess ABR (6 days ago)
Why can't man give birth !
Jpts13 (6 days ago)
Because no air to. Create lift
Ricardo Rodrigues (6 days ago)
Steve Dunch (7 days ago)
This Video was for flat earthers
Shadow Knows (7 days ago)
4 Million views wow - we once learned this in Grade 5 people. A little common sense helps too. Reminds me some who can't comprehend how deep water could crush a person.
Gabriel Rapan (7 days ago)
the plane pushes on air....what do rockets push against in...vacuum?....in order to create forward momentum....that is the question.
Frank Kwaijtaal (2 days ago)
+Gabriel Rapan thrust ! You keep comparing it yo our atmosphere.... It is not the same. If you create a vacuum here and make a hole air will rush into it because of the difference in pressure, creating a force . Same goes for a plane (big pressurized tube) which pops a hole.. the pressure will rushout , creating a force (same as a rocket). You can find videos of people letting air out of a balloon in vacuum chambers... The ballon moves because the air generates thrust. And for your comparrison, a drone wont fly in the same chamber because a propellor is a wing and needs an enviroment to work
Gabriel Rapan (2 days ago)
''but in space there is a vacuum in front of the rocket (read a few lines back).....again the vacuum is ALL AROUND THE ROCKET not only in the front.....like i said....it's not a vacuum cleaner to...suck the damn rocket...and again you eject mass into ...vacuum.....explain to me how forward momentum is achieved?
Frank Kwaijtaal (2 days ago)
+Gabriel Rapan i will give you a hint .... Thrust . Look up what it is , how it works. And then reevaluate your knowledge on newtons laws, i would check the third one a bit ;)
Gabriel Rapan (2 days ago)
you dance around my point ...QUOTE '' it does not have to "push" against anything''..... and you denying newtons first (3) law ...action /reaction.....QUOTE ''Jet engines on earth work the same. You eject mass from the back.and create a force the opposite direction. Like i tried to explain. A less dense environment only makes i t go easier because you have no drag or pressure build up in front of the device ''..... dude????....jet engines work ENTIRELY different. please educate yourself. ''a less dense environment? dude WE TALKING ABOUT SPACE. it's VACUUM. that is 10 torr of NEGATIVE pressure... it's not ''less dense''...we implode oil pipes when testing at around 4 torr....have you ever seen a oil pipe? thickness and such? ram jets are needed for higher altitude.....but still.... air, THIN atmosphere has to be present to be acted upon by the jet,rocket.propeler,rotor.....to get a reaction....newton's first law(3) .... 5 th grade physics man....if it is as you say...why airplanes struggled a half century to reach 100 000 feet? ...that is why propeller airplanes could not go very high up....the propeller can't beat the air fast enough to create lift....why? because of thinner less dense atmosphere.....now please think before you post next reply and google newtons first law and how lift is created for airplanes and rockets .....make sure your argument does not deny the laws of OBSERVABLE physics that you learn in MIDDLE SCHOOL is not worth the time..... ''
Frank Kwaijtaal (3 days ago)
+Gabriel Rapan it does not have to "push" against anything. Jet engines on earth work the same. You eject mass from the back.and create a force the opposite direction. Like i tried to explain. A less dense inviroment only makes i t go easier because you have no drag or pressure build up in front of the device
Dave ffs (7 days ago)
From the producers of such greats as: Why can't we make engine oil from sand? Why can't we make gold from iron? Why can't I plug my penis into a socket? and the classic from way back, why can't we turn water into wine? Rated 5 stars by the flat earth society
Ricardo Montes (8 days ago)
Why cant american car manufacturers build a vehicle that lasts longer than 100,000 miles?
bob wilson (8 days ago)
No lift
Isaiah King (8 days ago)
Why is uncle fester narrating a video about flying?
Diego Augusto (8 days ago)
TL:DW = Air.
Truth Seeker888 (8 days ago)
SO...engines need oxygen to burn...so in space...no air (it's a vacuum)...no air means no oxygen...so basically nothing can fly in space....there is nothing to push off against...no oxygen to burn....what about rockets and the ISS????....mmmm?
ytmoog (6 days ago)
Rockets carry their own oxygen with them.
Julio Mavas (8 days ago)
No McDonald's
C Simon (8 days ago)
Mike Brauss (8 days ago)
Took 10 min to figure this shit out?
conor smith (9 days ago)
Awesome video man. You answered some things here that I’ve always wanted to know. Great job
Allan Folmersen (9 days ago)
Wrong. You don't need to get to ESCAPE velocity to get into space. Escape velocity is the velocity where you won't stay in orbit or fall back but continue away from Earth.
Fabian (9 days ago)
Based on the title alone: Who is the target audience for this video? Grade schoolers? What's next? Why cant we drive a car on water? Seriously tho, might want to change the title..
Fabian (9 days ago)
I love your typo :)
conor smith (9 days ago)
Fabian Love all the smart arses in this common thread. The guy is just trying to explain the physics behind lift and a skate velocity.
Matthew Lea (9 days ago)
This is a video for me. I once made the mistake that scramjets might work at the ISS height.
Joseph Keenan (10 days ago)
No air, no lift, no fly
vinsanity982 (10 days ago)
Didn't watch the video. Why is it ten minutes long to just say air (the lack of)
Allan Altamirano (10 days ago)
great video thank you.
Manuel Ray (10 days ago)
We can't fly anything into space you fucking idiots never been to the Moon never got past Earth's orbit
Juliana loves galexy (10 days ago)
Maybe cause if it goes to space The plane it will be dangerous and float everywhere and take a while to get back down
obed Abedi (10 days ago)
Doesn't explain how to solve the icing problem.
Nipzie (10 days ago)
Is anyone actually asking this question?
Byron J. (11 days ago)
Omg how can anyone be confused by this! Anyone smart enough to care about this question already answered it a long time ago! Who is this video targeted too?!
Martin S (11 days ago)
BoomBrush (11 days ago)
because earth is flat no further questions
Carli Koko (11 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣bullshit...c'mon there's no space
ramon ramon (11 days ago)
well ive been 6000 kom high in univers yes 6000 km high i was i was in my pyamas but i travel real time ok
ramon ramon (11 days ago)
weell ad bigger oxygen tanks on the plane to travel why not
Rush wijenayake (11 days ago)
Michael Leech (12 days ago)
Cool stuff 😎
kilroy987 (12 days ago)
Because the same air needed for lift is too thin at the border of space, and the thrust of a plane isn't strong enough to simply thrust us out. However, I'd like to think a military jet that can fly at mach 2 could do it. Just get really high up, get to mach 2, turn up and hit the afterburner.
MikeyBoi (12 days ago)
Really? "The Death Zone"? How original and unique!
Karen Dixon (12 days ago)
Thank you so much for this explanation!
Matt Sterling (12 days ago)
I wondered what happened to uncle fester
We actually fly in the space.......hi im earth...
Fredrick Roberts (12 days ago)
Assuming a plane was instantaneously placed in space, a plane could fly in space if there was air in space. Lift and drag go to zero. You would also have to make sure that for the door seals etc. that they wouldn't outgas. If the cabin could maintain it's cabin pressure you could survive. Other than this, a plane could fly in space.
dish125db (13 days ago)
Why cant we look up and swim to space?
dish125db (13 days ago)
FlashVoltage2005 (13 days ago)
next up: why cant there be flying cars
jerald triplet (13 days ago)
Dave Freeman (13 days ago)
Next up why I can’t get laid 😂😂😂
jimmyboy163 (13 days ago)
Wrong!!!! I'm a pilot and hold my commercial rating and just last week I kept forgetting to dip my nose down to follow the curvature of the earth and almost flew off into space...... good thing I woke up from my nap before I was halfway to the Moon
Google "Bob Lazar Antigravity explained" and you will be amazed and enlightened . Earth's magnetic field differs which explains why some UFOs are moving awkwardly up and down in the skies.
doctoristina (13 days ago)
why don't my farts stink to me but everybody else hates them ???
paul skillman (13 days ago)
No air. No lift.
Peanutology Institute (13 days ago)
Batman flew into space in his plane w/o suffocation. Liar
TheSimCaptain (13 days ago)
Actually, you only need to reach about 18,000 mph to get into space. That is called orbital velocity. Even less if you don't need to stay up there. Escape velocity is needed to escape from the Earth, e.g. reach the moon etc.
Ninna Asher (13 days ago)
no road map
I Agree (13 days ago)
Quit measuring with your feet!
byron2521 (14 days ago)
This is a simple question with a simple answer.......oxygen. The wing lift is actually a minor issue. If you had the acceleration to escape the earth's gravity, wings and lift would actually not even be a factor.
MEs61 (14 days ago)
Something called escape velocity
Sky Fall (14 days ago)
because there is no space.
kimtat lee (22 hours ago)
yay there is no space in your dreams hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhhhahhhhahhhahhahahahhhhhahhahahaaa!!!!!!!!
Edwin Palacios (14 days ago)
I did not watch this retarded video. But I'm gonna comment. Tjis is just more proof of idiotocracy coming soon. If you need to know the obvious reasons a commercial plane can't go to space... please jump off the nearest bridge. You're a waste.
Darian Barber (8 days ago)
If you did not watch it yet your commenting then what's the fuda fucking point of you being here in the first place when you could just something else because you can't reply to every video you don't like. It would take till the end of time to watch every video in existence.
mlccrl (14 days ago)
A member of Adam's family explains why it's hard to fly in the space. He's as scaring as intelligent.
XplaneZ (14 days ago)
no air, no propulsion...there
greenspan11111 (14 days ago)
Well there is no air in the space and so no airflow for the plane's wings to sustain itself, there is a service ceiling limit for all aircraft because of that!..
troublezzzz (14 days ago)
0:20 - 0:40 Explains that there’s no such thing as Gravity. Thank you!

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