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B rated games: Warband Xbox One

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Check out this PC masterpiece from 2007/2010, finally available on console. Graphics are terrible, but the game is great! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/floydian51
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Karon Spears-Adams (2 years ago)
anybody have an extra key for ps4?
Heather Whitt (2 years ago)
Do you play online?because you can choose any weapon
Nate Cole (2 years ago)
When you get a bow and arrow  at start lmao, you have to watch out during tournaments, make sure your team is alive or the other teams don't have 3-1 on you. If you start with anything other than a sword, look for dead players on the ground and grab them, jousting sticks, and arrows are terrible in the arena. Bet 100 everytime and you make 4k.
Lynix200 (2 years ago)
Remember that tournaments are alot easier in other places, particularly in the nordic regions. This is because they will always give you a throwing axe or onehanded weapon :). I think that the best places are the nordic/vieger/rhodock and sarranid regions are the easiest because they will always give you a decent weapon
Jonathan Garner (2 years ago)
I suck it hard with a bow! I need a lot more practice!

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