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SIDESHOW: BedBanana's Mind Place

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Welcome to Sideshow! Welcome to my mind. Sideshow Merch: https://store.roosterteeth.com/products/side-show-logo-tee?variant=7343241527344 Criken's Announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqm3ics9Qro Tomato Announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0WGNqXaFLo Song at the end is "Listen to the storm" by Puppet, check him out here! Twitter: https://twitter.com/puppetsucks Site: http://puppetmusic.net/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4mYGX3vTkcf5F792bqQ5mS Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fear-is-fleeting-ep/1175678147 Quoting "Sound & Color" by Alabama Shakes at 3:20 Big shoutout to Zuthar, Lawlman, Buck & percussion for helping me get allot of the shots in the video. Zuthar: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zuthar13 Buck: https://www.twitch.tv/bucklington Percussion: https://t.co/Y6d8IOTmZN LawlMan: https://www.twitch.tv/mrlawlman1 Patreon Support! MoTownRecords Talon Cooley DasFegelein Tojimaru TheWholeBlock GeneralArse Tebjor Wasuji
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Text Comments (901)
doge (5 days ago)
Bucks somewhere, somewhere.
Elias Larenholtz (8 days ago)
I... Wow.
SweetYeet (13 days ago)
this is some hideo kojima shit
ChaoticFlint (15 days ago)
what is the beginning song!!!
Ben Scribner (17 days ago)
Ok. So. This shouldn't have been the first one I watched, out of all of them XD
Dead Pool (20 days ago)
Pure gold
Karina Machuca (22 days ago)
MY HEART! 0:53
Assault Ham (25 days ago)
This made me a little emotional, to be honest. Not saying I cried or wept, but you know. *s y m p a t h y*
Alex Baldwin (1 month ago)
I'm not crying over a gmod video... I'm not crying over a gmod video...
Taylor Baldwin (1 month ago)
The Beerex (1 month ago)
I never watched Bed's video for sideshow when it came out... This is incredible...
Behemoth Titan (1 month ago)
Did he say "the _late_ Tomato Gaming"? Did I miss something?
Pvt.Pancakes (1 month ago)
Starting to think sideshow and paranormal are linked. (Giant chicken)
The Muffin Man (1 month ago)
These are basically personal ads for each one of them. Criken is fairly normal, Tomato is a bit more complicated, and Bed is fucking insane.
Slim Feral (2 months ago)
Bedbanana is life... you've taught me so many things.. "Moana means family.. and family never leaves anyone behind". Long live the BANANA. -home is where you make it
Tudor Carpus (2 months ago)
so let me get this right: so it starts off where it left off of crikens episode then he goes into well..bedbanans mind place...the first 2 scenes i HAVE no idea wth was going on...but anyways then there is..bedbanana ..watching hamsters? why? idk but anyways then he remembers and deletes himself and finds tomato...and they start laughing for some reason????
Tudor Carpus (2 months ago)
also why was bedbannana thinking this???
Mafionek (2 months ago)
What the fuck
FakeGames ILuubbYoU!! (2 months ago)
I know the face of bedbananas Plus hes my friend in fb😂
FakeGames ILuubbYoU!! (2 months ago)
KatimariDove (2 months ago)
The bard attempts to destroy a part of himself in order to gain peace.
Sofia Aviles (2 months ago)
Just another part to the BedBananas cinematic universe
Discourse (3 months ago)
Bed, you're a fuckin' weirdo.
Hypo Hamster (3 months ago)
Why did these actually make me cry? Maybe the fact that i miss watching them all play games together idk..
Wreck RS (3 months ago)
The Angry Cat (3 months ago)
What's the music at the beginning
Ryocko (3 months ago)
I think i ended up in a strange part of youtube. No more autoplay for me.
Tzeentch And Co. (3 months ago)
How they featured sideshow is awesome Crikens video: Announcement Tomato's video: 1st trailer Bed's video: 2nd trailer
ronald reagan (3 months ago)
i really love the composition of this. it's simultaneously funny and highly artistic, and the more somber & more serious moments just further add to the underlying humor all throughout this. this is so fucking great dude
tv//_ (3 months ago)
This video, and your new rust video left me speechless...
Smoketurt Games (4 months ago)
This is like stranger things
damiantk40 (4 months ago)
when the lsd finally kicks in
Some_Doodle (4 months ago)
Everytime I watch Bedbananas, I feel many different emotions unlike other youtubers, this stuff is truly great.
Big Boy Mass[achusetts] (4 months ago)
I can hear the demons, but I can't see them and if I could see all that would be there would be... fire.
wassupppls123 (4 months ago)
what fuck
Richard Avelino (4 months ago)
wassupppls123 what fuck indeed
Firepower (4 months ago)
This man is either insane, or a genius.
Victor Vilorn (4 months ago)
3:36. The plane falls down and I'm reminded of Garfield . . .
yes ok (4 months ago)
is rhis what heaven looks like
Myles Donovan (4 months ago)
Umm... what just happened??
Noobs Are Besta :D (4 months ago)
Lot of medikkits
Pee jay (4 months ago)
LMFAO that chicken wtf
lil.Cathy freaks how (4 months ago)
Bedbananan is life
Moox q (4 months ago)
Don’t watch this high
PXVL (4 months ago)
glad I did
Frits191 (4 months ago)
Breathtaking, love it
SillyWilly (4 months ago)
I saw the ending songs name but what was the song at the beginning? Also I can tell this is gonna be interesting and I can’t wait to see you guys make more sideshow.
Dagoth Ur (4 months ago)
Lyrics for the song where its closing in on Bed's face and there's fire?
MrSquirrel562 (5 months ago)
Is bed like in denial of the worlds end
lagomazter (5 months ago)
Youreee soo goodd at what you do pleassee keep it up i love your vids
Henrik Tamminen (5 months ago)
Make my bed with bananas
That Montage Nerd (5 months ago)
Finally! I've been waiting forever for gameplay footage of Death Stranding.
Frog L. (5 months ago)
what song at 2:57?
Vlad Dracul (5 months ago)
Thanks for the Existential Randogasm
Sancho Pacquing (5 months ago)
I would love the medkit filled crib to be your logo
Danny Devito's Lawyer (5 months ago)
Bed..... a single word that changes our lives it’s where we awake and sleep it’s where we live and die the beginning and end for the end is upon us it has been since humanity started this has opened my eyes
TheJas20 (5 months ago)
Umm.. what?
anonymous hacked (5 months ago)
Bed your art is amazing
Bw .b (5 months ago)
BedBananas, you beautiful soul
Antonio Avery (5 months ago)
U need to explain yoself wit this video
yuuso ghoul hunter (5 months ago)
Wait.......their making a new channel?!?!?
Dr. Kail (5 months ago)
Good job.
Mind Blown (5 months ago)
I haven't taken enough drugs to understand this
Darkneos jr (5 months ago)
batata flutuante (5 months ago)
That Hand 0:30
JonyPlays (5 months ago)
What is going on?
Captain Bongwater (5 months ago)
They've transcended comedy. This is the art of the new age.
Slobodan Praljak (5 months ago)
Reminds me of the pony rp war
Zachary (5 months ago)
Kerri Lee (5 months ago)
Bedbananas,criken,tomatogaming and (maybe) lewis AMAZING
one big big boy (5 months ago)
Was worried if you were declining with the slowly decreasing uploads, but seeing this makes me happy. Glad you guys have such an awesome opportunity to partner with each other and the RT community.
gunsomepack (5 months ago)
please make more videos i have been watching all your old videos
JQB03 (5 months ago)
what did i just watch
my brain hurts
Lockey157 (5 months ago)
Bed I love you so much
Someonefuckingkillme (5 months ago)
Top 10 saddest anime deaths
Hdgunnell (5 months ago)
What's the song used when bed is with baby criken?
Lucky Blah (5 months ago)
Bed is best
Wannabegamers (5 months ago)
Bedbanana play arks aberration dlc
DawidPlayz (5 months ago)
Weird, I like it!
CMPEecho 1214 (5 months ago)
This is actually kimda sad when you get to know the story.
3:18 is literally my mind put all together
《 Dank 》 (5 months ago)
I need other Scp video with Buck saying: Welcome to the ELEVEITOR... But, the Sideshow answers me. The answer is: How u doing
The Almighty Spank! (5 months ago)
So u guys are doing the same thing but just making it an official group
BeanSim (5 months ago)
I love LSD
tee pee (5 months ago)
I don't know what i just watched but i love it
Pedro Craz (5 months ago)
Do you still remember bingo from 2 years ago
Smoketurt Games (5 months ago)
tHis is you
LakiFTW (6 months ago)
Xeno Tech (6 months ago)
What music does he use in this?
TW (6 months ago)
Rich Wales (6 months ago)
Please play Ewok Hunt on Star Wars battlefront 2
FilmFoxxer (6 months ago)
Pure cinematic art
Brain blast
Scott the Fox (6 months ago)
omg the classical music
Rallinth (6 months ago)
It's like old-style Machinima (as in, the genre, not the company) making a return. I love it.
Merlin (6 months ago)
Bed you goddamn beautiful maniac never change
xX_d0r1t0s_Xx (6 months ago)
A cinematic masterpiece.
DeadPool101 (6 months ago)
you should make a moive
zodous (6 months ago)
god this is beautiful
Mr.E Pie (6 months ago)
each song what is??????? i know last because of description.
Tyler Clark (6 months ago)
What's the song at the beginning?
Pandafish (6 months ago)
what song is at 4:25
Glitchy Glitches (6 months ago)

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