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Serena | official Trailer US (2014) Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper

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official trailer for Serena
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Text Comments (539)
K. R. (5 days ago)
Who signs your chexks?...
ava ann robles (15 days ago)
Sooooooo what the actual hell is going on???
Laverne Blaszczyk (3 months ago)
He has no jaw at all, very trippy
LydiA Jkessi (4 months ago)
I hate bradley cooper
Elizabeth (5 months ago)
i LOVE jen so so much, but this movie was so boring 😂
Serena H (6 months ago)
Hiteshree Pandya (6 months ago)
Worst movie
Emerald Violet (7 months ago)
director should go back to film school for 10 more years
andrefcnc (7 months ago)
Spoiler Alert Great cast, great acting as expected. The plot? Not that great. The story of a guy trying to take someone elses land to build/make someting and all the fight against it has been done so many times. Also, the woman jealous of the bastard son because she can't give birth has been done plenty as well. Great potential ruined by an overused plot. Sorry for my English
Serena Santiago (7 months ago)
Oh a MOVIE named ad me why thank u JK
Beijinho Doce (8 months ago)
Serena e o meu nome
Nathalia Nicole (10 months ago)
0:31 Didn't know Katniss could manage axes as a weapon.
Anyza (1 year ago)
Nge Pas (1 year ago)
Limit less
Sara Brighenti (1 year ago)
this was a truly horrible movie...
cateyearabia (1 year ago)
It could have been much better. Very poor character development and the love between the two was the chringiest thing ever. The dialogues were beyond awkward...
jennanuntavijan (1 year ago)
*this comment contain spoilers* *dont read it if you don't want to be spoil* I'm just happy the baby survive. I could careless about Jennifer's character and the main guy after half of the movie. I even sense this bitch was crazy after the movie was titled after her name 😂 although I have a fun time toward the end. And for people reading comment to see if they should see the movie or not I would say go see it.
Meleka Daley (1 year ago)
not bad but good😊
Bobsuruncle Mum (1 year ago)
Is Cooper doing a British accent? No joke. I know we have an illusive accent in the South.
Alexi Dolan5SOS (1 year ago)
Jennifer's forehead is quite large in this🤔
Pqp,que filme merda,perdi 2 horas dá minha vida.Nao percam a de vcs.
Cow Milk (1 year ago)
her face sucks .. hollywood out of models ?
LHay1039 (1 year ago)
I haven't watched the movie yet,, just trailers and summaries, but from what I can see there are significant differences between the movie and the book. The movie appears to be "gentler", but I will have to watch to see. As far as difficulties with the script, the book left some big holes. I would start a new chapter and something would have happened and it was not mentioned before. Usually it was a murder. The book was definitely a bit gruesome at times.
Antun Dean (1 year ago)
This movie I think wants you to see how life can be cruel and sad.She was left alone at only 12 years and for someone that is too much I know it would be for me,I even consider that she burned her house down on purpose(that thought was on the end of the movie when she transformed in to a maniac ) because how come only she managed to escape the house and why wouldn't she help them,she even said they where screaming my name,I really wouldn't just scream her fucking name except if I knew that she did it.
Antun Dean (1 year ago)
That is life,and sometimes life gives you nothing but bad luck and I just realized that it has to be a perfect moment for that kinda things to happen.You cant predict those moments you just have to hope and maybe you will be lucky enough.I even thought that Serena would kill her self first after Bradley found out what she was planning to do to his child,he abandoned her,he was hers last hope literally there was nothing for her left to do except to kill her self and leave this world and same goes for him.
Bird In Cage (1 year ago)
poor serena... the most tragic character in the movie.
Last chance (1 year ago)
This trailer making me wanna take a 💩
Timbo Quintus (2 years ago)
My opinion after watching the movie? Jennifer Lawrence looks better with dark hair, lol
Czar Zuñiga (2 years ago)
amazing movie 👍👍👍👍👍
Gift For Gab (2 years ago)
I just watched this movie. Why did they agree to work on this movie? Jennifer likes playing crazy women. Her best work yet has been Hunger Games.
Rose Aranmen (1 year ago)
Gift For Gab You've obviously haven't seen The Poker House now THAT was her best performance
The84336 (2 years ago)
I know this movie wasn't very successful, but I loved it! I would say Serena is Jennifer's third most complicated role yet (Katniss being first and Ree Dolly in Winter's Bone being second).
R H (2 years ago)
what about tiffany in silver linings playbook?
Everdreen Katchila (2 years ago)
Nope poker house is a deadly movie. watch it
Sacred Productions (2 years ago)
Well Serena is my name so ummmmmm I feel weird now
serena (1 year ago)
Sacred Productions same here
Micheal Style (2 years ago)
this movie was terrible please don't waste your time
Czar Zuñiga (2 years ago)
you don't know nothing about movies...or just because Jennifer Lawrence acts in this film you were expecting something lik Hunger Bullshit Games? ?
PatrickAm FanVidz (2 years ago)
I know right😁😁
Serena Pulv (2 years ago)
Art by Lucy Max (2 years ago)
Just finished watching this movie............. It had a strong, interesting start. Just to progress into all too predictable stupidity. Like many others wonder just WHY to top it off the vendetta against the gorgeous Puma??
M Young (2 years ago)
Ugly woman!
M Young (2 years ago)
Don't waste your time!
PatrickAm FanVidz (2 years ago)
Exactly, i am just here to listen to the soundtrack
Del La Hoya (2 years ago)
why did he have to kill the puma? why? why?why? whhhy?
Tasha smiley (2 years ago)
+Del La Hoya Perhps the puma was eating labours...Hence killing the puma would keep more labours alive to work in the forest
Bities Cro (2 years ago)
it's such a disappointing movie, Serena is crazy bitch, and animal ends it all??? like wtf
Soc Ram (2 years ago)
Fuck you
Christine Sparks (2 years ago)
was this movie good? idk whether to watch it or not.
Soc Ram (2 years ago)
+Berina Šahinović spoilers bitch
Christine Sparks (2 years ago)
+Berina Šahinović Lol okay, thanks
Bities Cro (2 years ago)
no, it sucks, Serena turns out to be a bitch
Mundial Tops (2 years ago)
esta bien buena Jennifer <3
Nicole Heape (2 years ago)
The first half of this movie was so great and sad... But after that, like literally WHAT THE FUCK. Worst ending ever... Like omfg
megan (2 years ago)
i love bradly so muc
Jewels Bright (2 years ago)
1:23 I thought he vas wearing a mokingjay pin 😂😂
cookie 212 (2 years ago)
Sheriffs pin🙄
Ruba Mofied (2 years ago)
whats the name of this movie, plz?
BronerBeast (2 years ago)
+Ruba Karam It says the name in the title Lol
Great movie
mihail krainev (2 years ago)
Cупер...мне нравится...
Lizzie Mackercher (3 years ago)
The trailer is horrible, but the movie is actually pretty good. Although I do wish Jennifer would use more facial expressions.
Skyfell (3 years ago)
Wow, they should a couple or get married. What a chemistry, i never saw that on any film that i've watched. Silver linings playbook is my favorite, it varying your emotion when you watch it. I never seen that kind of romantic but it really really tremendous I love it! You got your emotion when the dance song played and every stupid things turned around. And i love it when the movie is always hold the kissing scene, it make us more curious what's gonna happen and makes everything not easy as shit. I've watch a lot of movie and understand that quality. Well, i have to say this couple and that movie really got my ass.
Jay G. Sparkman (3 years ago)
Awesome Video
Alicze Lu (3 years ago)
I love Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence this like a really good movie 😊
qafammoney (3 years ago)
Cheekytita (3 years ago)
The ending made me laugh so hard. I can picture the director saying, "okay now hug the jaguar and say 'cheeeese'"!!!
LEYVA (3 years ago)
I feel like taking a shit...
Ashley Sipp (3 years ago)
if you're into sick negative and demonic vibes then by all means go for it. I went into this movie with a positive attitude towards it because I like both actors and the setting, but there really is nothing good about the plot of this story. To me what makes a good movie is the actual story line everything else is just a plus. But the moral of this story, if there even is one would be somewhere along the lines of " my life sucks so I'm going to kill people whose lives are better than mine to make mine better, then after still having a crappy life in going to kill myself because I deserve to die anyways and my life is still crappy" the end. Pointless, miserable, and a waste of my time and positive energy. Good thing I read the Bible at night because that movie totally killed my vibe. Sorry I'm not into demonic stories.
madmiles (3 years ago)
This looks stupid. The book was probably garbage too.
Jojo Joy (3 years ago)
I love these two actors way too much
that guy (3 years ago)
how these two actors can come together and play two completely different roles in two movies is beyond me. well done
dt scork (3 years ago)
This movie was idiotic. I dont know what was worse the stupidity of letting people into the safe to send you to prison or Bradleys orange lipstick. The movie should of been called the ledgers or the safe.
Aloha Dota (3 years ago)
What was Bradley's accent here? Half the time he had like an English accent and then he would switch to something western and then he would just have a normal Midwestern modern accent. I'm not sure if even he knew what he was supposed to sound like.
Noir and Romance (3 years ago)
This movie was kept under wraps for two reasons: 1( Bradley Cooper in this role is involved with a man who is in love with him and having that commonly known and seen would dampen his 'All American' portrayal as Chris Kyle (Note: the screenwriter for Serena has the same name). 2( Jennifer Lawrence's character here is far too unlikable and evil to be beneficial to her persona as she is still in the Hunger Games films.  Plus, there are too many highly sexualized scenes and depictions of people doing horrible, unthinkable things that in the story telling actually seem almost reasonable, until you catch yourself feeling sympathy for that character. What do YOU THINK?
Just2Fly (3 years ago)
Pretty good movie. Can't believe everyone died at the end. ::SPOILER ALERT::
Dawid Prad (2 years ago)
Shon9tilR (2 years ago)
Rahaf Ali (2 years ago)
fuck u dude!! just fuck u..
Toufike Mouhcine (3 years ago)
+just2fly10 Well GO FUCK YOURSELF
mirby (3 years ago)
Are you joking? Like is this comment a joke? Or are you indeed retarded?
Dlastons Plays (3 years ago)
Nice meme!
Dlastons Plays (3 years ago)
+DlastonsLP My bad!
peralez2383 (3 years ago)
Why is this movie impossible to find?
peralez2383 (2 years ago)
+lurch321 since my comment, I found it and bought it
lurch321 (2 years ago)
+peralez2383 My library has it.
Plucky Bellhop (3 years ago)
Why is everyone in this comment section taking the casting so seriously? These actors can be in whatever films they want to be in and play whatever roles they want, their careers belong to them not their fans.
Serena Chaker (2 years ago)
Serenito Caceres (3 years ago)
my name is serena
Aoife Mcc (3 years ago)
Is this good ?
yinloveyang (3 years ago)
+Aoife Mcc Nothing special. I just liked that Jennifer finally played something different from Katniss and all those "have to survive" characters. If we don't count her characters from american hustle and X-men.
samantha denise (3 years ago)
I've seen the movie. It's boring but I like it.
Guka Ismylova (3 years ago)
I used to like Jennifer ... now her face annoys me. Seen too much of it in the latest hunger games... just blank stares....
Nvmbal (1 year ago)
Guka Ismylova are you being serious
lurch321 (2 years ago)
+Guka Ismylova I agree.  I'll put it this way, to be blunt:  I'd do her with a bag over her head. 
Guka Ismylova (2 years ago)
Yeah but her body is pretty hot. And as a girl I can say that she pulls off smokey eye pretty well. 
lurch321 (2 years ago)
+Squidward Q. Tentacle Couldn't have said it better than your friend.  She does look like a little farmboy, God love her! *dies laughing*  Agree that she has an attractive personality and is extremely talented.  Just don't get how all these guys proclaim that she's so HOT! 
lurch321 (2 years ago)
+Squidward Q. Tentacle Wow, and I thought I was the only one who didn't think she was attractive.....................*breathes sigh of relief*
Yolanda Ceballos (3 years ago)
I hate when movies are based on books and somehow the story is lost. I read the book and thought the main character in the movie is so far off the character it was based on. I loved serena in the book there was always something dark about her in but Pemberton character is amazing as well. In the movie serena is temperamental in the book she is always cold and very in control of her emotions whether they are good loving or just plain psycho. As for Pemberton in the movie he is the good guy again so far off from the original character in the book. Also I would have really like to see more interactions between serena and dr. Cheney in the movie only then could the audience have truly been able to grasp why serena lost her baby and the ability to have more children. To those who love the movie and like to read please read the book. Only then will you be able to love serena as a whole.
erika ramos (3 years ago)
This movie is pretty... good... a lot of sex, but damn.... it's disturbing, yet beautiful in a way. Their acting is amazing. Got me crying and everything. XD
Tan Lin (3 years ago)
this movie is really nsfknsdkfsjkdfdbfhjskfsnfbslngfbgfsngksbgiposdg
hafsah ali (3 years ago)
PureSparkles22 (3 years ago)
i saw the movie it wasnt very good it should have went by the book
TheHummerchip (3 years ago)
I saw this movie yesterday and I found it absolutely aweful, please don't watch it people it will be a waste of your time
Carles F (3 years ago)
So, Rocket Racoon, Mystique and Dr Zola in one movie :D
Emma Frankly (3 years ago)
Ooh I'm real peeved that Bradley Cooper took first billing.
Emma Frankly (3 years ago)
+mvunit3 It's not done by alphabetical order, friend.
mvunit3 (3 years ago)
+Emma Frankly - C comes before L :p
Irvin Feliciano (3 years ago)
I dint get the friking trailer! 
AlexM (3 years ago)
AlexM (3 years ago)
Wow.."same voice in every movie" ...real smart comment what can i say..it s her f ing voice dumbass what voice should she use robert deniro's? That s some new level of stupidity right there..
Lilhsa1984 (3 years ago)
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are the new Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn.
Serena Chaker (2 years ago)
+Lara Croft ouf
Vodka Coke (3 years ago)
+Lilhsa1984 bradley>josh
Lilhsa1984 (3 years ago)
+Sophia Welch I love Jen and Josh together. I just said that Jen and Bradley are like Audrey and Fred is because they star in different roles together. 
sophia (3 years ago)
mahmod abdulsalam (3 years ago)
Johanna Johnston (3 years ago)
My husband and I didn't care for this and didn't get the point of the movie. Very boring. Jennifer looked beautiful though as usual. Prefer her as a brunette. Heard she is a natural blonde, but I doubt this blonde. I'm a natural dark blonde and it looks like that would be closer to the blonde she has. She played the role wonderfully, but we didn't care for the movie.
yinloveyang (3 years ago)
+Johanna Johnston Yeah her natural hair is darker.
laiz171 (3 years ago)
it's boring.
singates19 (3 years ago)
All I see is crazy Pat & Tiffany in costumes.
Jessica Carey (3 years ago)
All the dumb people saying "Why is this even a movie", it was a best selling book first. It's a great part for Jennifer, and her and Bradley work well together. Just finished the book and can't wait to see the film!
Imbra Kim (3 years ago)
It's bad. It's a lesson to the leading actors that you have to choose the directors wisely...
mite watch mite not, next movie
PΞNΞmue (3 years ago)
HAHAHA Grammar mistake at 1:38
Pamela Monique Columna (3 years ago)
Liked the movie :) Their chemistry is phenomenal. Good watch!
mostmelon (3 years ago)
I can tell by the framing that Jennifer's character is clearly supposed to be a stern, determined, forward woman, but her acting always just comes off as dull and uninterested, and monotone. Break an octave woman.
Tracey Claver (3 years ago)
Will this be another Gone Girl/ Bitch Be Trippin' Yo (NPH, 2015) movie? O.o
jorje vanelle (3 years ago)
that movie was really amazing 
jocone123 (3 years ago)
So...this movie is about what exactly?
شوقي العطار (3 years ago)
sorry guys but this movie is awesome , you have to watch it.
Dylan Kisor (3 years ago)
Love seeing these two together both have great chemistry with each other and Bradley Coopers a classic everyone's heard of him very outstanding actor and I love how Jennifer Lawrence is 23 or in that range but she can play characters above her age very well
William Santagata (3 years ago)
Susanne Bier is not an "Academy Award winning director" and the promoters of this film should be hoping they don't get sued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for falsely claiming this. Susanne Bier has never even been nominated for an Academy Award, much less won one. While her film "In a Better World" won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, that award goes to the *country*. The Director is merely custodian of the award. Denmark is an Academy Award winner, not Ms. Bier.
Matches 101 (3 years ago)
chris reimer (3 years ago)
another Jizzifer Lawrence movie for fuck sakes isn't there any young female actors who don't take pictures of themselves with cum all over their faces to take these roles instead of this greasy bitch

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