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Far Cry 3: Gameplay Part 39 - Doppelganger ( Stealth Mission )

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Text Comments (30)
theyoutubnumber1fan (4 years ago)
thanks man
Insidious Peach (5 years ago)
300y11 your so full of shit
Jacob (5 years ago)
you can't go guns blazing when you're in the cenote.
kyouhei black (5 years ago)
What I hate is once you finish this level and get the privateer uniform you lose the suit once you get to the final level.
Interceptor810 (5 years ago)
Will the Rakyat attack you if they see you?
Plasmal (5 years ago)
It took me like...4 minutes, on my first try, thats because i don't go guns blazing when i see a base.
chimdichekwa (5 years ago)
Too late. Already played and beat Hitman Absolution.
SUS Epok (5 years ago)
I advise you never to play hitman.
SSOZIRO (5 years ago)
my dad has plug out my computer because i got rage that they notice me every time...my dad hates when i'm getting angry from videogames...
12hill (5 years ago)
OMG THANKS TOOK ME ABOUT " HOURS to do it but now after this vid it took me like 2 mins thanks
folddpstcrd (5 years ago)
Congrats man...omg it took me hours to do this.Im so agreeing,hardest stealth everrrr
Bram Schreuder (5 years ago)
This is the single mission that i totally fucking hated, because it took me so goddamn hard to get across those guys in the rock chamber jesu i can get frust
Jeronimo Garcia (5 years ago)
5:00 one does not simply walk int.... man...
Bawar Mdhat (5 years ago)
that's great and hardest object in the game :(
Evan wheeler (5 years ago)
Glaive36 (5 years ago)
definitely the worst level in one of the best games, it was terrible
CHAD CELT (5 years ago)
i've finished the game, how can i get the privateer uniform back?
chimdichekwa (5 years ago)
This was the hardest stealth thing I've ever come across in a game.
Nerdy GamerPlay (5 years ago)
Thanks I was stuck on this part...damn sneaking stealth crap
pixiniarts (5 years ago)
This game does find ways to fuck the player constantly, Kill Vass then a fucking timed run, defending Willis and his plane, now this bullshit.... hard hard hard hard nothing like the earlier balanced sweetness, I heard rumors the endings were shit, so I watched them on Youtube, glad I did, dragging my ass through this game for those endings would have been pretty bitter.
long john johnson (5 years ago)
Going into the water alerts them.
durrohurro (5 years ago)
do you know if theirs anyway to get the priveteer uniform back once youve finished the game??
carter murphy (5 years ago)
hardest mission yet
Bookish Wyrm (5 years ago)
I fucking hate this mission
mmmh (5 years ago)
Man, i want my Hoyt uniform back on. After the game ended.
Hola (5 years ago)
Hey ppl um after you beat the game... Is there anyway to change back to the privateer suit?
Matthew Ferguson (5 years ago)
Thank You,im gonna subscribe,you are a live saver.Thank you
Alec Wood (5 years ago)
Road goes straight to the cenote... FUCK IT take the dirt
kome360 (5 years ago)
Thing is, after I beat the game, the suit was gone for good. I liked that suit, made Jason look like he wasn't an unprepared amateur-killer. Also, when sniping from a distance with the suit on, enemies who notice the shooting just say "watch where you're shooting" AND GO BACK LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED.
Shiny Wolf (5 years ago)
Glad i could help

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