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Rusty K - Wasteland [Tam Records] [Free]

707 ratings | 57474 views
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Text Comments (27)
Votre Professeur (23 days ago)
666 e Like Bud
OmniBenio (3 months ago)
This shit is sick!
Riley Freer (7 months ago)
Like the track.
MrMrowkaTV (10 months ago)
Ayyyy skeleton sound from HOMM3
Xepahr only (1 year ago)
Awesome Drumstep <3
Captinamerica599 (16 days ago)
+Dominik Lacko drum and bass mate
Dominik Lacko (17 days ago)
wait this is not dubstep ?
FROSTY DUCK (1 year ago)
this track is originally from mad max 2. when the lil kid jumps on the 18 wheeler
Daniel Tekk (1 year ago)
seru na to
Rpkiller (1 year ago)
I love how the screechy highs have some progression to them.
DnB Portal (2 years ago)
Update: Free DL
DnB Portal (1 year ago)
ah ... soundcloud remove it :( Distribution remove it :/
Device DnB (1 year ago)
theres still no DL, the track was removed from soundcloud
J Matos (2 years ago)
best dnb track ive heard in a while, what a masterpiece. I have to go to sleep BUT I CANT STOP LISTENING OMG <3
Jiří Kočálka (2 years ago)
the begining is like from old west
Lucas Galvin (3 years ago)
That drop is sick.
twenty one gamers (3 years ago)
+Lucas Galvin Yes it is AHAHA
Robert Konrad (3 years ago)
so awesome, I found it with an Madmax_ Movie Music Video on Youtube in a shorter version. Definitely fits for this tune. :)
ginnis papadopoulos (3 years ago)
Alans Kazakevics (3 years ago)
So happy I know this song! I dont share my precious songs to anyone! Get lucky!
john james (2 years ago)
+Alans Kazakevics selfish cun t
Alans Kazakevics (3 years ago)
Sonds that descripes my peacefull life.
Wrath of Heaven (3 years ago)
so much vibeeeez\\\\
Lucas Hallers (4 years ago)
ilovethc (4 years ago)
cloudiow (4 years ago)
dope track!
TheNextPhaseMusic (4 years ago)
such a killer track

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