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Terraria With SlyFox Ep.1 "The Beginning of a Shooting Star"

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Homies remember to like the video, it Shows Active Support :D My Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SlyFoxHound My Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/4hpw2oc http://terrariatory.com/ http://www.terraria.org/faq.html
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Text Comments (4737)
SadManHappyFace (1 month ago)
Damn man. This is what introduced me to Sly
mike Shaw (3 months ago)
Who's watching in 2018!😆
AshMac (1 year ago)
the nostalgia is real my dudes
KAFI (1 year ago)
2017 anyone?
Dualll (1 year ago)
Oh My. (1 year ago)
Power house Jay (2 years ago)
July4 2016
ozzytudor (2 years ago)
5 years...wow.
Nick S (2 years ago)
And the last boss you grapple to meteorite
Nick S (2 years ago)
It's so cool I got so fare I bet the wall of flesh
Hiper Lucario (2 years ago)
1st of January 2016? Anyone? ;P
Nick Cross (2 years ago)
dat laugh xD 8:50
AirNick23 NC (2 years ago)
So It's been two years since I've rewatched the series....and I still believe it's one of the better Terraria series on YouTube. So if you haven't guessed I am rewatching it...again...:P
quirky gamer098 (2 years ago)
4 almost 5 Years later still beutifull
The Real ONE (2 years ago)
2015 anyone?
Nick Cross (2 years ago)
+porchanader yupp
quirky gamer098 (2 years ago)
Dillon Harris (2 years ago)
I made me a homie knight and I bean playing it for years I played it on PC and iOS I don't have it so I used my brothers to get it
Samsquanch8716 (3 years ago)
Back for the Nostalgia, can't wait for the 1.3 gameplay! :D
Doctor Doubt (3 years ago)
Nostalgia trip~
ChillSoul (3 years ago)
sic (3 years ago)
Btw you wont see actual game play until 7 mins in the video. :)
nocraft gaming (3 years ago)
man this will be the best game of 2015 thank god I got internet explorer
TheUnexpected6 (3 years ago)
nostalgia city...
Mitchell Gasser (3 years ago)
im here because sly mentioned it in sly at news :P
James Young (3 years ago)
2015 for the win its surprising how far ago 2011 is
Frost the Dragoness (4 years ago)
~I am a dwarf and i dig in de hole! Diggy diggy hole! Diggy da hole!~ lol xD i know that
thoamas lizbad (3 years ago)
Who doesn't
Tacocat (4 years ago)
For the people who think this is a rip-off of minecraft (not saying you think it is sly) TERRARIA IS WAY BETTER!!!
TylerPunllock (2 years ago)
+Dillon Harris Minecraft released in 2009 whereas Terraria released in 2011
Dillon Harris (2 years ago)
FYI terraria came out before mine craft did and terraria is way more bitter thin mine craft they have more things thin mine craft do, more ores mounts more bosses
Terraria is better combat based. Minecraft is superior when it comes to building stuff.
MimicAraiun (3 years ago)
+jose jr carreon Not really
Marcus Edwards (4 years ago)
sly can you start a series like this Pls
Marcus Edwards (4 years ago)
minecraft came from Terraria
XXXTentacion (4 years ago)
if sly make meat wad voice terraria whole series that is gonna make me laugh a lot
Drew Raake (4 years ago)
Love it
Pokédork (4 years ago)
pleeeeease bring it back!
Basil Serpent (4 years ago)
does nobody who gives advice look at the date of this video and realize their comment was invalid
TylerPunllock (4 years ago)
You never know, maybe someone watching looks at the comments and one helps them out.
Get that 10 (4 years ago)
very nice
william wei (4 years ago)
Shannon Creighton (4 years ago)
I LOVE YOU SLYFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joseph gagnon (4 years ago)
i miss the old intro
lillie bell (4 years ago)
Get the nighs edge! (Strongest sword untill hardmode.)
lillie bell (4 years ago)
oh.. XD Sorry 
lillie bell (4 years ago)
he knew he was wrong XD
kjartan gudmundsson (4 years ago)
lillie bell (4 years ago)
He deleted his comments
kjartan gudmundsson (4 years ago)
+kjartan gudmundsson you
Crazy Jeb (4 years ago)
WAIT A SECOND! There were no beards before 1.2? That's horrible!
ChirbySplurb (3 years ago)
Yes there were, there was like 2-3
Jordan Edge (4 years ago)
Maya Padilla (4 years ago)
simon aka honeydew
Eddie Kayner (4 years ago)
damn this vid is so old i have melted of the old sly fox i love sly you awesome man
Andrew Roso (4 years ago)
Auzzyman1000 (4 years ago)
Got this on computer and ps vita for on the go
josh emeraldey (4 years ago)
yogscast: diggy diggy hole
Chefsblade (4 years ago)
awesome intro 
Cheebz (4 years ago)
AirNick23 NC (4 years ago)
Rewatching this series again......because i can :D
Raging Scud (4 years ago)
Little did Sly knew, that Purple and Green would be the Homie colours
Maya Larsen (4 years ago)
just bought this game on my ipad :)
karateboy12 (4 years ago)
karateboy12 (4 years ago)
Got it on
Joe Avelar (4 years ago)
I bought it
Marie Skyheart (4 years ago)
I like how it's 1.2 and the old Sly would be like "Wtf is this shit?"
Ja'carpet (4 years ago)
gonna get on android hopefully
Val Koenig (4 years ago)
I love terriaia
Kinchee (4 years ago)
ahhh yes the old intro. 2011!
Brenden Drotar (4 years ago)
no =(
Brenden Drotar (4 years ago)
sIyfox you r COOL :)
Tom Pontarolo (4 years ago)
I have this game so fun
Bootifuldiamonds (4 years ago)
Sly you deserve WAY more subs then you have!!!!
James Laquindanum (4 years ago)
James Laquindanum (4 years ago)
This hasn't gotten at least 1,000,000 views. Thats some Bull SH*T
callista sharpe (4 years ago)
well.........................find a dog tame it get bunnies build a castle and ride a horse PS if dere is any And make a cake pet a chicken and well thats it.....
Vinnie Yognaught (4 years ago)
I can't believe he made a yogscast reference, I already love him... NOW ITS LIKE BOOM
dylan koska (4 years ago)
love how I don't even need to watch a mintie of slys viedos before I like
Sarah Karius (4 years ago)
You know I'm girl homie 0_o
DrProcrastinate (4 years ago)
Got it 3 days ago
infernopotato (4 years ago)
This is beauty to my eyes
Sammy Slay (4 years ago)
Minecraft isn't crap to terraria
GamersGoCrazy (4 years ago)
oh yes never get old
Xlight (4 years ago)
good old days
bryce laya (4 years ago)
this has more bosses than vanilla minecraft has more ores, has more weapons, minecraft needed to be modded to add those bosses. but i still love minecraft as long as it have more awesome updates comming not just bug fixex
bryce laya (4 years ago)
i dont say that minecraft is a rip off
Snippy (4 years ago)
I miss you "Old Sly", you were great.
Shovel Q (4 years ago)
I started a terraria series....not as good as this D:
D.J. M-Dubs (4 years ago)
I have it
FPSloser (4 years ago)
Just got game lol
kristen (4 years ago)
His clothes are my fav colours!
TheRealBlawk (4 years ago)
Jenelle Ford (4 years ago)
I just subscribed and this is my first vid i watched so funny
Carol Mitchell (4 years ago)
Lol fuckers
Rashonna Harvey (4 years ago)
hahaha coppy right just kidding
Nathan Banks (4 years ago)
Love the way everyone goes back to watch episode 1 to see how far this game has come with the years. I would recommend watching up to his newest episode honestly one of Sly's greatest series and watch the multiplayer to it is absolutely incredible! HOMIES UNITE!
lola11502 (4 years ago)
Sure u did.
joedan111 (4 years ago)
6 IRL DAYS. or six easy Tewwawia days?
Power Armor Hero (4 years ago)
Yes yes aaaand yes
KlazikiO (4 years ago)
Nooooo it's nvm I WUV teh yogscast
MrPotatoFudge (4 years ago)
S4NE (4 years ago)
Skip to 7:10 to start the gameplay :3
StreamOfficialPage (4 years ago)
In 6 days I beat every single boss. Hard mode bosses included :3
Paulo Cerin (4 years ago)
Tewwawia !!!!!
MrMarston50 (4 years ago)
I bought it for the Xbox it is amazing
TheAsvarduilProject (4 years ago)
I bought this after seeing TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox star their 1.2 run. But, I don't know anyone else who plays, so watching a solo run will probably show me a few cool tricks. I just beat the Eye of Cthulu.
Nash Fan (4 years ago)
didn't even know it was out for the iPad. Did you watch anything before you started? if so remember this was a blind play through.
Jaddice (4 years ago)
Lol. I just started 2 days ago playing terraria on ipad and i already got demonite and meteorite , soz i dont know how to spell them
Erik King (4 years ago)
Terrarriabum bum budumbum
FierceJolt (4 years ago)
Dsiwarper (4 years ago)
Deja vü... TEWWAWIA
Anna (5 years ago)
leginemently bouth the freakink geame!!!!!
Shaun Meloche (5 years ago)

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