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Time Team Special 23 (2006) Buried by the Blitz

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MétéoMan (1 day ago)
Thanks Allthemed Docs. This is one of the better ones with the valuable addition of eyewitness accounts.
Jimi Helms (1 day ago)
Enjoyed the video.
gone detecting uk (1 day ago)
Just watching it. Brilliant dig 👌 blitz hit my town of greenock for 2 consecutive nights almost 3oo fatalitys Luffwafa aiming for the shipyards on the riverclyde Check my cha out For anti gun emplacment Site ww2 👌 For ww2 gun emplacment vid
Rosie Begrie (2 days ago)
Absolutely enjoyed this thank you
Hissy Honker (2 days ago)
Thanks so much.. love these documentaries
Claire Papadatos (2 days ago)
Brilliant! Thank you so much ! 👍 👍 👍

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