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MMO Indie Game Dev Stream ★ Rival Rebels Rgiant

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Open World RPG. Unity MiniGun Damage, Procedural Raymarched Terrain ► https://youtu.be/N4cHbbTi8ew ► 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame ►More: https://youtu.be/5RHSlr-wg7k Modular Ships + Nukes + Tyranika + Skyclone + Mon the Cat + Shaper (Exclusive Building System). I'm an Independent game developer in L.A. Rival Rebels Rgiant is a WIP game for Windows, Mac, Linux, and later mobile and the consoles. For more information go here: https://rivalrebels.com/ Using Unity Game Engine and Blender 3D for models. Pre-alpha access soon! Game discussion: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/ https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/download/nukes-vs-aliens-game-pre-alpha-rodo-mmo-rpg-dev/ For Rival Rebels Game: https://rivalrebels.com/ Music: Rival Rebels theme Chill remix. Original song by Votrox. Rival Rebels game: DMD, Rhodes 3 Robot, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma Cannon, Tesla, Corsaire 4, Freighter Ship, Nuke, Tsar Bomba, Theo, Bunker, Force Field, Reactor, Player Skills, Rebel, Nuker, Hacker, Intel, Pilot, Tanker, Enforcer, Ranger, Gunner, Robot. ~Rodol
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Text Comments (38)
astro dex (15 days ago)
cool game god work### error:)
The Rawhide (2 months ago)
I literally cannot wait, will it be on Steam? (If it becomes downloadable and not website based)
CL4P TP (2 months ago)
rodo you are lyetzi? model starbound? :o
Rodol Phito (2 months ago)
no, I'm not
Toby Alain (2 months ago)
Made by Rodol with Rodol at Rodol for the OG fans of Rival Rebels
Toby Alain (2 months ago)
This looks really dang cool!! Im super hype. I do have a recommendation and its that if the game is 3rd person u should make the view slightly to the side so that we can get a better view of what ur shooting!
Rodol Phito (2 months ago)
Thanks, I already fixed that :), take a look https://youtu.be/lJQztxkeaqI
Shreded Potato (2 months ago)
Man this game is so good ima tell my whole school to sub, keep up the great work -The potato gatekeeper
Shreded Potato (2 months ago)
Maybe make a anti tank rifle like if the Einstein met the Mauser 1918 T- Gewehr From WWI Which was so strong if held wrong it could brake or severely bruise the shooters arm? Thanks For Reading my idea the potato gods thank you
Kara Seeker (2 months ago)
can you add spider masks to the game? also, add melee combat to the game? like the cuchillio from the mod?
ZACK Gaming (2 months ago)
You should play fortnite or pubg and upload daily to get subs👍
The Rawhide (2 months ago)
( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ Cringey fortnite youtubers.
The Rawhide (2 months ago)
CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord (3 months ago)
Sorry I missed the Stream
Anders Becerra (3 months ago)
I have a suggestion, when you pick up a module, it swings rather violently, could you make it so it swings a little less?
Anders Becerra (3 months ago)
And one more thing, what will the durability of the materials you craft be like? How much will it vary and won't it be hard to have so many varying durabilities of all the elements or compounds made from combinations of these? How can you add all the elements and compounds the game and still make it realistic?? Maybe if you just had some of the elements and compounds in the game, that would make it much easier to do.
Anders Becerra (3 months ago)
Rodol Phito Since we're here, you said the corsair is a "raider" craft ment to raid frigates, so will there be other ships in the game? Such as the frigate? Will there be assault craft, battleships or other craft?
Anders Becerra (3 months ago)
Rodol Phito thanks rodol!
Rodol Phito (3 months ago)
Modules will swing less when the player gains XP and gets stronger, the same way weapons will be more stable and accurate in the hands of experienced players :D
EX-MrHappilman Astaroth (3 months ago)
Can you tell pat and Jen to review the rival rebels mods newest version
The Blind Wizard (3 months ago)
Can you add a Duke Nukem or a Doom easter egg
Precursors /Ink Form (3 months ago)
enderGuardian 46 (3 months ago)
I know someone already asked about the single player mode, but what about a sandbox mode? Example: you can spawn whatever you want in infinity amount and you can play with up to 4 - 10 friends. You can also make yourself invincible by a command or a key. Sandbox mode doesn't have a story, but it would still be fun.
enderGuardian 46 (3 months ago)
Rodol Phito | Thanks! I think it is good if the game will run in a cloud because it will save a lot of PC resources and will give better FPS to players as long as they have good ping and not PC. I mean a good PC is important but not so much if the game is in a cloud.
Rodol Phito (3 months ago)
Yes, sandbox mode is already planned, that way I can keep recording my video stories :) and other people can also play around. But its going to run in the cloud, and its not happening until the 2nd or 3rd version release. I have too much to do.
Morinor (3 months ago)
The way the player carries items makes them look somewhat weightless, is there some anti-grav tec built in the suit? :P
Rodol Phito (3 months ago)
No, that is because the IK is not properly set, it's one of the many bugs I'm working on.
Hellfire (3 months ago)
Which Software do you use for the game ?
Rodol Phito (3 months ago)
Here is the full attributions page https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/attributions/
xxNeed For Speed65xx (3 months ago)
Darn i forgot to watch it live oh well. At least i didn't forget the last one.
TheGolden Microphone (3 months ago)
i'll cry if you stop updating the mod! the mod is REALLLYYY enjoyable! add the dark matter drive!
Martas HD (3 months ago)
2 comment
Diana Grell (3 months ago)
Missed it
Diana Grell (3 months ago)
But man! Thats a nice Minigun! -Rhodes3 from the forum.
Kristijan Veljača (3 months ago)
abdillah presiden (3 months ago)
Austrian Mapping (3 months ago)
Diana Grell same

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