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HAIR BOSS - Lisa The Painful #10

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Text Comments (10)
MysticFate (4 months ago)
This game is hilarious 😂 for some reason it gives me an Earthbound sort of feeling
Nieve (4 months ago)
MysticFate the first game of the series was inspired by nino kuni, which, in and of itself, is an earthbound hack. So it could definitely be assumed that earthbound is also a huge inspiration to dingaling's work as well
Cyber Cancer (4 months ago)
Sly is my dad
Davel Dasilva (4 months ago)
Sly can you help me? I tried to watch this series on Twitch before it uploaded to YT because I couldn't wait, however, it was buffering too often making it unwatchable. Is there a make it watchable? Assuming because I skipped ahead to where I was is the problem.
phil11th (4 months ago)
Damn this was early
Rinus (4 months ago)
This playthrough is awesome.. xD
Kakowow (4 months ago)
you should have played lisa the first before this game, is a free game downloaded from here=https://rpgmaker.net/games/4412/downloads/
Mega Mewtwo X (4 months ago)
True Wolf (4 months ago)
MewtwoExMasterMusic (4 months ago)
Second Kappa

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