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Minecraft Mod Playthrough - Part 15

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Minecraft Mod Playthrough Part 15 - More Power!! - Exploring the mountainside. Links Below Leave a Like/Fav if you do that sort of thing. : Mods info and active thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1522900-minecraft-tekkit-with-capp00-lets-play/ Last Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCqEjUpp-cg BobVille Minecraft Server: www.bobvillemc.com My Channel: http://youtube.com/user/capp00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-- Follow me! http://twitter.com/capp00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-- Like my page: http://facebook.com/capp00gaming --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-- Interact with me live: http://twitch.tv/capp00 Minecraft Mod Playthrough - Part 15 Minecraft Mod Playthrough - Part 15 Minecraft Mod Playthrough - Part 15 Minecraft Mod Playthrough - Part 15
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Text Comments (42)
Chronosphere Steen (5 years ago)
yeah the turtle beachesis nice but gets cave ears after a while hehe :D
tom corbett (5 years ago)
hi capp love youre vids and i was watching one of youre videos and you said follow me on twitter and you say it in a lot of videos so i thought i should and i was alredy so i must of followed you then forgot so i thought that was funny and it wouldnt let me message you on twitter and twitter confuses me so i cant tweet you but i am following you just thought i would tell you in this paragraph and keep up youre good work
Ryan Sauer (5 years ago)
Hi capp00 i wanna tell u about my christmas i got a guitar my brother got a piano and we got a foosball table
Umbra Eterna (5 years ago)
You don't need to farm obsidian, you can put lava and water in tin cells and put them in a crafting table!
Umbra Eterna (5 years ago)
Why don't you install the Sphax addon pack?
radiopigs (5 years ago)
Can i please play halo 4 with you
MrJacobWill (5 years ago)
I don't even have minecraft but I am saving up for it. Do you think I should get it on my Xbox or pc because me computer is a little slow.
MrJacobWill (5 years ago)
Was watching series yesterday and thought you just ended it like that. Happy it is still going.
tom corbett (5 years ago)
hello capp I don't know how to get minecraft on pc but ive got it on xbox can you help me out please and love youre vids
CFI DontStabYou (5 years ago)
Was sick for the entire christmas break from work :( oh and you are welcome :P
TheMaroonWolf (5 years ago)
hey capp i dont have that much money. what headset do you think i need the buy? give me a tip and have a good day ;)
tom corbett (5 years ago)
Love you're vids keep up the work
goodSHotIamnoT (5 years ago)
You're welcome Capp. I really need to look into getting Minecraft on the PC so i can play these mods, but with the way they keep updating the xbox version hopefully it won't be long before we can do this stuff on console. We should do some Far Cry 3 co-op sometime, man I love that game! Watch out mining that uranium ore, the feds will be after you LOL
Sean Sang (5 years ago)
Actually you put it in the top left where the box with something like a crosshair is. The rest of his explanation is good
Marxman (5 years ago)
Is that a lapis pickaxe?!?!
waitcrapwhat (5 years ago)
This might sound really strange, but Mrs. Capp has a very cute voice.
srgrorarzr (5 years ago)
Capp bobs server is on 1.4.5. And the last update was 1.4.6 so most ppl can't get on. And wat texture pack do u use.
Angelz777 (5 years ago)
Love ur vids Capp !!!
Daniel Landeros (5 years ago)
Ok everyone explained this but there is more if u put an energy collector by the condenser then it starts making EMC to the condenser and don't have to put anything in! But it does it very slowly to do it faster u need an MK2 then upgrade that to a MK3, MK3 is the most fastest
carter himp (5 years ago)
To make another one of those ;D hope this helps!
carter himp (5 years ago)
Ok so basically a condenser is a chest that you can use to turn items into other things... You put the item that you want to make more of in the top right....then you place any junk that you don't need that has an emc value like cobblestone or dirt or sometimes even uranium which is helpful for making lots of diamonds ;) but you can't make the item that you want to make if you do have enough emc...so for example if you want to make something that costs 2,343 emc you need 2,343 emc to make anoth
MrSupergamer93 (5 years ago)
Hay I like the play through a condencer is basicaly a chest that will turn one thing into another everything in the game has a value called e.m.c. and what you do is you keep one of every thing that you have in a chest and then you take everything els and put it in the condencer then put a dimond in the top left slot of the condencer and it will convert it all into dimonds
surfinbirdrocks (5 years ago)
hey capp i have a question, are you able to make the videos longer? like say 20 min instead of the 13-15 min vids? i know your busy but its kinda annoying having to wait about a week or so for a short video, and i LOVE listening to your commentary and watching your gameplay
griffisdr1 (5 years ago)
Make some lava and water cells and make obsidian with those so u don't have to waste 3 diamonds on a pickaxe
Mark Lefevre (5 years ago)
Once you have a condensor then you can use items such as buckets of oil and glowstone from the nether as they are high value EMC and can be turned into lovely diamonds
Mark Lefevre (5 years ago)
Hook your quarry up to a diamond pipe with dirt, stone, sand, gravel and other low value materials going into the condensor making something useful and the ores going to a furnace and the gems and valuable materials going to a chest and then you are set up :)
samman543211 (5 years ago)
hey capp when r u going to livestream again
g0ldensnipers (5 years ago)
Capp when you go to the nether get as much glowstone as possible it will really help later with the condenser
smyth14 (5 years ago)
Capp! God i haven't watched your video's in quite a while! As usual a fantastic video! Keep the good work up! :)
ender craft (5 years ago)
Hey,cap may I plz send u a friend request on Xbox
DoubleSprayx (5 years ago)
I'm your 959 twitter follower :)
Shedao16 (5 years ago)
Great video as usual Capp! I have one question and a bit of feedback. Question is what seed you are using? Feedback is I watched the first part of your first video for this playthrough and there is a massive ravine near where you spawned in. I forget how far away it is from your house now, but I'm sure there are some good resources there.
Dale Dickey (5 years ago)
Yay another vid thank you lol and i don't know if anything would b there but dig down under your workshop or house you MIGHT finds something
Patheodox (5 years ago)
p.s. capp,if you want the tekkit texture pack,you need to download it ant merge the file with the regular sphax tp folder then just put it in the tp foler and enjoy
LORD MJ (5 years ago)
You don't need to feed the engines with oil anymore. You can remove the pipes, let the engines run out of oil, so you can then use the fuel your producing to continue refining. As now your wasting your oil. Why did you leave your steam engine on? When they start flashing red turn them off because they will explode. For the water pump you should really need 4 redstone engines, so you can save your coal. Please don't make a diamond pick! I know i said this million times, but make a diamond drill
Patheodox (5 years ago)
your welcome :)
excaliburdj (5 years ago)
Capp, you make me nervous when you go into caves without armor lol. So...condensers...actually pretty easy to use. I know you're not using Tekkit, but the Tekkit wiki has articles for most all the mods you have in one place. Could be useful anyway. All a condenser does is convert items into EMC, and then uses that EMC to make items in the target box. So you can put a diamond into the target box, and then put cobble, gravel, etc. in there and it uses that energy to make a diamond, for example.
xSONICxECL3PSx (5 years ago)
whats yo GT capp00
GBDevastate (5 years ago)
9 diamonds is the exact amount you need too create a Condenser
Lazy_as_Hell (5 years ago)
ppowerful6 (5 years ago)
Trent Houston (5 years ago)

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