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How To Cash Out CS:GO Skins After OPSkins Shuts Down? Dmarket Review

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Check out Dmarket https://bit.ly/2JAbz0G You can buy and Cash Out CS:GO Skins for Real Money, this is a new alternative to OPSkins. Let me know your thoughts on the site. Overall I think its cool that there is still a way to get Real Money for your skins. And again a Huge Shoutout to Dmarket for sponsoring this video. Drop a Like if you enjoyed the video! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join My Discord Server and talk to me and other members of the TurboNation https://discord.gg/0yRuuiHstQ9MrzEu FREE CSGO Betting site https://gameonjoe.com/affiliates/ Use Code TurboMotionZ The Best Place to Buy and Sell CSGO Skins! http://ref.opskins.com/SH8C Earn free Steam cards/ PayPal cash! on Swagbucks Just sign up, confirm your Email and Earn over 300 SB for a bonus $3 http://www.swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-trk&t0=blgTrk&t1=6074930&t2=822 Get Free CSGO Skins http://earn.gg?ref=104958031027137727022 Even More Free Skins on SkinSilo https://skinsilo.com/ Use my code TurboYT for a bonus! SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/user/TurboMotionZGaming Betting Sites: Use my codes for free coins on the sites! Help me do a HUGE giveaway by using any of my codes. CASE OPENING SITES 1➤http://farmskins.com/ref-turbomotionz 2 ➤http://hellcase.com/fTurboMotionZ 3 ➤https://skinhub.com Use code TurboHub 4➤ https://www.DRAKEMOON.com/promo-code/TurboMotionZ Use code TurboMotionZ 5➤https://www.csgolive.com Use Code TurboMotionZ ___ CSGO Betting Sites FREE CSGO Betting site https://gameonjoe.com/affiliates/ Use Code TurboMotionZ 1➤https://csgofast.com/#r/103bpw 2➤ PUBG https://fast-pubg.com/#r/103bpw 3➤https://csgoatse.com/ Use Code TurboMotionZ 4 ➤https://csgospeed.com Use Code 26F0241D58 5➤https://gamdom.com Use Code turbomotionz 6➤https://csgoempire.com Use Code TurboMotionZ 7 ➤http://www.csgoroll.com/ Use code TurboMotionZ 8➤http://skinbet.io/?refid=Turbo 9 ➤http://www.DRAKELOUNGE.com/promocode/TurboLounge Use code TurboLounge _ CSGO Upgrade Sites 1➤https://www.wtfskins.com/ Use Code TurboMotionZ (Remember these are my only codes any other ones are from impersonators) and gamble at your own risk! Don't bet more than you can afford to lose. GET A TEXT MESSAGE EVERY TIME I UPLOAD A VIDEO AND STREAM ➤ https://www.remind.com/join/drturb KINGUIN ➤ http://www.kinguin.net/r/Turbo GET SUPER CHEAP GAMES AND SKINS! (and support the channel) SUBSCRIBE ➤ http://goo.gl/0AFoHq TWITTER ➤ https://twitter.com/TurboMotionReal PATREON ➤ https://www.patreon.com/Turbo DONATE CSGO ITEMS OR TRADE WITH TURBO ➤ https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=60621332&token=NsTOoBg8 Giveaway: shh don't tell people who didn't watch the entire video so you have a higher chance to win :P https://gleam.io/competitions/7pXIm-1520-csgo-skin-of-your-choice-giveaway-for-loyal-subs-only-giveaway-hunters-will-be-rerolled Drop a Like to show support. Thank You for watching!
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Text Comments (329)
Jag Ram (2 days ago)
Alright so I’m 16 so I don’t think I can do kyc or whatever it’s called, but would I be able to sell a 250$ inventory and then withdraw that without restrictions?
Loucyon (3 days ago)
you are just reported for divulging scam websites.
Darx3 GD (7 days ago)
What about you sell a skin, get the balance, can you buy a skin for the balance gotten from the sold item?
browngom (11 days ago)
i purchased a skin from dmarket, i waited until trade lock expired. then suddenly, there is a "technical issue" with withdrawing the skin to my steam inventory. its been about a week now, and they still have "technical issues". this website is a scam.
Jonte baba (14 days ago)
can you sell your skins and cashout without ID?
edin baj (20 days ago)
FailuReDope (21 days ago)
Can you sell the skins with the sticker prices included?
The Real Sojjer (21 days ago)
kerJe (22 days ago)
oof boi give me that heart
WeinerGlory (23 days ago)
Guys, any other options for skin sites? Currently dmarket is still new and doesn't have some of the skins I'm looking for
SoulStealz (23 days ago)
I thought that bitskins was this new site :?
Gold Guy Games (24 days ago)
*OPskins is not shutting down **https://blog.opskins.com/official-statement-from-opskins-regarding-the-future-of-digital-item-trading/*
Gaming Zona_YT (24 days ago)
I hope someone can donate me some skins here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=866641134&token=lSVtEYTT
Gamer (24 days ago)
thanks man
Slim Shady (25 days ago)
so you cant inspect in game?
cdswall (25 days ago)
can you inspect skins?
cdswall (25 days ago)
on their site?
Faris Firdaus (25 days ago)
Faris Firdaus (25 days ago)
Give me a heart :v
Gamer FG (25 days ago)
dude wtf i got scammed about all of my money i put on sale and its says that is in trade but it just took my items wtf 1
Zed Jacob (25 days ago)
You should've read the whitepaper before you made this video :/
Blazinghorse420 (26 days ago)
D OMEGALUL C I wanna be TRANSPARENT with you guys #dmoneyisokayig
Plus 50 Assist (26 days ago)
You should let me win and I'll give you $60 worth of skins for a $80 knife
Plus 50 Assist (26 days ago)
Thven (26 days ago)
Chieesius YouTub (26 days ago)
Vikram Saurabh (26 days ago)
Hunter Westerfield (26 days ago)
Matei Celal (26 days ago)
#dmarketiscool + new subs :)
Random Newbie (27 days ago)
Turbo: GA is not at beginning of the video. GA Hunters: 2x speeeeeed #Dmarketiscool
Rubber Cuckies (27 days ago)
Mattgaming MG (27 days ago)
Kaal (27 days ago)
just use GameFlip lol.
Kaal (27 days ago)
just use GameFlip lol.
Arthur De Witte (27 days ago)
sarcasT H I C C boi (27 days ago)
BGames Studio (27 days ago)
Hazri45 (27 days ago)
Ron Weasley (27 days ago)
Oh btw #DmarketIsCool
Ron Weasley (27 days ago)
My steam name is niko I sent u a trade for your gut knife I rlly like can u plz let me have it ily
Lang Scott (27 days ago)
I like big boobs
Ugly (27 days ago)
They're not shutting down though
Ron Weasley (27 days ago)
Can I plz have a knife I wouldn’t care which one plz notice meh
Dom Doležal (27 days ago)
Magnum (27 days ago)
How do i recover the 2850$ i lost in skin value man?
Calyx (27 days ago)
ChanceGucciBelt (27 days ago)
I don’t think it’s good I would much rather use bitskins because on dmarket you can’t deposit more than 1$ without “kyc procedure” which you have to be 18 and over and I’m only 16. And I honestly think the kyc procedure need a little too much info. So with all of this said it’s literally impossible for me to use this website even though I saw a m9 blue steel for 43$ #dmarketisoof
MauS (27 days ago)
RealistCrimson (27 days ago)
#dmarkitis ight
Levi Christopher (27 days ago)
Humans.. a unique living being.. one could even say that humans are god's perfect creation... however.. that statement was created by a human.. what is a human? Perhaps a civilized living being? No.. humans are not civilized.. not one bit.. then what are they? Perhaps they are a mistake? No.. humans have built many things... they have evolved throughout the era.. However.. neither of that statements are true... Good and evil, useless labels that mongrels made to manipulate one's attitude... Good and evil... the principles that I truly loathe.. they are nothing but illusory and absolutely useless notions.. Concept that are made by ignorant fools to reinterpret this world.. allowing inferior minds to get satisfied by their actions and label them good.. or to make them blameworthy due to their actions and label them bad... However.. today's perspective of good and evil are manipulated and are used to cause conflicts upon each other.. Hence, if we were to think about it... the attitude and the actions of a human being mimics that of mongrels... they manipulate each other.. as if fighting over meaningless things.. then once they are done.. both sides lose.. Injured, and heart broken.. Aside from all of that.. what is Good and Evil to humans... some say that good is something beneficial to oneself.. be it in the form of feelings.. or in a physical form... as of evil.. it is the opposite... However.. the truth of the matter is.. what's good is bad.. and what's bad is good... It all depends on the perspective.. even if one's perspective were to be manipulated.. and that individual thinks that it's good.. hence.. it is good.. for that specified individual.. and vice versa.. Oh well excuse my rants.. im a bit stressed ehehe...
BoomHer0 (27 days ago)
#dmarketiscool squad is always here :D i never won a giveaway :I
timesaver316 (27 days ago)
timesaver316 (27 days ago)
Zaarox (27 days ago)
Looks like a russian scam site xD
George. C (27 days ago)
Meow Gamezone (27 days ago)
Ashton (27 days ago)
Nice vid helping people find their options. #Dmarketiscool
Velimir Skorchev (27 days ago)
Invaliid (27 days ago)
SKYWOLF GAMING (27 days ago)
Haydar Voxo (27 days ago)
HyroHD (27 days ago)
They should make the kyc optional
Nikolaj Minor (27 days ago)
Alveo Cl (27 days ago)
Amit kr (27 days ago)
TheGeLLeD (27 days ago)
Vidur Oberoi (27 days ago)
MP Dope (27 days ago)
MP Dope (27 days ago)
Dose this site will get son shut down? or it will stay
Nentox (27 days ago)
Fritz Kulern (27 days ago)
OGr0cket (27 days ago)
I like how you said transparency is important and your surfing in the background has transparent ramps lmao
Soldier SK (27 days ago)
Grupa_Games (27 days ago)
robert (27 days ago)
zecaben241 (27 days ago)
Aakash Thaker (27 days ago)
#dmarketisOP xD
Catalin Mandici (27 days ago)
HeyItsJosh (27 days ago)
Daniel Pacheco (27 days ago)
#DMarketisCool is some time maybe it grows to opskins size if the no fees keep
Kulwant singh Dogra (27 days ago)
#dmarketiscool #TurboMotionZiscool
非行少年 Rudies (27 days ago)
You're beating the OP skins topic to death harder than valve killed OP skins lol
Ethan Barclay (27 days ago)
#Dmarketiscool The reason why there is a blockchain explorer is because everything thing is converted to their cryptocurrency (DMT). When you deposit PayPal, it is actually converted to DMT behind the scenes and is just being translated to USD. Also all transactions are just transactions on the DMT network.
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (27 days ago)
Salt Shaker (27 days ago)
Ratatoskr (27 days ago)
MJR Gamer (27 days ago)
why cant you just use bitskins
hal0_ (27 days ago)
Kladjanin *_* (27 days ago)
Do you have discord??:)
Hush Dragons (27 days ago)
Thanks Turbo. I've been hearing about this site and I've been hopeful. Looks like you confirmed it. Great job.
extremegg player (27 days ago)
LemmingOnIce (27 days ago)
#dmarketisdank also hi i'm new
HobbiePlays (27 days ago)
I don't play csgo anymore i play pubg but gotta say Valve taking down OpSkin is sad😭😭
Pure Smoke (27 days ago)
KYS means Kill Your Cat
Theoggamer6969 (27 days ago)
To enter the giveaway you have to watch until the end of the video.Ha Ha I trapped you “Skips to end of the video” Damn the trapper has been trapped
AxaSource TV (27 days ago)
Hi Hello (27 days ago)
So on skinsilo,what does one acc. per person mean?I'm so confused.Does it mean only one phone per acc.?I really need an answer...
Purify HD (27 days ago)
NotDIOsKidGiorno (27 days ago)
JuRa (27 days ago)
FURYXCROW (27 days ago)
#dmarketiscool 😍

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