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Top 10 NEW Survival Horror Games of 2018

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The survival horror genre's 2018 has been a good one. We're never far from a great new release, and Gameranx has put together a list of the best survival horror games in 2018 so far, as well as upcoming. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.coom/gameranxtv 10 Scorn Platform: PC Release Date: October 2018 9 The Inpatient Platform: PS4 Release Date: 23 January 2018 8 Vampyr Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: 5 June 2018 7 Moons of Madness Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 6 The Persistence Platform: PS4 Release Date: JULY 25, 2018 5 Call of Cthulhu Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: OCTOBER 30, 2018 4 Dead Frontier 2 Platform: PC Release Date: 5 Sep, 2018 3 We Happy Few Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 10 August 2018 2 Overkill’s Walking Dead Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: November 6, 2018 1 Hunt: Showdown Platform: PC Early Access February 22, 2018 Release Date: Xbox One 2018 Bonus: Project Zomboid (maybe finally leaving early access) Platform: PC OS X Linux Release Date: TBA 2018 The Forest Platform: PC 30 April 2018 Release Date: PS4 6 November 2018 Witch Hunt Platform: PC Release Date: 3 Sep, 2018 Agony Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One May 29, 2018 Release Date: Nintendo Switch 2018 Visage Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018
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Text Comments (533)
Laydie Lie (22 hours ago)
Why are so many horror games 1st person?! Ugh.
Hazem Salama (3 days ago)
where is World War Z ???
Michael Francy (7 days ago)
I have a list of the best horror games. I hope this list helps you. (2017-2018) 1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 2. Bendy and the Ink Machine 3. Outlast 2 4. The Evil Within 2 5. Deadly Curse 6. Until Dawn 7. Little Nightmares 8. Friday the 13th: The Game 9. Prey 10. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Horror games r the best im excited 2 play them all..especially walking dead 1
NewToCool74 (8 days ago)
I cringed seeing Vampyr listed as a "survival horror" game...
Z.HUNTER 38 (9 days ago)
Love this channel
MaxwellGSC (12 days ago)
thinking about picking up hunt showdown, ive read its a lil bit hard though. thoughts?
Monochromatic Yukari (13 days ago)
Looking forward to playing Dead Frontier 2!
Lykos Blood (13 days ago)
Im so excited for call of cthulhu but i cant get it till like march next year unless someone buys me it for christmas because im going overseas for over a month which is taking all of my money. Ripppp gonna have to avoid watching or seeing any footage for like 5 months
Prop (13 days ago)
We need LFD3
Jerky921 (14 days ago)
How can anyone defend that walking dead game, shit looked like the early ps3 days
Vaibhav Shewale (15 days ago)
hunt showdown needs more people in single match!
Hector Ramirez (17 days ago)
Overkill for sure!!!!!! Also it would be nice to see PUBG to create a zombie mode, I know that there’s one similar to it but can’t remember the name. Either way it would be cool at least for me lol!!! Love the channel guys!!! Keep up the great work
Don Darko (17 days ago)
I wish there would ever be another Dead Space. F.
DevilDo99 Gaming (19 days ago)
Inpatient was a boring waste of time
Byun Baekkie (20 days ago)
"Vampyr" is the danish word for "Vampire" ^^
hatch82 (20 days ago)
The Cursed Forest is still a good horror game for Halloween. Not real new. Devs still improve it often. Just my 2 cents.
The Legendary Lamb (20 days ago)
What ever happened to that one game routine. The space horror game.
John Cena (21 days ago)
Moons of Madness looks like a horror version of Firewatch to some extent. Super excited for it
James Webb (21 days ago)
Still waiting for Routine :(
Fabulous hotdog (22 days ago)
Trash games.
Dr _ Nomz (22 days ago)
DF2 does sound promising, but bear in mind all that stuff about "pay to win" was a big deal in the Original Dead Frontier, so don't get your hopes up too high. (It also wasn't very fun... overly difficult, WAY TOO MUCH WALKING, etc...)
tomas liljar (22 days ago)
wheres the last of us 2?
CommandoMashed (23 days ago)
Do You remember when they used to make better games with shitter hardware?
DarkRosePassions (23 days ago)
Scorn got delayed to 2019 js
Moder IRAQ (23 days ago)
Just World War Z
YunRemy (23 days ago)
Man I wish hunt was better
Falconpunchin58 (23 days ago)
is anyone here actually named Falcon
Ray Nibbs (23 days ago)
Really? You promote this stuff? I understand some might like some of it.. but you sound more like a commercial for it all than real reviews. Sorry for sounding harsh, but real is real. I appreciate real reviews, not cheer leading.
perkyzombie (23 days ago)
First time I saw a preview for Scorn it completely remind me of eXistenZ, there's a scene in that movie where Jude Law assembles a gun with chicken bones and such. Completely interested in Call of Cthulhu, I believe the title is misleading as it's not based on the book of the namesake but rather the Cthulhu Mythos. So much glorious horror to be had in the universe, hope we get some Dark Young! Although that may be controversial as any Cosmic Horrors we get will be someone else's imagining... always the tough part of going from the printed page.
Leonardo (23 days ago)
Hey! NO Subnautica?
In Yo FACE (23 days ago)
We Happy Few is too expensive for its development cycles and gameplay. i feel like it should be 40 or 30 dollars. imo.
Ben Kellens (23 days ago)
The game im most excited for comes out on my birthday, now to manipulate someone to buy it for me xD
Manan Sood (23 days ago)
Oh i have personal feelings for call of cthulu
Les Hernandez (23 days ago)
it's fun to read all those guys whining about OVERKILL's TWD, Seriously, the game isn't finished yet, but you're already complaining and saying you won't buy it and guess what, people will keep buying it. I just can't with this upcoming gamer generation.
Lonxer (23 days ago)
U serious overkill’s the walking dead is #2? DUDE GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!
BranzeeGaming (23 days ago)
No more room in hell 2.
Virtual Visualizer (23 days ago)
0:11 Scorn i a tribute to the king of dark art, H.R Giger
Renan Sales Moreira (24 days ago)
vampyr is shit
The69DJ (24 days ago)
is/was/is...? WTF is Alison Road! I wanted that more than Agony back when they were just rumors.
Huitzi Snorlax49 (24 days ago)
I wanna get overkill it seems fun af
Kairasam's Projects (24 days ago)
Gameranx, just a little update. Scorn as been pushed back to 2019 and will be released as a full game. It is written on their Steam page.
KandyKainePowdah (24 days ago)
I canceld my preoder of the walking dead and got spiderman .. if it gets better maybe ill get it
Luka Veljković (24 days ago)
is this a reupload?
dctcorey20 (24 days ago)
Hunt: Showdown is such an underrated gem and I wish it got tons of more love. Crytek pours their heart and soul into this game and they're devs that truly listen and truly care about their game and community.
ultra Adrestia (24 days ago)
Thumbs up for the Tool nod
ZoeperJ (24 days ago)
Missing last year, maybe cause there is not a real release date.
Jacob Sanchez (24 days ago)
ethical free to play makes my heart sing
Sin Eternal (24 days ago)
Lol falcon always says "bolth" and never "both" i's he Canadian
Frank Bentin (24 days ago)
Cant wait for Visage, been waiting so long
cool beans (24 days ago)
VISAGE! Comes out next month :)
Dark Shadows (24 days ago)
Here's hoping Scorn doesn't have the same fuck up as Agony game did
Clutch 18 (24 days ago)
What about the last of us 2
the neato misquito (24 days ago)
Metro exodus?!?!
Alex TT-zer0 (24 days ago)
vampyr is no way a survival
xX_ PEPPAPIG _Xx (24 days ago)
Ive been watching for 2 or 3 years and just relized im not subscribed
Demonos3 (24 days ago)
Scorn looks nasty, Inpatient footage had a crazy looking dude who needs to be in a psych ward, Moons sounds interesting and Frontier doesnt sound bad at all either. Not a bad quarter for survival horror imo.
CodenameVex (24 days ago)
Does anyone know it overkills TWD is for android or ios? 😂
Chris Strong (24 days ago)
H.R. Giger.
Andrew Caver (24 days ago)
Wow can't believe Dead Frontier was successful enough to spawn a squeal, and one looking like that no less! I and a buddy played the original hybrid text/top-down shooter Dead Frontier back in middle school for a couple years on and off. It was pretty damn immersive with the large profession pool. I hope they keep it that immersive while improving the overall gameplay such as they have.
HERO KING (24 days ago)
Hey gameranx I'm BLUE TORNADO - I won the console giveaway in August 31st and I replied to the email from Tom but never got a response back.
Lorenzo Lopez (24 days ago)
The Walking deaths trailer looked amazing and could of been similar to the last of us but they destroyed it.
isturbo1984 (24 days ago)
Literally none of these were Survival Horror games. :/
s w o r d s m a n (24 days ago)
Anyone else listen to tool?
Miguel Albuquerque (24 days ago)
World war Z doenst deserve a place here....GOOD!
Zack Silvers (24 days ago)
I love that you guys know Tool👍
Ryan Smith (24 days ago)
The forest
Austin Henderson (24 days ago)
Too bad scorn won't be released in 2018, news page says on their website says otherwise.
Mark Turnbull (24 days ago)
Why camper on here its already out
poo nose (24 days ago)
vampyre and scorn are shit games
Lirik Talanov (24 days ago)
Not good, well!
??? ??? (24 days ago)
Scorn looks pretty cool but eww..
Mark Tuma (24 days ago)
Been playing Resident Evil Biohazard in VR. Stuck on Shotgun part. Great so far tho.
Danielius Matulis (24 days ago)
19h late squad
Just_ Putt_ Plays (24 days ago)
anybody else hate that 99% of this list is First Person view? fuuuuugh...
Oliver Godfrey (24 days ago)
Scorn reminds me of HR Giger's art, that alone is enough to make me buy it...
Williamlee317 (24 days ago)
If you pre order overkills the walking dead you can play October 9th
iqbal bhat (24 days ago)
Ultack (24 days ago)
I hate over the shoulder view so I will pass those but I am glad to see most are 1st person view, way more immersive.
BladmirPuting (24 days ago)
Scorn is not releasing yet. The original plan was to release it in two parts and drop the first one in October 2018 but in an announcement that was made on the website this August it turns out the game has been delayed to a TBD date. "Now you will experience the game from start to finish, as intended, but at a later date that is yet to be announced."
Fdsfgs (24 days ago)
I like when Falcon talks more informal. Dont’t get me wrong, Falcon is the best when reviwing games, but when he’s this serious is just boring AF to listen
ASTRALSAURUS (24 days ago)
I think scorn is being delayed.
TheBrawler42 Official (24 days ago)
What about the last of us 2
PeppeTheHotPepper (24 days ago)
I played Dead Frontier 2 to me its boring trash
ahmed reda (24 days ago)
i cant wait to play the conjuring house
Electro Skull (24 days ago)
Resident Evil 7 is the #1 scariest and horror game
Electro Skull (13 days ago)
Such a lie don't make yourself like a God mate
Brian Thompson (13 days ago)
Electro Skull resident evil 7 was not scary at all course no games really scare me I’ve even played all resident evils and all the silent hills and all the dead spaces plus both of the evil withins.
Seve Robinson (24 days ago)
What is the name of the second beat you guys used in this video?
Pavlo Tverdokhlib (24 days ago)
looking forward to Call of Cthulhu. We need a game to carry on the promise of the opening for "Dark Corners of the Earth" (before that game became a shooter), dammit.
Pelago _ (25 days ago)
I remember playing dead frontier years ago when it was a top down, then playing it in the 3D isometric version. It’s such a great basic formula.
WarMasterX6 (25 days ago)
We Happy Few? That is hardly a functioning game.
the king (25 days ago)
This shit is FOR vr
the king (25 days ago)
Survival horror died with dead space
Jesus Govea (25 days ago)
Next Falcon video should be “Why Silent Hill 2 was a big deal”
Ty Michael (25 days ago)
Incorpriated? What hahah
Ethan Kellerman (25 days ago)
I started playing don’t starve co op with my friend does that count?
MrSmileyHeadBanger (25 days ago)
Woah, Dead Frontier 2? I remember playing the first one back when it was 2D, way before the update.
THE REID (25 days ago)
How can you make a top 10 new games list and put games on it that you haven't played and haven't even come out yet. This is just getting stupid. How can you say something is in your top anything if you don't even know what it actually is. To top it off THE WALKING DEAD GAME IS NOT A SURVIVAL HORROR IT'S AN ACTION SHOOTER!!!
Vladislav Razumeev (25 days ago)
Akhil Kala (25 days ago)
Fix Hunt showdown's description
ImJqmal (25 days ago)
Gameranx, wich of these games did you play? Im curius

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