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Dreams - TGA 2017 Trailer | PS4

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Dream anything, play everything! Dreams from Media Molecule will be available in 2018 for PlayStation 4! © 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Developed by Media Molecule. Dreams is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.
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Text Comments (1139)
CMD Parodies (21 hours ago)
What's the music?
Sozzled Grape (3 days ago)
Lbp but renamed and made by our favorite Media Monocule YEEEEEEEEESSSS
osiito lindo (3 days ago)
Release: 2019 you're welcome
Aldmyboi (8 days ago)
How is this replacing the lbp franchise? It's just another Media Molecule game.
Sabpot (8 days ago)
Sooo status report?
Papiertrümmer (9 days ago)
Hey Mm... i need a new trailer please...
Tron X3629 (10 days ago)
Little bug planet will forever be with us.
Gareth Battersby (10 days ago)
If they make it accessible to create stuff, using templates (Platformer, arcade racer, flight sum etc) then it could be the most fantastic thing ever. However if there's a huge amount of fiddling and lessons to learn, programming each item to do certain things at certain times before you can even put a skin on the game then it will be incredibly niche. As most gamers wouldn't have the time or patience to learn all the bits and bobs to create a simple jump sprite. I think that element is vitally important to the success of this game.
Paul Flurry (11 days ago)
eh i dont get all the hype, looks stupid af
CMD Parodies (21 hours ago)
Because people love creating, sorry that you don't.
rhinuu045 (13 days ago)
Luke Darkheart (14 days ago)
Papiertrümmer (9 days ago)
Yes. All characters from the storymode/campaign are made with the tools that everyobe will get. 😅👍
Luke Darkheart (14 days ago)
*Wipes tears.* They grow up so fast.
Athanasios Galanis (18 days ago)
Acid in a VR game
The HúhHøh (18 days ago)
Chi Chi (29 days ago)
Miss Pikayori (29 days ago)
0:38 This looks vr-ishy
Sorry In Advance (1 month ago)
Media Molecule presents: Little Big Planet On Steroids
MicroJP (1 month ago)
It looks like LBP which is being discontinued by Sony so thank you media molecule
Well It's time for the end of Little big planet seiries But at least sack boy still there
Frontier Setter (1 month ago)
Im Ready but are you?
Mr Solipanto (1 month ago)
Lee Mason (1 month ago)
Lovely Allen. Literally the BEST song for a trailer for a game like this. Well played. That song is perfect.
MeeM MaM (1 month ago)
Is this it? Is this the TRUE sandbox game?
MeeM MaM (1 month ago)
As long as you can play as sackboy, because, im not letting go of that part of my childhood
Purple Panda (1 month ago)
I love this it’s just like lbp and I bet in it there will be the song ...orb of dreamers ...bring that back for lbps sake !!!
Freeman The Delphox (1 month ago)
1:43 not only Sackboy, but the other guys are from MM games as well. -makes you think of Connected Universes-
PlayStationfanview (2 months ago)
Coming 2018 no it isn’t
KlaabuGamingTV (1 month ago)
We can dream!
Azax (2 months ago)
You already know someones just gonna try and create little big planet in this game..
Team Extreme (2 months ago)
project spark: playstation edition
Team Extreme (2 months ago)
actually, after looking into it, none of them were based on each other. both games didn't know about the other one and it seems to just be a coincidence that they were both based on the same thing. plus i doubt that this one will be free like project spark
PlayStationfanview (2 months ago)
Team Extreme it’s going be better than spark plus dreams been in development before sparks . Ms rush spark .
burned bread (2 months ago)
The hype is real! Jezus christ!
JadeStuff (2 months ago)
Just thinking that this is the new lbp, i kinda want the old one back. Its still stuck to my childhood memories :>
George Gupta (2 months ago)
what kind of fool would dislike this!
PlayStationfanview (2 months ago)
George Gupta only people dislike it is people who promised be out in 2018 but it’s getting delayed until 2019 anyway looking forward to dreams until then back lbp3
Queen Robertson Mlp (2 months ago)
this game and LBP aren't just games they are beautiful art
Queen Robertson Mlp (2 months ago)
so it's basically it's a more creative version of Mm's Little Big Planet
nightmare_saint (2 months ago)
This looks really nice, but I'm staying with LittleBigPlanet.
Skalx (2 months ago)
I said the real lbp
CherieBc (2 months ago)
When I get my hands on this game, You can count on me to make a really cool, Mario 64 style 3D platformer with an apple character who uses his head to solve his problems, *Literally* My PSN name is cheriebc btw
MM Studios fan (2 months ago)
The narrator is the voice of the fans
Vie Bode (2 months ago)
I absolutely loved LBP as a kid, so this makes me incredibly nostalgic and thankful.
Camila Flores (2 months ago)
Should have been LBP 4!
BlueFishBryce Gaming (2 months ago)
May be cool, but it's not close to little big planet:(
CMD Parodies (21 hours ago)
And also the things you create aren't limited by size since all of the objects are stored online, the only part stored on your console is the commands that fit everything together. Truly brilliant
Project Genesis (2 months ago)
BlueFishBryce Gaming you have to be joking right? This game is 3x more powerful than lbp. You can literally create anything you want from scratch. Lbp you were limited
Joebob Derby (2 months ago)
MM is back. This is truly a dream come true. This looks like LBP times 10!
Jayson Carpenter (2 months ago)
Cant wait till dreams comes out. So exicted to create games, movies, charctors, and music.
Dism o (3 months ago)
Dreams the lbp killer
xAxzyte (3 months ago)
Stop comparing this game to LittleBigPlanet it is nothing like it. This game doesnt even have multiplayer, sorry Mm but I think you should come back to LBP I understand you are trying to move on and I respect. And I also think Sony doesnt want anything to do with LBP due to LBP3 having alot of bugs and glitches but you cant blame sumo digital since sony wanted to release LBP3 for black friday so you can only blame sony overall. (This is just my opinion to be honest im not going to buy dreams not becuase I dont have a PS4 but also becuase I prefer LBP more and I have been with the game since 2009 day 1 the game release and im still playing LBP2 till this day).
Ringman 2011 (3 months ago)
I'm genuinely considering buying a PS4 just for this game. LBP2 was my childhood and this just brings warmth to my heart. Media Molecule, thank you!
Steven Abbott (3 months ago)
I love lbp3
Hoopahgah (3 months ago)
RIP LBP 😭 But I'm happy media molecule is back.
UIColeKage22 (3 months ago)
Are you *woke* enough to dream? Dreams of memes When that Despacito2 will release
Lemonade Juice (3 months ago)
imagine a side quest including sackboy....
Brandon Reeves (3 months ago)
Definitely making a coraline world with characters
9a0yuhf0ag8t (3 months ago)
i cried.
PlayStationfanview (3 months ago)
I can’t for dreams but MM could liar saying it’s coming out in 2018 but know it’s not coming out this year because still no reasle date since going be delayed. If that’s the case one mm staff should say coming out 2018 since said it at playstation experience last year . I be angry not coming out this year 😢
Moe I (3 months ago)
Matheus Furtado (3 months ago)
I think then someone gonna make the Little big planet 4 in this game.
Hashim Ahmed (3 months ago)
i wonder if we could make what we want look real like texture and color , something like the graphics on unreal engine 4
I can't wait to play!
Penne Noodles (3 months ago)
Will it be multiplayer like LBP? I would be so happy if it was
Project Genesis (3 months ago)
Penne Noodles yes
The Runaway Kid (3 months ago)
Mm also said they would be releasing dreams on the psvita as well so we can play all the levels on the go! Sweeeet
Jonathan silva (3 months ago)
I like how it says coming 2018 but I seriously doubt it now lol
Cliff Martin (3 months ago)
This is the spiritual Passover or upgrade of little big planet, can’t wait till it’s released!!
iNCOGNITO L (4 months ago)
This game is gonna open so many doors. Create movies game or music like wow. Amazing. GOTY
Kelly Rose (4 months ago)
I thought Media Molecule was done with games since they haven't fixed lbp3 yet and it came out maybe 3 years ago. But besides that, this look incredible 😍😍😍
Kelly Rose (2 months ago)
ethan McGregor I figured that out but then I forgot I commented on this video
ethan McGregor (2 months ago)
Mm didn’t even make LBP3
Naveen Perpaga (4 months ago)
Amazing..Nice Work..
J J (4 months ago)
THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!! Thank you so much oh my gosh. this could surpass little big planet if the community is sensible enough to create something wonderful here. guys please get this game i will too. make anything that's unique and seems fun to you. i'll enjoy every second of it.
Pedro Vicente (4 months ago)
I think this is The end Bois, No more LBP :( I'm Gonna commite suicide Tomorrow in The afternoon, just have to tell all my famaly and friends That im doing it, they will Actually Probably Join me because they're gonna know aswell there's no LBP
Imortallity Gaming (4 months ago)
All I hope for is that you can private your creations to where we don’t get copiers again
Dayz_Matter (4 months ago)
Still hope we can get 3rd party DLC from this game just like LBP did.
Jonathan Pagan (4 months ago)
Does multiplayer work like Lbp? 4 Players in one lobby/world? I’m not sure may some answer this if you know?
Jonathan Pagan (4 months ago)
KlaabuGamingTV Oh Really? Thanks for letting me know, appreciate it 👍
KlaabuGamingTV (4 months ago)
Media Molecule said Multiplayer details coming soon!
afraa An (4 months ago)
I can’t wait
Content Brony (4 months ago)
This is bad
TheBlazersfan22 (4 months ago)
what this game even about ?
CMD Parodies (21 hours ago)
Any game you can imagine. Anything at all. You can even create a pokemon style game within this game, or an F1 game... or both mixed with the same level.
Joseph Honora (4 months ago)
Its a level creator that is very user friendly and has a tons and tons of possibilities. You can make racing, shooters, platforms, point and click, rpgs and many more. Plus it has its own story mode , VR support and multiplayer.
Petrol Head (4 months ago)
So this is why they didn't make little big planet 3, this is gonna make lbp look like a joke
Secter Plays (4 months ago)
I love this
Jay Tanner (4 months ago)
Motion controllers:- Bought PS4 Camera:- Bought Pre-order to book my copy:- Bought Just need that release date, and I will be as happy as a pig in the preverbial.
Wang Hai Feng (4 months ago)
Guys I think you better tone your hype down. I know your excited for the game but I don't think it's going to be as ground breaking as you think it will be. If you want to design games go mod games on PC. I honestly don't think Dreams will be as successful as the modding scenes we already have.
FancyHat (1 month ago)
Well, Mainly the reason why people are excited for this is cause Dreams aims torwards those who are passionate about video games, but are inexperienced, or Don't have the time or Don't have the money to get in to it.
Kris Bright (4 months ago)
Pretty much a rip off of LBP
Sleepibot (4 months ago)
This is made by Media Molecule so of course the games are going to be a bit similar but this game is going to be much better than lbp
Brandon Oteiza (4 months ago)
to say that it's amazing, is to run out of words
OkyToky (4 months ago)
this game is trash it doesnt have a battle royale mode 2/10
McPhilphius Jargonite (4 months ago)
If there isn't some homage to SackBoy in this I am going to be disappointed
UvaroviteKing (4 months ago)
The artwork is pretty cool! It looks like the new Little Big Planet generation with a twist or something
ProwTheGamer (4 months ago)
I don’t want this, I want LittleBigPlanet 4 please (5/22/18)
blahblah11989 (4 months ago)
Song in background is lovely Allen by holy f**k for anyone wondering
Edvard V (4 months ago)
BRING IT ON PC,please!
hentai ninja (4 months ago)
When..I need to know when
CosmicBlue (4 months ago)
My heart is overflowing with so much happiness and excitement. Seeing ideas from Little Big Planet, a game that I loved and spent countless hours on, come into bloom with a new game makes me so happy. I can’t wait for Dreams’ release.
BUM CHILD (5 months ago)
Looks promising, can't wait.
XpertRebel95 (5 months ago)
Can't wait to see what people make
Miss Mimington (5 months ago)
Benjamin Robinson (5 months ago)
I think people forgot about this game. I'm excited about it.
Milan Andreoli (5 months ago)
I Still Want English Seaside For LBP1
burned bread (5 months ago)
I watch this 100 times. And i am crying evry time.
Erza Uchiha (5 months ago)
i like the art style
Safari_Spectre (5 months ago)
welcome back MM. You might have sold your flagship franchise, but your work is very LBP centric
Golden Doggo (5 months ago)
To be honest,i would have made my dogs in here to make stories I always do that.
JESSE AND THE miniatures (5 months ago)
Let's hope it's not rushed for black friday
Sandhiren Pillay (5 months ago)
I love this trailer and its feeling, its amazing!
Robo Tac Playz (5 months ago)
So a 3D lbp
That One Guy (5 months ago)
While I don't have a PS4, I'm kind of excited to see where this goes, 'cause it could either blow up like LBP and stay for as long as it possibly can, or get forgotten fairly quickly and eventually die out like Project Spark. I really hope it's the former, but heck if I know, could be the latter.
Gabriel Something (5 months ago)
I hate you so much!!!!! Do you know how long I have been waiting for this game? I bought the PS4 just for the game and it never came out. -@-$-_-$(@(@@@@##$$-@+@

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