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Chixdiggit - Henry Rollins Is No Fun - Guitar Cover (Tab in description!)

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Guitar tab for "Henry Rollins Is No Fun" by Chixdiggit: http://www.punkrockguitartabs.com/chixdiggit-henry-rollins-is-no-fun.html Play Hard. Play Fast. Subscribe for new punk rock covers every day! Leave a comment below - what song do you want me to cover next!? Guitar: LTD EC401-VF Amp: Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt Amp Settings: Drive: 7 Treble: 5 Middle: 5 Bass: 4 Here at PunkRockGuitarTabs we have one mission - playing awesome punk rock songs every waking moment! By "we" I mean me and my dogs (I'll teach them how to play guitar one of these days). I'll just be over her tabbing out punk songs if you need me.
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woodmum (27 days ago)
Lol... I made a chixxdiggit playlist yesterday and played it in the gym.. I heard.. "hemmorriods are no fun"
woodmum (26 days ago)
Maybe we'll do that one day!!
PunkRockGuitarTabs (26 days ago)
Haha that is hilarious! I can totally hear it now...someone needs to make a cover version with the hemmeroid lyrics!
rjbizzle1984 (27 days ago)
such a classic tune! i actually like henry rollins too, lol!
PunkRockGuitarTabs (26 days ago)
+rjbizzle1984 I listened to that Joe Rogan podcast...I agree he seems like a really intelligent dude. He definitely doesn't seem like he is much into social interaction.
rjbizzle1984 (26 days ago)
haha, he seems cooler these days, i watched a long interview he did with joe rogan recently and it was pretty awesome. he's a really intelligent and cool dude, but yeah he wouldnt be the guy you want to grab a beer with, lol!
PunkRockGuitarTabs (26 days ago)
Yes I think Henry Rollins is freaking awesome...but so is this song! I could imagine Henry Rollins would not be very fun in social situations though (from the interviews I've heard) so this song makes sense.

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