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Minecraft Daily | Ep.272 | Ft. Kevin, ImmortalHd and Steven | The 3 Man Battle!

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Text Comments (2829)
GET REKT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYONE WHO IS NOT SLY!!!!!!!!
2K15 viewer!!!
Melvin Martinez (3 years ago)
That cliffhanger tho
Andy Ly (3 years ago)
If you do this the first 2 people should have all self destruct pokemon
gresy (4 years ago)
best episode in the series
Clarke keenan (1 year ago)
slam jam aye it is well beside ep300 and when sly gets mew
「Monado Boy」 (2 years ago)
+Erectile Reptile yep
bansheegirl43 (4 years ago)
Sienna Williams (4 years ago)
I bet Annebeth Chase would marry Aleks because of his amazing architectural designs. 
This is a name (1 year ago)
Sienna Williams so true but percy might kill Alex because hes jealous
shut up steven end of story sly's the pokemon master
Adjust Clan (4 years ago)
I hate you Sly!!!
「Monado Boy」 (2 years ago)
+Adjust Clan stfu :P
travis kerns (4 years ago)
OMG Steven said damn it
Link Reincarnation (4 years ago)
Nuzlocke episode
Surprised James (4 years ago)
its not a fucking glitch you noob if you have a exp share on a pokemon and you throw out the pokemon and kill the enemy pokemon you will get double the exp you big fucking idiot
Brian Mucci (4 years ago)
He is Brock Obama xF
Seth Kalberg (4 years ago)
Zapdos* im so stupid
Seth Kalberg (4 years ago)
Seth Kalberg (4 years ago)
Whatever happend to zaptar?
CodedParadox (4 years ago)
13:01 did Steven just swear?
Taro Yamada (5 years ago)
I love the backround what a dick lol
Taro Yamada (5 years ago)
I love t
Jquu w (5 years ago)
Them hoes like those swords
did anyone else see the glitch where dragonair got exp twice from the exp share
kilfrg (5 years ago)
MOTHER OF GOD mew is to stong
Power is awesome lol mew awesome too
Brandon Cooper (5 years ago)
Dejiang Chen (5 years ago)
Sly is fricken OP
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
ok again i dont care what you think about what i said thats what you think and thats youre opinion
jaimie saunders (5 years ago)
.-. Just because you say something doesn't make it true....
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
and thats ok if you dont agree with me you dont have to and im not saying that anyone should im just saying whats true
Galactic Artist (5 years ago)
Slam some proof in my face then ill believe you. I can already see other people who disagree with you. Pokemon is made in fricking Asia, they don't give two shits if people in america don't want an Asian character in the series. Look, your grammar is the equal to a 12 year old. I won't take your argument seriously.
WesterlyToast (5 years ago)
that is called level 97
BananaMilkshakeSplit (5 years ago)
Dragon Rage...does only 40 damage and no more. Sure, Dragon Tail sends a pokemon back to the trainer for another, but it does more damage than Dragon Rage. I've yet to see in the later episodes that I watch for that move to ever leave his Dragonair's (Dragonite in the future) move set.
milap dhami (5 years ago)
@ykgbtyw yeah i totally agree! also! man check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while --> goo.gl\CQUFTl
RedrumZombies (5 years ago)
The Chode (dragonair) beat the The Giant Blue Boner(Garados)
Walter White (5 years ago)
Did anyone else ant to see sly get destroyed???
TheJackOf AllVideos (5 years ago)
Oh no the video ended! How will we know who wins now?!
Topaz Diamond (5 years ago)
Go to 13:32 and just keep your ears on steve i think he just some thing he has never said
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
creep XD
batcarpet121 (5 years ago)
But he didnt use the tesla... its not so cheap... after all its rare as hell
joshua watkins (5 years ago)
Please sub to me ill post heaps of gaming vids
CausedPilot (5 years ago)
fuck steven
Alix Scrivens (5 years ago)
He is the most interesting Pokemon master.
Arredracus (5 years ago)
I already did, his theory was wrong, i was simply stating he doesn't need to spread his theory that is untrue.
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
well actually its online so you could look it up :/
Warlover 15 (5 years ago)
I ment 14:33
Temo Ramirez (5 years ago)
i like sly but he is a piece off shit
Arredracus (5 years ago)
Don't post them, that is spreading false infomation.
Warlover 15 (5 years ago)
1:02 is that sly,s mew in the background
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
well then dont reply to them :/
Arredracus (5 years ago)
Facts do not correspond. You shouldn't tell other people your "facts" because they are untrue, keep them to yourself.
Brakes 197 (5 years ago)
I would have given sheildon exp. Share and then fought them
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
well everyone has diffrent facts and opinions
Arredracus (5 years ago)
He gets what you're saying, but you are wrong. Nintendo of America didn't cut him out for that reason. They have let several other characters into Nintendo games with the same eyes etc.,
Christopher Tucker (5 years ago)
An entire team defeated by 1 Pokemon
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
no its just that his guy doesnt get what im saying
Arredracus (5 years ago)
You ended it because you loat the conversation? You ragequit more than Stevan lol.
brooks tristian (5 years ago)
you wanna see op? LOOK AT ZAPDOS
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
ending conversation here
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
im ending the conversation here
Valentin Sanabria (5 years ago)
That doesnt make any sense because asian people know pokemon is from Japan
Tucker Jones (5 years ago)
coming from goku :P
Ruby nguyen (5 years ago)
# TomAnex's RightNut Fainted # Shell shocker at it in one bite
alikun18 (5 years ago)
Karl wit AK (5 years ago)
Mew Shot 2 times still kicks Steven's ass
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
no america did thts why
xJKBx (5 years ago)
That just doesn't seem right to me.... As Asians make the show... So why would they find it offensive.. I'm pretty sure brock is gone just because they like to switch out characters... They've replaced him before...
steamuser123 (5 years ago)
Sam sona (5 years ago)
@hvhbgbf i agree one of my top 10 ALSO! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while >>> bit.ly/15OADX2?=dxjbb
GalapagosFinch (5 years ago)
dude, the golden apple thing (thought that was what the confersation was about) has been in before 1.6.
bryann alarcon (5 years ago)
Is it just me or doesn every time steven comes in through a window i luaghe my ass off + with is shades
Mrbombardermaniac (5 years ago)
kaylie...are you deaf lol? sly swears SOOOO much lol
Kaylie Marie (5 years ago)
I don't think I've ever heard Steven say a swear word but at 13:28 he said dammit!!!
xToxicViper (5 years ago)
The more you know..
Keenan Roush (5 years ago)
hehehe shell shocker used bite on right nut. LMFAO!!!
AlmightyMagikarp (5 years ago)
Steven is a fuck
L0rd_of_cows (5 years ago)
"tomanex's Right Nut fainted!" I laughed way too hard.
MrTa820 (5 years ago)
isaac ramirez (5 years ago)
why does sly neveer use ice beam when hes using blastoise
Oldspiceswagg22 (5 years ago)
Sly they're all Asian
Kira (5 years ago)
Like, the first time steven cussed. haha
MatVids2 (5 years ago)
Brock is black
jack watson (5 years ago)
true and I must admit its boring watching him cut down trees all epesode
okazaki Fukoyama (5 years ago)
actually it was fair cause steven was fucking trying to shoot the shit out of slys pixelmon(pokemon) just so he could weaken sly to lose but like they "cheaters(steven) never WIN!!!!
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
*facepalm* for you -_-
Xeno-Huntress (5 years ago)
TeaBagTactics (5 years ago)
Yeah, what a pussy. Making it much more interesting and not spending hours grinding to get to a high level.
Galactic Artist (5 years ago)
what the fuck are you saying? That's the most fake shit i've ever heard. They removed him because they started a new season and they wanted to add new characters, NOTHING MORE.
ledinrangers (5 years ago)
*offensive, never seen anybody mess that one up.
redwed6 (5 years ago)
So Sly was a pussy cuz he rare candied his mew! GG
TheriseofEvil (5 years ago)
Who else thinks they should add shadow Pokemon and the snag balls
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
TheMightyPirate (5 years ago)
how about shut the fuck up yourself do you know how stupid that comment made you just now
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
i guess you can say that :/
TheEsperanza243 (5 years ago)
So... once again, America becomes racist unintentionally? >.>
dakotah597 (5 years ago)
yes but in the america they thought it would be affensive for any asian in america
Valentin Sanabria (5 years ago)
Japanese guys created pokemon what the heck are you talking about?
WhyUno Fraid (5 years ago)
How about, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!
Fixertin (5 years ago)
how is this video over powered?
Dovahkiin, Dragonborn (5 years ago)
the other day I asked my friend what the most OP thing in the universe was, he said a nuke I showed him this video
TheMightyPirate (5 years ago)
if you can read my first comment it wasn't in a pissed of way there was even a "xd" behind it so i knew there wasn't any rules against using rare candies and or legendary pokemon, but this is getting ridiculous so let's stop this commenting here
thomas gyles (5 years ago)
Vincent Tran (5 years ago)
Immortalhdsucks he stole a man's money
Sexual Cat (5 years ago)
im not annoyed my good sir, i am just pointing out that sly isnt cheating, thats all

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