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TAB 370% No Turret Attempt

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My attempt at a map 2 on Brutal 80 days -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/gaseraki2
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Jean Jésus (10 months ago)
what about a "no units" challenge?
Negative Zero (10 months ago)
tips select all your ground sniper moving them immediately click hold on your position and make sure they attack nearest units these will give you're units an inteligent that they can kill the zed so the other will shoot the other zed rather having 2 sniper shoot one zed im an army type player with out also towers. and another tips before final wave create more than 3 escape rope of you're units to split the zed also add spike or barberwire below them this will help your units to run to another wall after zed breach and also I suggest 3 escape rope it will help you to split the zed then the spitter will be vulnerable to your sniper. Take advantage the mobile defense which create multi escape route. I wanna see you win I dont want to be the only one using 12 soldier center. Oh my last tips since all army sell all the power to buy units make sure to zero your workers.
rander tiago (10 months ago)
1:29:01 hahaha byebye market
1Psycho3 (10 months ago)
Disclaimer: No Hungarians were present at the filming of this video :D
rander tiago (10 months ago)
360p bug on yr video =/ that's sad
rander tiago (10 months ago)
Oh..i thought it was a bug hahaha
Marco Roberts (10 months ago)
rander tiago happens when a videos is early uploaded

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