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PS3 & Wii, A Tale of 2 Console Launches - Game Scoop! 412

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This week we look back on the launch of the PS3 and Wii, plus discuss Tomb Raider, Titanfall 2, and more.
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MrBungle222 (1 year ago)
DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION shutout by Jared. First time I've ever heard of a writer/gaming personality mention this beautiful game, man what an experience.
You think the ps3 was expensive in ur country. in new zealand it was $1300 on release. compared to the ps4 which was $652 on release and the ps4 pro was $639
[FTG] Gattsu (1 year ago)
What happened to that other set? Why are you back on this one?
A and M (1 year ago)
Resistance was lit wtf?
Cloud Air (1 year ago)
i get tired of people saying ps3 was expensive.. ps3 was cheap imo with built in wi-fi, built in blu-ray, built in hdmi, controller with no batteries, free internet... remember the built in wi-fi and built in hdmi didn't start on xbox at launch... those came later in other iterations like the elite or whatever they called them... 360 started with the component cables and the wi-fi was an adapter u had to buy separately
Cloud Air (1 year ago)
oh yeah and remember that very first batch of ps3s had ps1 and ps2 backward compatibility (the later ones only kept ps1 backward compat)
Andrew Quinn (1 year ago)
Jared is a bit of a know it all...can be annoying...but he seems like a great guy!
Anthony Dunstan (1 year ago)
Sega Master Systems continues to sell today, 150,000 per year in Brasil. New model came out this week
Anthony Dunstan (1 year ago)
I love you guys peace from Australia. You the game nerdz
RoddZ4 (1 year ago)
Great episode,Daemon seemed a little salty but still great host as always.
rustinjones1983 (1 year ago)
gamestop sales are down because digital is the way to go. with game sharing, ease of download, avoiding the stores and gamestop rips  you off with trade in values, that's why gamestops sales are down. you save more money by game sharing than trading your games in for crap money for them to sell them 35 dollars more.
Rich (1 year ago)
Dragon's Dogma was great! Played it free from PS+ membship a few years back.
Taylor Hemphill (1 year ago)
Nobody really shops at Gamestop, I don't. Also digital has taken over a lot. That report means nothing to me when there are many ways to buy games now.
Javier Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Just when I thought Jared was not the best 20 questions player he comes up and hits a grand slam! Way to go JARED!!! Excellent episode. Thanks. Oh, BTW who wants to watch Football when you have Game Scoop.
Richard Perez (1 year ago)
I had 11 rings of death. :/ yup.
Lazer Crotch (1 year ago)
Are PS3's really that janky?
The Floating Prince (1 year ago)
I love that shirt daemon!
Edvin Dzafcic (1 year ago)
Jared is very emotionally invested in these conversations, but Damon needs to host. Not being mean or hard on Jared. I love this show very good stuff.
Kenny the Jet Smith (1 year ago)
Star Wars force unleashed wii u. Best version of that game. The controls worked so well on wii
Kenny the Jet Smith (1 year ago)
But psn went down so everybody suffered during the early part of that console cycle
N Ga (1 year ago)
Wow justin its way over his ass with Halo. Sony never had something like halo?? Really? Are we talking about pure quality here or sales wise? If we're just talking about just quality, PS3 have The Last of us, the Uncharted games, Heavy Rain, Journey or MGS 4. And also when was the last time Halo was really relevant?? Probably not since Halo 3 came out.
Aaron Jones (1 year ago)
No mention of the Sixaxis controller for the PS3... I've fond memories of Super Rub a Dub.
mikedudez (1 year ago)
nobody wants to buy from gamestop anymore at least the people i know
Jason Gunn-Davis (1 year ago)
The PS3 is still an absolute joke. After the PS1 and PS2 we should have got something truly amazing, but all we got was Naughty Dogs worst franchise, and a ridiculously loud console that would overheat requiring you to take part of it out and take a hairdryer to it. And yes Uncharted is terrible. I know PS3 owners have stockholm syndrome because it's all you had for a decade, but it's time to finally admit how terrible Uncharted is.
boochtron (1 year ago)
ps3, what a horrible console. hahaa all these reminders of how disappointing it was for me. as someone who loved ps2
Jules Vaessen (1 year ago)
Jared is wearing his hat again XD!! Let Jared be Jared!!
op2001 (1 year ago)
I love Daemons reaction when Jared says he still buys wii games. Gave him the peoples eyebrow lol 18:30
Jermel Purse (1 year ago)
Ahhhh man I remember finding my wii felt so good. Then the next day my cousin found one used at Gamestop used for $80 off.
JP Kyza (1 year ago)
About time Daemon told them to let him finish his thoughts. I would get upset whenever they disrespected and cut off Daemon and not let him talk. This is the best Game Scoop cast. Daemon keeps it flowy, Jared with all his game knowledge, Sam with the funnies, and Justin being the co pilot.
Enron Corporation (1 year ago)
Like most people here I also enjoy my weekly Scoops of Game gossip? Great to see my demographic (the WWF vs WWC Monday night wars bunch) Mid 30's -Late 40's talking about what we like. GAME Culture. Not having SJW's demanding the show be more "diverse". Not for any particular reason , but just because. 4 ("White"+ Men+ Having Fun)
Bandstand (1 year ago)
Daemon needs his own fanart. Sitting on his chair with his fingers stuck in the air. Scoop!
Ice Kold Killa (1 year ago)
I'm playing Destiny... "Do people still play that game?!" I KNOW! I'm sorry! I'm addicted. *cries*
Ice Kold Killa (1 year ago)
Sam needs a new haircut.
Ice Kold Killa (1 year ago)
"You guys remember the PS VR? What happened to that?" Oh my god! That caught me by surprise. I forgot about it too which made it even more funny!
Charlie Angel (1 year ago)
Doing a gaming children education course??? Who play games & dont know this? Young kids.....
Sir_Death_Spank (1 year ago)
Is the Vaut IGN coming back to talk about Nuka World?
inceptional (1 year ago)
I actually think these companies are definitely competing for both time and money now.
Patrick Furse (1 year ago)
great episode!
tim G (1 year ago)
What happened to who am I?
Game Scoop! (1 year ago)
That one works really well at live events.
inceptional (1 year ago)
What about the Atari Jaguar sales? That thing almost certainly sold less units than the Wii U.
Game Scoop! (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, way less. Like, less than 250k units.
Ben Baker (1 year ago)
Agreed, Justin. PvZ Heroes is actually pretty awesome! I've been playing it every day since I saw your play.
Jam Thief (1 year ago)
My fat launch PS3 is still going strong. <3
Capital S (1 year ago)
at 38.00 or so i feel like jared was staring into my soul for a good 20 seconds.
Logan Kabana (1 year ago)
Justin is right. I bough titan fall when I first got my xbox1. There weren't many games to play yet and I think felt I had to buy an exclusive to justify my purchase of the x1. Now owning a ps4 and PC I would never pick up titan fall 2 with all the great games available to me.
Pots (1 year ago)
Logan Kabana like what, the only other game right now is B1
Malcolm Sovani (1 year ago)
Spoiler Alert
DJ Semi (1 year ago)
Is Daem wearing a "Color A Dinosaur" tee?
Jon Kuch (1 year ago)
Sucks for titanfall 2 because I think the multiplayer is better than call of duty's multiplayer but battlefield and cod are just more popular. I like battlefield but it takes way too long to rank up if you just play team deathmatch and cod is just so frustrating with enemies respawning right behind me an shooting me in the back and snipers running and gunning. I feel titanfall's multiplayer has the least problems but i think the graphics could be better. I don't love any of the 3 but I still enjoy them.
Malcolm Sovani (1 year ago)
What if, PSPro is creating a PS3 to PS4 Boom. Like the PSPro to PS5 build Ramp Up. If you give dev the challenge, then you supply the the room, We can build more HC fans
Jonathan Ober (1 year ago)
Biggest problem I had with this weeks show was so much talking over each other in the beginning to the point where Daemon had to quiet them all down. I get the excitement, but that makes it difficult to hear the points being said. Good show again though. Great job on winning 20 questions.
fabienzaca (1 year ago)
Everyone go watch Holy Chip Aeroblaster! so that they can make more turbographix 16 videos!
Felix Gijón (1 year ago)
The only games I had for Xbox 360 were the Forza franchise and Dragon's Dogma. It is probably one of my favorite action RPGs of all time.
Matthew - san (1 year ago)
Scoop! I'm totally hooked on Darkest Dungeon right now as well. Frustrated the hell out of me sometimes, but I love it and have a hard time putting it down once I start.
Quad Thumbs (1 year ago)
One of my favorite parts of the Wii was that Wii Mii Voting thing they had.
Markolius (1 year ago)
That retro music at 45:05 sounds real nice
Markolius (1 year ago)
I see that it's from Lemmings. Nice.
Andrew Wilson (1 year ago)
Earned a like just for using 'Tim 2' from Lemmings at 45:02. Rest of the video was alright to ;)
Markolius (1 year ago)
Andrew Wilson sounds so good
Black Popeye (1 year ago)
wow I watch an whole episode this time
Justin Mangrum (1 year ago)
I feel that ea sent titanfall 2 out to die. the release time is so bad with battlefield 1, call of duty iw, call of duty mwr, gears of war 4 , and overwatch still heavily played. they should've pushed it to like march
reese9984 (1 year ago)
Man, Jared knows his stuff, the man speaks with passion!
Black Popeye (1 year ago)
4 years used to be a normal life span for a console
Mike B (1 year ago)
I tell my girlfriends grandpa every time we're over at his house how lucky he is to still have a running fat backwards compatible OG PS3. They only use it for blue rays/3D movies so of course it still works. The motherboard on mine died about 7-8 years ago and I hated to have to move to a slim.
civenful (1 year ago)
LOL never seen Daemon get agro before. Completely understandable though, everything he ever says is always hijacked and the point manifests into something completely different before he even gets a chance to finish! x
Stuart Turner (1 year ago)
I wish Jared wouldn't keep saying 'Laura Croft' instead of Lara Croft. I have no other complaints.
Randall Adkins (1 year ago)
Neo geo + Neo geo cd = 980,000 units sold according to Wiki article for Neo Geo system. Neo Geo pocket = 2 million sales. Could not find Neo Geo X numbers.
Felipe Rodrigues (1 year ago)
civenful (1 year ago)
lol Jared looks like he's on day release
jabberwagon (1 year ago)
Part of the reason the Xbox One failed where the Wii succeeded is because Kinect... well, let's be frank-- it sucked. It was straight-up bad. The Wiimote was very simple to use. You point it at the TV, you click on what you want, shit works. Kinect relied on human motions and hand gestures that the actual device could only barely recognize in _ideal circumstances_, which most people were not operating under. Microsoft banked on bad tech.
Abraham M. (1 year ago)
Not to mention the X1 with Kinect 2.0 retailed for $500. That's double the Wii's price at launch The high asking price of it certainly attributed to the console having lower sales, just like with the PS3 during the first couple of years. But yes, you're right, the Wii actually being responsive and working as intended while the Kinect being temperamental was also another big reason.
Sarkkinator (1 year ago)
Goshdarnit Jared!
RemniStrath (1 year ago)
Man I was super lucky when I got my Wii, but I happened to be in Alaska when they released and getting one there was easy.
Shin's Hangout (1 year ago)
I knew there was a reason I missed Sam. He's the one that brings reason back to 20 questions, and keeps the logic in check.
Abbey Roadster (1 year ago)
Love the show, but too many people talking over each other. Also, be polite to Jared!
Chewels (1 year ago)
Talking over one another is a given when Jared and Sam are in the mix.
Tim Stafford (1 year ago)
I love GameScoop, it's my favorite show on IGN. But I groan when I see that Jared is on the show. He seems to have one of those great in small quantities type personalities.
Brado Hendrix (1 year ago)
A decade gone and I still love my Wii. I can't believe that its been that long though, I've been listening to Game Scoop all that time aswell. Wow p.s. Well done Jared, you worked that 1 out almost solomonly.
Taylor Jones (1 year ago)
I think everybody is pessimistic about their games because all these consoles ( Scorpio, and Switch) are coming out within the next year and nobody wants to get burned by buying games for a console they might not be playing next year. It sucks buying games for a console at the end of a console cycle.
hollywood rukus (1 year ago)
please get rid of Jared, he's so damn annoying, or at least tell him to shut up and let others talk!
John Mitchell (1 year ago)
Love them scoops.
Prince greene (1 year ago)
This. Show. Is. Sooooo. Goood
Darkwolf99 (1 year ago)
My day 1 PS3 (60 GB) kept going until halfway of The Last Of Us... it's the only game it failed with and decided to buy a superslim PS3, and just play PS1 and PS2 games in the fat PS3
Darkwolf99 (1 year ago)
Yup, and not even refreshing the cooling system made them work
Abraham M. (1 year ago)
+Darkwolf99 Ah, so I'm guessing those games overworked and overheated the system. Makes sense now.
Darkwolf99 (1 year ago)
The issue was that it had issues with the more "needy" games, like TloU or GTAV, it would crash in the same spot over and over again.
Abraham M. (1 year ago)
So it could still play PS1 and PS2 games, but not PS3 ones? Weird.
Preet Gurung (1 year ago)
member the wii? Member the ps3? I member...i like this but this topic has been covered in the history of awesome series and 10 other times...
Pascal Tuley (1 year ago)
Daemon seemed super grumpy today...
Ian Mitchell (1 year ago)
How bout that spooky talking knife, Justin?
Justin Davis (1 year ago)
xxSOULCLAIMERxx (1 year ago)
Daemon seemed extra moody today. Although I would be too with how much Jared interrupts him. I get you're passionate about things but man....
Neby Moges (1 year ago)
Sheeeesh Daemon went in lol
Jordan Murdock (1 year ago)
I mostly listen to the podcast in audio format, but I'm glad to see you guys returned to the couch type set. This set is much more suited to good conversation between you guys and is much easier to watch as opposed to the new desk set that's more suited for classic news type delivery. :)
Leoroy Jankans (1 year ago)
The Justin, Jared, Sam combo is God-tier Scoop
KBABZ (1 year ago)
Man, this is the episode where Jared just gets SHUT OUT. It's kind of upsetting actually, let him talk about Virtual Console and the Sega Saturn!
BIG DB (1 year ago)
Sega Game Gear. It was amazing. but was bulky as hell the battery pack was as big as the actual handheld.
Logan B (1 year ago)
Love this podcast and this crew so much. Always a highlight of my week when i can get home from a 13 hour shift, sit down, relax and watch 4 great personalities talk about on of my favorite medias in my life. However this episode didnt put my at ease like usual. Daemon is an amazing host, but letting conversations flow naturally makes it seems more like a group of friends talking instead of listening off topics and giving everyone a 5 min input. Jared is no knowledgeable, however i feel like he needs to keep in mind that just cause he feels so passionate about it, doesn't exactly means it will aid the flow of conversation either. I love watching this more often than Beyond (playstation kid, cant afford another system) because topics do flow well and you guys are great. Just some input from a fan. SCOOP!
Derek Roth (1 year ago)
Red Steel was absolutely a Wii launch game. I bought it unfortunately, alongside with COD 3...
Game Scoop! (1 year ago)
Yeah, you're right. I totally didn't remember it being a launch game.
Gustavo C. (1 year ago)
You guys are so mean to Jared. Why? It's like subtle condescension. Not nice Daemon.
Abraham M. (1 year ago)
+dsanzo I think he's one of the greatest voices in gaming, but I do agree with this as well.
dsanzo (1 year ago)
I think Jared just needs to learn some social awareness. Sometimes he gets too excited and rambles.
Joseph Alfano (1 year ago)
Jared is a total beast. When he starts speaking, I expect to have the game knowledge lodged into my dumb head. I've always liked IGN but when Jared came to my attention, I became an everyday visitor. They got a great crew right now.
Abraham M. (1 year ago)
+Gustavo C. I don't think you were blocked. Otherwise I believe you wouldn't be able to comment here. I also believe Daemon was talking about Matthew. He's the one who was calling Daemon and Justin a fanboy bitch just because he didn't like what they said about the Wii.
Rodi (1 year ago)
You are not blocked I think, it was the Matthew guy who swore.
tqbfjotlddltojfbqt (1 year ago)
yes, my 4 favorite guys on game scoop!
Gabe Dima (1 year ago)
36:52 Counting
Ben Kibrick (1 year ago)
My homie jared looking fresh
Jared Doucet (1 year ago)
Jared Doucet (1 year ago)
lol Justine's diabolical laugh is priceless 7:33
Imran Kazzy (1 year ago)
Lol man i kept going back to that bit trying to listen out i thought you meant ijustine then i realized you meant justin
Expurr (1 year ago)
Man, 2006 feels like it was just yesterday
Gabriel3Gamu (1 year ago)
Scoop I couldn't wait.
Michael M (1 year ago)
ewan (1 year ago)
The wii is terrible, somebody buy jared a ps4/xbone poor guy lol
revolution1007 (1 year ago)
Daemon was so thirsty this week on game scoop
Chris Martin (1 year ago)
would love to buy a Wii U buy they are still freaking $300. I got an Xbox with quantum break and a brand new game for $230. explain that to me
Dribbles Barbax (1 year ago)
Lemmings music at 45 minute mark. Awesome!!!
Dribbles Barbax (1 year ago)
Burned into my memory along with all the other Amiga classic music from my childhood.
Game Scoop! (1 year ago)
Good ear!

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