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Text Comments (109)
Pappaspideraxd (6 hours ago)
I thought you hated mob of the dead I mean i'm not one to judge if you love it because it's my favorite map ever made but I just thought you didn't like it and now you do, just wanted to point it out. By the way been subscribed since 2014
its Jay (3 days ago)
CAN NOT WAIT. looking at timer on Pre order waiting for release. <3
Trickser853 (3 days ago)
Yeah man, three on map discs is incredible. Can't wait for dem discs to come out. 😂👌🏻
coolman6045 Gaming (3 days ago)
3 on map discs "accurate"
Blood Bloopers (3 days ago)
RIP Fortnite suck!!!!
Hunter Smith (4 days ago)
3 on map discs
Hunter Smith (4 days ago)
After Blundell said "take a trip through the Aether" at the end of the audiences chatter, you could hear Milo (MrRoflWaffles) yell MOB OF THE DEAD
Declanator DaBeast (5 days ago)
Wouldn’t it be nice to somewhere luxurious and nice Adam: mob of the dead Me: 🤦‍♂️
Hunter Hallenbeck (6 days ago)
And it's blood of the dead cause of the blood vials, I'm guessing so
Hunter Hallenbeck (6 days ago)
You can hear mrtlexify hear mob of the dead
Brannon Pettrey (6 days ago)
Best game so far
Crim 5009 (6 days ago)
why is the map called IX/Nine BTW?
Bullcrazy (6 days ago)
R.I.P Fortnite 👋🏻
ProLOLGamer (6 days ago)
sad thing is its in 5 months
Shannon Love (6 days ago)
Treyarch is the best studio, hands down. Soooo hype.
Jonnyboy K (6 days ago)
I really wanted my peeps to come back for blood of the dead :/
TheJuggerNogger (7 days ago)
Did he just say 3 on map disks 50:40
Joe Norks s (7 days ago)
TheJuggerNogger yes
Amy kaloci (7 days ago)
I hope they have the same characters as bo3
Shane B (8 days ago)
sooooo now goes back to zombies..... ahah
JKT Dance Crew (8 days ago)
He said misty 2.0 lol
Maximiliano.Etchepare (8 days ago)
I love jason blundell ❤️❤️😍😍
Jamirez McNeal (8 days ago)
Now I have to reasons to look for October my bday and bo4
i quit (8 days ago)
GZKilla1 (8 days ago)
how about full released mod tools for this game where custom maps from bo3 can be ported over with all of the map assets
BillyBonkers123 (8 days ago)
The hype is real
OwnageIsIncluded (8 days ago)
As much as I'm excited I know they're gonna fuck it up with micro transaction and shit servers as usual
Pokemon Hunter (8 days ago)
I wish instead of blood of the dead they did a tranzit trailer but then a TV froze and it zoomed out and we seen blood of the dead like a troll to the whole community
England 1 Iceland 2 (8 days ago)
i hope its for concle and not just pc
jeff the horse (8 days ago)
England 1 Iceland 2 its console and pc don’t worry
AKTony (9 days ago)
Rip campaign
The Salty Pickle (9 days ago)
Hype for bo4 zombies
PHANTOM 19 (9 days ago)
What if they have wonder weapons in br????
Abuse You (9 days ago)
Yay I miss my favorite zombies youtuber
Chill Koala (9 days ago)
Jakob Smith (9 days ago)
They totally took some pro tips from Rainbow Six Siege
P3TER (9 days ago)
BO4 looks like BO3 but BO4 is supposed to be before BO2 !
RSK 386 (9 days ago)
BoBeast (4 days ago)
If it’s first person then buying skins is gonna be useles
RSK 386 fps sucks In battle royale but maybe they made it good in bo4
Anyelo 561 (9 days ago)
Another disappointment black ops 4 bring back black ops 2
MinecraftMiner 69'er (9 days ago)
I may play minecraft but MOTD, Adam please give me that 50 round flawless once again
iFuzion Plays (9 days ago)
love it, that multiplayer is a mix of BO2 and Rainbow Six siege two of my favorite games
Noah 69 (9 days ago)
iFuzion Plays we need more people like you in this community
admiral ackbar (9 days ago)
iFuzion Plays that's what I was thinking
Tyler Gucci (9 days ago)
yeah this game is already dead
Bullcrazy (6 days ago)
I720NoScOpE lol (8 days ago)
To be fair as long a there is 1 player in the game it technique no dead
Dillo159 (9 days ago)
Bro I agree lol
dylan volin (9 days ago)
well the zombies is
RSK 386 (9 days ago)
dylan volin INFINITE WARFARE IS BETTER THAN WW2 and im agreeing with you
Kru Gaming (9 days ago)
Old guys is nero imcalling it
hi cun-buddy (8 days ago)
I hope its the soe crew
AyeBuddy (9 days ago)
Rip Fort
TheLastCheeseBurger (9 days ago)
RIP Fortnite
Dillo159 (6 days ago)
Dexrll boi I called him a hater and cancerous because that’s what he is you fat little cunt
Dexrll (6 days ago)
Their both good video games and everyone is arguing between which one is better, I prefer cod but I'm not gonna act immature and argue over it lol,
Dexrll (6 days ago)
Dillo159 [Bro your such a hater]Then proceeds to hate on black ops and black ops's fanbase, Lmao.Same as fortnite's fanbase,I play fortnite,And I enjoy fortnite,But you're making yourself look very immature.
Dillo159 (7 days ago)
Anybodykiller nah I’m actually 13 but alright, call me a nine year old for having an opinion
Anybodykiller (7 days ago)
Dillo159 your a fucking moron
Paul Playz (9 days ago)
Finally more cod zombies
the gameing alex (9 days ago)
The zombies is trash
turtleplayze (1 hour ago)
dude theyre making a map on the fucking titanic..
Luka Bang (8 days ago)
the gameing alex You haven’t even played it.... Bruh
the gameing alex (9 days ago)
Michael Dilley ok your right might bad
Michael Dilley (9 days ago)
the gameing alex that's what everyone said when soe trailer came out and then look what happened. Everyone is saying its trash because we don't know what it's like yet and we will get use to it
dylan volin (9 days ago)
the gameing alex just cuz ur bad at it
zmxsy (9 days ago)
Fortnite probably still going to be a thing because they’re making blacks ops four just like black ops 3 and bo3 was one of the worse cods ever made
BM11345 (7 days ago)
zmxsy lol
akaMcGrath (8 days ago)
Compared to other cod bo3 isn’t great but if you played that shit you still had a ton of fun doing it
Bob The Tomato (9 days ago)
Your an idiot
Dillo159 (9 days ago)
zmxsy bro cod doesn’t kill anyone anymore
RSK 386 (9 days ago)
im 16 i hav played cods since i was 4 on pc. bo3 was very good compared to some of the other cods
Zombozo Gaming (9 days ago)
Is this really bo4
Nick Sleddens (9 days ago)
Love your zombies content, Hope to see it soon
Fortnite Player (9 days ago)
Best game
Chill Koala (9 days ago)
Fort nite is a copyright of Pubg
SkyNight (9 days ago)
Best black ops 3 copy*

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