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Nintendo's Weirdest Commercials | An Oral History

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Text Comments (316)
Cleanprincegaming (2 months ago)
Jaime Freitas (8 days ago)
Roshelly Solano (23 days ago)
I didn't see this until I finish the vid, you should put it in annotations rather than description and or pinned comment.
John Willes (29 days ago)
Are you still on cocaine?
Astral Luminosity (2 months ago)
Unsubscribed now that you are putting a commercial at the beginning of your video.
Filipe Saramago (2 months ago)
+EPM 101 not nitpicking, this marketing was pretty much North America only. It has no bearing to the marketing in the multiple parts of Europe as an example. So saying the video covers Nintendo marketing in the "west" is very disingenuous
Nathaniel Jordan (2 days ago)
Can you do a video on Sony's ABSOLUTELY bat-shit PlayStation ads? They're easily as bad if not worse than Nintendo's.
Darcy Cardinal (12 days ago)
Nintendo Cereal System
Moto-Medics (14 days ago)
Sjws would loose their minds if they pulled that cross dressing stunt today it would be awesome!
quantae06 (16 days ago)
The Nintendo 64 was an amazing console and the marketing was good back then, even with the weird commercials lol.
will adam (27 days ago)
You know your getting bombed when a funny super light hearted video has a bjnch of dislikes.
Decisive Redd (1 month ago)
Really good video bruh! ignore the drama and make more like this! First video of yours I watched beginning to end!
Combo John (1 month ago)
EdwardERS (1 month ago)
Do a video on Telletubbies or Lazy Town because those shows didn't just die.... THEY WERE MURDERED.
Tiffany Shepis.....Your Welcome
EDMOJI (1 month ago)
Hahahahaha I remember the crossdresser commercial XD
Miles Burns (1 month ago)
This video was really fun! It was engaging, fast paced, well edited and gives you just the right amount of facts. The main thing I like though is that it gave me the impression that your really in your element and are sitting squarely in your comfort zone, (Which I haven't seen from you in quite a while.) I also enjoyed that since this kind of content can be extremely click baity, (in my eyes) you've succeeded in not doing that. anyway, I really enjoyed it. Peace ✌️
Lucy (1 month ago)
song at 10:30?
D C (1 month ago)
My favorite era is the N64 era. I remember all those commercial on Saturday morning television. They were part of the experience of being a kid along with watching cartoons, eating your favorite cereal and playing some video games after the cartoons ended.
Solo Lolo (1 month ago)
Solo Lolo (1 month ago)
Que up the trip-hop guys. We all about dat NYC intellectual conscious rap vibe. It's like I am in a video game museum in Soho with cleanprince himself. What an honor.... 🔥🔥🔥
Solo Lolo (1 month ago)
Just to downvote.
A_Lone Traveler (1 month ago)
This channel is MURDERED !!!!!
Ascender (1 month ago)
Cleanprincegaming didn't die... it was MURDERED.
Stone Osborne (1 month ago)
SCDKEY is maaaaad shady dude. They deal with unchecked third parties to aquire keys. They've had multiple Reddit threads about them. Do you though.
Ionic457 (1 month ago)
Channel is DEAD. RIP MGK Gaming.
Yo Proxxy (1 month ago)
Could you make a video that explains how you decide on ideas for videos? Maybe elaborate on your thought process during the development of a video. It'd be really interesting to see how the whole process you go through.
United Potatoes (1 month ago)
If you think those commercials are crazy you have no idea. This is basic level 1 on 1 japanese commercials. Look at sega for true crazyness if only concentrating on gaming commercials.
Corey (1 month ago)
Battle Tanx & Battle Tanx Global Assault N64 commercials were the best!
RemixedYoshi (1 month ago)
Telltale Didnt Just Die / It was Murdered
RemixedYoshi (1 month ago)
Guys i have bad news the Final Season Walking Dead Telltale Game has Been Cancelled and Telltale is going Out of Business
Morgothos (1 month ago)
Aim XD (1 month ago)
Can't Wait To See What You Gonna Say About Cod Blackout that video gonna be a fun one😂I think ur gonna have a huge change of heart lol
Paladin Danse (1 month ago)
Love your videos man. Pay no significant attention to the hate you're getting, and keep doing you.
Naiko (1 month ago)
some of this commercials are insane
Adrian Dezendegui (1 month ago)
How brave that N64 commercial, maybe there should be a sequel with Transgender person coming out. Friggen woke
Kapetan No Vej Ho Zej (1 month ago)
CleanPrinceGaming Didn't Just Die | It was Murdered | An Oral History
Jagger Jack (1 month ago)
Was that a buff dude I saw dressed as Mario?
TheLastWasabi (1 month ago)
You should do a video about grey market key sites.
Catnium (1 month ago)
nintendo won the gaming war in the 80's / 90's because it made it self the good guy sega always managed to make itself look like the dick head always beating on poor nintendo. Specially in the eu where these weird nintendo ads were not televised.
Mimiyo (1 month ago)
Oh so now this channel is turning into a top 10 list. How surprising
Hentai Police (1 month ago)
Dude, you're channel is dying...
821Drifter128 (1 month ago)
Great video! I appreciate you doubling down on the intentions outlined in your previous vid, keep it up :)!
shadowkrono (1 month ago)
nothing beats motley costumes kicking each others asses :P
aaron sas (1 month ago)
Scd key is another site that buys lots of stolen keys in bulk and sells at a discounted price do not use them if you want to support game developers.
kirbythebamf (2 months ago)
Sooo nasally, still good content brosef
Ukyo82 (2 months ago)
I acknowledge mostly for their innovation in times always come with something new what nobody else make it and is unique and fun
Rehtael (2 months ago)
Sponsored by a key reseller? Shady. I have to question the legitimacy.
yokedmonster (2 months ago)
Anyone who supports cd Key websites are garbage, including me
Aureo (2 months ago)
I know you’re busy with the Spider-Man video. But I was wondering if maybe after that, you could do a video on Nintendo Switch’s online service. It’s pretty bad imo but I’d love to see you’re take on it
Jacob Lloyd (2 months ago)
lol they have a $30 gift card for $30.13
Golden (2 months ago)
Goad daaamn, 3% off of a game.
Pluveus (2 months ago)
I LOVED that Yoshi's Island comercial!
bilboswa666ins (2 months ago)
Holy shit. I had completely forgotten about the cross dressing commercial. I can now remember it plain as day. Prettt sure I seen it after school when I was 7 a d shortly after that got Donkey Kong 64.
delvid nesker (2 months ago)
Bro if I had a n64 peep hole. I'D BE JACKIN OFFFFFFF!!
Marshall Hill (2 months ago)
Also is this a reupload? I'm having mega deja-vu :P
Marshall Hill (2 months ago)
Great video homie! Hope all is well! :^)
DK KT (2 months ago)
Not every video needs commentary
mds19899 (2 months ago)
Damn bruh 18k views? Cleanprincegaming didnt just die... it was...you know what nvm
Joe Martin (2 months ago)
N64 and cube commercials were the best
Eng Teck Tan (2 months ago)
I like the documentary style! Anyone else?
Jay Corbett (2 months ago)
Come on dude. A key re-seller? They are shady as shit, how do you think they get so many keys so cheap?. Why advertise them on your channel?
Ninjachickenfingers (2 months ago)
Love the energy
Jonathan Respaldiza (2 months ago)
Video opens with an ad for a G2A-like website. Not okay with that, not supporting this video. I like your content, but more shady sponsorships like this and I'll be reconsidering my subscription to the channel.
Falcon88 (2 months ago)
I always enjoyed the Metriod other M commerical. Say what you want about the game but that commercial was awesome.
JustSomeGuy (2 months ago)
Fuck everything Nintendo has ever made
Francisco Lopez (2 months ago)
They should do a reunion of that reality show Animal Crossing commercial.
scarecrowsnrX (2 months ago)
I hope you did your research on that CD key site, if it's just another g2play clone, you're in trouble.
Robert Allen (2 months ago)
Would have appreciated some detail into why you thought the Wii U marketing was so bad rather than just saying it a bunch of times.
Astral Luminosity (2 months ago)
Unsubscribed now that you are putting a commercial at the beginning of your video.
Kyle Silva (2 months ago)
The Wii U had a bad start to its commercials. But they were on-point with Mario Kart 8, Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. Failing to mention those or any commercial in that “era” in particular just feels like laziness.
zalado (2 months ago)
I don´t know about you but when I saw the labo trailer I was like WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!
Space Potato (2 months ago)
Lmao, the one with the cross-dressing dad. Most of these commercials are hilariously awesome. Also, great vid. More vids and more variety. I like the regular vids too but the change is really cool. Keep it up! :)
I-fŌrGöT mY_nÃm3 (2 months ago)
If they did a cross dressing commercial today people would get INSANELY offended and that's a PR hurricane that they don't need right now
Jared O'Kelley (2 months ago)
Cocaine was really good to the era, but terrible to 2018 bc now I'm online every day dealing with adult crack babies.
LoomDoom (2 months ago)
Great video! I liked how you went about this. I think it's good that you have some variety in the videos and it's nice to not just have critiques on the industry/game/developer all the time. This is more of a genuine analysis and I like that. Though if you do a "Nintendo Switch Online didn't just die | It was murdered" I wouldn't be mad ;)
Marshall Prater (2 months ago)
The game cube was freaking awesome. Highly underrated.
Isaac Rader (2 months ago)
Sweet lord that mystery commercial from about four minutes in looks like a creepypasta
Do It Live (2 months ago)
fuckin fraud
Tim Selman (2 months ago)
Did he just accept sponsorship from a stolen credit card key site? Looks like the same thing as G2A. Man, your channel has gone downhill fast.
CerealEater (2 months ago)
You are selling Grey market keys to people? That's pretty bad
Anthony Grimmett (2 months ago)
I grew up in the 90's and all Nintendo systems and games, I was influenced by the wacky and strange commercials to buy those systems and games.
A great step in the right direction for your channel and content. Congrats!
KageRyuuUji (2 months ago)
Clearly you are closet tranny sir, and to that I say good day.
QuadRaptor (2 months ago)
I can't believe you didn't include the commercial for Mischief Makers! That was my favorite commercial because it was so damn freaky!
sealedinterface (2 months ago)
I loved the "Wii would like to play" commercials.
TLRSTN.COM (2 months ago)
4:06 -"No one is quite sure where this commercial actually aired."- *AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND!* _(Not the United States)_
maserbantez (2 months ago)
What happened to trainer Brian
EinsamPibroch278 (2 months ago)
So Mercedes-Benz has the Official Human Face of Mario? Our Portly Plumber in the Games actually looks like that in real life?
thecosbysweater 82 (2 months ago)
That kirby game commercial with the fat guy exploding, i remember giving me nightmares
Neoku 84 (2 months ago)
Great video loved it. It bought back some memories from back when.
Douglas Moncsko (2 months ago)
I feel like the SNES commercial was influenced by Monty Python - the Meaning of Life, where Mr. Creosote, or however it’s spelled, eats everything and can’t fit a wafer cookie in. Then he eats it and pops. What, Nintendo, can’t show an empty shell of a fat kid with a beating heart exposed getting the bill for that huge fuckin meal? 2/10 give that kid a dish rag and sponge.
EinsamPibroch278 (2 months ago)
Buy the 64, even if you have to blackmail your Dad.
Breyonna Morgan (2 months ago)
Blow your nose and get some mucinex. You sound like you're suffering.
Jellygrass 2245 (2 months ago)
Y'all got any more of them pixels?
Thundamuffinz (2 months ago)
Nintendo’s dignity didn’t just die; it was murdered.
wyatt loftin (2 months ago)
That commercial is hell.
Thundamuffinz (2 months ago)
I don’t just want the creators of these commercials to die; I WANT THEM MURDERED
Mr. Rapp (2 months ago)
I remember that Yoshi's island commercial playing during Saturday morning cartoons. There was another SNES commercial for a Kirby game where he eats this guy and spits out the mutilated head. I always thought that one was wilder than the buffet commercial.
Sdia Suez (2 months ago)
Good vid. Ad is way too long
cillian smith (2 months ago)
None.. *NONE* of these commercials are good!
5371W (2 months ago)
I was like let me give my man another chance, video opens up with a stolen cd key website... Noice.
Tiago Margon (2 months ago)
Nice vid, man!
enigma2274 (2 months ago)
Dude, the Animal Crossing commercial is not really weird. They were obviously doing a take on shows like The Real World, which were popular back then.
Cheloluis2003 (2 months ago)
I know I'm gonna sound like a Sony fanboy but I personally loved the PS2 ads

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