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RAINBOW SIX SIEGE RAP by JT Music - "Knock Knock" (All 36 Operators)

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Text Comments (2558)
Jackson George (1 day ago)
Is it just me who has so much trouble finding JT's songs? If I look up "knock knock JT music" I get nightcore and random stuff. If I look up "hanzo vs genji rap","Hanzo genji rap JT" I get more nightcore and random stuff. Its like this for all JT's songs no matter that i look up in the search bar. Is this just for me??
1R1SHMAN69 (3 days ago)
1:49 "Knock knock, Anybody answer?" more like, "Uh, uh, dame to cosita"
Andy Lynch (4 days ago)
menfelix fries (6 days ago)
Chimera ?
Random Guy (6 days ago)
play this in 1.25 speed
Why didn’t you red highlight recruit?
Liex TheFallenOneLIX (7 days ago)
I actually don't know which one I love more between this and your Warframe one. Definitely my favorites of your modern music.
Rosemary Corsetti (7 days ago)
I love this game and the song this song JTM your amazing
Rex Respects (9 days ago)
Cant wait for you guys to do BO4 rap
Péter Orosz (9 days ago)
you missed mute
Carson Vaughn (10 days ago)
I did not see mute but I may have missed him
Adrian Radoievici (10 days ago)
For those on ps4 if you need a little help in ranked I’m sxycloud my lvl is 106 and my rank is gold 4
gaminglolzgaming (10 days ago)
you said capitão wrong
Vanguard (10 days ago)
GIS 'By the way, name's Mirror, but that's an *ALIBI* , being the *MAESTRO* of these screams with an Evil Eye
Timo Pechanz (11 days ago)
Where is jackel
TheLastCheezCurd (13 days ago)
Pyro Mania (14 days ago)
артём фокин (14 days ago)
Christian 002 Pippo (14 days ago)
Create a new rap of raimbow
Najma zenryona (14 days ago)
Watch out I *Finka* misssed her, adrenal surge, they charge in, you're done for Now you may think that I'm lyin' but just don't move or you'll be the hunt of the *Lion* Be careful of the one that you shoot, I've got a pretty good *Alibi* against ya Oh and that *Maestro* over there, he's got a pretty evil eye, mess with him and you wont keep yours, aye.
Tom Moutier (14 days ago)
Perfect music
Freddy (15 days ago)
Did you just laughed from Poland on Zofia part? If yes. FUCK ENGLAND
TheReal Jordan8tor (16 days ago)
could you guys make a Mr.Shifty rap??? its a pretty decent game about a teleporting badass thief who can punch people through walls
Daniel Davis (17 days ago)
MSGV please
The Ghost (17 days ago)
wut about rainbow six vegas 2 ??
Get Some Gaming (17 days ago)
Starts the "knock knock" part, I get fucking chills
Joseph smith (18 days ago)
That’s not how you pronounce montangne. Couldn’t rhyme the real name?
Toa Bolth (18 days ago)
the recruit (18 days ago)
You metioned me! In a good or bad way?
Peyton Gonzaga (19 days ago)
Stay *Vigil*ant
Dan Rus (20 days ago)
Glaz translated to English is eye And kapkan to trap
Mixtrix (21 days ago)
Angerfist ? 😕
slimey hotdog (21 days ago)
never CROSS a man who had a bow I see what ya did there
Partyharry (22 days ago)
Didn't get Lion or Finka or when this posts Maestro and Alibi
Want this game so damn bad
TheGamingJ7101 (25 days ago)
Cuda YT (26 days ago)
I counted 35 out of 36
Team Pan!c h0rizon_ (27 days ago)
It's been months until I noticed the intro are knocks Edit: You missed two: Finka and Lion and two new ops: Maestro and Alibi
Team Pan!c h0rizon_ (26 days ago)
Big T money 2452 New rap awaits!
Big T money 2452 (26 days ago)
Team Pan!c h0rizon_ they were not announced when the published this video
clutch4pancakes 109 (28 days ago)
Ela is the best
Toxic 262 (28 days ago)
Great song
Dragon lord Gamer (28 days ago)
The Bro Gamer 14082 (30 days ago)
i think the ending is meant to be like a "To Be Continued" because there will be like 70 total operators ( am i right? )
Jäger Main (30 days ago)
I'm no *Maestro, but i have an Alibi*
Reinhard Gaming LV (30 days ago)
vigle tha gigile
Motocross Games (1 month ago)
Russian Badger needs to see this.
Spiderkiller15 _ (1 month ago)
Lord_ Nikster (1 month ago)
Only Lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connor (1 month ago)
4:21 that cute smile thooo!
Aria Strike (1 month ago)
New ops, time to redo! Jk but I wish
no name (1 month ago)
Why is recruit the only one not in red
Roxane Schultz (1 month ago)
1.5 speed is really strange
dude, "kApkan", accent on firts A
Minh Lol (1 month ago)
Im Ela 2 Thicc and 2 Quick
The Bro Gamer 14082 (1 month ago)
Counter Strike: Global Offensive just got *Tactical* .
boythunder1103 (1 month ago)
I wanna get this game but my pc is a literal potato
Inferno Lumination (1 month ago)
Carrie Rush (1 month ago)
That was an amazing song omg
Echo (1 month ago)
where's lion and fika
Pavel Sabo (1 month ago)
best song
Avvak (1 month ago)
"Vigil got slammed with a Blitz hit" *proceeds to kill a team of 4 shields with the shotgun* "what?"
Marija Plečko (1 month ago)
Nice nice
Ryker Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Amazing video pls make more amazing ones like always
Leonardo Mackenzie (1 month ago)
Do a left for dead rap plz Ps if you do put in the word (we are gonna die)
Golden Life Gaming (1 month ago)
disliked because you did not ryme bandit with drugs JK
Gicela Jacinto (1 month ago)
SirGentleBread (1 month ago)
Tachanka should've just been the Russian national anthem
Andre Mueller (1 month ago)
rainbow is my favourite game and im 8 im level 105
Harutaka Hsiao (1 month ago)
This song is lit!
Aracely Garza (1 month ago)
*TF2 pyro intensifies*
Block head Entertain (1 month ago)
Agnese Nikolovska (1 month ago)
Did good
Ngarino Tetana (1 month ago)
Was that "Knock knock" from Lt Lick me?
Allur (1 month ago)
Our Lord Chanka did not get enough praise in his line. There are none who are his bane, only those who earned his ire.
pro56 Armstrong (1 month ago)
Fortnite vs pubg pls
Michael Kinsey (1 month ago)
Sledge should have the demolition crew. Or, he'd be apart of Hibana's
metro boss (1 month ago)
it was worth the while in the in. this is the best rap dude.
Ryderdaboss9 (1 month ago)
easily one of my favorite raps by jt KNOCK KNOCK *pumps shotgun*
Bird Man (1 month ago)
Are you kidding me these guys be ruining all my fav games only they can ruin a good game
Da Serb (1 month ago)
when ur wearing headphones and come for the bass
How all of these raps shit Dan bull drops bars hotter than this
Dlox (1 month ago)
2:41 russian badger?
Nukerkid 105 (1 month ago)
Make a operation chimera rap like if you agree
Toxic 262 (1 month ago)
Great song
HALO 117 GARCIA (1 month ago)
1.25x thank me later
Dlox (1 month ago)
Gaz HD (1 month ago)
this song is terrible
Gaz HD (1 month ago)
Sorry wrong channel i meant this to NerdOut since there version of the song sucks
BLAZE AMVS火焰 (1 month ago)
ask urself weho is attacking who
Gregory Huffington (1 month ago)
this is gay as fuck. i just got stage 4 cancer. kys
Kraval (1 month ago)
10/10 Perfect song I loved it you guys used the operators names perfectly
Raid Raptor (1 month ago)
there's gonna be a new operator called BVYB OSUBNSPVBOA NOBVPANOBVNAOBPNG
Maxine (1 month ago)
Why cant adults rap these?
Diam0nd 5 (1 month ago)
do one on loin and finka
闇の女王咲夜 (1 month ago)
かっこいい! 名前のとこだけ色つけられてる感じ凄くいい!
Onim Dip (1 month ago)
W.D Gaster (1 month ago)
I love this rap:)
Behind The Mask (1 month ago)
I love rainbow six siege 🌈
Bünyamin Aras (1 month ago)
Wie sehr muss man rainbow lieben um einen song darüber zumachen😂😂
Hallam Steer (2 months ago)
we have alibi and maestro now
MattyMcMaster Gaming (28 days ago)
does sledge have an ALIBI for the MAESTRO he causes?
Diamond PB2 (2 months ago)
2:21 That Mirrors Black
Diamond PB2 (2 months ago)
Too Be Honest This Doesn't Sound Lke Some Normal Tom Clancy Game , It Sounds More Horror Themed
iiHoodedGlitch (2 months ago)
iq's ass in the beginning man ;-;

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