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Siemens C65 retro review (old ringtones, themes & wallpapers)

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Text Comments (70)
Platon Wolats (5 days ago)
God i've been looking for Toney for days! I remember there was also another cool melody but i can't recall it's name :(
Platon Wolats (5 days ago)
Yes! It was Trans A! Sounds like Muse
sadikur rahman shefat (6 days ago)
the very first phone i used...nostalgic
Cintia Alonso (7 days ago)
Por favor!! Alguien recuerda en nombre del ringtone que sonaba como burbujitas con melodía? (Creo que era algo de bubble.....)
Ravindra Raturi (8 days ago)
My first phone.
thetonyflames (18 days ago)
Que recuerdos :), acababa de entrar en secundaria y este fue mi primer celular, aun lo conservo, pero creo que ya no funciona. Mi tema favorito era el de circus.
Rytis Liaučys (24 days ago)
My first feature phone.... Memories..
Why do you don't played the game "Photopet"?! 😢
Andy BJ (2 months ago)
Que Lindo.!! Era Mi Primer Celular Por Alla En El 2005 Cuando Tenia 12 Años :') Solo Que El Mio Era C66, Siempre Me Ponia A Escuchar Los Sonidos Polifónicos Me Encantaban En Ese Tiempo Recien Estaba Saliendo El Mp3 Pero Duraban Segundos Los Temas Y Me Acuerdo Me Ponia A Descargar Cada Juegos Desde El Internet Tenia Mucha Memoria, Jugaba Al Bubble Boost, Uno De Un Mario Chiquito No Me Acuerdo El Nombre Que Le Caian Cubos De Arriba Y Tenia Que Acomoadarlos De Cada Color Y Otro De Una Mascotita Parecido Al Bichito Del Bubble Boost
Vicente Elizalde (4 months ago)
recuerdo a este móvil su juego todo, me gustaba
Energy 115 (5 months ago)
Второй телефон, потом m35, будто же все хлынуло...непередоваемое чувство. Спасибо =)
Спасибо! Ностальгия))
Daniel Hero (5 months ago)
siemens nunca quizo innovar, nos queria tener viviendo en la mediocridad con su tecnologia obsoleta, por eso su rama de Siemens Mobile quebrò
jeikksON (6 months ago)
Anybody can remember the game names of this cellphone? There was an adventure name which his character could throw bubbles and something like that
jeikksON (6 months ago)
g ayam Thank you 👍i could found you at last
g ayam (6 months ago)
jeikksON bubble boost?
Sr L (7 months ago)
Q hermoso mi primer teléfono de cámara, lo cuide y lastima lo perdi en una borrachera tenia un estilo chevere y delicado , lo feo era meterle música.
Petr Janoš (7 months ago)
nice, I've lost a mobile phone recently and started using my old C65 as backup... absolutely love it :-)
SupremeKawaii:3 (7 months ago)
NO best part of Mailfunction/////
Pablo Arrix (9 months ago)
Hello,dude,i'm trying to find the "twirly whirls of fun.mid" ringtone but i can't find it anywhere!do you know some page or something to download this archive?i apreciate if you told me how a get it man!cheers and good video!
Ivanqp Qp (9 months ago)
mi tercer cel
eco urb (11 months ago)
Mi primer celu ...hermoso
Kirill Drozdov (1 year ago)
Was my dream!
Genn Woner (1 year ago)
Siemens 2017?
Sergio Ortega D. (1 year ago)
alguen sabe como desbloquearlo cuando olvidaste el codigo de seguridad
Higo (1 year ago)
8:14 ringtone plzzzz ;)
Higo (1 year ago)
thanks buddy)
There you have it Higo, please subscribe for more stuff like this ;) Regards http://www.mediafire.com/file/w88b55357om5xms/Trance+A.mp3
mdrejaul karim (1 year ago)
my first time phone its
carlos garcia (1 year ago)
Viejos y buenos recuerdos
Fazi abdullah (1 year ago)
I use siemens Cseries since siemens c45 To siemens c75
zNoah (1 year ago)
I remember having this as my first phone, it was from my dad, sadly I deleted the games by mistake and I was like blaming my silliness, the games were great back then when I had 6 years old. I remember trying to get a song with IR, but man IR was so slow, and me complaining Bluetooth is slow.
+Im_Sky thank you for sharing your memories with us, you're welcome. Thanks for your comment ;-)
Maarrii94 (1 year ago)
this was my first phone. so many memories.
+Maarrii94 you are Welcome Maarrii94, thanks for your comment
Tălnaci Alexandru (1 year ago)
If you need, I have the ringtones in Mid format on my PC(extracted with my passed away Sony Ericsson phone(Z720i i think) from 2004 using Infrared and then sent it with bluetooth to my PC). If you need them, let me know.
Krizty Val (4 months ago)
I need them!!
jeikksON (6 months ago)
Tălnaci Alexandru man do you know about a game where the main character was an animal kind of duck it's name was something like Lucky's world I don't remember can you remember the name of that game?
Tălnaci Alexandru (1 year ago)
By the way, this is my dad's first phone which had a camera and internet connection.
Tălnaci Alexandru (1 year ago)
Same model, got it working on internet yesterday when I had unlimited free internet on Vodafone RO. It launched live.vodafone.com then it shut down(it didn't had more battery left in it, last used: 2013).
Abdi Piano (1 year ago)
I had this phone back in 2005
Thur Santoz (1 year ago)
smooth reggae the best song.
if you liked it, you should take a look into my channel, there is more old ringtone videos :P
ZennoPro Academy (1 year ago)
SPASIBOOOOOO!!! (Thank you)
изволь ;) enjoy it hehe
Dimmer88 (2 years ago)
Rock That 9:23
Giovani Ojendis (2 years ago)
mi primer celular
Engin GÖZLER (2 years ago)
please can you send me Rock That.mid tone located in Poly folder. I am searchin that tone 3 years :(
José Romario (2 years ago)
Names of ringtines 05.22/06:02?
José Romario (1 month ago)
José Romario (2 years ago)
1. Princess Jubliana 2. Toney Have a nice day!
siemens c65 fue excelente me trae buenos recuerdos
Fabián Macías (2 years ago)
Cuba.mid ♥
Frank Woods (2 years ago)
I have tears in my eyes... gimme that phone back
llipethiago (2 years ago)
Siemens CF75 ringtones is better!
Sorry my friend, but I don't have that model. You can find many other models in my playlist called Siemens ringtones by Yadratorex ;) regards
Андрей Gurs (2 years ago)
Can you send this phone s charger to belarus?
Michal Polak (2 years ago)
Wow, Vodafone ruined the graphics on this quite horribly… :-)
+Michal Polak I think the same
Juan Calavera (2 years ago)
I used to have this cellphone when I was a child :') The songs made me feel when I was 8 years old :') beautiful memories, primary school and things like that :')
Matías Rubio (2 years ago)
Baroque Grove was my jam
Ser Nauka (2 years ago)
Верните мне мой с 65 , желаю таковой же
Ser Nauka (2 years ago)
Не нужно
+Ser Nauka I have three units but they are not unlocked. Two are from Vodafone Spain and other from Amena Spain
unboxinsyreviews (2 years ago)
Mailfuction LOL!
Luis Jiménez (2 years ago)
aun tengo en el nokia los gif de este siemens xDD
Alan Android iOS (2 years ago)
My mother had it ;) Good phone ;)
Luis Jiménez (2 years ago)
siiiii porfin el video que esperaba lo tenia con 6 años ese movil xD

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