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People raging (and failing), on games,internet,computers and other electronic stuff (compilation)

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READ THIS FIRST Song used for this video RCT3 OST; buccaneer To all the people saying some are fake. Ofcourse they are, i didn't say "legit people raging and failing". I just said "people raging and failing. And if some are actors and you don't like it. Simple press the downvote button and get on with your life instead of writing hate mail and death wishes in the comments. Thank you very much. PPS.10/10/2015. Closed down comments because of people not reading the description and continues to ramble about previously stated topics I explained in the description and even writing death threats to me for aparent reasons. I don't care anymore. Comments closed, don't like it? Leave. PPPPPPPPSSSSSS (And many more P's) Renabled comments, kinda curious to see comments on this video again, kinda miss the funny ones. Also, 6 million views, my god. More stuff like this? Check out this insurgency video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDhjNBxNliA Also, "FredenronnygamingHD" was my initial channel name, so no I did not steal it.
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Rydekk (6 months ago)
If you guys liked this video, and you like Rainbow Six Siege, I recommend you guys check out this little playlist i've made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESmfk-j4Rq0&list=PLtdQAYrf8zIOEs6a6b1cvnfENsxvUOiSu
Betty Pagoray (4 days ago)
Rydekk fuck
Revolution is here my friends.
Dark Tenki (1 month ago)
So many angry DRUMPF supporters and Alt-right NAZIS in this video. :)
Angel Garcia (1 month ago)
Rydekk hey its not the game,item or tech its the player/user/person
cute little ponny no.1 (4 months ago)
Rydekk wow 2018 from 2012
Chris Hernandez (8 hours ago)
That was deliriouses voice!.😱
gabriel heady (1 day ago)
francis rage is the best.
Ethereal Chi (1 day ago)
emmanuel boyejo (1 day ago)
This life kids
Weed Mario (2 days ago)
8:51 i feel bad for her boyfriend because i know he loved video games so much over her, but damn, what if he REALLLY fucking wanted that paper
Weed Mario (2 days ago)
8:07 i actually feel bad for her because i know how she feels, cuz i have raged before
rizman fauzi (3 days ago)
fat people sure have smaller brain..
Paul Krawitz (3 days ago)
4:36 James from GTA5.
Paul Krawitz (3 days ago)
3:40 The return of.... Fat Francis... 😂
Jeff Sedam (3 days ago)
The girl that states she changed his pswrd and destroyed the order is liable to criminal prosecution
Mark Genesis Valencia (4 days ago)
Mark Genesis Valencia (4 days ago)
7:32 a big fat raging boii.. xd
Bracelety Paul (4 days ago)
The first one..... .....my gosh.
RaisinBrandon (4 days ago)
The tom one was prolly a skit cause its tomska
Rydekk (3 days ago)
Comment 842 about tomska... Noted down in the black book of I know already.
Dion Carlo Cerrafon (5 days ago)
Add me der cause i was downloading pubg and its not working😠😡😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😠😡
Animal tvi (6 days ago)
Poor brad
Love my Life (6 days ago)
The first one was freaking funny
Quet Sadaf (6 days ago)
Rydekk (6 days ago)
Charles Sauberlich (7 days ago)
so I win right? OMG LOL
VIRTUAL ESENCE (7 days ago)
6:27 he's not fat, he's circular
Carolina Escobar (9 days ago)
2:21 wen u fail thes vidgam
Conrad Jack (11 days ago)
*HUMAN* "I'm very angry but I'm not going to destroy anything because I know that would be wrong." *HOOMAN* "F_CK YOU!!!" (Ungodly ape noises and the destruction of poor electronic devices)
Sebas Alink (11 days ago)
3:17 i fucking puts my head in my wall XD
Sebas Alink (11 days ago)
3:05 looks like im rerired lol
Jim NORRIS (11 days ago)
See what computer are doing to people.
EpicEndGamer29 AJ (11 days ago)
1:25 No.
Lil Skittlez (12 days ago)
The first one like lol
DsongSubaru (14 days ago)
Bram ter Haar (14 days ago)
Awwww I feel sorry for the kid who got smacked in the face with a keyboard, he didn’t deserve that ;p
Jt Zoo God Wap (15 days ago)
8:32 she never disconnected the wires 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 fake as vid 😂
seminole rick (15 days ago)
Democrats in training....
BILL SWIFT (16 days ago)
Know that's alota damage
Leo Caruso (16 days ago)
I don’t get it. Instead of these women dumping them, they just start deleting their shit. Over videogames! Like come one, grow a pair of ovaries for christ sake.
The Best Jedi (16 days ago)
8:51 She looks like my history teacher. -_-
The Best Jedi (16 days ago)
3:33 F. A. Y. K. Fake.
Who the fuck plays counter strike in a small screen?
xephos120 (17 days ago)
isnt the clip at 3:30 just Boogie, doing his character Francis?
Rydekk (17 days ago)
IsNt ThE clIp aT 3:30 jUSt B0OgiE, doINg HIs CHaRAcTer FRaNCiS?
mhiguel rempillo (18 days ago)
Stupid dick they dont deserved things
Fully Charged (19 days ago)
13:18 Did he lose his job?
Karma Productions (19 days ago)
Guy sitting on the photo copier: “I’ll never get caught hue hue hue” Photo copier: “hold my paper”
J. S. (19 days ago)
The fat b@#tard in the Batman shirt really needs to get a life and lose some weight. Doesn't even have a license or a car. And why do the fat guys always wear a Batman tshirt? Destroying his game system not only got him outdoors but it's probably the most exercise he's had in years. A good step.
Franchesca Bingayan (19 days ago)
Wait btw.why did the break the phone or idk i thinks his annoyed with the girl
Andrew Toone (20 days ago)
12:37, Harold Slikk (aka Angry German Kid’s Dad)
Nice Push (20 days ago)
Fucking leftist liberal hotpocket eating basement morons
Doma Offical (21 days ago)
print screenshot XDDD
Doma Offical (21 days ago)
print screenshot
player joker (21 days ago)
if you angry of a game then you know u are a loser in real life
Clementine (22 days ago)
These ppl need to play Outlast games
Carl Wendell (22 days ago)
Can't fix stupid. Not even with duct tape.
Mildred Hubble (22 days ago)
You are huge, though, but keep raging like that and you might lose some weight.
EmoZagaFun (23 days ago)
8:17 reminds me of the sims characters when arguing
Jay Dizz (23 days ago)
Joshua Valencianus (23 days ago)
8:43 that guy should break up with her
Jay Rain (24 days ago)
1:00 Lady in the background recording: "Annnddd this is going on facebook"
Nick Williamson (24 days ago)
Yeah I don't damage peoples stuff or my own if I get that frustrated. I just pound on my leg till I feel better then watch a movie
Psychic (24 days ago)
Sadly This is Me In Real Life.
Potato (25 days ago)
O h
Seti Michael Maxwell (25 days ago)
8:02 I would NOT fuck with that girl, EVER. If you do make your funeral arrangements before you do. Wow, now that's rage! Or she's really nuts! And then she went in the kitchen with the knives, oh boy. And the next girl after that, poor Brad. You'll be missed, RIP. Some of these people are scary, but most are funny as hell. My brother is like that and when he was raging I would walk over and stick my finger in his face to piss him off even more and once he grabbed it and I thought he broke my finger.
send help please (25 days ago)
8:05 she is on her period then.
Bolle Saus (25 days ago)
3:20 is that Boogie?
Camille Kim (25 days ago)
It wasn't the monitor's fault to be honest...
Conrail Gp-40 Guy (26 days ago)
1:35 😂😂😂 he randomly walks over, and smashes the phone 😂😂
Boo Steeb (26 days ago)
I respected the guy in the office that got sprayed by the printer. His outfit might worth a million
T!T hubtiti (27 days ago)
phatetic fake ... all
Rydekk (27 days ago)
Same could be said for your girlfriend ;)
I subscribed to your YouTube channel
Dan Miller (29 days ago)
The FAT guy in the Batman T-Shirt is a real lard ball. What a porky goof.
Mr. Orange (29 days ago)
3:53 Rare footage of him getting up
Malachi Stephenson (29 days ago)
6:03 one eternity later
Justin Burns (29 days ago)
5:47 I don't see a problem here. This boi just trying to get a screenshot.
Lakario Davis (29 days ago)
god this is scary. so many seemingly normal people are actually psycho as hell lol
HUE PUCKHING TROLL (30 days ago)
games plus mc donald equal fats, to much fats lead to aggression.
Di3gz Ilada (30 days ago)
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Sometimes i am a monster when i am full of rage XDDDD I scream alot alot and all houses got angry XDDDDDD Last weak i was playing roblox epic minigames and i keep winning and 2 noobs was so angry and calling me "HAHA NOOOOOOB" And the other girl is saying 'HAHA YOU ARE A NOOOOOOOBBB" when i said "rage kids XD" 2 noobs are saying "UGHHH"
You are an idiot, Brad
Snuffle Upagus (30 days ago)
5:34 "My printers aren't working... let me just smash my computer into it and hope it will work"
lkjyuiop (30 days ago)
That fat guy has never ate a pussy lol
Pas Thomas (30 days ago)
Guya Nm (30 days ago)
Caster Nitocris (30 days ago)
6:03 May seem funny, but imagine how much this hurts
Bradly Henson (1 month ago)
Rydekk (1 month ago)
Wait, your wife fakes? Oh god, I feel so sorry for you.
the EQUATION (1 month ago)
a little bit of jacking off between games would alleviate all this extra unused testosterone. sheez.
STEPHEN! (1 month ago)
What did brad do jesus christ
Awesome Arin (1 month ago)
8:51 T H O T D E T E C T E D
JerryMistik (1 month ago)
3:21 the funniest haha!!
Robert O (1 month ago)
WOW!!! Some of these people just need to get laid..
Aws Marie (1 month ago)
This fucking stupid
Ultimate Gamer (1 month ago)
thr human language these day's is fuck alien language unknown...
Benjamin Burch (1 month ago)
*Smashes computer "WTF is going on here?" "Computer virus?"
Faraz Khan (1 month ago)
Frustration public enemy
porras (1 month ago)
Why is 3:40 in this?
SpikeJonesTheCr0oked (1 month ago)
Angry starcraft girl is cute. Brad should ate that pussy more and stayed off the computer...
Amir Osgood (1 month ago)
So yeah don't be. Stupid
Amir Osgood (1 month ago)
Don't break your game system just because your mad thay cost a lot of money
Amir Osgood (1 month ago)
Video game are mint to have fun you get killed and the people get killed don't get mad when thay kill you just have fun
Kimmie Fenton (1 month ago)
you know, i get mad at my games also and i rage as well. but i dont get this fucking bad. in fact seeing this makes me want to not get so mad at my games any more
Sherry Valli (1 month ago)
These people need a chill pill.
Josue E Perlin G (1 month ago)
Tomska girlfriend XD
Jesus Garcia (1 month ago)
That's how u rock out kids
Matt Frost (1 month ago)
Cunts ahoy!
xUnicornFartz (1 month ago)
Does that mean Brads single now

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