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Dayz - Faith In Humanity..

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A Random Meeting With a Russian Fellow Survivor restores some Faith In Humanity In Dayz. Music - http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=rest
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Text Comments (91)
Jarsk1e (5 months ago)
nice kills sada, miss the old DayZ Mod :)
Zima (1 year ago)
So many capital letters
bejiman longman (4 years ago)
i'm like you brother, but it hurts when people betray you but i still follow my values even today when people shot on sight all the time
Danker #csgod (5 years ago)
There was a bandit owning a guy with a hatchet!, i cane down from the firestation roof. I only had a crowbar. I walked up behind the bandit and smashed his head!, afterwards i took the gun, it was only a enfield. The hatchetman said thank u. And then i hatched me in the face!
Rougeification (5 years ago)
*Wipes away a tear*
TheAcedabest (5 years ago)
i have realized my humanity to the world of dayz ended after betrayed. They shot my leg i was unconscious they bandaged me and left 4000 meters to the nearest town i starved because i realized later they took my food and water. THIS IS THE MONSTERS THAT WE HAVE BECOME. Theres no stopping us we kill our selves when there is more to be worried about: glitchy zombies. They broke me now i am a bandit with -200k humanity as the last time i checked so please be strong dont break to these people.......
Mo (5 years ago)
Fuck dat tear frm dem bandit eyes
Astick13 (5 years ago)
He was Russian. That accent.
bigjohnson richard (5 years ago)
brought a tear to my eye
ilight8 (5 years ago)
Thanks sada
SadaPlays (5 years ago)
Link to the music is in the description :) , good luck with your vid man.
ilight8 (5 years ago)
Brizzacle (5 years ago)
hell no, me and my friends have been stalking him ever since
ilight8 (5 years ago)
A bandit skin...
ilight8 (5 years ago)
You still friends with this guy#?
ilight8 (5 years ago)
what music is this
ilight8 (5 years ago)
For some reason I feel like i should be crying.
Lora Yapp (5 years ago)
I like this episode.
emachine310 (5 years ago)
Been playing DayZ for about 2 months now. I started being Completely friendly, ran into some guys on a hospital rooftop, bandaged them up as i had looted the only medical box and gave them a blood transfusion, we spoke for a few minutes after and they then proceeded to shoot me in the face and taunt me over voice chat... now i am sad to say i will shoot to wound and bandage them while they are knocked out. i refuse to kill but i will shoot on sight
Brizzacle (5 years ago)
My friend I had been playing with for months shot me for my as50, nvg's, rangefinders, and the ghillie I had saved for him in my coyote backpack
MrCh0nkie (5 years ago)
do u still play right now cause im trying to find a group of ppl to join, generally my policy is kill on site if they have only a pistol or hatchet and if they r in ghillie suit or sniper rifle, if they have just a shotgun i have em stay away. ppl with makarov having nothing to lose and snipers r just too dangerous
Sir Downs (5 years ago)
i am sooooo sorry but i just peed a little when i read that.
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
I feel you bro , that is the low of the low to do that.Envy in this game can make people do some shitty things.
Commander Fondle (6 years ago)
I traveled with a guy for nearly 3 hours one day. He had broken legs when I found him and I had one morphine I found in a gas station. We teamed up and before we knew it we were headed north with some good gear. We get to the NW airfield and as we go along we find a body. On this body I found my first NVGs and sniper. I went and told the guy I had traveled with, I don't remember his name any more. He looked at me said, That's awesome, and shot me in the head. Didn't play again for a week.
AW (6 years ago)
Wow..... He fucking trusted you, even though the bandit skin. :'| And people kill unarmed players for no reason.. ;o I kill shit, but not people that are inferior to me.
KodenameKrusty (6 years ago)
This was a sad video. It was like watching that boy kill old yeller dog when he got the rabies. The music was also sad. It made me want to cry. ;o/ Liked it though.
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Your one of the rare good guys , keep it up bro , dayz needs people like you.
B-FliP (6 years ago)
I don't like to shoot on sight. I know it's just a game, but you have a choice on how to play it. There's a shitload of dickheads walking around, but I always give players a chance to respond on voice and I won't let the playing style of others influence mine, even if I get backstabbed by some asshole. I am very weary of people with a bandit outfit tho, and I have no mercy for people that shoot at me. But the reactions you get when you really help out some player are really nice mostly.
Тихоспал (6 years ago)
Dead Island Theme Song +10,000,000 views ;)
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
I haven't actually been betrayed like that yet , that's low of that guy to do that to you man, I usually do shoot on sight, but if someone helps me I would never ever kill them.check out my recent vid to see another meeting with a new player .thanks for the comment :)
meercat666 (6 years ago)
I did this before when I was just a noob. Some guy was surrounded by zombies and in need of bandages and a blood packs. I rescued him, dragged him out the building, killed the zombies, patched him up. Then, he makarov'd me in the face repeatedly as soon as my guard was down. I TRUST NO-ONE NOW
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Thanks dude appreciate it :)
Zac Clark (6 years ago)
10,000th channel view right here :D keep up the good work man. Subbed
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
thank you , I appreciate the comment and the sub :)
MrMarouka (6 years ago)
lol. I enjoyed watching your videos, and subscribed to your channel.
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Im trying to be a good hero now for a bit , but it isnt working out too well lol
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Maybe head for balota :) cherno and electra are just death traps.
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Yeh the masked one is a bandit , if you kill people in this game you change from no mask to wearing a mask to show you have killed before.
Erik Andersen (6 years ago)
What's the thing he has got on his head? A mask?
MrMarouka (6 years ago)
Wow, wish this would happen whenever I play.. Dead every time, unarmed. Dirty bandits.
xXORIONgamingXx (6 years ago)
fraps lags so bad :/
Clint Farrell (6 years ago)
you're just a bandit without ammo... if it was a video of YOU being killed, and then you met a friendly survivor, would have made a lot more sense
TacTundra (6 years ago)
i thought you were going to kill him right when you reloaded
Fribox (6 years ago)
I like how the second someone can fight back, they kill you. Was that a thermal L85? An AS50? Generic as shit. Maybe if you wouldn't shoot everyone you see you would understand not everyone is out to kill you. Now maybe they are going to shoot everyone on sight because they keep getting killed by AS50s at 1000+ meters.
Cheeze Nugget (6 years ago)
All of you SHITHEADS complainting about how he killed those people, LET ME ASK YOU THIS: What are you going to do when you find epic gear? When you got the best weapons in the game? Shoot zombies? I don't think so. This game's THREE goals are ; Scavenge, Slay and Survive. So stop with the fucking bullshit people, we all know that you would kill people if you had the chance.
Dylan VDE (6 years ago)
There are more people like that in the game if u gave them a chance and not shoot them for miles away!
Breezy Cheeks (6 years ago)
What a faggot, the guy who randomly kills helpless people with or without a gun, not even to help themselves to survive but just to be a dick, only shouts friendly when he himself is in trouble. People like you make this game fucking horrible.
Cheeze Nugget (6 years ago)
I shot a man.... in the back. he was walking away from me. with no guns. This game changes people.....
HanzsKlopek (6 years ago)
This is a truly unique kind of game ... I shot a survivor a few days ago because he scared me in a barn. He never saw me ... I still feel ashame about it. You don't get that kind of emotion playing COD
HanzsKlopek (6 years ago)
Nice video .. Hope you think twice next time you want to snipe my ass ;)
VTomatoma (6 years ago)
Why haveh be mad? is onlyeh game
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Totally dude , I 100% agree.Ive never felt these emotions in any other game.When you have a character thats a week old and has all high end gear then you get in a firefight , thats some serious adrenalin pumping then :)
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
The song is called " At Rest " By Kevin Macleod
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
A little faith in humanity that one day with that one guy :)
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
The song is called " At Rest " By Kevin Macleod
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Nyx (6 years ago)
Nothing wrong with that.
Yellow (6 years ago)
Barf. I'll go and polish my diamond hard shell.
MrJJuK (6 years ago)
I do it aswell dude just looks alot tidier
Quantumform (6 years ago)
He just batmanned the shit out of you.
Rango4U (6 years ago)
The hero you need, but not the one you deserve.
xXORIONgamingXx (6 years ago)
Hokkuspwn (6 years ago)
Dude you are a big vagina. You should have shot the guy when he gave you the ammo!! lol nah j/k dude. I guess there still are friendly players..
BigNato101 (6 years ago)
god i love this game, first game where i've felt guilt and man, when your in a fire fight trying to keep all your pretty gear, gets the heart pumping. :)
Danny_BoyTV (6 years ago)
Excellent. Hey what is the name of the song?
Iridium Wolf (6 years ago)
This Is Really Sad :(
ELiShuffles (6 years ago)
Aww :(
Nekuan (6 years ago)
you're a bandit who randomly kills any survivors he sees yet you talk about "faith in humanity"...
MashNMeatballs (6 years ago)
And I was so expecting you to shoot him immediately after you got the ammo. He was kind, but you sure as hell didn't deserve it!
dpactual (6 years ago)
What song is this if I might be so bold as to ask?
BlairPlaysGames (6 years ago)
And i bet youre still going to kill. it just goes to show, 90% of players are cool. I play mostly private hives. Peopel arent afraid to die because its only one server. GO try a private hive. if 50% of your encounters arent you teaming up with a compelte stranger, you can thumbs down me. I love this game.
Justintimefor2006 (6 years ago)
I love how the people who make all these sorts of videos actually call out to the people that help them or that they've killed.
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
:) Your cool
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Maybe or I could shoot you and capitalize on your beans in your backpack :)
CGIAgent (6 years ago)
Whelp, I guess it's back to killin'.
LucUltra (6 years ago)
No need to say sorry! I was only wondering why you did that, as I've seen it more often. Sorry if I seemed unfriendly.
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
I have No Idea , I thought It looked better but realised I missed some words, sorry about that.
LucUltra (6 years ago)
Mind if I ask why you capitalize Words Randomly like This?
Walter (6 years ago)
this was really good simple but good
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
I agree, you dont really get moments like these in any other game.Glad you liked the video :)
Pr3sarioVSU (6 years ago)
Cool vid man! This is why I play DayZ now, moments like this!
Saint (6 years ago)
like dis if u cry everitim.
ᅚᅚ (6 years ago)
Gotta love how guys like you shout friendly only if without weapon or ammunition.
Ogirdor (6 years ago)
Loved it mate. Thanks again.
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
Glad You Liked The Video , The song is called " At Rest " By Kevin Macleod
SadaPlays (6 years ago)
I dont Think I would of because he had my back and didn't kill me , But I cant be 100% on that, maybe I would of turned and shot out of panic. Im glad I didn't have any ammo :)
TurtleDerp (6 years ago)
you couldn't have said it better :)
Ogirdor (6 years ago)
Also whats the song.? Its nice
Ogirdor (6 years ago)
Aw thats nice! :)
Davis Winchell (6 years ago)
Nice video do you have Skype?

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