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مفاجأة مرعبة ظهور حورية البحر حقيقية Amazing Mermaid On The Rock sirena real

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Amazing Footage of a Real Mermaid jumping out of the water Caught on Video Camera. An alleged mermaid, said to resemble a cross between a fish and a young girl, only appears at sunset. It performs a few tricks for onlookers before disappearing for the night. The sightings apparently began several months ago. Of course, if a mermaid does not exist -- perhaps it is a hoax, an optical illusion, or a simple misperception of a known animal -- then I'll be very sad. It's not clear what people are seeing, though the power of suggestion and imagination can be strong. Identifying animals in water is inherently problematic, since eyewitnesses by definition are only seeing a small part of the creature. When you add in the factor of low light at sunset and the distances involved, positively identifying even a known creature can be very difficult -- to say nothing of a mythological one! Mermaids have long held fascination for seafaring peoples. There are a few dozen significant historical claims of actual mermaid sightings. Most of them are clearly myths and legends, such as "true" stories about lovely young women who married sailors but were later discovered to be shape-shifting mermaids (such as in the film "Splash"). Other reports date back centuries, and offer no proof or evidence other than a curious story. For example, a Capt. Richard Whitbourne claimed he saw a mermaid in Newfoundland's St. James harbor in 1610. Another story, from 1830 Scotland, claimed that a young boy killed a mermaid by throwing rocks at it; the creature looked like a child of about 3 or 4, but had a salmon's tail instead of legs. The villagers supposedly had it a funeral and buried it in a small coffin. P.T. Barnum's mermaid Hoaxers have worked to satisfy the public's appetite for mermaids; the fact that none have ever actually been found is only a minor inconvenience. The great showman P.T. Barnum introduced a mermaid to astounded crowd in the 1840s: his infamous "FeeJee Mermaid", actually a taxidermy fake. The head and torso of a small monkey was grafted onto the body and tail of a fish. It was bizarre and strange - --certainly nothing anyone had seen before — but a far cry from the banners and posters suggesting a beautiful, half-naked woman. Other mermaid fakes appeared throughout the centuries. Some were manatees that had been dressed up to resemble a human form and exhibited for profit. Whether the Israeli mermaid sighting is genuine, a hoax, or an innocent mistake exploited for tourism, the reality of finding a real mermaid might be different than people imagine, as shown by a song from the Newfoundland band Great Big Sea, which sings folk-rock versions of traditional sea shanties. One of their most popular songs, titled "The Mermaid," tells of a lonely sailor who has sex with a mermaid Real, Mermaid, Caught, On, Camera, Seen, Animal, Planet, Amazing, The, Rock, 100%, True, Sighted, In, Ma لقطات مذهلة "حورية البحر حقيقية" تقفز خارج الماء ◄ لا تنسى عمل إعجاب للفيديو والإشتراك في القناة ومشاركة الفيديو مع أصدقائك ◄ شكرأ لكل من ضغط على لايك للفيديو او اشتراك ◄-Thank you to all of the pressure on the Lake of the video or subscrip ◄ للأشتراك بالقناة : - https://goo.gl/Qjwq62 ◄ فيس بوك : - https://goo.gl/dUL9FY ◄ تويتر : - https://goo.gl/JwJRLs ◄-----------------------------\
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نور Free (2 months ago)
بنسب لي اني اصدق بوجود هاذه المخلوقات ويخلق مالتعلمون
هاي كذبة
Meramaid are real sure i belive
Meramaid are exicest
شباب اكو الاسطورات موجوده
امل الحربي (2 years ago)
مهو حوريه
امل الحربي (2 years ago)
هلذ حوت
Princess Jasmine (2 years ago)
مش عارفة عالم تقول حورية البحر حقيقية عالم تقول اسطورة وانا مش عارفة إذا اسطور ولا حقيقة
7689 5924 (2 years ago)
لحتا الان ما صدقة انو الحوريات حقيقا مع انو شفت كثير مقاطع فيديو للحوريات واني اتمانا نو يكونن حقيقا واشفهن بعيني
Princess Jasmine (2 years ago)
7689 5924 انت فاكرة لان إذا كان في حورية هتكون هيك بتشبه اريل جميلة جدا إذا كانت موجودة مش اسطورة هتكون مخلوق مرعب جدآ و قبيحة جداااااااااااا ومرعبة جداااااااااا
Cecil Lawrence (2 years ago)
Prog.Suzan AL-Kofee (2 years ago)
سبحان الله
أفضل 10 هدافين في تاريخ أوروبا بعد ثنائية المتصدر رونالدو https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSIqQDyBTPA
Safia Lagha (2 years ago)
hal houriyat lbahr mawjouda?
Raaa Deee (2 years ago)
هاذا دولفين
Raaa Deee هههههههه صح
ياربي مااعرف ليش انتابني شعور بلخوف من هذا المخلوق سبحانك اللهي
aloida a (3 years ago)
2015 م نز و ل عيسى ا بن مر يم متجه نحو ا سر ا ئيل
aloida a (3 years ago)
حو ر ية ا لبحر جند من جنو د ا لله
khadija elouirgui (3 years ago)
تصميم رائع
khadija elouirgui هههههههه
tie8084 (3 years ago)
I have no words
king of heart (4 years ago)
ولا  زال الكذب  مستمر 
king of heart اي حجيك صح

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