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Shadow of the Colossus - PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

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Here's the E3 2017 exclusive trailer for Shadow of the Colossus.
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Text Comments (4371)
Sara Demnitz (12 days ago)
Back again with sum giants
Nie trawię tych azjatyckich gówien.
kenan güreş (28 days ago)
ico next
SoTo 20E (28 days ago)
nombre de la cancion? 1:18
agliettip (1 month ago)
I have never freaked out as much while watching E3 as I did with this trailer.
Manuel Lopez (1 month ago)
Only as PS could it be ...
Nico Celosia (1 month ago)
The BEST game.
TheDinosaurMan (1 month ago)
1:18 I love that so much the feeling that gives you
Lucas Cuello (1 month ago)
artu peep nuun (1 month ago)
still give me gosenbumps
FahryGaming YT (2 months ago)
Best game ever
FahryGaming YT (2 months ago)
Why not Shadow Of The Colossus 2
Euler Maspoxavida (2 months ago)
Ilha de barbados me trouxe aqui
Nico Kitty (2 months ago)
We want a shadow of the colossus 2 or more team ICO games!!!
TheDinosaurMan (2 months ago)
1:16 gives me chills I love that theme 😩
Weight Overload (2 months ago)
The only thing I hate is the main menu screen
yan k (2 months ago)
thanks for sharing PlayStation
Javier Ramirez (3 months ago)
Excelente juego beautiful game
Danny Harhen (3 months ago)
How long does this game take to complete?
Lone Wanderer (2 months ago)
for beginners, 10 hours! For me, 2hours
Grand Eagle (3 months ago)
Is this game only for PS4? Why dont sell them for PC too? It looks a great game.
Shawn Northam (3 months ago)
i liove thes game.
Hands Solo (4 months ago)
Here is something for you to contemplate- what if games have become so advanced to the point that the characters in the games think they are real and alive - what if they believe their worlds are real - what if they are self aware and believe they are in control of what is happening in the game but do not realize they are characters in a game - now here's the real kicker - what if we believe the same about ourselves. Think about it -
iMESH 98 (4 months ago)
Overated game with unplayable controllers and awful camera.
Lone Wanderer (2 months ago)
Haha lol newb this game is UNDERrated
Nutria Castillos (4 months ago)
recuerdos muy buenos trae este juego :,3
Mayank Dutt (4 months ago)
It's a awosome game with awosome graphics please it 2 part also
Jordan Starks (4 months ago)
This is what is called the greatest, most beautiful piece of epic art ever.
Sufiyan 007 (5 months ago)
Is This Game Is For PC
Maria Eugenia (5 months ago)
I love this game!
Felipe Jaeger (5 months ago)
Já comprei e to quase platinando
[RPR]King (5 months ago)
Anyone still play this on their Ps2? No? OK...
Player BR (5 months ago)
Cara que graficos
Daffy Duck (5 months ago)
I've never heard of this game. Is this worth buying? And what exactly is it about?
I hope this version is not as disappointing as the ps3 version...
Jheremy Jntnz (5 months ago)
I love is Game!! ❤
Nathan Schollars (5 months ago)
Anyone else thinking this would be epic to play in VR?
Zadquiel Contreras (5 months ago)
lo unico que debo hacer es esperar mas de 10 años trabajar ir a otro pais trabajar alli mantenerme ganar suficiente dinero comprarme la play 4 y el juego aunque en ese momento ya estaria la play 10 y el Shadow Of The Colossus 14
JubJub444 (6 months ago)
Well I just jizzed myself.
Matt (6 months ago)
Truly one of the best games ever made.
Antonio Prudêncio (6 months ago)
seus Nobs que linga vcs falam
Lucas Sossai (6 months ago)
Jack septic eye.
casey dennis (6 months ago)
this game speaks of something sacred
navi dendl (6 months ago)
is this "i kill giants" movie? :v
faroshscale (6 months ago)
MYJOY Channel (6 months ago)
How many times they want to remake the same games? ... ps3 and now ps4? Cmon, just give us Shadow of the Colossus 2
Giselle Sales (7 months ago)
Algum brasileiro pfvr ? Kkkkkkkk
the squeeky muppet (7 months ago)
this trailor tells me nothing
thales miguel (7 months ago)
Chega de remakes , precisamos de continuações dos jogos ,queremos jogos novos também , os jogos mais antigos a gente compra os consoles mais antigos e joga , se temos condições pra comprar consoles das novas gerações ,com certeza teremos pra comprar das antigas e jogar novamente!
Kubizeki Sencift (7 months ago)
aynısı mk bı fark yok bu ne bele yawww !!!
رائد المالكي (7 months ago)
من اعفن الاشرطه الي استخدمتها
Purely Meek (7 months ago)
This remake is freaking phenomenal. Bought it a few days after its release and it is just _so_ visually breathtaking! Like ah, its unexplainable. It is _so_ atmospheric and just, oof, they did such an amazing job. You just wanna stand there looking at everything. Very glad they didn't tamper with the soundtrack. Best remake I have played by far. Looking forward to an Ico remake or a TLG one some years in the future.
XRL Man (7 months ago)
for anyone who wants to download this game on his pc and is looking for the crack, here it is tinyurl. com/ycqpbpe6
Esat Budakoglu (7 months ago)
Best atmosphere best story best details game is beautiful and dream games..
Dalton Hollander (7 months ago)
Hearing revived power as the choir really got me in the feels. So happy that this game is being brought to this system and to a new generation.
Vishal Singh (7 months ago)
What's the soundtrack at 1:18
Eduardo 2301 (7 months ago)
Like for Ico Remake
Tredo (7 months ago)
Best game ever made
Tawan (7 months ago)
It have languages Thai yes or no
the skud !? (7 months ago)
Colossus 💀 🥖👕 👖 👞 human🚶‍♂️
QuickScope (7 months ago)
This game is more important than my life right now.
Bluray (7 months ago)
Tales of Zestiria? What?
Singing For The Creator (7 months ago)
Wow neat
Great graphics......terrible controls. Deleted.
sal d awww...you say that bout all the boys I bet
José Neto (8 months ago)
Xbox loser
Fillmer Beast (8 months ago)
Y’all should make Ico for PS4
Thomas Herfen (8 months ago)
looks pretty boring
Tredo (7 months ago)
Trust me this game is amazing and not boring at all
sal d (7 months ago)
Thomas Herfen well at least it's better that your adopted life
Nebula Celestia (8 months ago)
I love this!!!!!!
Valen W. (8 months ago)
Best of PS2
Steven James (8 months ago)
I think I nutted
PIZZAER (8 months ago)
I came.
Jace Purdy (8 months ago)
hope it comes to PC
NoneTheLess (8 months ago)
figz (8 months ago)
Love everything about this game it is and always will be my all time favorite game and now its coming back
Tredo (7 months ago)
figz I agree
Josh Gordon (8 months ago)
Pls make for the PC master race
koke espinoza (8 months ago)
La misma huea pero menos pixelia
darien taylor (8 months ago)
This game was ok. It was too freaking empty and nothing else to do.
Zer0 (8 months ago)
When you bought an xbox
gh5643 (8 months ago)
pray stetion
THE GAME JUNKY (8 months ago)
If Dragons Dogma 2 is like this.... I will be very happy! ✌😲🤘
BlueDragon514 Ender (8 months ago)
If there is new content that wasn't in other versions I will buy the console just for this.
Tredo (7 months ago)
BlueDragon514 Ender there is the sword of Dormin that is the only different thing
Dark Ace (8 months ago)
Can someone tell me what is being said at the :36 mark?
Tredo (7 months ago)
Dark Ace it’s in a different language
spring trap (8 months ago)
Jim White (8 months ago)
So what changed? Just the graphics? Eh, I'll pass. Its amazing how different my priorities are compare to the general Western gamer market.
Cybrisk (7 months ago)
It's a ground-up remake with completely new graphical assets, sounds, improved controls and QoL implementations, and of course a much better framerate than the Ps2 version without the broken grip and physics of the Ps3 version. It has its problems but it might just be the definitive edition of the game, and you're not special for passing it up.
James3790 (8 months ago)
Any hopes for a pc release??
Raquel Paulino (8 months ago)
Play in ps2
Stabby Crabby (8 months ago)
Its here and its the best looking game ever ❤️
mado-tyan (8 months ago)
XcomGuy18 (8 months ago)
Hehe, I love this game. Hehe giants.
Will Campbell (8 months ago)
Anyone notice the Papyrus there at the end? :D
Your Nightmare (8 months ago)
Switch and XboxOneX can suck balls
Roqsta (8 months ago)
I have played it on ps2 xD old days :'(
isandlaurius (8 months ago)
Emma Harding (8 months ago)
Already got it
ersgodboy (8 months ago)
Shadow of the Colossus VR please
DrCreep (8 months ago)
Now, that and Bloodborne, let's buy a PS4
Lucy Koo (8 months ago)
So... is there any way to carry over your normal mode stat boosts and time attack rewards into hard mode?
FiRE Cloud (8 months ago)
My favorite game of all time
pablxD rojaX (8 months ago)
Dark1Vergil (8 months ago)
Konami : Here a metal gear solid 3 pachinko remake no one asked for Sony : we can't do a thing about metal gear solid but here's a Shadow of the Colossus remake
ᎡᏌᎠᎩ (8 months ago)
kmater356 (8 months ago)
Tomorrow is the big day.
dichaelovic (8 months ago)

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