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Assassin's Creed Origins: Top 5 Tips | Tips & Tricks | Ubisoft [NA]

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Looking to jump into Assassin’s Creed Origins this holiday? Here are some tips to get you started. Follow us for the latest updates on Assassin's Creed: Website - http://bit.ly/2t7jeqz https://www.facebook.com/assassinscreedUS/ https://instagram.com/AssassinsCreed_US https://twitter.com/assassinscreed https://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA ABOUT Assassin's Creed Origins : Journey into Ancient Egypt, the most mysterious place in history, during a crucial period that will shape the world. Discover the secrets behind the Great Pyramids, forgotten myths, the last pharaohs, and – engraved in long-lost hieroglyphics – the origin story of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. For the last four years, the team behind the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag® has been focused on crafting a new beginning for the franchise. Fight in a completely new way where you transition seamlessly between unique ranged and melee weapons, and take on multiple enemies at once. Choose your Assassin skills while exploring the full country of Ancient Egypt, engaging in multiple quests and gripping stories along a journey that will change civilization. FEATURES: Experience the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt – Uncover lost tombs, explore the Great Pyramids, and discover the secrets of mummies, the gods, and the last pharaohs. An Origin Story – Start here, at the very beginning, with the never-before-told origin story of Assassin’s Creed. You are Bayek, protector of Egypt, whose personal story will lead to the creation of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. Embrace Action-RPG – Experience a completely new way to fight as you loot and use a variety of weapons with different characteristics and rarities. Enjoy deep RPG progression mechanics, choose your preferred abilities, and challenge your skills against unique and powerful bosses. Each Quest is a Memorable Adventure – Pick and tackle quests at your own pace: each of them tells an intense and emotional story full of colorful characters and meaningful objectives. Explore a Full Country – From deserts to lush oases, from the Mediterranean Sea to the tombs of Giza, fight your way against dangerous factions and wild beasts as you explore this gigantic and unpredictable land. © 2017 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries. Assassin's Creed Origins: Top 5 Tips | Tips & Tricks | Ubisoft [NA] https://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA
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Text Comments (109)
Grace Reyes (7 months ago)
Enemy tunner hollins
Grace Reyes (7 months ago)
Ubisoft assassins creeds vigilants it takes place in I don’t know where it will take place main character Joshua owens
CrazyFxGamer ! (8 months ago)
Some things Ubisoft never messes up: Theme songs, games, characters, storyline, and that amazing song for Assassins Creed Syndicate!
CrazyFxGamer ! (8 months ago)
Best Assassins Creed game ever! I play this everyday!
ZombieMan (8 months ago)
I love the game 😀😀
TJM Matthews29 (8 months ago)
thanks for the game tips but now we need newer tips as we progress through the game and i would love to see a sequel to this game in the near distant future.
MICAHL Sturgill (8 months ago)
A great tip would be to fix Xbox one black flag Nassau glitch
Tanbir Ahmed (8 months ago)
I really hope they continue with byaks story or the story in the same time period . We need to kill cleoprtrah
Rin Ryu (8 months ago)
Loved it! Except I'm still waiting for Layla to get airlifted with the assassin she met in the cave XD. Kidding, I'm sure we'll see what happens in the next game #Keen
spectiv (8 months ago)
loving this new AC game. defo my favorite game at the moment. you done good with this one Ubisoft. the extra year of development was definitely worth it. cant get enough of exploring ancient Egypt . think this has got to be the best AC game tbh.
Ubisoft North America (8 months ago)
We're so glad to hear you're enjoying it, spectiv!
Filip Cliff (8 months ago)
would like to play assassin's creed unity, syndicate, origins in slow motion offers a fantastic 3d effect and an incredible visual experience
Ali Mahran (8 months ago)
i open the game every day and i have so much fun with it , it's better Game from the best. its Game of the year for me, best regards
DefianceGaming (8 months ago)
Just got the game for Christmas it's very addictive and fun to play I can't wait to level up to 40
spken (8 months ago)
good luck my dude, and theres PLENTY of stuff to do at lvl 40
leapedflounder1 (8 months ago)
Dont spend all your money on outfits like me
Jesus Rivera (8 months ago)
If you like my idea comment on my comment.
Andrei Tohatan (8 months ago)
triancirc (8 months ago)
pls ubisoft make it a trilogy and bayek as the main character, i prefered him over aya which i couldnt really understand
Francesco Cacciola (8 months ago)
Qualcuno mi aiuti, non posso cambiare la voce in italiano
Zewe (8 months ago)
If you making another assassin's creed game, it would be very nice to have it in japan
spken (8 months ago)
they did but it was that shitty side scroller standalone game that no one remembers or likes
Nikki Riv (8 months ago)
stop teasing something in the game and then not putting it in
AshesArise (8 months ago)
Immediately switch to alternate controls and thank me later.
Corban Eggberry (8 months ago)
Right I have a message to Ubisoft and I really hope they listen: Dear Ubisoft; Assassin's creed origins is the best game you have ever made in my opinion and I haven't stopped playing it since it came out that is how much I love it! But there is a problem with the packs you have been giving us, I won't list the issues I will simply suggest that you watch any video about most packs and you'll find that people aren't happy. I have a few suggestions that I would like to see in the game and I'm sure many others will: please give us packs that are realistic and work with the ancient Egypt setting, also please introduce some kind of free DLC which adds new stock to the shops around Egypt such as outfits and weapons but we the players pay for them with in game currency, please add a way that player can downgrade their craft able gear as well as upgrade it so that if someone is going for a nomad look don't have Golden bits of armour sticking out here and there and last but not least please add some assassination contracts or some kind of frequent activities for players to participate in that involves the assassins and Bayek. That is it, please take my suggestions into consideration.
Corban Eggberry (8 months ago)
Ubisoft US thanks for getting back to me! It's much appreciated! I forgot to mention that I really love the gladiator, Horus and Roman centurion packs, you guys did a great job with those ones! But I'd really LOVE to see some sort of nomad pack, something that says "I've been walking in the desert for decades" if you no what I'm saying. But all the same Assassin's creed origins is an absolutely amazing game and you guys are doing a great job!
Ubisoft North America (8 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Corban. For an Egyptian theme, you may want to take a look at the Horus Pack, for now. Also, while you're exploring Egypt, you'll see a blue icon with an exclamation point where you can help avenge other assassins!
Samuel Manning (8 months ago)
Just got this for Christmas it's very fun
Ubisoft North America (8 months ago)
Great to hear you're enjoying it!
KTCG YT (9 months ago)
pls ma ke rainbow six siecg free wekend
spken (8 months ago)
they do it every 3 months per season
Manos Apergis (9 months ago)
I did it all I need a new start I want a new game that I can have my current level and my inventory.... There is nothing left to do and I'm playing 1 week now
CronoZin (9 months ago)
Plz keep in the final fantasy stuff plzzz
CronoZin (7 months ago)
Tyler Martin no dip
Redux (9 months ago)
assasinz creed fiend (9 months ago)
Ubisoft can you please make an option that allows players to play as Aya... whenever the players wants to? And also can you please add an replay option... to replay the story... or quests.... while being able to carry over your collected gear and skills?
Voodoo-Spirit (9 months ago)
Best TIPS from players to Ubisoft: 1. Don’t release broken game. 2. Don’t plant protecting software in our game that kill performance. 3. Don’t sell us micro transection items. 4. Don’t cut content from the game that should have been in it from the start. 5. Don’t release broken games to us again.
Taras Bilanenko (9 months ago)
Give me like if you still 99% like me. Kappa
Happy Bunny (9 months ago)
Best game i ever played after far cry 3 ....... love that game nice job ubisoft
Happy Bunny (7 months ago)
Firstly we are hoping for far cry 5.... hope it will become next beast
Grace Reyes (7 months ago)
Ubisoft I’ve got a sweet idea for assassins creeds in 2020 maybe you should make assassins creeds vigilants
Happy Bunny (9 months ago)
Ubisoft US you made really great game this time you guys nailed it.... ❤❤❤❤
Ubisoft North America (9 months ago)
Thanks, Happy Bunny!
Dee Torres (9 months ago)
Took me 2 days to complete the game 100%. Nothing to do now. Back to AC IV multiplayer
Lord Gaben (4 months ago)
okay kid keep saying thay
spken (8 months ago)
Thats a lie
KillingVash (9 months ago)
Ubisoft add more bounty hunters , honestly made it fun when you were attacking a military camp and then one of the soldiers lights the brazier signaling for back up and among them the badass bounty hunter (can’t spell their name) but yea please add this so that Bayek always has a challenge
Mohammed Hijazi (9 months ago)
This video is just too late...it should've been released a week or two after the game was released!
Kersey (9 months ago)
Hold L2 to make senu hover....gee thanks ubisoft I never learned that for the two months this game has been out, maybe you can teach me how to run next or maybe how to aim a bow🙄
Darki (9 months ago)
AC on Switch CONFIRMED!?!?
Darki (7 months ago)
Tyler Martin I recently got that...😣
Yselian (9 months ago)
Do you need any tips & tricks how to OPTIMIZE your games?
MxEli41 (9 months ago)
Mayheamk (9 months ago)
Ubisoft top pro tips where they teach you how to start your xbox and plug in your controller and maybe opening your inventory in game!
Vpm t (9 months ago)
Can yall fix ghost recon servers it takes so damn long to join a game.. and its not my internet
pierce4141 (9 months ago)
What outfit is at 0:24
LILSN4ILB0Y snail (9 months ago)
Wtf age restricted why
Zewe (8 months ago)
Gary the snail the blood for some reason
zip none (9 months ago)
Gorgeous game. Some trippy stuff too, pretty unique experience
Ubisoft North America (9 months ago)
Thanks, zip none! We love to hear you're enjoying the mysteries of Egypt.
Alexei Vronsky (9 months ago)
Ezio >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All
CarryMinati hdhd (9 months ago)
Rafael poor noob
Dragonslayer 1234 (9 months ago)
Assassin's Creed Origins is the best game of the year
Ubisoft North America (9 months ago)
Thanks, Dragonslayer 1234! Great to hear you're enjoying it.
Jack D (9 months ago)
Ubisoft is probably the only company that actually listens to fans. A happy gamer is a guaranteed return customer.
Yselian (9 months ago)
Yes, best developer that aims 30 fps optimization for PC...
FLIPPER SKIIPER (9 months ago)
Cant say that for raibow six tho...They jus break it all. Its gettin better tho. I still love the ubisoft games tho
bowmansparks (9 months ago)
Did not see one trick. I think we all expected something more
bowmansparks (9 months ago)
Ubisoft US I appreciate the response. It shows you care. That's why I play these games
Ubisoft North America (9 months ago)
Hello bowmansparks, If there's something else you need help with, we'd love to help here> http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/27-Assassin-s-Creed
Lee Xiao Loong (9 months ago)
Sell instead of dismantle. You`ll need the money in the long run for upgrading. If you want resources just get them from enemies, there is always some on the map. I stood in the middle of an intersection in Alexandria and they just keep coming down the road one after another.
Lee Xiao Loong (8 months ago)
Game Player You're the first to recognize it ha
Game Player (8 months ago)
Hi Bruce Lee
Jared (9 months ago)
It's amazing finding a trade route, poisoning a body along it and just watching soldiers fall. Walk up, take resources and wait 30 seconds for the next victims to be poisoned from the new corpses.
Kersey (9 months ago)
I just bought the 300 material pack,and bought those carbon crystals, had gold gear when I was meeting Aya for first time lol
Rafael Garay (9 months ago)
Lee Xiao Loong k
iFrozenShadow (9 months ago)
"i tHoUgHt ThIs GaMe wAs dEaD" EDIT: people don't understand sarcasm...
iFrozenShadow (9 months ago)
it is called a joke
AntiGravity (9 months ago)
It came out 2 months ago why would it be dead?
FLIPPER SKIIPER (9 months ago)
Can I ask who said that
Oskar 464 (9 months ago)
???? Why
Chris-pa El chamakito (9 months ago)
Why people care about first comment? By the way this is my favorite 2017 game. Love all Assassin’s Creed games. This one is my best Assassin’s Creed experience. Good game
Ubisoft North America (9 months ago)
Thanks for your support, Chris-pa El chamakito! Glad you're enjoying your journey through Egypt.
MORT Pacewicz (9 months ago)
Chris-pa El chamakito (9 months ago)
Oskar 464 i love black flag. I still play it. Is one of the best.
Supreme Biscuit HD Ultra (9 months ago)
Oskar 464 Eh, for me, this is the new best Assassins Creed as far as gameplay goes. Black Flag IV had the best gameplay of any Assassin's Creed game before this.
Justin Burress (9 months ago)
Chris-pa El chamakito mine too the first Assassin Creed game I platinum
Gigantor 2341 (9 months ago)
Appreciate the video, but I don’t think anyone needs these anymore since the games been out so long
Kersey (9 months ago)
Right? Been 2 months and they give the worst tips ever lol
Klyde Mallorca (9 months ago)
Gigantor 2341 Well those who are getting the game for Christmas most definitely will
Dan Rashtizadeh (9 months ago)
I wonder what'll be the NEXT Assassins Creed game in 2018?? Assassin Creed in JAPAN??
Aj 247 (7 months ago)
+Zewe no that was syndicate
CrazyFxGamer ! (8 months ago)
Dan Rashtizadeh I hope Japan. Not ready for future assassins creed.
Rudra Basu (8 months ago)
They should take another year or 2 for the next game. In the mean time, support the current game and make 2 large dlc for this game. And I mean large, the size of "Blood and Wine" large.
Zewe (8 months ago)
Dan Rashtizadeh origins where the last game to come out yearly so "we" need to wait a couple of years
Dante-1321 (9 months ago)
Air Max Because it would be an extremely forced shoehorn copout
LH3 (9 months ago)
No one cares about this anymore
Zee Sh (9 months ago)
Big Smoke yes, just like no one cares about your opinion
The Origin (9 months ago)
Read the description to have a better understanding why this video was created.
Âdil K (9 months ago)
COBWEBNATION (9 months ago)
Big Smoke I do
abood hi (9 months ago)
like 7

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