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MY FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER (Far Cry 5 PS4 Walkthrough Gameplay)

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Text Comments (124)
Alfredo Hernandez (4 months ago)
10:29 lmaoooo that noise
A00A (4 months ago)
You need to add this episode to the playlist
Simon Lauvao (4 months ago)
Gonna watch through until Jacob seed and then I'll buy the game and play till the end
Xavier (4 months ago)
Nice Charlemagne tha God reference, i see you Ubisoft
Ikywim (4 months ago)
Wait till you get cheeseburger, he's so cute.
DCR 986 (4 months ago)
Wish you’d do a live stream
All Mighty Death (4 months ago)
Get the ak47 much much better
Mezzi The Methhead (4 months ago)
sad you didnt upload a farcry vid today been watching you series for the gay
Shane Clyden (4 months ago)
Far cry is such a great game double uploads big t please you can just do so much too with stashes and side missions
Fabian Valdez (4 months ago)
Blew up his chopper lmao
JoeyUK (4 months ago)
I love these videos mannnnn tooo funny!
bladesx22 G (4 months ago)
I shot her & she turned into a TURKEY 🦃... 😂😂😂
Horty15 (4 months ago)
This walkthrough is awesome. I can’t afford the game so I can’t play it, and this is the next best thing
Ťhìŕty Ønê (4 months ago)
**MUST WATCH** FAR CRY 5 STEALTH KILLS !! https://youtu.be/3A5ODFmve14 #LikeThisComment !! #ShareThinkLink !!
Kevin Karlsen (4 months ago)
Its been 23 hours without a video man :(
Roman Z (4 months ago)
What Scuf does everybody have for ps4 impact or infinity? And why one over the other?
StonerSimpson (4 months ago)
Morphy Ox (4 months ago)
Love, love, love now gimme that video no2
The Doge Plays (4 months ago)
Thanks man for the vids keep them coming
Jared Brunner (4 months ago)
Yooo need that
Nathan Blankenship (4 months ago)
The one guy who disliked this is a bitch
Anton Lauritsen (4 months ago)
Yeah theres only 1 dislike and 1.100 likes. BigT=the GOAT
Brandon Gardenhire (4 months ago)
Big T if you love coffee like I do man you gotta try Dark Matter Giant Steps. They’re based out of Chicago at The Mothership, Star Lounge, and Osmium. Shits fire fam.
Renphalos (4 months ago)
I'm still debating whether I purchase the game or not. Reviews for it weren't great, but a sandbox shooting game sound fun. Maybe not for $60 though.
Bradly (4 months ago)
Play some dead space lol, all of them
OSMNation (4 months ago)
My boy BigT Stays grinding! Good shit Will!
Christopher Porter (4 months ago)
Watching you beat people down with the shovel kills me.😂💀💀
allanpauljames (4 months ago)
Buy a new assault rifle AK-M
Christopher Porter (4 months ago)
Only watching BigT but I still love the content.
iiDeepZii (4 months ago)
My man
Aztec 1 (4 months ago)
Ending is classic Big T
Berleezy's Pause Face (4 months ago)
I almost missed this in my sub box because the thumbnail was so different
Jamin Abbey (4 months ago)
It's much easier to shoot that assault rifle if you switch it to single fire
Alex (4 months ago)
i really love this game..i will def buy it when its a bit cheaper..love watching u play it bro keep it up
Kevin Dornieden (4 months ago)
your welcome for that shovel tweet i send you :D was super funny :)
B-Mac (4 months ago)
I fuckin love this game too
Charl E (4 months ago)
15:50 hahahahahhahahaahah
WURTH (4 months ago)
Big T, you gotta take Sharky to the Hurk missions. The two of them together have the best background conversations about Hurk’s past
LilDill (4 months ago)
Dan died rip
BeetsbyDwight (4 months ago)
0 dislikes thats what i like to see, but .308 hunting rifle with a suppressor is the way to liberate outposts
Dutch Guy (4 months ago)
You need to check out the creepiest location in the game man. Its a prepper stash in this fcked up cave with high rewards, im telling ya man. Won't spoil it for you but I can tell you its a messed up place. To the right of the jail, there is this main road running vertically. There is a side road to that road a little more south than the jail. Follow that road onto a red bridge and to the right after crossing that is the cave.
Ryan Taylor (4 months ago)
Love the series
Foldemjimbo91 (4 months ago)
Only watching Love u Big T No Homo bro💯😂
Rui Lopes (4 months ago)
I’m watching it and enjoying the storyline !
Rui Lopes (4 months ago)
Favorite character as well, Big T
Jordan Phillips (4 months ago)
Dude I love this content so so much man I hope you finish this series out def one of my favorites
Austin Moore (4 months ago)
I died when you whipped out the binoculars to look at marshal 😂😂😂
Brock Malcom (4 months ago)
“Have you every thought what you’ve done in your life?” “Play video game, eat food and shit...”. Lmao big t
No Life Gramps (4 months ago)
Best outtro yet 😂
Lance Clothey (4 months ago)
Loving this series
pewdiepie marzia (4 months ago)
Animal lover wouldn't like the ending i guess 😂😂
TowMaters (4 months ago)
Loving the Videos man... BigT,,, you are the best!
MinePlodingZ Gamez (4 months ago)
10:32 wtf Bigt Is that noise
NobleTX (4 months ago)
James Barnes (4 months ago)
hour long vids would be dope
Mike Yanik (4 months ago)
You can have two guns for hire with you
the DZ guy (4 months ago)
"I mean but we all got like bills and shit" lmao I am dead trippy shit 😂😂😂
Kyle Ralph (4 months ago)
It's super awesome love the videos
Logan Simmerman (4 months ago)
Just watching you BigT
Eric Baumgardner (4 months ago)
Yo BigT I’m pretty positive L1 changes the AR fire mode from full auto, to burst, to semi. Should help with the recoil. (👍🏾 so he’ll see this please)
Pearl Trident (4 months ago)
I'm about where you are in the game
wheelz674 (4 months ago)
bro i love far cry if you made this a weekly series and kept it for awhile or something it would be kiiiindddaa dope
ourdying world (4 months ago)
The speech at the beginning got me fucked up
spacer141 (4 months ago)
Anyone know how old Faith Seed is?? Asking for a friend...
Eric Baumgardner (4 months ago)
You can carry an AR now too with your shorty n snipe. NOICEEEE
elias castro (4 months ago)
please keep playing
liberation pocket (4 months ago)
RIP Dan🙏
Brittain21 (4 months ago)
BigT you can shoot the alarms to disable them
x209xIBEAST (4 months ago)
you could get the whitetail ak-m
Jack Munro-Cox (4 months ago)
Damn this was the funniest episode i seen yet lmaooooo
Judy Osegueda (4 months ago)
WHYYY won't u go get Peaches the Cougar??
MarcHorro (4 months ago)
You were supposed to press square to take him down, it came up on your screen just before Faith said “leave him alone”
MarcHorro (4 months ago)
Alex MacDonald the fuck is wrong with you? Dumb kid
Alex MacDonald (4 months ago)
Shut up
Ramiracles (4 months ago)
Hey guys i just put up my first video! Go check it out and let me know what you think. Maybe even subscribe? Thanks!
Cyrus Talamantes (4 months ago)
fuckk the Like button up!!!!
PhillxRKOx99 (4 months ago)
I’m watching for your commentary
Micah Pye (4 months ago)
I love you big T!!!
Cyrus Talamantes (4 months ago)
yesss. I talked my shit too early💀. BigT came through wit some far Cry!!!
Sergio Rodriguez (4 months ago)
v singh (4 months ago)
Playing this game alongside
KING Jay (4 months ago)
Play more h1z1
Domino (4 months ago)
I'm playing along side. You're a little ahead of me because of school and work but I'm still watching every video! I like it. I am doing a lot of hunting.
Ben_Jam_In (4 months ago)
BigT, you are my bliss!!! I’m not playing Far Cry 5, just watching you. I think I’m enjoying this series because of your commentary. I really wish you would record everything, cause I’m loving this series and please do 2 uploads a day, or even more.
Cobey Like Bryant (4 months ago)
1. Funniest dude on YouTube. 2. Faith could get this pipe, no lie lol
Mason Cuellar (4 months ago)
double upload of far cry please
urban_inspiration s (4 months ago)
yo BIGGEST T any thoughts on playing welcome to the game 2???
Eastan Eckert (4 months ago)
we need a movie recommendation vid big t
jonathan42064 (4 months ago)
You need to get the Ak with a silencer and red dot. That shit has no recoil.
Alex MacDonald (4 months ago)
This is the best series you've had in awhile BigT! Love the campaign playthroughs
Ben_Jam_In (4 months ago)
Anyone else a little turned on at the beginning of the video and thought “Faith, you can take me anywhere.”
HazZYedits (4 months ago)
That ending had me dying
Rz 2jz (4 months ago)
HazZYedits 😂😂 same
Ryan Gillespie (4 months ago)
loving the game only got the father to beat and loads of side missions to do that's it ..
BlckMax06 (4 months ago)
working on 100% ing right now
Pedro#2 (4 months ago)
Faith Seed lowkey fine 👀
Christopher Porter (4 months ago)
If I could have a threesome with Pedro#2 and Faith, shit.
Former (4 months ago)
I'd give her my seed.
william mcintosh (4 months ago)
Pedro#2 you know it
Omar Rubio (4 months ago)
Jesus Christ
Alex (4 months ago)
We need double far cry everyday!
Ethan W (4 months ago)
My new all time fav series of BigT’s!!!
Charlie C. (4 months ago)
Had a choice of going to the bar and partying with friends or staying in and watch this video.... well y’all know I can’t pass up on Big T
Charlene Raymond (4 months ago)
Dude, its my birthday and I'm having the time of my life just bingeing his Far Cry videos 😅 #sad
Charlie C. (4 months ago)
Scumbag yeaaa, but there’s also H1Z1, MLB & Fortnite to watch so I’ll be chillin
Scumbag (4 months ago)
Charlie C. It’s a 25 minute video fam
Oakey Banks (4 months ago)
This is me actively fucking up the like button baebae
GAMING WITH MATT (4 months ago)
More please
GAMING WITH MATT (4 months ago)
Love you big T
ausSnooki87 (4 months ago)
omg fortnight,h1 and far cry,what a beautiful weekend it is <3 #wakeupbitch
AILEXzGB (4 months ago)
This game is awesome
lilb1432 (4 months ago)
Legit just checked for another farcry video 15 mins ago and was disappointed but my man came through!!!!

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