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Top 10 Best PAID Games Android & iOS NEW 2018

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Top 10 paid games for android/ios 2017 is: gta san andreas mobile,nfs most wanted,nba 2k17,infinite flight,real drift car racing,football manager 2017,assasins creed indentity,reporter,hitman sniper,limbo. top 10 best paid games for android and ios. why pay? because this game has the best graphics, high graphics, no defects, good resolution, bug fix, and the important propeller is WITHOUT ADS. Please buy the one you like. by buying means you have appreciated the work of the developer, appreciated the hard work of the developer, and supported the developer to create the best game! 1. Gta San Andreas Mobile Playstore: http://viwright.com/6o17 Appstore: http://viwright.com/6o5U 2. Need For Speed Most Wanted Playstore: http://viwright.com/6o7M Appstore: http://viwright.com/6o8u 3. NBA 2K17 Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oA4 Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oB7 4. Infinite Flight Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oC3 Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oDB 5. Real Drift Car Racing Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oEJ Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oFt 6. Football Manager 2017 Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oHV Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oIT 7. Assasins Creed Indentity Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oJ5 Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oK5 8. Reporter Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oKp Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oLg 9. Hitman Snipper Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oPo Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oSd 10. Limbo Playstore: http://viwright.com/6oUC Appstore: http://viwright.com/6oV4 **** Music by: 1. Warriyo - Mortal(feat Laura Brehm) [NCS Release] 2. DEAF KEV - Invincible [NCS Release] 3. Disfigure - Blank Meet us: Facebook: http://bit.ly/2h94hE2 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2h7bNiy Twitter: http://bit.ly/2h7C9RE Google+: http://bit.ly/2h8AZp1 subscribe now for the latest and awesome videos other: http://bit.ly/2h8c3xJ Support: cipone4@gmail.com ****DO NOT FORGER! LIKES,SHARE,COMMENTS,AND SUBSCRIBE*** HELP US TO 1000 SUBSCRIBERS
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Text Comments (231)
jatt jugadi (1 day ago)
first music name please
teachnical BabU (8 days ago)
Paid Hy
Awadh Sao (8 days ago)
What's this song
what is life (14 days ago)
Says 2018 but video was made in 2017
Paras Puri (20 days ago)
All games are play in 1. GB RAM??
Hkm Saharan (23 days ago)
Imma buy all 10!! ❤️
Agcraft Games (26 days ago)
KUSTOP PLZ (29 days ago)
Luckily i have an app that can let me install any paid app i want the app is in japan words and i dont know how to type it out for yall Edit: i been playing assasin creed since in 6 yr and now im 12 im still enjoying the game
White_shadow _8790 (1 month ago)
I bought gta sa in 2017... Edit:forgot to say,i love gta sa
Gta sa u can download in chrome google
Kumar Sanjay (1 month ago)
Is assasin creed idenity contains freeroam
gangstergaming 23 (1 month ago)
Guys want free gamez go to my channel
Erik Vara (1 month ago)
I have most of these games by this vid I need new games
THE Acke (1 month ago)
Hitman sniper is free this week! [1:34] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squareenixmontreal.hitmansniperandroid
Abdul Rehman (1 month ago)
Using mod on gta sa
Bijayalaxmi Panda (1 month ago)
How many of u have completed LIMBO on pc
Nitin Rock (1 month ago)
where is amazing spiderman 2
ItzStar Fun (1 month ago)
Who playz Roblox Like👍👍👍
Lightning boy887 (1 month ago)
AndroidApps Apk (1 month ago)
memory improvement games best brain games must install now everyone just try one time and get better results its free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sixtysea.memory
GameMaster (1 month ago)
Download appeven.com
pollutXD RB (1 month ago)
Dude nba 2k18
Fiza Pari (2 months ago)
Gta 1 top paid best gane ever!!!👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌✌✌✌✌
Dayang Pauziah (2 months ago)
Who came here for GTA V
TheDarkWolf 1267 (12 days ago)
Dayang Pauziah a bunch of stupid idiotic 5 year olds
TheDarkWolf 1267 (13 days ago)
Who ever came for the thumbnail is an idiot
ali Alyafei (2 days ago)
XyToLean shit* :)
Amphyxion YT (9 days ago)
TheDarkWolf 1267 Lmao
TheDarkWolf 1267 (12 days ago)
That one view was me
TheDarkWolf 1267 (12 days ago)
XyToLean also one of your videos got 14 views and the others got only 1 view
M Ohara (2 months ago)
hitman sniper is free
CJ Cachila (2 months ago)
Wtf! What a waste of time! You said nee game of 2018, bro those games are like super old
Ermac Payne (2 months ago)
Anyone watching this because you want to apk it?
Awadh Sao (8 days ago)
No I got ₹140 free on playstore, wanna use limited period
Charle VanZyl (8 days ago)
hacked by mus (12 days ago)
Ferdibobo 10 (19 days ago)
XxwolfylolzXx rocha (19 days ago)
Caught red handed😂
Sniper blood Jb parica (2 months ago)
The gta san andreas to boooooooooooring i love gta 5 or gta6 bro
Sniper blood Jb parica (13 days ago)
GunHawk (14 days ago)
Sniper blood Jb parica bruh GTA san andreas is far better than GTA V okay tell me whats more better other than the graphics of GTA V
Sniper blood Jb parica (1 month ago)
ia 10 now lol
Francis Tan (1 month ago)
you're probably 8 years old to say that GTA San Andreas is boring.
Sniper blood Jb parica (2 months ago)
My best games are the (pixel gun) (block city wars)
Israt Jahan Eva (2 months ago)
Dwonload paid app in free https://youtu.be/f2g1rtzltZ4
Oscar Soto (2 months ago)
HITMAN is FREE tf... free I tell ya.
gaming with treck (2 months ago)
Khaled Lost (2 months ago)
Gta iv coming soon
Iberian Mapper (2 months ago)
Pretty bad..
Random Minecraft Player (2 months ago)
gta San Andreas mobile Fking Lags so much on my phone that's why I deleted it
Apps Mama (2 months ago)
Random Minecraft Player just deleted data in explor
Jhon Williams (2 months ago)
Jhon Williams (2 months ago)
That Guy (2 months ago)
6:14 don’t get that game get real racing it’s better
waiter wai (2 months ago)
Rajesh Sarn (2 months ago)
assassin Creed is best
Nicke Picke (2 months ago)
Free dubstep music *check* 10min vid *check* Trailers no gameplay *check* Dumb scene where it shows 10 9 8... *check* Thumbnail with high quality not even close to a iphone game *check* Killing my self after this *check*
Merrick Race (2 months ago)
You dont put your own music over the trailer music
BALOR CLUB (2 months ago)
Real drift car racing
BALOR CLUB (2 months ago)
famous tech affan (2 months ago)
Phone number please I'm affan
Android Gamer (2 months ago)
The 1st game made me laugh
Miniayaad (2 months ago)
WTF man !! Where is youtubers life and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 😕😕😕 Real drift + infinity flight + NBA 2K17 + Limbo are BOOOORING F**K
ZzeusS ' (3 months ago)
Played all of them they're pieces of shit
Cameron Sultanov (3 months ago)
Infinte Flight SUCKS!!!
Cameron Sultanov (3 months ago)
Chanda Pudasaini (3 months ago)
Need for Speed most wanted is on the computer
Couch Gamer (3 months ago)
Boring!! Gaming WizardIOS he has better games he’s got max Payne that looks 🔥 and devil may cry 4 and bully!!!! I didn’t even know they were on ios
Renz Bobo! (3 months ago)
Limbo suckkkks!
Louie Evans (2 months ago)
You suck
3_Stxr (2 months ago)
Know what a storyline is?
roan maye (2 months ago)
No it doesn't
Pompeii Encomienda (2 months ago)
I’m DE4TH yeah limbo sucks
Minecraft Denis (3 months ago)
I hope there’s minecraft
comedy House (3 months ago)
Download on aptoide
ItzStar Fun (1 month ago)
Yes broo
Michael Gio Aquino (3 months ago)
Is the Assassin's Creed Identity online or offline?
BALOR CLUB (2 months ago)
Raven X online
Andrew Bedassie (3 months ago)
Hitman sniper is now free
Asik Seru Tv (3 months ago)
Yg mampir Karena give away siapa hayohh😂
Apps Mama (3 months ago)
Asik Seru Tv ketauaan njir
Jowo Tekno (3 months ago)
Uros Matijasevic (3 months ago)
2:41 that game was on sale ! Im be lucky and i got that game for FREEE!
Joe Char (1 month ago)
Apps Mama (3 months ago)
Uros Matijasevic gret ?
Jay 1245 (3 months ago)
Wariyo Mortals Best Music 😍
Jay 1245 (3 months ago)
Best Music I Love It!
Akansha Pandey (3 months ago)
hitman sniper booooooooring
Dimigaming (1 month ago)
+Joe Char me too
Joe Char (1 month ago)
Because I got it for free
Joe Char (1 month ago)
It's fun don't hate
MichaelX Kenshin (1 month ago)
AlexStep (3 months ago)
Who cares about all these stupid gun games n stuff. Games just aren’t good anymore. I want something like Terraria
The Derp cookie (3 months ago)
I can buy anygame i want cuz i have app even i can use that for me to buy all game for free and i will show you how to download it but you need to wait cuz when you see this comment and just try to use it just when see this
Marcel van Dongen (3 months ago)
"NEW 2018!" meanwhile, this video was made in November 2017 and most of the mentioned games are YEARS old.
Niverta (3 months ago)
Marcel van Dongen ikr
Adam Boriboun (3 months ago)
Dropzy (3 months ago)
First song?
Dropzy (3 months ago)
Rishabh Bajpai Which kne
Rishabh Bajpai (3 months ago)
Dropzy whick song is this
Dropzy (3 months ago)
Justin ___ (1 month ago)
Ncs mortals
JC Not (3 months ago)
Dropzy Dyrude - Jailstorm
Rosidah Shidah (4 months ago)
You forgot minecraft and roblox
GunHawk (14 days ago)
TheDarkWolf 1267 (2 months ago)
Screw minecraft and roblox
3_Stxr (2 months ago)
So much wind and r/wooshes going over ppls head
CD-GO Gameing (3 months ago)
Minecraft used to be good but roblox... oh god what is that
Andrew Bedassie (3 months ago)
Bro roblox is free
Rosidah Shidah (4 months ago)
You can just download them from m.apkhere.com
Elite pro 15 (4 months ago)
Nba2k18 is Console graphics
Ryan Jang (1 month ago)
Dimigaming Could you speak like a fucking human being? Learn English, twat. You couldn’t even hold up a proper debate, with a well-constructed argument. My god, you’re an idiot. If all you play are MOBAs and FPS. Go ahead and hop on the PC. But, if you prefer story-driven games, the PS4 is for you. You’re on PC, eh? Well, have fun waiting 2 years for Red Dead Redemption II.
Dimigaming (1 month ago)
+Ryan Jang Nope, MOBAs best cause LOL best CSGO Good game Everything good Plus don't forget,if we talk about pays,all the great games need MONEY Also consoles need subscriptions for online mode,PC is free multiplayer and online Also these games aren't much pay to win,mostly Hearthstone
Ryan Jang (2 months ago)
Luka Bullshit argument. •Playstation and PC has roughly the same pool of games. •Playstation EXCLUSIVES include... -The Last Of Us -Death Stranding -Days Gone -Detroit: Become Human -God of War -Spiderman -Horizon: Zero Dawn -And many, many more. •PC Exclusives include... -CS:GO (Shit, Repetitive Game) -MOBAs (Shit, Repetitive Games) -Hearthstone (Shit, Repetitive, Pay-To-Win Game) -Star Citizen (Flopped, Pay-To-Win) Also, I own a PC. But, most of my friends are on Playstation. So, have fun with your frames; friendless, lonely fuck. Lol.
Ryan Jang (2 months ago)
サイルスミコ Yeah, take them anywhere. Bullshit argument. I’m pretty sure the content and quality of the game is more important than it’s fucking portability. I’m glued to a couch, and I’m limited to playing it in one spot. But, I have access to a whole universe of games. I’m playing Mafia 3, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto V, Rainbow Six Siege, Fallout 4, Sims 4, Fortnite, The Witcher 3, Payday 2, The Last Of Us and God of War. You’re allowed to “take them everywhere” but what are you playing? Pay-To-Win cash-grabs and rip-offs with horrible touch controls, graphics and frame-rates. GTFO.
Luka (2 months ago)
Ryan Jang Nope. Ps4 games are ps4 games I own a PC. Ps4 games are trash. and will never match up with PC games Im having fun with havin way over 60 fps in game.
JenongTub TV (4 months ago)
niche video
Dunia Lain (4 months ago)
I like gane
ZephPlayz (4 months ago)
Download here www.aptoide.com paid game be a free games
Apps Mama (4 months ago)
thng ur info . pleace sub my chanel my bro
Amine Mkz (4 months ago)
song name 7:30
Radni Team (1 month ago)
sapnu puas
Roee Ziv (3 months ago)
Josh_The_Plug (3 months ago)
NCS - Spectre
Dreamy Vibes (4 months ago)
Marshmallow- gay love
Quennie lyn C. Monsalud (4 months ago)
download it on tutuapp.vip
AriZSaM (14 days ago)
SpeC Clan stfu nigga bitch just cause you play cracked games doesn’t mean we’re 10 year olds we want to have fun stop being a stuck up white soccer mom I want to speak to the manager ass up before you get you’re ass beat bruh
Pompeii Encomienda (2 months ago)
Quennie lyn C. Monsalud thanks for telling it
INK DROP RIPPLES (2 months ago)
+Hafeez Rehman some of us already have it but my mom ave my Xbox that she didn't buy to her boyfriend and it had gta v so now I can't play it anymore
Blindboss87 (3 months ago)
Quennie lyn C. Monsalud I’ve been doing that since the iPhone 7 came out lol
TheGaming Mango (3 months ago)
Quennie lyn C. Monsalud it’s a virus
Joseph Bailey (4 months ago)
Gta would be number 1 if newer devices can handle it without closing out the game.
Rainbow (3 months ago)
GayAppleGate the gayrr (4 months ago)
Clickbait too much?
Ahmad's Basics (4 months ago)
want one just download it from tutuapp.vip
Richard Williams (4 months ago)
cool (4 months ago)
You put this gay video AGAIN
Earn Money (5 months ago)
The first look of a video you had not mentioned the game name?
babar baloch (4 months ago)
Earn Money gta 5
Earn Money (5 months ago)
Reporter so interesting
Earn Money (5 months ago)
Hitman GTA and NFS best
SOME BODY (5 months ago)
gta san andreas number 1? isn't 2018 in the title?
FEXZI (23 days ago)
Nick Venkuri try Gangstar Vegas or New Orleans
Mehdi Bakkaki (24 days ago)
Urvashi Shaikh (24 days ago)
TrexPlayz (1 month ago)
Lmao no it was posted along time ago...
Hayden 437 (3 months ago)
Jake Marconi no it didn’t u such tard
Lokesh Lucky (5 months ago)
Ac identity isn't working!!
Patrick Star (5 months ago)
These are ads you just put them together
AK gaming world (5 months ago)
nice video
Apps Mama (4 months ago)
AK gaming world thngs
SINAN Rockzz (5 months ago)
Wheres that gta 5 you shit 😠😠😠😠
Ali Assaf (4 months ago)
Ali Assaf (4 months ago)
gta 5 is not on mobile you a$$ hole
Ali Assaf (4 months ago)
gta 5 is not on mobile you ShIt
Ali Assaf (4 months ago)
gta 5 is not on mobile you shiť
Edge PH (6 months ago)
J Paranthaman (6 months ago)
bad fuck boy
Sundar NPL (8 months ago)
Sundar NPL (8 months ago)
jason Ahmad (11 months ago)

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