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Pump It - The Black Eyed Peas HQ (HD)

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I do not own any of the material. All rights go to the Black Eyed Peas© Emi April Music Inc.; Jeepney Music Publishing; Headphone Junkie Publishing Llc; Will.i.am. Music Inc.; Emi Grove Park Music Inc; Cherry River Music Company and writers Songwriters: Ferguson, Stacy Ann; Roubanis, Nicholas; Adams, William; Pineda, Allen; Van Musser, Thomas
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juliano vato (2 days ago)
juliano vato (2 days ago)
juliano vato (2 days ago)
juliano vato (2 days ago)
Gott Nein
#Martín X (2 days ago)
Pulp Fiction
Real autism real life (3 days ago)
*turns on song before fight* *another guy* "PUMP IT!!"
Tj Stafford (4 days ago)
This riff is barrowed from dick dale.
Xing Alx (5 days ago)
2022 anyone else
*sweet guitar riff* HO HE HAAAAA
Bean Senpai (8 days ago)
Ah Memories
Tinaxo (10 days ago)
quentin tarantino- kill bill
Kawaii-Bird (10 days ago)
Ah yes, I too like Dick Dales miserlou rift. The man is very inspiring.
The original song is Greek (1927):https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bsUYqF32EdU
Jayarishi Shankar (14 days ago)
2018 gang
Pump it 2006 ❤🤘🤘
Symbiote One (15 days ago)
Kudiow RT (15 days ago)
T pazaz olle :/ (18 days ago)
La infancia
Hezox (19 days ago)
2:42 best part haha
Courtney Williams (21 days ago)
Pump It
Nathan Vergara (26 days ago)
blah blah (28 days ago)
Pulp Fiction
gamer 881 (1 month ago)
OUMOSSA OUSSAMA (1 month ago)
ElementEvil (1 month ago)
This song is from Pulp Fiction.
Henrietta Lore (1 month ago)
I will ALWAYS bump this song
Ave Louise Aloba (1 month ago)
I remember Garfield
suP (1 month ago)
Not HQ...
Anthony Wallace (1 month ago)
So now it available in N.Y.C. Disco city rih#+? St$:(#! Hey man that shirt cost me 50$..??!! Ow?!
iheartpurple (1 month ago)
Saucy Wiz (1 month ago)
2018 anyone?
Alina K (1 month ago)
a ha ha Pump it Ha ha ha And pump it (louder) And pump it (louder) And pump it (louder) And pump it (louder) Turn up the radio Blast your stereo Right Niggas wanna hate on us (who) Niggas can be eenvious us (who) And I know why they hatin' on us (why) 'Cause that's so fabulous (what) I'm a be real on us (c'mon) Nobody got nuttin' on us (no) Girls be all on us, from London back down to the US (s, s) We rockin' it (contagious) Monkey Business (outrageous) Just confess your girl admits that we the shit F-R-E-S-H (fresh) D-E-F, that's right we def (rock) We definite B-E-P, we rappin' it So, turn it up (turn it up) So, turn it up (turn it up) So, turn it up (turn it up) C'mon baby, just Pump it (louder) Pump it (louder) Pump it (louder) Pump it (louder) Pump it (louder) Pump…
przemek jagielski (1 month ago)
Jam and stuff (1 month ago)
Yall this sounds like Pulp Fiction lmao
自由気儘 (1 month ago)
\\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////
kawaii cakes (1 month ago)
Does anyone remember this song from the movie flushed away? No? Just me... T-T
Crimson Devil (15 days ago)
I thought I was the only one.
kawaii cakes (18 days ago)
Lorenzo Argiolas ?
Lorenzo Argiolas (18 days ago)
kawaii cakes caratteristiche tecniche e le strategie di mercato di riferimento
kawaii cakes (1 month ago)
Ryuga 2015 yea same
Ryuga 2015 (1 month ago)
I remember it from the extra with the slugs from the movie.
Anthony Wallace (1 month ago)
Collide with a perfect wave strait off one of those mouth wa!#): iiaa! Oucccchh! What?
loveness sad (1 month ago)
Pulp Fiction....
loveness sad (28 days ago)
I know bae
Spack Entertainment (1 month ago)
loveness sad No. Pulp Fiction used Misirlou by Dick Dale from 1963
KUY DEAN . (1 month ago)
[Intro: The Black Eyed Peas] Ha, ha, haaaaa Pump it Ha, ha, haaaaa And pump it (louder) Pump it (louder) Pump it (louder) Pump it (louder) Turn up the radio Blast your stereo, right Ha, ha, ha [Verse 1: will.i.am] Niggas wanna hate on us (who) Niggas be envious (who) I know why they hate on us (why) 'Cause that so fabulous (what) I'm gonna be real on us (come on) Nobody got nothing on us (no) Girls be all on us from London back down to the US S-S, we rockin' it (contagious) Monkey business (outrageous) Just confess it your girl admits that we the shit F-R-E-S-H, we fresh D-E-F, that's right we def (rock) We definite B-E-P we reppin' it so Turn me up (turn it up) Turn me up (turn it up) Turn me up Come on baby just [Hook: The Black Eyed Peas] Pump it (louder) (6x) And say (oh, oh, oh) Say (oh, oh, oh) Yo, yo Turn up the radio Blast your stereo, right now (ha) This joint is fizzlin' It's sizzlin' right [Verse 2: will.i.am & Taboo] Can you check this out right here? Dude wanna hate on us (dude) Dude need to ease on up (dude) Dude wanna act on up But dude get shut like flavor (shut 'em down) Chicks say she ain't down But chick back stage when we in town (ha) She like man on drunk (fool) She wanna hit and run (errr) Yeah, that's the speed That's what we do, that's who we be B-L-A-C-K E-Y-E-D P to the E Then the A to the S When we play you shake your ass (Shake it, shake it) Shake it girl Make sure you don't break it girl ('Cause we gonna) Turn it up (turn it up) Turn it up (turn it up) Turn it up Come on baby just [Hook: The Black Eyed Peas] Pump it (louder) (6x) And say (oh, oh, oh) Say (oh, oh, oh) Yo, yo Turn up the radio Blast your stereo, right now (ha) This joint is fizzlin' It's sizzlin' right [Bridge: will.i.am (Fergie)] Damn (damn) (5x) [Verse 3: apl.de.ap] Apl.de.ap from Philippines live and direct rockin' the scene Breakin' on down for the B-Boys and B-Girls waitin' to do their thing Pump it, louder come on Don't stop, and keep it goin' Do it, let's get it on Move it Come on, baby do it Ha [Verse 4: Fergie] La-da-dee-da-da-dee-da On the steree-aree-aree-aree-o (ha) Let those speakers blow your mind (Blow my mind, baby) Just let it go, let it go Here we go (Ha) La-da-dee-da-da-dee-da (come on, we here) On the radi-aree-aree-aree-o (ha) The system's gonna feel so fine (ha) Yeah, yeah, yeah (ha), yeah, yeah [Hook: The Black Eyed Peas] Pump it (louder) (6x) And say (oh, oh, oh) Say (oh, oh, oh) Yo, yo Turn up the radio Blast your stereo, right now (ha) This joint is fizzlin' It's sizzlin' right
Ulker Akkurt (1 month ago)
Gormedimmmmmm face ekibiiiii su an okudugunuz gibi youtubedeyimmmmm ben yilmazzzzz cunkuuuu solummmmm
dimitra vogiatzi (1 month ago)
The music is Greek and called Μισιρλού (misirlou)
Yeah!!! This is the original: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bsUYqF32EdU
spank me santa (16 days ago)
Seriously this was sampled ? My whole life was a lie
Henrietta Lore (1 month ago)
dimitra vogiatzi thank you!
Jason Falla (1 month ago)
Arizona 1992 (1 month ago)
2018 and still PUMP IT !!!!
Isis Cardoso (1 month ago)
Daiany pregando Paiva (14 days ago)
Isis Cardoso 🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔉📻📻📻📻📻🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎶🎶🎧🎧🎧🎧📣📣📢
funtime foxy (1 month ago)
Pump it 2018
funtime foxy (1 month ago)
And 2019
Irene Ramos-Martinez (1 month ago)
sab truchet (2 months ago)
i can't help but imagine Jimin twerking to this song
Kyndra Lewis (23 hours ago)
Oh my god
sab truchet (13 days ago)
hahaha sowwy
inas jad (13 days ago)
Giiiiirl i will never listen to this song the same way again😂😂
ᅲᅲ미미 (19 days ago)
Omg army is everywhere!!!!!
Cori Colvin (1 month ago)
Fuzzy Shark (2 months ago)
Never going to die. This song is too legendary to ever be forgotten
Ken Tucky (1 month ago)
Fuzzy Shark sadly the way things are going with music when the next few upcoming generations are at their peak music like this will die due to there inebility to understand art
Foxy 77 (2 months ago)
They sampled this from dick dales misirlou
Gabi Brasil (2 months ago)
Cassie Linkins (2 months ago)
I’ve never hated a song more than this one
Jessica Knepper (10 days ago)
Girl, retract the claws! I didn't say a damn mean thing & I didn't think about the auto play.
Cassie Linkins (10 days ago)
Jessica Knepper yeah because I took the time to look up the song. Did you ever think about when a song finishes playing and the next song comes on or did that not go into your dull brain?
Jessica Knepper (10 days ago)
You hate it so bad that you had to find it on Youtube & tell the people who want to listen to it that you don't like it? No disrespect I just don't understand why you would waste your time looking up a song you don't like.
Cassie Linkins (2 months ago)
Blake I honestly don’t even know, I just never liked it
Blake (2 months ago)
Cassie Linkins Why?
Syairul Bilad (2 months ago)
2018 pump it
Isaac Corey (2 months ago)
Pulp fiction
joi.mp4 (2 months ago)
I didn't know this was by the Black eyed peas wtf
ur dream man (2 months ago)
joi.mp4 Same,...same😂
Daniel Angelo Nabuya (3 months ago)
2018 pump it!
KΔZΔN † (17 days ago)
Hell yeah! >:D
Heavyn Graham (1 month ago)
Daniel Angelo Nabuya louder
Seren Jones (1 month ago)
Louder! 🤣
Windbladethecaptain (2 months ago)
Janusz Bolbotowski (3 months ago)
Space Jam
Heavyn Graham (2 months ago)
Janusz Bolbotowski um what
мой канал (4 months ago)
😉 классно. даже отличино
Javier Bellido (2 months ago)
Робэрт Шабаэф que miércoles dices oe no entiendo ps loco de miércoles
hans martinez (5 months ago)
Escuchándola 2018 XD
Brazilian Empire Ball (5 months ago)
Oooo yeah man, i'm inspired now.
The Firefighter (10 months ago)
I drive l fire truck areal ladder with this beat ouff  Keep off
the background song of this music is actually from, Misirlou - Dick Dale. go ahead and search.
AN1KETOS (2 months ago)
Alexandria Mj (1 year ago)
it's still fresh in 2017! I wish they were still making music
Kyndra Lewis (23 hours ago)
Hi army :P
ᅲᅲ미미 (19 days ago)
IDGAFXD (29 days ago)
They no make musiko ono? NEIN!!!
martita marta (1 month ago)
Alexandria Mj it's
good for car shows
Addison Leoni (1 year ago)
they played that song on Garfield the tall of Two kitties
Ayrton Leguina (12 days ago)
Heavyn Graham (1 month ago)
Heavyn Graham (1 month ago)
Addison Leoni ok?
Busterowen (1 year ago)
It's weird, in Garfield (Original Movie) they played on the TV "The Black Eyed Peas" Hey Mama! Then in Garfield 2 they played "The Black Eyed Peas" Pump It! So.. Garfield and Odie must like The BEP ever so much!
PupuKaka69 (1 year ago)
Fuck this song is still good...gonna be lit for a party tonight, peace <3
A Savage Fish (1 year ago)

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