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Support Manny Man History Videos on Patreon... in 2 Minutes

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Help support the creation of new history videos on Patreon! Any donation is hugely welcome! Thank you for the support! https://www.patreon.com/JohnDRuddy Please share this video and increase the support! Like John D Ruddy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnDRuddy Follow John D Ruddy on Twitter: http://twitter.com/johndruddy Subscribe on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/JohnDRuddy Enjoy! Please share!
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Text Comments (106)
The S.A. Times (5 months ago)
I don't have enough money 😭
Totally not Mobby. (7 months ago)
More like 2.05 Minutes..
ErikHSV88 (1 year ago)
I would love to help you out, your Ireland video is really helping me, but sadly, as a student aged under 18, there isnt really much I could do in terms of money:( Even if I wanted to spend my (little) pocket money onto this, I could not as I do not have access to online payment methods.
ExeIsNotResponding (1 year ago)
Btw recommended the channel to my teacher. thx so much i know nearly everything about history i actually bragged about history when my friend thought that italy switched sides in WWII when i knew (because of u) that it surrended and the allies and axis took control of italy and much more so thx alot
Elise Maes (1 year ago)
Peeps, guest I please this work mightiry cooperate =‑3
100% Mario guy (2 years ago)
do the war of 1812 and the Japan theater of WWII
Alan vorasarn (2 years ago)
things about world war 1
99 problems (2 years ago)
Can you show us how you draw? it's pretty interesting
Dylanzpickle - (2 years ago)
Ya, helps me a lot with homework. Thanks!
Veronica toothpaste (2 years ago)
would pledge if I could love your videos since they're animated historical and I just love your art style with the big eyes
Jake Super (2 years ago)
I want to pledge I really like ur videos
CamelyKonas (2 years ago)
When you "don't have money to spare" :'(
THEJOELOSER 2215 (2 years ago)
do the American civil war
Ali Haleem (3 years ago)
you should do a video about the 2015 UK election,as well as a video about the arab spring,and a video about latin american revolutions.There is so much to cover!!!!!!!!
sfx3000 (3 years ago)
Do a iraq war version !
Albino Peach (3 years ago)
dude that's way too much also you haven't even reached 50,000 subs yet this is way too early im not hating im telling the truth
Albino Peach (3 years ago)
55 dolla so far
Christian Ojeda (3 years ago)
Cade Freeman (3 years ago)
When is your next video
Nubs Dot org (3 years ago)
can you do the history of the american civil war thank you.also can you post this video by June 2015.
Charles (3 years ago)
Do a video on the Persian gulf war
OwnageCubed (3 years ago)
You should do a video on the Ukrainian crisis. There aren't many detailed videos on it.
Heather Page (3 years ago)
Just make a video it's been a 2 months
John Van Hof (3 years ago)
Congrats on 20 thousand subscribers and 2 million views on your channel.
John Van Hof (3 years ago)
Great videos man
AceStudios10 (3 years ago)
Dude I'd love to support you, but the amount total you are asking for is waaaaaaaaay to big. Also to access any special bonuses you need to give outrageous amounts per video(although i think this may have just been a typo on your part, but i am not sure). Anyway, if i had extra money to spare i would help out, but i have no form of income (either than allowance) to generate enough to support in any considerable amount. But i love your videos, so keep making em!
xG4P Karolis (3 years ago)
Could you make a video with Lithuanias great medieval history?
MiciROX (3 years ago)
I think with the fun pics you make you can get more ppl to donate if you make wallpapers or posters digital package per episode or something for 1 dollar :)
John D Ruddy (2 years ago)
Not a bad idea!
Ratka Mitreski (3 years ago)
can you plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssseeeeeeeee make fakland war in 10 mins
Ludwin V (3 years ago)
Guatemala please
Adam Butland (3 years ago)
Could you do the history of Wales ?
Masked_ Man (3 years ago)
Civil war
riaditel rastislav (3 years ago)
4000 per video are you kidding me? The average monthly salary here in slovakia is 600. Your videos are great but 4000 is too much.
kunal shrivastava (3 years ago)
next video:Why the Berlin Wall Fell? please
LooseTongue (3 years ago)
Do medieval!!!
Hey can you please make an indonesian war thats quite interesting
Mark Vincent (3 years ago)
more ww2 videos
Evan Bird (3 years ago)
Plz plz plz
Evan Bird (3 years ago)
Make a video on the Persian gulf war or wars in Iraq
Evan Nesbitt (3 years ago)
I do think it's sad, that you do not post anymore, i love your videos, I'm Irish-American, and i enjoyed your chronicle on my ancestrial homes history! But i wish you could do more, my family is middle class, and i can't donate, but i implore, try for new videos. :)
cappecfh (3 years ago)
I'm not sure this is the best way mate. I think a one time payment would be better, around 5-15$. A lot of more people would probably give you money then.
cappecfh (3 years ago)
+cappecfh Just realized something! Why don't you do it like seasons? So one season is like 15 videos and you will make one season for every X amount of money you get.
Depressingly Funny (3 years ago)
Take my money plz sir
Elliot Close (3 years ago)
The Space race in (add time here). That would be a cool video.
GoldieOldies (3 years ago)
Mr Ruddy remember me, Last year I was in 4th class in illistrin ns You showed us how to draw yoshie We learned history all day and even watched some of your videos I saw you at our school a week or two ago at the school gate and said to my friends 'this is aquered , I'm subscribed to him!!!!!!!!! ' Yours sincerely Niamh 5th class
RuggedALAN (3 years ago)
isis in __ minutes
Evan Bird (3 years ago)
I like your cartoons!!!!
yolps11 (3 years ago)
video about the conflict in Ukraine :)
Aaron N (3 years ago)
Russian and Afghanistan war plz
FizCap (3 years ago)
Damn 1,000 dollars, you're reaching high aren't you.
Poppy LPS (2 years ago)
+John D Ruddy hmm
John D Ruddy (2 years ago)
If you don't aim high you won't hit the top
JokingGuy (3 years ago)
Can you do vietnam
Shaddycat (3 years ago)
Can you do the Soviet Revolution in X amount of minutes.
Shadowstriker (3 years ago)
American reveloution in 8 minutes
Sean Asgari (3 years ago)
Do the american civil war now!!! You'll get so many new subscribers from it
Jamaica is my city (3 years ago)
He says to make a video cost money and time
Mikael Lindholm (3 years ago)
Make a video about "The Swedish Empire"!!!
Gabemando (3 years ago)
Great job lad. I would love to see one about the industrial revolution. Keep up the great work.
Stek Tv (3 years ago)
Do the revolutionary war :D
welp (3 years ago)
History of the philipine islands
Captain Nemo (3 years ago)
Can you do the history of scotland?
AloRiTo (3 years ago)
please do the napoleonic wars,they are so awesome,and explain that both hitler and napoleon tried to take over Russia and couldn't
United Mapping (3 years ago)
Rudy You should do the US revalution or the gulf war!
adam khalaf (3 years ago)
1803 to 1815 in ____miniutes
Jordan Succi (3 years ago)
Do one on the Causes of the fall of European Monarchies during and after the Great War
syll (3 years ago)
Please do Vietnam
OTcutit (3 years ago)
Could you make a history of Yugoslavia please?
Jacob Griffin (3 years ago)
+FutuVidbrawl That would be interesting...
Evan Nesbitt (3 years ago)
I'll try to put up about 10 dollars, i love your videos, i don't need them for school, it's just nice to see history in such a perspective. Could you do one on the Feudal Era?
Celrador (3 years ago)
Well... As a poor student, I can only pledge 5$ per video and had to cap it at 10$ a month. :/ Keep up the good work though! (And I hope, that this money will only get taken away from my bank account, if you are doing history videos. As much as I like you, but videos like this or your TV appearance, which you uploaded, aren't really the reason, why I became your patreon. x_x)
filipinordabest (3 years ago)
Do you accept euros?
Pikarine Plays (3 years ago)
+Shaun Noland Yeah, they do use Euros
Pikarine Plays (3 years ago)
It's electronically done it will accept any currency it will convert it automatically.
hien vo (3 years ago)
Can you do Vietnam war
Nobody Important (3 years ago)
I will help as much as i can!
Arthur Relatado (3 years ago)
sorry bit 1000 dollars is sooo much in phillippine pesos  its  40 000 pesos  I can only  give 1 dollar (40 pesos)  hmm or 50 cnts sorry
Arthur Relatado (3 years ago)
okay donate 1 dollar
dsyvchan (3 years ago)
Do the Vietnam war pls?
Armadillos11 (3 years ago)
Nonstop Fighter37 (3 years ago)
Iraq war ?
joe bill (3 years ago)
And my name isn't even joe bill. My parents would not let me make an email account with my real name.
joe bill (3 years ago)
Albert Tran I am in a similar situation but i am 14. However I will see what I can do.
joe bill (3 years ago)
Ruddy I would love to donate. Just wondering, and I feel bad asking this for you just said you are extremely busy, but can you maybe do a drawing tutorial? I am a big fan of your art style. And thank you for making these as well.
Slavko Gelo (3 years ago)
Not to sound insensitive, as I do like your work very much, 4,000$ per video a month? That's 4x the average monthly salary here in Croatia. I'm sure that in Ireland/UK where you live (not sure) standard of living is more expensive but damn. And that's not counting the ad revenue and your aforementioned other work as a teacher/actor/illustrator. I would be more than satisfied with a thousand bucks a month for one video.
John Kenny (1 year ago)
That's a is lot and he's from Ireland and that's We're I'm from
IcarusBen (3 years ago)
+Slavko Gelo It takes a lot longer than 40 hours to produce these videos. It takes 3 weeks, and I'll average that he spends roughly 6 hours a day making these videos, which comes out to 126 hours a week. Also, you can't work 180 hours a week, because that brings it out to 25 hours a day.
Forzaa (3 years ago)
1. Get out of Croatia 2. Move to a more western country (USA being the best) 3. Enjoy
Slavko Gelo (3 years ago)
+RudtheSpud So much about 1 video per month ruddy
Arthur Relatado (3 years ago)
+RudtheSpud 4000 dollars is very high  
Proud Polish (3 years ago)
History of Germany, Poland and Italy please ?
Proud Polish (3 years ago)
Cuban History would be nice to.
Alex 3:16 XVII (3 years ago)
Mr. Spud your art style is the best I've seen in a while. I am tight in money and I normally don't donate money (patreon) , but here's an exception. Keep up the good work bud.
Abyssed topkek (3 years ago)
Sell them posters :p
modarm (3 years ago)
Good luck! I really want to help, your videos are GREAT I thought I knew everything to know about the subjects you have made videos on but I actuealy learnt a lot. But I have no money right now I will try my best to get some spare money to help you!
DasHrodgard (3 years ago)
I don't understand how it comes that you have so few patrons
The S.A. Times (4 months ago)
DasHrodgard I don't have enough money, but I want to donate
Kuya Leinad (3 years ago)
Will there be Posters like the stressed poster behind you?
Jay Jay Hopper (3 years ago)
I must say your short history Videos are great and you are one of my facourite you tubers and i Hope you make more Videos like this

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