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How To Speed Up Your Android Phone Without Root & Improve Performance-Make Run Faster-2018

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speed up your android phone-without root-2018-developer options-improve performance-make-boost-speed up android mobile-run faster-without any software. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tutorial is about how to speed up an old android phone without rooting. This tips is new one 2018 released and also works on marshmallow,nougat and oreo operated tablet. This trick is works without root or no root and there is no phone code is used. This video is also available in tamil,hindi,telugu,malayalam and kannada. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►How To Enable Call Waiting Service In Android : https://youtu.be/HPTrie5VmjQ ►How To Remove Ads On Facebook App : https://youtu.be/jPbdCE_mXwg ►How To watch 4K Videos On Youtube App : https://youtu.be/vbrprnDmYk0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how to speed up your android device without installing any software : 1.Long time i have the one doubt about how to make your android phone faster with root. 2.But today i get the answer to improve gaming performance and speed up your ram. 3.First method is to clear the cache by goto settings - Storage,here click to cached data. 4.Then go back to settings main menu and the second method is to disable the windows animation feature. 5.But this method is works by using developer options,so how to enable it. 6.Goto your android mobile settings - About phone,and in this section continuously press build number option. 7.Finally this developer option is successfully enabled,and then click to open it. 8.Here locate that windows animation scale and click to turn off it. 9.Also click to stop background process limit,and then once restart your device. 10.After the restarting is completed,you can test your wifi and mobile data internet speed. 11.These settings will boost or increase my downloads speed and also this will help you the games app run faster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Cassidy Spice (25 days ago)
thanks buddy
Teconz (25 days ago)
Welcome my friend...
karan nair (4 months ago)
Thank you
Teconz (4 months ago)
Welcome my friend...
DIY Crafts (4 months ago)
All your videos are very useful! You should get more subscribers 😸
Teconz (4 months ago)
Thanks and welcome my friend...
xfritzadm (4 months ago)
Haha, what language is that
xfritzadm (1 month ago)
+Dave Ion Islaothere's a "haha" in my sentence, im just joking you idiot. if im racist why do i subscribe him? -_- stupid dave
Dave Ion Islao (1 month ago)
@xfritzadm racist mofo ,this guide is helpful keep up the good work teconz
Jagmeet Sandhu (3 months ago)
Teconz We love your informative videos.keep it up bro .
Teconz (4 months ago)
Sorry frd...

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