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Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4

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Marvel’s Spider-Man extended trailer. BE GREATER. Available Now. Learn more: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/marvels-spider-man-ps4/
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Text Comments (3464)
mkeonine (23 hours ago)
Imagine PS6 graphics and gameplay like this in the future.. Holy shieet!!
Mr stark... I FEEL GREAT!
Mr. Douchebag (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this trailer is rather motivational for depression somehow? Because this really makes me feel better.
The True Blue Blur (1 day ago)
“You took a bullet meant for me without the tiniest of hesitation, when you grow up, you are gonna be the best out of all of us”
TempestHQ (1 day ago)
Aaron San Miguel (2 days ago)
This trailer speaks to my heart
Schemingmemes (2 days ago)
Hate how xbox players were being little babies and giving it bad reviews because they couldn’t have it
My spidey senses is tingling
Lancelot Owens (2 days ago)
No words....just... 👌😭
F T P (2 days ago)
I finished playing this game and let a black widow bite me
Patrick Cox (2 days ago)
The words for Spider-Man (be greater) fits amazingly well with the ps4 for ( greatness awaits) the game is great
Azraf Rahman (2 days ago)
Azraf Rahman (2 days ago)
Khalid Faisal (2 days ago)
“Not actually gameplay” Thanks for being honest, EA take notes 📝
Cristopher Souza (3 days ago)
This game is an absolute MASTERPIECE. I'm playing for 32 straight days non stop.I just cannot believe how well done is Congatulations INSONNIAC.
Maximillian Care (4 days ago)
I get hard watching this
Thomas Shyman (4 days ago)
Like I play Xbox but this game just looks sick. Gg PlayStation I wish Xbox could finesse this game
Jeet Bansal (4 days ago)
Ocks favourite mounth is October get it
Joel Jomar (4 days ago)
At 0:30 the music reminds me of the flash or is it just me? Great game :D
McCaroni Sup (4 days ago)
"With great power,comes great responsibility.... " *WHERE THE FORTNITE CROSSPLAY AT?*
McCaroni Sup (4 days ago)
Just kidding. Playstation is king!
19HajimeSaitou91 (5 days ago)
*PS4 >>>>> nintendo >>>>>>>>>>>>>> xbox >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> pc*
Swiggity Swooty (5 days ago)
What is the Music For This?
Bunnyman 458 (5 days ago)
Im getting bullied because I own an xbox and not at ps4. Now this games awesomeness is making it worse
Bunnyman 458 (5 days ago)
Ps4 fan. Woohoo! Spidrrman Nintendo fan: I can't wait for smash ultimate! Xbox fan: Do at least something microsoft
GAMER GUY 7426 (5 days ago)
kratos in the end:)
Kiyahni Redd (5 days ago)
Come on Peter, this world needs it's friendly neighbor again.
MaxN'Motion (6 days ago)
Tay McKenzie (6 days ago)
Doris C (6 days ago)
This would be a great movie... I thought it was until I saw the PS4 lol
Jesus Palomino (6 days ago)
mujeeb king (6 days ago)
Trash (Xbox)
Bunnyman 458 (5 days ago)
I’ve finished SPPS4, but this trailer is the greatest
Joseph Sajan (7 days ago)
I love Spider-Man
Jackeline Sanchez (7 days ago)
Sir ma'am or sir whoever has this if you're selling this please let me have it please if you just send me a message and if you put okay then I'll tell you where I live be honest though or if you say no then I don't need to tell you what my options is anyways. Can I please have it
Actionfan19 (7 days ago)
Is it weird that this trailer made me think that this games version of the Sinister 6 was lead by Mr. Negative?
Daniel Wintle (4 days ago)
They wanted you to think Mr. Negative was the main villain throughout most of the game, plus they did their best to exclude Doc Ock from all of the games promotional material, so it's not too weird.
Hina Aqeel (7 days ago)
Me goes to doctor Me:I have cancer Doc:what type? Me:Uhh..FORTNITE Doc hands me Spider-Man You're going to be okay Next day Doc:Soo how do you feel? Me:I feel..........GREATER
Jainaba Ndure (8 days ago)
I like this game
inugget a blaze (8 days ago)
Still a better love story than twilight
nerdy noodles (8 days ago)
After playing this for a few weeks now, I can safely say that this gmae is amazing.
Skye L (8 days ago)
Think I’m in best trailer heaven
محمد سامي (8 days ago)
This is the second part of the game?
PurifiedCringe2 (8 days ago)
The guy at the end is known as the merchant Nick named by the PS4 company, he is called the merchant because in a PS4 trailer (don't remember which one) he had a stand that had weapons and armor from video games like kratos, mortal Kombat, etc.
Ice King (8 days ago)
Andrew Hou (8 days ago)
oml why I need a pc version
William Nelson (8 days ago)
This is the only game that actually makes me sad that I don’t have a ps4 😭
Vault Dweller (8 days ago)
This trailer literally defines Spider-Man in the course of a minute
DR GRASHIA Thomas (8 days ago)
sOmEBOdY iN mY sWAmP (8 days ago)
Spider-Man: Why you bully me
Jere Žaja (8 days ago)
420 dislikes, now i get it
david bemrose (8 days ago)
Been playing this game for a while now and I absolutely love playing as Spiderman ! I'm thinking the city looks amazing, be a nice touch to the game if they added the seasons into the game, winter and rain, things like that
Natsucool_ 12 (9 days ago)
spidey studios21 (9 days ago)
Why I need to have that game!!😭
Megumi Celestial (9 days ago)
Kirsty Boo boo (9 days ago)
All villen vs Spider-Man
Andrey Enrico (9 days ago)
I don't know about you guys, but I think Mr. Negative would be a great villain to a Spider-Man 4 movie (with Tobey, Raimi and all the rest of the cast). It's more like a dream hahah, but I guess I'm not putting my hand out of it :)
Sahil Pathan (10 days ago)
Ohh Man... I want this SPIDER-MAN in the MCU.
orangeapples (10 days ago)
I was worried Spider-Man was gonna get a Keyblade for a moment there.
Doggie Dounut (10 days ago)
Man watching this after finishing the game gave me chills and tears
v: no mames marrano (10 days ago)
Keyblade :v
Sergio Hernandez (10 days ago)
What a cool game this is!
Swackers Gaming (10 days ago)
This game was Amazing and it’s definitely worth 100% completion
werewolfhunter 111 (10 days ago)
we love you Aunt May rest in peace we will miss you 👍
pinchi mono (10 days ago)
Jajajaja tomala xbox
Anes Crome (10 days ago)
In your face Bill
MangaWelt (11 days ago)
Ive loved this game already got platin
-finleymorris04- (11 days ago)
Kinda gives a similar feel to the old halo trailers.
ghost hood729 (11 days ago)
"You fallen so hard , But manage to get on top"
Lubble-1397 (11 days ago)
Whos the old geezer???
Samuel Reid (11 days ago)
too much spider not enough man 0/10 would play again
Jack Dawson (11 days ago)
What a game. Absolutely fantastic. ❤️
SilverPro345 (11 days ago)
All dislikes are just salty Xbox owners
HisNameIsJay (11 days ago)
This video actually motivates me..I know I'm passed the age of a child..but seeing my childhood hero over come his obstacles helps me get through my own!
Nelson akuoch (11 days ago)
What do you mean I’m already greater I finished the game in 2 days
Malachi Awatere Kura (12 days ago)
Does anyone else think that Yuri sounds like tobey when he yells/grunts?
Kun Bựa (12 days ago)
*Best Game 2018!!!!*
Big Bad Wolf (12 days ago)
Holy copyright infringement Spiderman ripping off the king Kratos of PlayStation quote minus one word. Come on spidey BE BETTER than that. You are a genius afterall. Or are you just a poser. Hmmm SILLY BOI.
Raulito Gameplays (12 days ago)
El mejor juego de super héroes que ha podido existir!!!👏
Shiz Blaster (12 days ago)
Great trailer.
Zero Nipples (12 days ago)
Someone should make a "You Say Run goes with everything" version of this. Totally heroic material for it.
Felipe Garcia (12 days ago)
Eu quero um Playstation 4 da promoção
Luca DeTe (12 days ago)
That is one of the best animated short movie if ever seen
Emil Olsvik (12 days ago)
add the amazing spiderman suit. both of them.
spider wolf (11 days ago)
Tasm 2 is the comic one with w different spider
Otto V. A (12 days ago)
This is beautiful
andtastic1 (13 days ago)
JPT. oh dear, kevin spacey at the end :/
Coopahtroopah117 (13 days ago)
This trailer sums up in 60 seconds why Spider-Man is my favorite fictional character of all time. No matter how low he’s hit, no matter what people say about him, no matter how enormous the odds are stacked against him, he gets back up. He does the right thing. He does the impossible because he knows he must. Spider-Man is the most amazing character of all time, and nobody can top him.
Tyler Wilson (2 days ago)
CD Gaming (4 days ago)
True dat
NeutronStar (4 days ago)
I own a tardis (13 days ago)
The dislikes are xbox owners
Skrilla (13 days ago)
i have the game anyways
Skrilla (13 days ago)
ok thats a cool trailer
Steel Xcaliber (13 days ago)
They really shouldn't have revealed the Sinister Six before launch.
Steel Xcaliber (13 days ago)
I think he actually had more trouble with the villains in this trailer.
Brandon Withnell (13 days ago)
that *not actual gameplay* poping up at the bottom yet the game still looks just as great as this trailer makes me happy, wish all trailers were like this where it shows the true quality of the game even if te part shown doesnt happen
Morad Rofix (13 days ago)
Amazing game 😍😍
avi noodle (14 days ago)
Cancer? Cured. Acne? Gone. Xbox? Sold. Hotel? Trivago.
spider wolf (13 days ago)
nicho chicken (14 days ago)
But where is green goblin
spider wolf (14 days ago)
Not there yet
Cameron Leroy (14 days ago)
Why Is It Not On Xbox One
Michael L (14 days ago)
Take notes Xbox ! And this is coming from a Xbox fan boy ! i give it to Playstation ! Here 👏👏👏 hands down just a amazing game thats just quality
Jens Blennow (14 days ago)
I still don't understand why they didn't have burning buildings that you could randomly encounter and that you would have to save everyone inside.
Mixed (14 days ago)
The World's best superhero game I ever saw!
Noman Khan (14 days ago)
Best comeback of the year
Meme Supreme (14 days ago)
I really hope you can play as Miles in one of the DLC's

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