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Let's Play The Thing - Part 2 - Meet the Things

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In the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, a mysterious, shape-shifting alien life form has wiped out an American scientific outpost. It is now up to us, as the leader of rescue team Beta, to investigate the carnage. We soon learn that not everything - or everybody - is as it appears. Please check out my: Twitter: http://twitter.com/qieth GA: http://gameanyone.com/qieth Donate: http://bit.ly/AdImTt
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Text Comments (12)
Brandon Grande (1 year ago)
infected soldiers?! oh hell I never want to do this one bit
Kari (3 years ago)
Wow the AI reminds me of Pikim
Qieth (5 years ago)
Good point :P But I do actually mention zombies. "You can only be dead once. Unless you're a zOOOOOOH GOD" :P
Lewis Young (5 years ago)
there is only one word to answer your question on double death ZOMBIES
Daniel Mountney (5 years ago)
right name change necromorph or puplamorph
alexebarnhart (6 years ago)
ok... walk walk walk walk* pulls out blood test hypo* hmmmm nope you o- OMG HE'S NOT A REGULAR THING HE'S A AWESOME THING AHHHHHHHHH HE CAN MAKE HIMSELF SO AWESOME U WILL BE FORCED TO like and favorite this video and share it with your friends plus subscribe NOOOOOOOOO *likes*
patick Melendez (6 years ago)
Qieth (6 years ago)
@Wickedbabi85 They are idiots!
Qieth (6 years ago)
@ELkayal2100 Oh, I'm not a thing. If you come to this secluded area with me, I'll prove it. Muhahaha!
rataca100 (6 years ago)
you have a torch by the way
AdmiralHawkes (6 years ago)
you should have loaded after testing that last guy so you would get the hypo back.
Abdulrhman Elkayal (6 years ago)
oh maybe ur a thing qieth oooooooooooh i knew it

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